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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Religious terrorism has always been a debated topic to discuss. It's not only a current problem in front of all the nations in fighting against many evils for the emancipation of the whole human kind but it's also a topic which we need to think upon from its origin. We need to figure out the real problems which inspires people to join various terrorist organizations in various terrorist activities happens across the globe. But sometimes due to some profitable reasons we let the evil flourish in our homeland and then that goes out of our own control and tries to create domination on our land. And then something devastating incidents take place which leads us to the severe heartbreak.Yesterday... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
What is secularism??? Can you answer it??? Yes of course you can. Secularism is something an important or integral part of India. As we see, there is no other country like India who has such a diversified culture in just one region. To maintain equilibrium and peace among the different cultural, religious groups of the country, constitution committee have unanimously made the decision to bring secularism into the constitution of India after independence. All the top-guns in our country of that time knew its importance as they've seen the two groups fighting with each other under the religious or cultural dominance. To bring out the people of India from that phase secularism has been added by... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Religion, an important aspect in Indian society, at any front political, financial, social and cultural, I think, has now been transformed into the special personal governments. The religious people of this country are now circulating themselves as a king of any territory and ruling it in their own way. Their followers are also ready to fight for their “kings” and they actually fight with the country’s military forces for their selfish propaganda.If I am not wrong, all these things are happening around us and we are just looking at it like a normal farce. Self-proclaimed spiritual guru Baba Rampal was doing the same in his aashram at Hisar, two days ago. It's very easy in this religiou... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
India is a country of religions. Hindu, the major religion of the country has enormous number of scriptures written in the ancient period. These scriptures are the real wealth of this nation which has given various ideas on the human life. According to Mahabharata, it's the first ever man-made scripture fully based on the pros and cons of the entire nature where human and other living beings exists. There are various personalities in this great epic who are famous for the role they played in the time of Mahabharata. Dronacharya, the teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas, the two main rival groups of the Mahabharata, has always been a debated personality. His decisions, mainly while handling the i... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Terrorism has always been an interesting topic of discussion for all. It has not restricted to just one region or country, it has been increasing day by day with rapid enforcement from all around the world. Here, we need to take terrorism as a greater perspective and not limited only for any religion or community. However, it’s true that currently the world is facing some kind of threat from Muslim terrorism in an offensive way. There are many examples behind this. The 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center, then 1993 Mumbai serial blasts and the current most infamous 26/11 attacks on, again, the financial capital of India, Mumbai. These are just mere examples but there is much more cooking be... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Right from the independence to the date we Indians are suffering from many social diseases. The difference between the two groups in our society, poor and rich, is increasing day by day. Today we're discussing about how we can turn to the developed nation by 2020. We feel proud when we see the industrial as well as financial growth of the country and its effect on the common man. But what about the fundamental development of every class in our society??? Unfortunately, we need to accept that we are still unable to provide enough resources as well as the income points to every common man living in the lavish modern cities to the extreme poor villages in our country. Due to the large gaps betw... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
It's been more than three years when Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple Inc. and the most charismatic man of the century stepped aside from the most successful product of his charisma of his own. Yes, Steve Jobs left Apple Inc. Tim Cook, has already said that it's been an honor for him to work under the man who had not only created but actually lived Apple his in and out. They've manged to keep Steve's cubical in the Apple Inc. head office as it was and truly feel that something important is missing while doing their regular work in the office.But as a CEO of the most valuable company of the world, how Cook handled the pressure of taking company into another level from where the Jobs managed t... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
As we are just few hours away from the results of elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, I am here to put an issue before you to think. After voting has been done many news channels as well as few companies ended up publishing the much awaited exit polls for the assembly election in both the states. All are raising one voice that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would be a major political party in the election and the chances are tremendous for their winning in the elections. If we consider this and of course if we examine the current situation carefully, we can state a conclusion that there would be no difference in the results of assembly elections and they'll be not exactly but far more like t... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
फार पुरातन आणि संपन्न इतिहास आहे माझ्या देशाला...पण आज आम्ही त्या इतिहासापासून काय शिकलो ??? शुन्य...अनेक महान आणि पुरातन संस्कृतींमधील आम्हीही एक... पण आज समोर फ़क्त लोकसंख्येत... अहो.. काय काय नाही दिलय या देशाने जगाला...पण आज आम्हालाच आवडते परकीयांच्या थाटात मिरवायला...शिव... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Few hours ago listened both the speeches of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in America at United Nation's General Assembly and at the Madison square garden New York. First of all really very thrilled by his thoughts on developing agenda for the country and his overall aggressive but at the same attractive behavior. The most important thing that he was speaking in Hindi, the mother tongue of India. Only one prime minister has done this before Mr. Modi. I know there are issue like his problems with the English language while speaking but after that as well I would say it is a nice start. Now we have to take this movement into the next level.One thing here you need to keep in mind that I don't... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
On one side, Campaign #HeForShe has been launched by United Nations and Emma Watson had given her much appreciated speech on that. And the other side, Whats happening in India ??? Hema Malini, an actress and a former Rajya Sabha Member is talking something rubbish about one of the important community in Indian Society, The Widows of this country. There has been tremendous rage shown by many groups across the India on Hema Malini's irresponsible statement which she had given publicly to a newspaper. I wanted to write something on the issue but I was searching for more information about the incident as it was already uplifted by Deepa Mehta through her movie Water. Mehta, too had to face harsh... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Few days ago, Google unveiled it's much awaited product Android One in India in a grand ceremony by Sundar Pichai and achieved another milestone in their long journey in the world of technology. Google has crossed many boundaries before this and now has became the leader of technology in modern world. Very few companies before Google managed to achieve the success like Google. But how Google successfully changed the meaning of working in the field of technology and create it's own place and after that manage to sustain their standard and quality ??? is the question that me and my few friends were discussing upon earlier. Google has, till now, set its own parameters in the world of ... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Education or academics in student life, we think, is the most important aspect because its the stage where student got all the time to build their character and personality according to the life which he or she want to live in future and want to achieve all the success. But does it the only thing which is required to become successful in life ?? I think the answer is no the big NO. I know that academics and education is required for the all around growth of the person which can lead that person towards his success but will it give him that happiness which is required to do that work perfectly and with proper manner ? Guys, we need to discuss here in detail. Recently, I watched a video o... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
भाग २ पासून पुढे>>>>बरीच रात्र होऊन गेली होती तरीही त्या स्मशानात चांगलीच धावपळ होती. पोलिसांच्या अनेक तुकड्या तेथे काम करत होत्या. इतक्यात अचानक पावसाला सुरुवात झाली. “आजकालचे वातावरण म्हणजे ना ताप आहे डोक्याला” जवळच काम करणारा एक पोलीस अधिकारी आपल्या सहाय्य... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Atheism, a pure and a complete culture which performs exactly opposite to the god-culture present in every religion. Today, atheism is the only culture in all the religious systems which is increasing rapidly. An atheist is a person, normally we think, is who disbelieves in God and its existence and the person who always supports what is truth and think according to the modern scientific thinking. There are many pros in this culture of atheism as it does not at all supports some extremely rude and pathetic systems like casteism and of course idolatry. But unfortunately, we have always been told by our ancestors that an atheist is a person with complete impurities and an atheist can... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
भाग १ पासून पुढे >>>> त्या स्मशान स्थळापासून अगदी दोन तासांच्या अंतरावर...“मानववंश हा खूप जुना आणि अतिशय गूढ असा विषय आहे. आजही अनेक गोष्टी आपल्याला अनेक गोष्टींबाबत अवगत नाहीत. आपण शोधण्याचा प्रयत्न करतो पण एखाद्या गवताच्या जंगलात सुई शोधण्यासारखं असतं ते. मान... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
भर दुपारी तीनची वेळ होती. त्यादिवशी त्या स्मशानात कुणाचातरी अंत्यविधी सुरु होता. कोणी तरी या भूतलावरून कायमचा निरोप घेतला होता आणि त्याचे आप्त त्याला शास्त्रयुक्त असा अखेरचा निरोप देत होते.“हे मडके खांद्यावर घेऊन चितेला प्रदक्षिणा घाला."पंडित तेथे जमलेल्या एका म... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
मराठी भयकथा, "यातू"… खरंतर ही माझी पहिलीच कथा. आणि ती सुद्धा भूत- प्रेत या विषयावर आधारलेली. खूप दिवसांपासून हा विचार डोक्यात होताच त्यालाच या कथेद्वारे शब्दरूप देत आहे. भारत देशाचा इतिहास हा खूप जुना आणि अत्यंत गुंतागुंतीचा असून त्यात सांगितलेल्या अनेक गोष्टी अजू... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
Recently, Mr Mohan Bhagwat, the Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have touched an interesting topic while addressing to the local people. RSS, as we all know, is the Hindu extremist organization founded by K. B. Hedgewar in Nagpur. Sangha’s Hindutwa policy is in top pace these days. Emergence of NDA-government under Mr Nerendra Modi, former Swayamsevak of RSS and current Prime minister of India have given this principle a superb rebirth. So it is crystal clear that RSS belongs to Hindus only. They want to develop India as a Hindurashtra and for that they fighting since long time. However, here, we have to agree the fact that RSS’s Swayamsevaks are doing their work quite hone... Read more
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Blogger: Prajakt Karanjkar
The recent topic of conflicts between Israel and Hamas, a Palestine Sunni Islamic organization were on everybody's mouth. Be it on social networks or physical many discussions were carried out between the mass number of people around the globe on this only issue. However, many people were not at all interested in the whole damn issue. But yes, it was an important event happened in this year and the other countries of the world had to face the consequences of this event. But this story has an another end too. Many secularists all around the world were on the side of Hamas and Palestinian territories and the majority of other were totally on side of IDF or Israeli Defense Forces... Read more
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