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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
"When two different hearts attracts each other, when two different hearts attracts at a certain point, when two different hearts decides to live a life together, when two different hearts promises to walk together holding their hands, when two different hearts build the kingdom of trust, that they won't get apart from each other, when two different hearts prays to god for each other to have a happy life. "Now I am really obsessed with these lines, it really scares, when these lines are ingrossed into my ears. It was the time when these lines used to originate my smile and bubble my heart with love. Now these lines are just displaying the nightmares to my eyes. The bad patch of loveship I am ... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
Feelings can’t be measured in money, neither in scale nor kilometres or in kilograms, but it has a value like a natural world. So natural things can’t be measured in the five fingers or in a million cells in our body, but it has a vast value that always reminds your heart to follow it. Here I realised the difference between a feeling and love. Love. What is it? Just a feeling, but what we can define love as? This is the feeling and it has a tremendous value which can’t be told, said, asked but it has to be expressed. Here I expressed my love through feelings.I believe in love at first sight, and I had experienced it, but in my previous love story. This is something that destiny (define... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
NIYOGINI- The girl who fought for the right of the women at the age of 19 against the panchayat system and opened the route to dream every women. The story will surely realize the real power of the women in the society. Thought of publishing this story because, it has grace to change the mankind, to support the women power. This will bring the change in the society, and the citizens will experience the golden days, were all crimes will be far away from the society.Grab the kindle edition and review for the best :)  ... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
Child is the futurity of the societyPresence of innocence and absence of crueltyThen why child abuse is ensuingYes! You are sleeping in a societyThe lady can never amble late nightshe walks with a fright of her shadowwhy she bother about the outside worldshe can't even breathe freely in open air She can't even breathe in her own houseshe can't even say a word of her rightthe husband injures his wifeYes! You are sleeping in a societyNormal man can't even sleepdue to the heinous crime placing in the societywe have to fight for a justice, elseYou are sleeping in a societyCriminals screwed the celebration of a familystill the police are pointing out to the parentsstill the judiciary is aski... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
From past few days, we have been eyed to the news of celebrities financially aiding the farmers or the children who are suffered by the diseases. In today's world, the only charitable organisation flashing up in Indian is Being Human. Recently Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure promised the Indian farmers by the saying, " Call us before you suicide", whereas Khiladi Akshay Kumar also aid 180 Maharashtrian farmer families by giving 50,000 each. Everyone have their source of charity. I think, it's a great hand by these social work. Youth's are also getting inspired by these, and started their way in social work as a devotee. Did you notice a thing, where the charity is only financially done. I ... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural world.endearment of  lifewhoop living solitarylife peace offering... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
I was a bit disappointed with my wife Bella, after the brawl. I struck the door with anger and left for my show. Bella was crying for her deeds. She gave up her biggest mistake of the confession. I was suited for a show, a long magician hat was placed on my head, black coloured stick and a rich rose gold chain of my grandfather. I was about to enter the circle of footlights. Still my sight was re- capturing the Bella’s confession. Audience were in a custody of celebration, which Elephants were distributing at their best, monkeys were mounting a cradle from the floor, two hot ladies were performing gymnastics wearing glittery costumes, white rats were tugging the rope of the chariot.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldHeart resigned to loveRoutes of tears avowalI dwell into my life... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
God, what exactly the concept defined or ken? People think god is identified from his cloth, full of jewellery, wearing ancient finger rings and every now and then god place the magic by blowing candles or reading to prolegomena. We all bide in a modern era, but still the people are wasting their time in researching on that ancient god chemistry. And every fellow get their own results and experience of god. So what exactly the concept of god is? God is the one who appears at your bad times, the person who supports you, encourages you when you feel low, the person who wipe your tears and bring a curve smile on your face, magically. The one who does all these things are your closed ones. These... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
The only thing which is engraved in the every nerve of the body, which has the headquarter in the heart. We take a birth in the another practical world of god, our feelings start to run. First of all we cry, why we cry? had anyone thought of it? just only because to be habituated to the outside world. We pass our days, we learn the aspects of feelings, then in a little age we won't price it, after a couple of years when some tragedy happens at the age, then we start understanding it. It is a good thing, even we laugh, smile, we fall in love, even we fall in a gulf of depression, a vast frustration and we motivate own to stair up and throw away the stones which are getting our path difficult.... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldA sun whirl twilightLeaf swivel fulgent flaxen Evening feels lush... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
The book named Muktangan- a free bird, is the creation of the poetry. The poetries not only penned in English but also in Marathi. Muktangan is a Marathi word which defines a freedom or an independent bird, which is free to do worth in life and listen to the heart. The cover of the book will come to know as a flying eagle in the blue with and the guy jumping freely and visualising as a free bird.Every poet writes a particular or a selective genre, but Piyush’s experiment of penning down the poerty of every genre was fruitful to express his writing. It is a choice for the readers to read their interested genres in the book. Love, Life, Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual, Devotional, Fic... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldpast winds whiff my lifetears down cloudy winkersdecrement endurance----MEANING--- The poet described the past has burned him from the inside. His mind is fully crushed in the memories of his past. The past winds whiff his happy life far away. The tears are not halting from his sight. Tears are down continuously so the eyes seem cloudy dark. At last, he failed in living a peaceful and happy life as his endurance is being killed by his past every moment.... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldmoon blink to drowndestiny rebuff to affix dwell have abjure to beam------- Meaning -------The poet describes, there always comes a phase in life when we have to beam our destiny plays a role of a devil. When the poet wants to beam or shine like a star, the destiny (good thing) rejects to stick with him. Poet says to himself that he has the abjure or a right to shine, lastly it stays away from the shine and lives in dark.... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldtears staring down, elucidate fearheart lost the sound of beatingsoul stride towards death... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
- Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku consists of three line, and the three lines are distributed among five, seven, and five syllables which only relates to the natural worldgreenery sparks flavinquiver to spin green newlyI adjust being xanthic... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
------ RATINGS- 4.3/5 ------The book named "Scion of Ikshvaku" not only retells the story of Lord Ram but also identifies the coeval drawbacks of the society and moving forward for the possible solutions. This I clarified beforehand because the reason behind this book is not only proving or specializing Lord Ram, the gentlemen but also the characters. It's more than the contemplation of issues that matters most here. When Lord Ram was born, the same day King Dashrath was noted the first defeat against the Lankan King Ravaan. Dashrath's defeat not only drained money from Sapt. Sindhu, but even drained Dashrath's atony and devoutness. Ram and his brothers grow and train under Guru Vashish... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
   ------Ratings: 4.3/5------The fact and the reason behind the movie release on Eid were known. The two opposite citizen of the nation can burn a flame of love is seen every moment in the movie. The relationship of a common devotee of Bajrangi and a dumb cute little girl fills the heart and bring tears. The two main reason of grasping the history to the box office is of Salman Bhai's film and the other is the story of the  movie. But the story of the movie is the only reason which highlights more than Salman Khan.The genre of the movie is social. The character of Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan) is of a common man, worshipping of Hanuman, who never lies and calm on the tr... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
Why the breeze is haltwhere it is offwhen I behold my angel's facethe smile of jewellery has goneWhy the green leaves spin flaxenfell down with disrespectwhen I behold my angel's facethe tear was staring down from her sightWhy the sun is viewless where the rays have gonewhen I behold my angel's faceher eyes are wet and clouded darkWhy the birds halt chorussilently waving their wings in the bluewhen I behold my angel's face her voice was pretty rigidWhy the flowers lost their fragranceand drawn their cheerfulnesswhen I behold my angel's faceher cheering joyful mood has goneWhy the nature had stopped colouringproperly as before, it wasn't dainty nowwhen I behold my angel's... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
Saw a pretty girl,out of flash, only she was is in the spotlightAnd I fell for her, with my pearlOnly she was visible to me, and I was feeling brightTo describe you,the words are blushing every now and thenThe words are not enough to tell youI am blushing to pen down it again and againA few days ago, I fell in love with youit was my world best feelingEvery day, every moment I am living freshTo have you in my heart within meEvery day, Every timeeven every momentI feel your presenceI feel you within me that's a great pleasureWhen I saw you first timeMy eyesight didn't fluctuate from youthe beauty face ever was seenLove at first sight I ever beenYour smile, that made me happyyour expressive eye... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
Someday at some point, we all get bored to our boring schedule and we plan for the vacation week. There we enjoy at our fullest, we own all the world and we all our at cloud9. After returning back from the vacation week, the same situation results in our 1% working brain. Why we do fluctuate these trauma every now and then, even if we are placing first in studies or even if we had our earnings as per our desire or even if we had a sexy partner in love life. What are those seeds of happiness that fruits to be a no tension wali life. This is a story of a passionate guy, who really don't care of the world talks, or who really doesn't care of his degree or earning or even of his sexy fair p... Read more
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Blogger: Piyush Rishi
And we were moving our way to homeIt wasn't a decent to our heartOur heart wasn't licensed to be apartAnd our soul pressed a self to our vehicleWe were driving side from the roadNot accelerating much, to be together a whileAt sometimes she was left to meAt sometimes I was right to herWe both were beaming seeing each otherNot uttering a single wordBut we were blessing each other from the coreAnd she raised an acceleratorShe was in front of me, I didn't accelerateShe want to hide her tears from meShe don't wanna to see my sad faceAnd she cleanse her eyes of tearsWe both driving on a same lane The road was flat just we were for each otherI don't thought of asking for her tea... Read more
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