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Three kidnappersIt was a summer day. Sun was shining brightly. It was really hot. Everyone, who was not out working, was relaxing in the cool confines of his home. Except Minty, the naughtiest monkey in the town. He was on the rooftop of his home, flying a beautiful kite.But today even his kite was not inclined to fly. Minty tried all tricks of flying a kite but it just would not fly. In anger and irritation he tore the kite and threw it down in the street. When he was throwing the kite from the roof he saw that a huge fox was standing near the house where his friend, Pintoo, lived. Pintoo was a simple and timid rabbit. He was alone in the home since his parents were out on their jobs. “Th...
poems and stories for children...
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  July 27, 2014, 9:22 am
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