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THE LAST OF THE FIREDRAKESby Farah OomerbhoyGENRE: Young Adult Fantasy~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLURB:16-year-old Aurora Darlington is an orphan. Mistreated by her adopted family and bullied at school, she dreams of running away and being free. But when she is kidnapped and dragged through a portal into a magical world, suddenly her old life doesn't seem so bad.Avalonia is a dangerous land ruled by powerful mages and a cruel, selfish queen who will do anything to control all seven kingdoms--including killing anyone who stands in her way. Thrust headlong into this new, magical world, Aurora's arrival sets plans in motion that threaten to destroy all she holds dear.With the help of a young fae, a magical p... Read more
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Title: How to Draw Cool StuffBy Catherine V. HolmesGENRE:  Non-FictionBLURBHow to Draw Cool Stuff: Holidays, Seasons and Events is a step-by-step drawing guide that illustrates popular celebrations, holidays and events for your drawing pleasure. From the Chinese New Year to April Fools' Day, Father's Day to Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve - this book covers over 100 fun days, holidays, seasons and events, and offers simple lessons that will teach you how to draw like a pro and get you in the spirit of whichever season it may be!~~~~~~~~~~~~~EXCERPTSThis book evolved out of necessity. After exploring art catalogs and libraries and wading through the "how to draw" section of boo... Read more
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Fueled by Lust: Geleonby Celeste PraterGENRE: Erotic Romance~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLURB:Hey! Yeah, you! Want in on a juicy secret? Geleon Thaice sure does. Why is the mysterious female of his dreams, wet or otherwise, constantly slipping through his hands? All he craves is to shower her with love and make her his own. Is that so bad? Is it just the fingers of fate doling out yet another allotment of misery upon his head? Or has destiny slyly laid a precise path that’s been waiting patiently for centuries? Jaelyn Areeda just wants to peacefully survive another day, but the cosmos have her violently colliding with forces out of her control, falling into the capable, muscle-packed arms of a sinfully s... Read more
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About the BookTitle: To Love a LibertineAuthor: Liana LeFeyGenre: Historical RomanceBoth have secrets. Both have reputations. Both fear falling in love.London, 1727. When Miss Eden Lowther catches the eye of Lord Percival Falloure, Marquess of Tavistoke, she’s delighted, for his wicked lordship is anything but boring. The canny coquette who declined five suitors the season prior sets out to capture the infamous “Terror of the Ton” for keeps, but the man she finds behind the façade isn’t at all what she expects.Having suffered heartbreak and humiliation two years ago, Lord Tavistoke is wary of love. But once on the market, always on the market until wed or dead. Desperate to throw Lo... Read more
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Title: Summer Heat Box SetAuthors: Caridad Pineiro, Nina Bruhns, Rebecca York, Jennifer Lowery, Taylor Lee, Traci Hall, Stephanie Queen, Alicia Street, Kathy Ivan, Jackie Ivie, Michele Hauf, Rachelle Ayala, Katy Walters, Melissa Keir, Dani Haviland, Jacquie Biggar Publisher: Chill OutGenre:  Anthology/Box Set16 All New Contemporary Romances from NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors. Guaranteed to make your blood run hot. Passion, steamy nights, excitement, and suspense. Something to suit every reader's taste. Grab a cool drink (you'll need it!), find a hammock, and curl up for an unforgettable escape.1: Caridad Pineiro, Under the Boardwalk - A passionate night unde... Read more
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Title: SCORPIO’S KISSAuthor: Monique DomovitchPublisher: Lansen PublishingPages: 588Genre: RomanceScorpio's Kiss is a spell-binding tale of love, ambition and greed that will keep the reader turning the pages until its surprise ending. Set in New York and Paris amid the glamorous and competitive worlds of art and real estate, Scorpio's Kiss takes the reader from the late 1940s to the 1960s through the tumultuous lives of its heroes.There is Alex Ivanov, the son of a Russian immigrant and part-time prostitute. He yearns to escape his sordid life and achieve fame and fortune. His dreams of becoming a world-class builder are met with countless obstacles, yet he perseveres in the hope of somed... Read more
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Inside the Book: Title: Storm Surge Author: Celia Ashley Release Date: May 10, 2016 Publisher: Lyrical Press Genre: Paranormal Romance Format: EbookNamed after a goddess who turns her lovers to stone, an insular New England coastal town holds more secrets than it can keep...Torn from her hometown and her father as a child, Paige Waters' last memory of both is fraught with mystery and confusion. Now, sixteen years later, with both her parents gone, Paige returns to Alcina Cove, certain there is more to the painful story than she's been led to believe. The answers must lie within the community, buffered from the larger world by the sea; but when she find... Read more
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Hand Over Fistby Michael RossGENRE: Thriller~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLURBWhen an old friend disappears, Martin learns nothing is what it seems… Martin Russell can barely face the future. With dismal life prospects and an estranged family, he is at the end of his rope. When an old friend, Hannah, elbows her way back into his life, Martin’s luck begins to turn around. Hidden within the shadows of evil, there must be some good… Ex-policeman Bobby Tanner lost everything one rage-filled night. Now he runs a reading group for alcoholics where he meets a young drug dealer, Zack, who disturbs him in a way that’s hard to define. Bobby soon discovers the teenager is in over his head and has been dealing ... Read more
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About the Book:Title: JulesAuthor: Kaelia StevensPublisher: IndependentPages: 94Genre: Magical RealismWar. It doesn’t start with armies or bombs. It doesn’t start with declarations or protests. It doesn’t start with speeches. It starts with one thing. Intent. Jules understands this concept. She intends to kill a cult leader. She intends to undo magic from the past. She intends to get her family home. She intends to start a war.For More InformationJules is available at Amazon.Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.Book Excerpt:When I entered the blue-lighted nightclub, Sting was at the piano again. He was thundering out jazz compositions with the energy of a hyper pygmy goat.... Read more
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Blogger: Nimi Arora
Waking Amy Julieann Dove(Amy, #1)Publication date: February 23rd 2016Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceAmy Whitfield is blindsided when she comes home and finds a note on the fridge from her husband, Wesley, stating that after four years of marriage, he’s leaving her. Amy was in the midst of trying to spice things up, to bring life back to their boring marriage. It seems now that she was too late.As Amy sits with her head between her knees, trying to figure out what to do next, a call comes from Mercer General Hospital. The ER nurse is telling Amy’s answering machine that Wesley has been in a car accident.When Amy arrives at the hospital, she finds her husband in a coma. The doctors sa... Read more
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Blogger: Nimi Arora
The Part That Doesn’t BurnGoetia SeriesBook OneSam PolingGenre: Dark FantasyPublisher: Tirgearr PublishingDate of Publication: March 23rd, 2016ISBN: 9781310401916ASIN: B01BW0Q2Y4Number of pages: 319Word Count: 97,000Cover Artist: Cora GraphicsBook Description: In an overpopulated city-state where technology and magic are forbidden by the corrupt church, young witch, Mirabel Fairfax, plots the creation of a deadly plague to cull the burdensome rabble. That is, until she falls in love with the very alchemist she has been deceiving. Now, with soul-hungry geists flooding the city, the church scrambling for their prey, and her own mind at war with itself, Mirabel must decide what she's fighting... Read more
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The Dawning of Scarlettby Jennifer Osborn~~~~~~~~~~~~~GENRE: YA Paranormal~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLURB:As a pale revenant—the vampire faction believing all life is sacred—sixteen-year-old Scarlett Ellis has learned to hide in the human world. She goes to night-school, works at a coffee shop, and her uncle Chasem trains her in martial arts. No matter what, she has to be prepared, because when she turns seventeen, she’ll be of Dawning age—and her biological father Apollo vows to see her dead first. Expecting her Dawning to be impossible, she accepts the fact that she will become a rogue, forever hunted by revenant renegades and outcast by her own people. Scarlett thinks she’s prepared for this... Read more
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Inside the Book:Title: Love, Lattes and Angel Author: Sandra Cox Release Date: April 12, 2016 Publisher: Lyrical Shine Genre: Young Adult Format: Ebook Some teens go to the Caribbean on spring break. Piper goes to save the world.  Piper Dunn isn’t who you would call a normal teenager. For one thing, she doesn’t want anyone to know she was born with a blowhole. Even stranger, she has two love interests. Joel, a fellow dolphin-human hybrid, and Tyler, a human. It’s hard to choose when a mad scientist is hot on Piper’s trail.Worse, she’s trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. And . . . wait for it . . . Angel, her test-tube daughter, is appa... Read more
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It’s Always ComplicatedJulia KentPublication date: April 27th 2016Genres: Adult, ContemporaryTake two men, one woman, three children. Stir in one best friend and her fiancé doctor. Whisk one best friend’s niece, her two rock star boyfriends, and add a grizzled old octogenarian diner owner with a naughty mouth and her eighty-something boyfriend who loves every minute of her.Put them all in a campground in northern Maine where the owners’ daughter has two special men of her own. Bake for 400 pages.It’s Always Complicated is the sprawling saga of how Laura, Mike and Dylan (Her Billionaires) and Josie and Alex (It’s Complicated) have the wedding of a lifetime at Escape Shores Campgrou... Read more
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Title: Bright’s PassionAuthor: E.B. BlackGenre: Fantasy RomanceBright wishes he wasn't the god of the suns.Every day is the same: he makes the suns rise and then they set. He looks down at humanity's corruption. He watches wars, people starving, and thieves stealing.He can't help. Every time he tries, the humans take something from him. They've destroyed his family and he has no doubt that they'd like to destroy him, too.Adonya is a raven-haired witch with powers that make her as close to a goddess as a human can be. He's wondered what it was like to be with a woman, but all the goddesses are dead.He can feel it when he touches her--she's as dangerous as all the rest of the ... Read more
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About the BookTitle: Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden CageAuthor: Evonne BlanchardGenre: Children’s Book / Fantasy / Science FictionUglesnoo needs Amelia’s help. His sister is very sick. The only cure is a repelling crystal from Neptune. With his Earthling friend, Amelia, they must continue their quest. More items are needed to buy the crystal. But Venus is full of danger and angry aliens. Are Uglesnoo and Amelia in over their heads?Author BioEvonne Blanchard was born and raised in England. She has also studied and worked in France. She met her husband, an American whilst they were both volunteering at a children’s orphanage in Guatemala.She resides in the North Shore (Bosto... Read more
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Inside the Book:Title: Knit Tight Author: Annabeth Albert Release Date: April 12, 2016 Publisher: Lyrical Shine Genre: LGBT Format: EbookIt’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, has some of best restaurants, shops, and cafés in the country. But it’s the hard-working men who serve it all up that keep us coming back for more...One of Portland’s hottest young baristas, Brady is famous for his java-topping flair, turning a regular cup of joe into a work of art. Every Wednesday—aka “Knit Night”—hordes of women and their needles descend on the coffeehouse, and Brady’s feeling the heat. Into the fray walks a tall, dark, and distractingly handsome stranger... Read more
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Inside the Book:Title: Dilemma in Yellow Silk: The Emperors of London Author: Lynne Connolly Release Date: April 12, 2016 Publisher: Lyrical Press Genre: Historical Romance Format: EbookEver ready to do the right thing, The Emperors of London act bravely—and when it comes to matters of the heart, impetuously…Despite her cover as the daughter of the land steward for Lord Malton, Marcus Aurelius, spirited Viola Gates is tied by birth to the treacherous Jacobite legacy. Not that this keeps her from falling for the dashing Lord from afar. Despite his staid demeanor, Marcus is devastatingly handsome—and hopelessly beyond her reach. Then Viola’s father is mort... Read more
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Soul DeepWhite WolfBook 1Jianne CarloGenre: Contemporary Paranormal SuspensePublisher: Hartwood PublishingDate of Publication: April 7, 2016ISBN: 978-1-62916-303-1Number of pages: 186Word Count: 82,486Cover Artist: Georgia WoodsMelanie is a White Wolf spirit healer—a maggishahwi--who hears the last call of a dying soul. She’s loved Mike Dorland forever. But her Cinderella hopes and glass-slipper dreams of a happy ever after with her Prince Charming are shattered the day her father kills Mike’s while driving drunk. Now Mike hates her, and when Mike returns to their home town, she’s both devastated and thrilled.Mike’s the eldest son of one of the original three founders of the quaint... Read more
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Tempting The LightL.A.M.P.S. Book OneBonnie GillGenre: Humorous Paranormal RomancePublisher: Soul Mate PublishingDate of Publication:  April 20, 2016Word Count: 75,000Cover Artist:Fiona JaydeBad luck magnet Abby Fitzpatrick gets fired, catches her boyfriend cheating with a mime, and is cursed by an evil genie who pops out of a tampon box. She’s bound and determined to remove the spell, and as fate would have it, the hottest guy she’s ever met is out to kill her.River Stone, a Cryptid hunter for Legends and Myths Police Squad (L.A.M.P.S.), poses as a sheriff for Abby’s hometown of Haber Cove, New Jersey. He’s out to find and capture a man-eating gnome and bag the legendary Jersey... Read more
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Dark Incidenceby A.G. LiamGenre: YA ParanormalRelease Date: March 18th 2014Summary from Goodreads:Dani is determined to change. Trodden down by her abusive stepdad, neglectful mother, and nonexistent social life, Dani decides to leave it all behind—she flees into the night and finds herself in a dark, and strangely wondrous, new world, a world unknown to most humans.However, destiny is an unpredictable force. Through a peculiar turn of events, she unknowingly gets entangled in a brutal war waging between two factions of vampires.The Ruemisuds are a technologically advanced, elite vampire society that wants absolute control. They will stop at nothing to get it, including experimenting ... Read more
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Broken Fate Jennifer DerrickPublished by: Clean Teen PublishingPublication date: April 18th 2016Genres: Mythology, Romance, Young AdultZeus gave her one simple job: Kill every human. Atropos—daughter of Zeus and the third goddess of Fate from Greek mythology —spends her eternal life snipping human lifelines when their mortal lives are over. As if being a killer doesn’t make life miserable enough, she and her Fate-wielding sisters must live amongst the humans on Earth thanks to a long-running feud between their mother and Zeus. Living on Earth means they must mingle with the mortals, attend the local high school, and attempt to fit in—or at least not stand out too much.Killing and min... Read more
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The Ending Element: Calistaby Lorraine KohGenre: YA FantasyPages: 216Release date: February 8th 2016Summary from Goodreads:Calista Bloom never wanted to fight in the war and it has been five years since war waged over Kosmotopia. All because of a sword. Fair enough, the Astronblade is supposed to hold infinite power, that is, once it finds its one true owner. But every 18-year-old will need to join the military and Calista soon finds herself trying to awaken the Astronblade. Will this batch hold the Blade Bearer? Or will finding the Blade Bearer trigger the chain of events that will bring about the end of the world?Add to GoodreadsBuy Links:AmazonAbout the AuthorLorraine Koh, who also g... Read more
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Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Seriesby Debra KristiGenre: Paranormal/Romance/FantasyPages 476Summary:When Kyra, the Moorigad dragon-shifter, unwittingly finds herself at Mystic’s Carnival, a supernatural world between realms, she believes her runaway days are finished. Amidst the carnies and never-ending magic, she finds a home of the heart – friends and belonging among a gathering of paranormal beings. However, living an uncomplicated life was never one of Kyra’s strengths.She’s falling for her all-too-secretive best friend, Sebastian. And as she delves deeper into his mysteries, her goodwill sabotages their future and her very existence.What did Kyra do?Can Kyra and Seb... Read more
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Blogger: Nimi Arora
About the BookTitle: The Dolorous Adventure of Brother BanenoseAuthor: Matthew CataniaGenre: FantasyThe Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose is the ideal novel for mature readers with juvenile senses of humor who enjoy satire, sex, knife fights, theosophy, bestiaries, sorcery, and some history thrown in for good measure. This tale focuses on the comic misadventures of a 14th century Franciscan monk known as Brother Banenose, who dreams of becoming a saint. Unfortunately, he is afraid of being martyred. Even less fortunate, Brother Banenose inadvertently inspires murderous rages in many people he meets in the outside world, including a family of relentless barbarians. When he learns that a ... Read more
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