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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
I was awakened by the loud noise which startled me in the mid of my sleep. My house had no one in it except me and my sister Aashi. My parents had gone to a relatives wedding leaving the huge responsibility of my little sister on my shoulders. I jumped out of my bed and saw Aashi sleeping safe and sound in her bed and heaved a sigh of relief. I stepped towards living room and started searching for electricity button as the noise indicated something fishy but out of nowhere someone choked my mouth and held me at gun point. I was shocked with this sudden attack and felt extreme pain as the man with the gun hit gun base on my head. Two more men rushed into my home and cornered me. Till I could ... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
2 insaano may ek gehra nata hota hai, kabhi kabhi aap kisiko saalo se jaante ho fir b oose pasand nahi karte aur kabhi kabhi aap kisise pehli bar milte hai aur wo aapka dost ban jata hai chahe internet pe, phone pe, office may kaam karne k dauraan, aapka lift man, aapka watch man.. kisi se b jisko dekhke aapko wo apna saa lagta hai jisse behichak aap hazaro baatein kar sakte hai bina kisi khauf k.. tujhse mera nata toh hai,par mein nahi jaanta,tujhe dekh mera dil toh dhadakta hai,par ye tere dil ko nahi pehchanta.aashiq sahi, diwana sahi,par tera mujhse h pehle ka nata koi..... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
I have fallen in love after listening this:Tujhe pane ki isliye jid nahi karti ki,tujhe khone ko dil nahi karta…Tum milte ho to isliye nazre nahi,uthati ki, fir nazre hatane ko dil nahi karta…kabhi mat sochna ki tumhe bich raah me akele chod dungi,kyuki mujhe khhud tumse durr jane ka kabhi man nahi karta..... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
My day starts with a conflict where my body and my brain start fighting with each other. My brain shows my body a long list of to do’s for the day while by body retaliates with a plea that yesterday was enough no new job please, the conclusion of fights always go in favour of brain the boss of body. So there starts my day with activities I have already listed in my mind for getting ready for the office so my body started working on its own- brushing teeths, switching on geyser for hot water, shaving, bathing, ironing cloths, wearing them and there I am ready for a new challenge. On my way to local train station I read a text mentioned on wall of temple “your real earning in the life... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Maut ek aisi haqiqat hai jise aap jhutla nahi sakte. Kisi behad samajhdar insaan ne sahi kaha hai ki “Taklif toh zindagi deti hai, Maut toh yu hi badnaam hai”. Kabhi kisi mrut insaan k chehre ko gaur se dekhiyega ek masoom bachaa gehri neend may jaise sota hai waise hi mrut vyakti b iss sansaar k moh maya se alag apni nishchint nend may hota hai. So lo hume b ye nichchint neend hasil ho hi gayi. Apne zanaze par lete hai fir that humare that rajao se kam nie. Mere chahne walo ki umdi bhid dekhke mujhe bada sukoon mehsus hua. Kyuki agar mujhse koi puchle ki zindagi may aap kya kamaoge toh mein keh du unse “mere zanaze ki bheed”.Pehle panti may ghar wale the, maa rone may vyast thi pita... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Mere dil k dhadakano ki aawaz kuch tham si gayi thi,chaino karar humara kho sa gaya tha,pata kia ye kiska asar haidil lapata kisiko na khabar hai..sawarne lagi hai zindagi humari,chane lagi hai ek ajeebsi khumaari,bekhabar diniya se hum rehne lage hai,na din ka pata hai na raato ki khabar hai..ishq may diwana hua jaa raha hai samaa,chaa gaya hai ajab sa nashaa,zindagi meri mehekne lagi hai,tu meri zindagi may aa jo gayi hai...... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Ishq tujhse karne lagetujhse milne ab hum tarasne lagebus tera intazaar haiMujhe tujhse bahot pyaar hai..Tujhe sochte hue din guzarne lage,bina tere sapno k mujhe neend naa aayeye kaisa khushnuma ehsaas hai,Mujhe tujhse bahot pyaar hai..Mere ankho may rahe hardum tasveer teri,tu mujhse na kabhi judaa hojayeye mera karaar hai.Mujhe tujhse bahot pyaar hai..... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
I am sorry.. I am wicked..!!!It was a bad day after which I return home, and when I say bad day in Chartered Accountancy students life it means disaster. Aman Raheja that’s me was again a victim of such disaster today. My day started with tutorial lectures and today tutor cursed me for not studying, whole day is spent in office doing internship where boss scolded me for mistakes in my work in the next set to tutorial I felt ashamed as I was not able to solve a simple accountancy problem also. It was the day where I got trauma thrice, but in a normal day its one or two at a time. So I came home late by 9pm was feeling fucked up threw shoes to the corner of room where mom gave me another hal... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Love Mess                Today it wasn’t an ordinary day; after bathing in the heavy rain the night before, this new day had a charm of its own. The last drop clinging on to the grass blades, the roads wet all drenched and the typical pleasing smell of the earth; I loved it all. When this happens right at the dawn, it brings a different joy. Going to the tuition every morning was a juggernaut task for me but today the start was so special that nothing seemed painful. I gave a missed call to Sachin; this was a signal that I gave to tell him that I have left my home all Buckled, so that he could be ready and waiting f... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Pain absorbers…Few years back I was watching a movie. I don’t even remember its name, but I remember only one scene in which Sanjay Dutt was some kind of baba and people came to him with their pain, he used to touch them absorb their pain and for a few moments he suffered and the person who came to him got rid of his disease. This scene always makes me think that, are their anymore pain absorbers in his world.Psychiatry is an occupation, which always gave me an odd feeling. I never understood what they did in reality. If I say it my way, “Chutiya banane ke dhande hai!” I beg your pardon for my language. But the business of psychiatry or shops of psychiatrists are flourishing leaps an... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Ye Pyaar tha ya haar(Short Fiction story)Mujhe uss se pehli nazar may hi pyaar hogaya tha jab wo mere saamne se guzri aur saamne wale sofa may jakar baith gayi. Mein nazre bacha bacha kar uski taraf dekh raha tha, andar se darr b tha ki wo mujhe oose ghoorta hua naa pakad le par use dekhne ka lalach mujhe rukne nahi de raha tha. Wo suraj ki kirne jo uske muh par padd rahi thi, use bachne ki uski koshish, uski choti choti aankho ka aur chota hojana, wo uska muh banana,palke jhapkana mujhe toh ooski har ada se pyaar hogaya tha.Shayad mere zindagi ka pehla pyaar.  Mereaas paas dheero baate ho rahi thi par mujhe toh sirf wo hi dikhai de rahi thi.Mein ek sadharan sa ladka tha jisne zindagi m... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Its always me inside me…(Short Fiction Story)I was born in a rajput house where the first teaching I got was winning, fighting, glory , ego and pride. The onus of legacy was always with me as whenever I cried in my childhood my parents always said rajputs never cry. With my teenage these values got stuck inside my heart forever and my shoulders also became stronger to balance the weight of legacy. I was born champion, I always won the game I played or I was amongst defeated with their head high. With the competition coming in studies, sports, general knowledge, debates my name was always recognized with respect. I may not be the winner every time but I was always amongst the best lot in cl... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Food StoryIt is really a food story that is making me write this short paragraph. Recently I was having dosa for my dinner…. And to add flavor to it I was having it on thela where you have to stand and eat there only. It is most affordable and tasty dinner for me. I love that man who make this delicious dosa and feed me as hindi word is there he is my Annapurna.As I was alone having my mysore masala dosa I started looking here and there for entertainment. It is the only source for my find of Televisionless people who can afford watching movie in multiplex on weekends but can’t afford a television in home. So I saw a family standing just besides me, they brought their son to have dosa who... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Rain DateIt was heavily raining and when I say heavily it’s a disaster in Mumbai. I was new to the city and was caught by the rain mid road with no escape. Rain never affects me rather it is the symbol of relief, joy and happiness to me but this time I was worried about my office Laptop weighing 5 Kg, fully encrypted, secured and all lot of security stuff, I was holding it close to my heart it is the normal gesture how we hold our bags in local train. As I was finding some shelter I saw a tree giving shelter to people already crowded. In Mumbai you can never relax its always a race, race for job, taxi, bus, shelter, meal and it was dry shelter this time. I ran towards the tree.It was conti... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
GuiltyGuilt is a very small word with lots of meaning inside it. Sometimes this four letter word doesnt let people to live his entire life peacefully. As per me definition of guilt would be "a painful pinch inside your heart continously troubling you with every time your heart beats".But with the same it is very relative term as we are human we are the species with have a distinct behavious from each other. There are diffrent catagory or people broadly I will mention three:1. Who feel guilty but absorb it?2. Who never feel guilt for their any act?3. Who feel guilt and spent their entire life with a pain?Happiest amongst the three catagory is the 2nd catagory people. As a famous san... Read more
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Blogger: Prabal Thakur
Second Chance-Prabal ThakurOnce I was sitting alone rather I should say that I always sit alone that’s how I reenergize myself. Some people say padmasana is the position in which you can simply synchronize all your energy, I believe in them. But my padmasana is a bitdifferent I love to sit in front of mirror and stare myself. This is my way introspect myself and discover the change in me and see why Rudrasingh Thakur is not the same. That’s quite filmy but filmy things do really work in real life. But while doing such things the problem are my parents, they always think what has happened to me. My parents are a little over conscious, they always stare me while I do so I don’t know what... Read more
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