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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Kingly experience at ChokhiDhani, Jaipur A Rajasthani Village themed restaurantA de'light'ful experience: The village is decorated with plenty of lamps placed everywhere including in and around the house, on the bridge, and open places. View from the watchtower. The place is spread around in not less than 10 acres.Various kind of typical folk dance performances keeps on going around: Dance, Puppetry. Drawing Mehandi on hand is an attraction for tourists apart from other paintings and art form.Food is served in traditional style. Normally group of about 20 people seated in a rectangular fashion and bonfire at the center fuelled with pure ghee.Typical thali served initially. More and... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Shooting butterflies on MobileShooting a butterfly on a mobile can be a tricky task considering the following issues:Mobiles do not have a macro lens (especially 1:1) with a long focal length. This forces the shooter to go in close vicinity of the object which may disturb the butterfly. However in recent times, cameras do come with a macro lens, an adapter can also be added. Mobile cameras do not have decent flash and the sensor. The absence does not capture the stunning colors a butterfly can have.DSLR offers faster shutter speeds and hence needs a dedicated heavier external flash. Faster shutter speed is required when the butterfly is not seating calmly and very much active. For more detai... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
PhotoQuote - Power... Read more
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विश्वास पुन्हा दारू पिऊन घरी आलायमाहित नाही कसला राग धरलायवाटतंय मला मारेलमुलांना उगाच झोडपेलतसा तो बऱ्याचदा पिऊन येतोआल्यावर गप्प झोपतोसकाळी उठुन तेच रडगाणेआज तरी मिळतील का काही आणे?दिवसामागून दिवस ढकलतोय ,कसा का होईना जगतोयउद्याची चिंता हवीच कशाला?दोन घास न... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
मै शायर तो नहीं , मगर...  यादों ने पूछा, क्या उनसे मिल आऊ ?मैं चूप रहा ।पुराने पुल कबके गिर गये होंगे !तुमसे कही हर बात शायरी होती थी,आजकल लब्ज ढुंढनेमेही वक्त निकल जाता है !ना जाने क्यों बादल बेमौसम बरस रहे है ।उन लमहोंको तो मैने बस याद किया था ।मेरी जिंदगी एक किताब है। इल... Read more
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दुरावा त्या रात्री जी हरवलीस तू ,तिलाच शोधतो आहे.मिठीत विसावली होतीस तू,ती मिठी भोगतो आहे !मंद धुंद क्षण, जे दुरावले,पुन्हा ते शोधतो आहे.विश्वास पूर्ण आहे तुजवरी,परीस्थिती भोगतो आहे !आहे नक्की, परतशील तू ,तो क्षण मी शोधतो आहे.असेल वाईट तरीही, उद्यासाठीहा विरह भोगतो आहे !... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Matiabandh Pokhari near King's Old PalaceKeonjhar, a beautiful Odia district, once was a small princely state. Keonjhar served as a capital where the king Dhanurjay Narayan Bhanjadeo built a small palace sometime between 1861 and 1905. After India become the republic, the Royals slowly left the palace due to some or other reason. Lack of attention deteriorated the beauty of the small castle. Nowadays, the palace is not open for public; however, two temples nearby are. One is Maa Tarini temple located inside the palace. After sunset, this part of Keonjhar is frightening. No lights, no directions and feels like it's a typical ghost-Bangalow. The other temple Matiabandh Pokhari (now called... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
काही कथा - 11नेटवर वाचलेल्या काही प्रेरणा देणारया , नितिकथा तुमच्यासाठी !अ‍ॅडॉल्फ हिटलरच्या नावाने एक गोष्ट सांगितली जाते. एकदा हिटलर आपल्या कार्यालयाच्या ग्रंथालयात काही पुस्तकं चाळत होता. एका उंच कपाटाच्या वरच्या कप्प्यातील एका पुस्तकानं त्याचं लक्ष वेधलं आणि त... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Siva Temple, Burla, SambalpurA small Siva Temple is located near the Nehru Tower of Hirakud dam. Temple built by Rotary Club is located on a small hill and is visible when you descend from Nehru tower to go towards Burla. The ceiling of the sanctum of the temple is painted with pictorial depicts using vibrant colours. Premises of the temple hosts small temples of other deities as well. Temple is a calm place to visit in the evening. Hardly few people visit the temple in the evening.Location:... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination : Koilighughar waterfallKoilighughar is one of the serene and tranquil location of a waterfall, lesser known spot which is hidden in the Chhuikhanch' forest dominated by Mahua and Saal trees near Lakhanpur. Koilighughar waterfall is around 100 ft on the river Ahiraj later to merge into the Mahanadi river. It is said that Inside the fall there is a Shivalingam known as Maheswarnath. The lingam is submerged in water and is not ordinarily visible. For the benefit of the pilgrims, another Shivalingam has been created just outside the waterfall. Worshippers, in plenty, come here to praise the lords. The place of lingam is unique due to its location. Perhaps the most sce... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Vikramkhol CaveVikramkhol caves located in the Sundargarh district is known for the prehistoric rock art and rock inscriptions found reserve forest of Belpahar.The ancient cave located in Banjari village bears a script written by then resident humans far back in the 4000 B.C (Mesolithic Period). Details about the caves were first published in Indian Antiquary in 1935 by historian K.P.Jayaswal.The size of the inscriptions is 37 meters in lengths, 5.65 meters in breadth and 8 meters in height. All these engravings both figurative patterns and motifs were pigmented with ochre color. As per IGNCA report [4], at present there is a single specimen of the ... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Ghanteshwari TempleAs the name suggests, Ghanta means bells. The title "Ghanteshwari" is originated from the fact that, devotees tie a bell when they visit with some wish. Hundreds and thousands of bells are tied to the holy tree under which the idol of the goddess is situated. Even the breeze rings the bells to create a sweet tinkling sound from the thousands and tiny and big bells. In front of the temple is the Mahanadi river bed. The width of the river is large which with the green mountains in the backdrop with some white clouds on the rich blue sky is a beauty to watch on a clear day. However, in earlier times, this beautiful place was dan... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Chiplima Power StationSchematic of a typical hydroelectric plant constructionA hydroelectric powerhouse at Chiplima (Power House – II under stage III) is an outcome of renovation carried out by Odisha government under 11th five-year plan. The Chiplima powerhouse was earlier a part of HPS Burla. As a part of the restructuring, Chiplima Power House (Power House No. II) has been separated from HPS, Burla, with effect from 01.07.2009 and renamed as Chiplima Hydro Electric Project. Currently, three generating units with installed capacity of 72 MW (3 x 24) makes the power. The plant uses Kaplan turbine spinning at 350 RPM and uses a head of 72 feet.Powerhou... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
The worshipers !... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Rani Sati Temple, BirimitrapurRani Sati Temple, also known as second Jhun-Jhun Dham is located in Birimitrapur, a small town on the Odisha -Jharkhand border famous for limestone mines. Rani Sati Temple spread over two acres of campus run by a trust, headed by Gopalji Tulsian. Besides Rani Sati temple other temples in the premises are Sita Ram Temple, Ganesh Temple, Hanuman Temple, and Shiva Temple. Temple was constructed in 1967 and then was renovated in the years 1992 and 2000. The white marble temple structure is decorated with art works (especially one on the ceiling), costumed with silvery metal sheets and has a golden top. Day of attraction is on auspicious days like Bhado Amavasya... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Tirathgarh waterfallsThe Teerathgarh Falls is a block type waterfall on the Kanger River in Bastar district of Chattisgarh which falls from about 90 meters. It further divides into two waterfalls and the water then runs through the valley of limestone deposits full with thick forest cover. A small temple on a large rock opposite the falls is surrounded by the ruins of a 1,000-year-old Hindu civilization. In monsoon, the water flow is heavy and muddy. After Winter season, the water recedes and one can cross the fall and experience the complete enchanting view. Photography Tips:As the distance between the viewpoint and the fall is too small, carr... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Birds colony at RajamundaA small colony of about 500+ Asian Openbill stork birds is established at a small village of Rjaamunda, near Rourkela. These storks migrate to this very place somewhere near June and fly back in October once the new-borns are mature enough.Openbills can be characterised by the gap between the bill. These storks are known to habitat near the paddy fields, from where they can gather 'snails.' Openbill stork is a large bird with the wingspan more than 5 feet. Storks built a big, almost 5 feet wide nest with the help of twigs of Saal or Mango tree. Either parent looks after the babies while other make rounds and bring the food. Stork in flight carrying the... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Wandering Destination: Chitrakoot WaterfallsChitrakoot waterfalls, known as mini Niagara of India, is located about 45 kilometres from Jagdalpur town of Chattisgarh state. It is located on River Indravathi and near to the Kanger Valley National Park. Although water falls from a height of about 100 feet, the fall is known for his grand width especially in the season of Monsoon. In monsoon, the stream swells and acquires more than 200 feet width.  The waterfalls display different moods in every season. In monsoon, it roars and swells. While after December, when the water recedes, it is snowy white with blue sky as the backdrop. On the left bank of the Chitrakoot Falls, a small H... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Visiting Pitamahal Village -PhotoEssayTo visit Pitamahal village, which is nearby the Pitamahal dam, follow the road from the other side of the newly developed Garden. The road passes by the water-spillover arrangement. One cannot cross the canal in between so to reach to Pitamahal village. Instead one has to take a big round to cross the canal at GadheiBalanda and come. An evening is a natural choice to visit this place. Herdsman takes back his cows and bulls back to the village after a day long grazing in the Bamra forest. The road is not yet listed on the google map. The condition is good for a bike to travel and only a strong car can cope with the terrain.Fishing in the Pitamah... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Glimpses of lifestyle of Tribals from ChitrakootThe road network decently connects the inner parts of the tribal region. However, there is a complete absence of the public transport. People mostly use a bicycle or shared four wheeler to travel to Jagdalpur. A small family of three going on bicycle even up to 5 kilometres or so is a common picture.A typical house from the area. Slices of limestones used for the ceiling is the attraction. The limestone is also used to make fencing and due to patterns, it looks so beautiful. A cluster of up to 10 to 20 houses makes a small village which can sometimes at quite a distance from the other village.Police also need protection. Due to constant fear of... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Portraits from Bastar - IIDo Check part I of the series.... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Revisiting Kansbahal DamA visit to Kansbahal dam in Monsoon season is completely different from the other as after heavy rains water is released. The release outlet is on the other end of this earth dam. Water is released only if it crosses the danger level which happens when it rains heavily in the catchment area. The flow of water creates sone interesting photo opportunities. Enjoy the view!Read my earlier post about Kansbahal Dam here.... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
GhogarGhogar temple, near the Rajgangpur town of Odisha, was established by King of Raghunath Sekhar Deo. Temple is dedicated to lord Shiv temple and also known as Ghogar Dham or Sri Ghogareswar Mahadev. The temple is located on the banks of the river Ghogar, near to the Kansbahal dam. A check dam is built near the temple to store the water for the use of temple and also used for fishing. The temple campus hosts the place for lunch (Bhandara) and tp stay (guesthouse). Temple is a great attraction for devotees during a ritual called "Bolbum, observed during the month of Shravan, where people walk miles carrying the water from their native to come here and offer tot eh lord... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale
Portraits from Bastar - I... Read more
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