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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
The alarm clock rang and the sun sparkled in the sky with pink rays sprinkling all over the turf. She woke up with a tenuous smile on her lips smudged with pink lipstick."Last night was enervating" she whispered while her eyes met the wall clock which said she was already late for her college."Fish! I need to run."She got ready for her college in no minute and egress the place. She wore her pink helmet and accelerated pink scooty pep until it lurched to come to a halt in the parking lot of her college. "Good Morning Da!" she wished the security guard and entered the wide black colored iron gate. She had always been nice to everyone, being it a teacher or a security guard. She never compared ... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
A big thanks to Sakshi Raina who blogs at Capturing Sunshine for nominating me. Things were not well with my internet (they still aren't), sorry for posting it this late.Bloggers who deserve this award:Viditi Bhargava, she blogs at ...Khayal : My Words...I found her blog few months back and I really like the way she writes. And she too love TTLB :DBhavya Kaushik, Bestselling Author of The Other Side of Bed, he blogs at Walking Barefoot On Broken Glass.Dhrishti Dasgupta, she blogs at Maple Leaf, one of my inspirations to start blogging.Shreya Sudesh, blogger at Bold and Blase11 Random Facts About Me:I love dogs :DWhiff of books (Old or New) is my marijuana. I am a big fan of Durjoy Datta... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
He likes that hottest chic in town and she likes that coolest stud in the college. She wanted to grow into the roots of relationship while he wanted to make out with her before falling into love. They don't know even a single thing about each other but still have feelings for each other.What is first date? Looking for lust life in your relationship or finding a husband in the boy sitting on the other side of the table. Well if you think the same way, you aren't young. You still have the mind of 15 or 16 year old brat. First date is not about your sex life, it's about the mutual understandings that two person can share. It's not about your after marriage life but it's about your love life. It... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
"RELATIONSHIP"Single term with different expectations, cute feelings, bubbly heart and of course best understanding. You may not be the first one he loved. You may not be the first one she looked at with wide open mouth. The time when you feel something in your stomach, when every thing around you starts blowing into environment, when you start adoring red color. You need someone who can usher you to the best seat available in town. Who is that someone?Your best friend? Your parents? Or Your close friend? None of these, The only person who can help you in this critical stage of affection is you yourself. Try sitting alone for a time and remove all your power of thinking the person ... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
When i look into your eyes,it feels like i am falling for you again,your hand with my hand ties,and we make it a perfect rain.Remembering the moments we have once lived,I am trying to hold feelings within me,Cursing the break up i have once grieved,and my dream of sharing one tee.The kohl of your eyes and waves of your hair,i miss them all in a perfect picturesque way,Every morning you used to be my prayer,and every day we used to sit in that cafe.Being with you was the biggest thing of my life,and carrying your tantrums was fun in itself,i started loving your way of strife,you were like the cutest romantic novel in my bookshelf.When i look into you eyes,the flashback follows me,Holding my h... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
When I tumble they pick me up,When I cry they dry my tears,When I go wrong they teach me right,When they punish it hurts them twice,When I am hurt they feel the pain,When I am unreasonable they give me the reason,When I am troubled their sweet and wise words do magic,When I doubt and fear they give vote of confidence,When I am scared of cold careless world they protect me in the warmness of embrace,When I can’t fly they fix my wings,When ii frown they replace it with a smile,When I have lost the way they show me direction,When friends left my side they stood right by my side,When I lost all hope they kept their faith,When my heart broke they helped me pick pieces,When all I could see was d... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Gazing at the beautiful starsand the orange faded moon.The dark sky and the desire of zephyr whispering the truth of friendship and love.We = I + Isaid my mindwhen wind blowed lovewhile ruffling my barnet.It is never "We", mind said"I" is selfish while "We" is notNo one will help when "I" is hurtIt is alone, helpless and tired."We" sounds romantic, protested heartIt makes "I" feel completeInfatuation starts from "I"and ends with feelings in "We"                                                                      &... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
The water flows down the river and sun glitters all over the turf. The presence of both is so much essential to carry the world. No bud can nourish to a flower, no plant will have green leaves and no person will have a single vitamin, if any one of the two is absent in the aura. They both holds a best friendship in this entire universe.Hold On!!I just said Friendship. I didn't say a Relationship. They are best in their own and doesn't care about the damn world.When sun is upset it pours water heavily. when water is aggressive, sun increases the temperature and absorb its aggression in the form of evaporation. They don't meet. On face they are like enemies. When it falls from heaven, sun spre... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Some people say if u will dream big you will get big, and therefore my mind, my heart and my soul everything started following the footsteps of a perfect man who doesn't bother about the world and do his work with subtle smile spread all over his areas of play. His action speaks the real beauty of politeness and his eye smirks the victory of a novice.Originally a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. I don't  know if his writing career started with "Ofcourse I love you." or it was some belles-lettres or a blog. Or I must say his career started with "Now that you are rich." if i consider some of his lines to be true and worth noticing. &nbs... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
She loved the nature, She adored the world, She was such a crazy creature, With hair black and curled.I asked about her age,She played with her hair,And replied five expecting a gage,With smile on her face so fair.One day she left her home,With glint in her eyes,To write some moments in her tome,But she was unaware of some lies.That guy in blue pants, Said he would let her buy something,And took her where no one could respond to her chants,Got preyed by her neighbor as another fling.She hooted with her throat in strain,Expecting people to save her body from that pimp,But no one strode towards her and she growled in pain,Transforming her from imp to wimp.Today she hides her face behind that p... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Next morning I found myself in the city of pink color. Pink morning, pink air, pink walls, pink houses, pink clouds and obviously the pink city. During our journey from Goa to Jaipur we both decided to tell our parents about the relationship that we shared. Yes we were about to tell our parents about it. Telling a father that I love his Daughter the most gritty thing that a boy can ever do. It becomes the most panting situation. Obviously there is a scare of losing the girl, getting a slap or something else. If it comes to street fights and all boys find them entertainment but telling a father about relationship is not their cup of tea. And if they do so, Believe me the guy literally loves y... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Back to where if it's not forever,it's not love was set. 204 kms away from Delhi. My eyes were ensconced at the glorifying beauty of what our ancestors and even we people worship. Although the place was not at all about luxurious life, but still there was a charm of what people call *INTERNAL PEACE AND SOUL AMITY*. About 5000 people everyday visit this place out of which 3500 people visit this place to take bath in the pure and ethical water of Ganga and remove all their sins and myths.Though the number of visits have been decreased due to unacceptable incidental fact that had happened about 2 months back from this day. Every single time I think about it or even gazes anything related to tha... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
That evening was really very cute and the sun was sinking down across the skyscrapers in Dubai. That day doctor asked me to get a blood test so I and one of my crazy cool friend hired a cab and left for the Diagnostic Center. I peeped out of the cab window to look at the passing trees and longed to have a sight of sky-is-not-the-limit type skyscrapers. The driver had tuned into virgin radio which was playing Hindi romantic songs. During my entire cab journey I was having the subtle look of the environment of Dubai and was completely out of my mind Or I must say I was behaving like the typical Indian heroines peeping outside the window and thinking about something. Suddenly I heard a pol... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Muskaan's enthusiasm was contagious. Grudgingly, Vani had to admit that she was excited for the relationship too. Muskaan and Vani both used to share a bond. The bond of friendship. Yes they both were cronies and so there was no point of doubt that Muakaan knew everything about us and the relationship that we share moreover she was also familiar with the unspoken words of me and Vani. She even knew about the late night candle light kiss.Someone banged the door again and I thought it was Vani on the other side of the door but as soon as I opened the door I found that it was Jerry."Wassup?", he asked."Nothing much, was packing for tomorrow morning." Well this was in response as we were about t... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
This time I am sitting on my couch with my one hand on keyboard of laptop while doing whatsapp with another one. If you have crazy friends you have life. If you have played hide and seek with them, your childhood was awesome. Yeah, these are general one liners which we people hit like on troll pages. Did you ever observe them? Can you live without them? What would be your life if you lose one of them? How does it feel when best friend becomes kindred spirit? 2 YEARS BACKChemistry tuition..!! I used to love that tiresome hectic schedule of my daily life. That everyday evening chemistry tuition was my life. Some people feel blessed when they visit temple, some feel blissfull when they play foo... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Lets play tonight.With love in your eyes.Lets play tonight.With no white lies.Capture me in your eyes.To make me feel right.Until my stomach get butterfliesAnd i give you a perfect love bite.Lets play tonight.With rose aroma in airLets play tonight.With my hands brushing the body so fair.Feel me ruffling your hair downTo rest my hands on your waist with proudI can even become your clownand propose you under the black cloudLets play tonightWith warm breath touching my ear.Lets play tonightCuddling each other like a premiereLets Play Tonight... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
I was terrified and was on huge tsunami waves. The memories from last night were calling again and again in my mind. I wasn't abecedarian in this field. I have dated many hot girls in my past life but this time my heart was thumping. Why did i do this? I wasn't wrong or was I? I was confused. To ignore this situation for a little while. I left the room unlocked and strode towards the beach.  It was silence all around. The reflection of the rising sun was looking like the shining diamante. I ensconced myself at the beaches of Goa. The last night stunt made me feel chagrined I was failing to accept the truth. Balls!! What would i say to her? How would she react? Did i ... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
The pink color of rising sun was spread all over my world and I was standing in balcony. I could easily hear the silence of the sea. Yes I Love This Place.."12 March, 2013"The date was more than just a date to me. No one or nothing could have made me feel this exultant. I was million kms away from the disease called Anger. I was smirking deep inside me. OMG..!! I started Loving You. "11 March, 2013"My cell phone rang and it was Jerry on the other side. I replied with some slang words as i really don't like it when someone plays with my sleep. " Chill Arv!! I just wanted to ask if you are coming with us or not"" Coming with us? What the fuck you people are planning?" I asked wi... Read more
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Blogger: Anubhav Tyagi
Some people came to my life, changed it like a weather..My life was summer, they made it a winter..There was no time bar and we all enjoyed like a Cartoon..But the time came when circumstances pulled out my spoon..Craziness, laugh & love were our main symptom…But everything changed and my life became an autumn…You were sitting by my side but were not present for a while..And it all made me feel like I was suffering from pile…We used to bunk whole day with love in our eyes..But you closed your eyes and wade me a filthy bye..Being with you used to be the best part..And I used to feel friendship is the only art…I am the one who thinks for no reason..And I have learned the biggest le... Read more
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