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1.      पर्वतों पर ट्रीलाइन किसे कहा जाता है? - पर्वतों पर जिस ऊंचाई तक पेड़ पौधे पनप सकते हैं वहां तक के क्षेत्र को ट्री लाइन कहा जाता है । 2.      पर्वतों पर स्नो(Snow) लाइन किसे कहा जाता है? - पर्वतों पर जिस ऊंचाई के बाद पेड़ पौधे नहीं पनपते केवल बर्फ ही बर्फ होती ह... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
HTML Editing-How to set a small blog Header image to full page width-Every blogger uploads a blog header image of his choice to make the appearance of his blog better. Blog header images really decorate the blog and make it’s appearance attractive, but if the blog header image, if it is of in correct size or not properly set, will spoil the look of the blog instead of making it attractive. A small blog header image placed in centre or in the left or right may look awkward but if you want to stretch the image on your entire page, you can easily do it using the blogger template designer and adding a small HTML code there. To do it follow this simple procedure -HTML Editing-How to set a small... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Understanding Malware or Malcode, Trojan, Virus, Spyware, Scareware- Any software used to disrupt the computer operation, gathers sensitive information, or gets access without owners knowledge and permission to private computer systems is called Malware. It is the short form for malicious software. It is a general term for a variety of hostile or intrusive, executable code, scripts, active content, and other software. The trojans computer viruses, spyware, worms, horses, scareware,adware, and other malicious programs, are categorized ad Malware. Spyware or other malware are sometimes found embedded in programs officially supplied even by legitimate companies. I have tried below to under... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to hide a post or posts from home page in a blogspot blog-Sometimes we notice that a post or some of the posts are no longer of the interest of the viewers. For example if a blogger posts job related advertisements on his blog and such posts are not of any interest of the viewers, once the recruitment process is complete. We want to hide such posts from our blog’s home page as these have lost their importance. We don’t want to spoil the valuable time of our viewers seeing such out dated posts. Such posts also create a bad impact about our blog because every viewer is interested in relevant matters only. We can hide irrelevant posts by following this simple method –Hide a post or po... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Add a Facebook Like Box Widget to your Blogger Blog- Facebook Like Box Widget is a tool to display The “like box” or the “like button” developed by Facebook as a way to gather feedback and measure popularity of different blogs or websites. This facebook like box will help your visitor to become regular reader just by clicking like button thus this box will increase number of your facebook fans also. You can add a like box so people who like a certain blog post can let you know by clicking on the icon that says “Like” underneath that particular post. To add a Facebook Like Box Widget to your blog follow the simple steps –  Add a Facebook Like Box ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Remove The Potentially Harmful Malware Windows Web- Window Web, a Potentially Harmful and insecure browser add-on is developed by SuperWeb LLC, notorious for number of identical program, like SnipSmart, Grassmow, FlippyRoo, and many other ad-supported browser add-ons and distributed by freeware websites bundled with their free to download packs, media players and browser add-ons. The program claims to be developed to enhance users browsing experience but in real it hijacks user’s browsers and provides him unwanted interstitial advertisements, web banners, pop-ups, and in-line ads. The developers neither monitor, nor they endorse these third party adds.The Potentially Harmful Malware W... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to display Author profile or Author Bio under each blog post-Blogger has a feature “Author profile” or “Author Bio” by default to show your name and profile photo with some introduction under each blog post but the blogger’s default feature will work only if you are using the blogger’s default template, otherwise it will not work. BY default Blogger will displays only the name of post author with link to the blogger blog author profile if you are using a custom blog template but you can make your own arrangements to display “Author profile” or “Author Bio” under each post my editing your blog Template’s HTML document. The simple procedure is given below -Display Aut... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Keyboard shortcuts for blackberry mobile phone smart phone-Typing or writing on a mobile hand set is not as easy as on a desk top computer or a laptop computer. It is even harder or slower than on a tablet. Its main cause is the smaller size of the key pad of the mobile handset. You can make it easy and faster if you can remember a set of key pad short cuts of the mobile hand set. A list of shortcuts for a blackberry mobile hand set manufactured by research in motion is given below –Keyboard shortcuts for blackberry mobile/smart phoneSNShort cutSNShort cut1a  -  agenda26k  -  open bookmarks2a  -  open address book27k  -  lock keypad3alt  -  ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Protect from Dreadful CVD(CardioVascular Disease) and its Implications-CVD(CardioVascular Disease) is a category of diseases which covers all the diseases related to Heart and stroke. CVD is the number 1 killer in the world because it takes the lives of about 17500000 people per year in the world and it is estimated that CVD will be the main cause of death and disability in 2020 and 50% of the total population of the world will be CVD patient in the coming 16 years. Out of the above 17500000 deaths 25% victims are from India alone. The experts of The World Heart Federation, are of the opinion that the diseases of this category can be prevented or minimized by proper eating habits and regula... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to check your PAN Card is linked with Adhar Card or notनमस्कारदोस्तों, स्वागतआपकाहमारी वेबसाइट www.wikigreen.in में।जैसाकिआपसबजानतेहैंभारतसरकारकेनएआदेशकेमुताबिक आपका पैन कार्ड आप के आधार कार्ड के साथ लिंक होना जरूरी है । जिन लोगों का आधार कार्ड पैन कार्ड से लिंक नहीं है उनको डेटम लाइन दी गई है कि आप अपना ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Facebook-Very Useful Key Board Shortcuts-Today facebook is very popular website of the social network, with millions of user's on this website. Because  in addition of entertainment this network  provides many other very useful facilities. People use this website multiple times a day and some remain on it for hours. Like other popular program, face book also provides us a number of shortcut keys. If you use these shortcut keys your work will be much faster and easy. Face book shortcut keys are different fir different browsers. If you are using  Mozilla Firefox, you must use “Shift+Shortcut Keys” and if you are using Google Chrome then use “Alt” with the ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to add  reply link to your blogger blog posts-To ensure easy navigation and easy to use tools to your readers is a best practice. Adding a “Reply Link” to your blog post comments is one of such important tool. In addition to easy navigation it will beautify your blog. You can get this facility my changing over to Disqus comments but disqus comments does not look beautiful as if you create your own. If we want to add such link to our blog posts we need to make small changes to our blogs HTML document. You can easily create it by following easy steps given below –How to add  reply link to your blogger blog posts1)Login to your blogger Dashboard using your blogger ID and pas... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Safety Measures Precautions, While Editing a Template-HTML editing is such a job in which special care and alert Ness is required. In the HTML editing job we either change/replace the existing codes or add a new code and during this process if we make even a minor mistake, our addition or alteration will not be accepted. The template will neither be saved nor a preview will be displayed but an error code message will be displayed. The line where the error has been occurred will be highlighted. If the code or string we altered or added new is a smaller one we can remember and rectify the error but if it is a big one we may face difficulty . In my view we can take the following precautions &nb... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Find Blog ID, Section ID, Sidebar Widget ID and Sidebar Widget Type-Whenever we want to remove or delete a widget from our blog, we do it by simply going to blogger dash board>Layout and ‘Edit’ the particular widget we want to delete it. But If we want to change the style of a widget we will need the section ID of It. Section ID or simply Id is an important variable used while styling our blog. Some bloggers are even unaware of their Blog ID. The blog ID is a string of nineteen figures like this 6899265637836710230 but how to find your own blog ID. The simplest procedure of finding your Blog ID, Section ID and Widget ID and widget Type is given below–Login to your Blogger Das... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Beware of such fake, Nigerian Fraud Emails-precautions and safety measures- One of my father’s friend visited my house with a story that they have been cheated and lost an amount of INR-18500($-300.00) and If we can do anything for them. I immediately understood that what had happened with them but asked them to tell the full story. Their story was not much different from many others. In brief they received an email stating that they have been selected for a huge prize by a prestigious multinational company. They need to pay $-300.00 or INR-18500.00 towards processing and other charges. They were called at the New Delhi international Air Port with the amount, Identification documents ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Yahoomail shortcuts- a list of all 46 shortcuts-Yahoo Mail is one of the top email service providers and it also provides short cuts like RIM provides Blackberry shortcuts, Google provides Android Shortcuts, and facebook.com provides Facebook Shortcuts, because shortcut keys are very helpful to work easy and faster. Yahoo Mail   keyboard shortcuts are helpful to navigate, send emails, view email, and much more. Yahoo has  many email versions and Some of these shortcut keys may not work in some particular version of yahoo. A table of Yahoomail keyboard shortcut keys is given below -Yahoomail shortcuts- a list of all 46 shortcutsS.NActionKeyboard Shortcut1Che... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to remove potentially harmful software Speed Cleaner-Claiming itself to have been developed as a computer optimization tool which helps you deleting your unnecessary files(junk files), registry entries and errors, Speed Cleaner is a potentially harmful program. Though the Speed Cleaner software claims to help you increase your computer’s speed and performance, but the reality is something different. In real it does exactly opposite to its claim. This software works with all version of Windows and also on tablets and smart phones. The potentially harmful software Speed Cleaner never follow any commitment presented in its promotional offer. If you scan your computer with this potent... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
AppLocker-Protect your Computer against Malware and malicious software download from Google Play - AppLocker is the successor ofSoftware  Restriction Policiesintroduced first in the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 computers. AppLocker is a new feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that advances the features and functionality of Software Restriction Policies. AppLocker contains new capabilities and extensions that allow you to create rules to allow or deny applications from running based on unique identities of files and to specify which users or groups can run those applications. The AppLocker can be used to allow or deny the execution of an applica... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
HTML Basics for beginners How to Create HTML document and check result-HTML is a language used worldwide to write Web Pages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and its name it self explains that HTML is a markup language. Basically HTML was developed to defining the documents structure like headings, paragraphs, lists, for sharing the scientific information among researchers. A working knowledge of Windows or Unix makes it much easier to learn HTML. Hypertext refers to the way in which Web pages (HTML documents) are linked together. When you click a link in a Web page, you are using hypertext. With a markup language, you simply mark up a text document with tags and this document tells... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Potentially unwanted program Speed Up My Computer, causes, actions and removal- The potentially unwanted application Speed Up My Computer developed by smart weak widely advertised and distributed as an important instrument to improve the speed and all-round performance of your computer’s system but in fact this potentially unwanted program may act as a tool to boost the spread of various potentially dangerous programs that may be distributed by the third party. Speed Up My Computer to your computer without your knowledge and proper permission. If one apply some mind he should think that if the program is so useful and a good system optimiser then why it comes bundled with another software.... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
HTML Basics – A list of important HTML Tags- HTMl is a markup language and HTML stands for Hyper text Markup Language. An HTML document is always created in a text editor with the file extension .html or .htm. Wordpad is most preferred text editor for an HTML document. Two type of tags are used one the opening tag(<html> and another the closing tag(</html>). Some of the tags (like <br>) work without a closing tag. HTML tags/codes are not case-insensitive. A chart of important HTML tags is given below. Please note that some of the tags may not work in some particular browser and also may not support a particular version of HTML -HTML Basics – A list of important HTM... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Microsoft Office Word 2007-Managing Tables, borders and styles- Tables and borders are very important in a document and sometimes you can’t create a document successfully if you are unable to manage the Tables and borders. In fact a table table is a grid of cells which are arranged in rows and columns. You can easily create and customize various tables as per your needs for tasks like presenting text information and numerical data. In the Table Styles Options, you can select and deselect various table options. You can enter text from another table to a blank table if the number of columns and rows is equal.Microsoft Office Word 2007-Managing Tables, borders and stylesCreating a new Ta... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to fix RAM related booting trouble, CPU runs but No Signal in monitor, locally- Some times while we try to boot our computer we find that the computer is running but our display device(CRT, LCD or LED monitor) is not receiving any signal from our Central Processing Unit and displays a message “No Signal”. This may be due to various reason. Most of the reasons may not be repairable by us but some of such troubles may be removed by us easily without any risk. However, the process is very easy but we need to be very careful during the entire process. The most common cause of this trouble, faced by computer users is a minor trouble in your system RAM(Random Access Memory). In fact Y... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
The new Zeus Trojan Pandemiya - How it works How it comes and how to remove it- The new commercial Trojan Pandemiya developed as an alternative to an existing notorious Zeus Trojan. The main object of the commercial Trojan Pandemiya is to collect sensitive data, stealing confidential files and login details off of the victim. Fake web pages like lotteries, surveys, etc. are injected to the web browser of the user to gather more victim. The Trojan Pandemiya is capable of taking snapshots of the infected PC screen and transmit it to the remote server. The Trojan Pandemiya is not yet a wide spread Trojan. It may be due to the high cost(Around 2000% per copy) charged by the Cyber criminals ... Read more
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