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Every blogger wants to gain more web traffic to their blog or website so he/she always seeking such a platforms which drives quality web traffic to their site. Recently I got couple of emails of my blog readers in which they are requesting to provide updated list of blog directory submission sites where they can submit their blog or website and build quality user engagement. Actually previously Seogdk shared collection of High PR Blog Submission Siteswhich are incredibly helpful for bloggers to get quality web traffic as well as back links too. So by considering request of my blog readers accomplish research and assemble bunch of verified directories which is sequel of past article. In this ... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
The attention span of the typical internet consumer is merely 8 seconds because of which website owners have to find various ways to effectively grab the attention of a user, and maintain it for long enough in order to get your message through. If you aren't able to do that, their cursor will be hitting the back button making one of your competitors their choice.Although it may sound difficult, the process for doing it isn't rocket science!Surprisingly, most of the tricks have been adopted from the print media where grabbing attention or making the key points simply accessible is their trick of their trade! And which is called structuring of content. Websites following these rules for engagi... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Recently Google rolled out their most awaited Penguin 3.0 Update to clean web spam as well as preventing black hat SEO techniques which are used by spammers to boost their site ranking in the SERPs. If your website consists broken links or under construction pages then it affects your website very badly because these links or web pages counted as web spam by Search Engine Crawler and further it resulted in low quality links.These low quality links or pages not only affects web traffic but also increases bounce rate of your website. To overcome on this problem ultimate solution is redirect pages. In this article Seogdk elaborate the redirect page phenomenon and its influence on search engine ... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Google Panda 4.1 UpdateAfter 4 months time span Google launched their another Panda algorithm.Previous Google Panda 4.0 updateaffected 7.5% of all English queries as well as low quality content, keywords and duplicate contents owned websites. In this article Seogdkanalyze the impact of Google Panda 4.1 algometric update on websites which may be benefited or penalized.Google announced their 27th Panda 4.1 update rolled out officially on Google Plus. Google's Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst announced publically as:"Earlier this week, we started a slow rollout of an improved Panda algorithm, and we expect to have everything done sometime next week.Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, w... Read more
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Google Webmaster ToolsWebsite maintenance or monitoring is very crucial part of web development process. In other words it is essential and mandatory phase which decides your website's performance as well as improvement in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Actually SEO process is nothing but development of website, not technically but virtually it being a part of website development.Nowadays maintaining website against Google updates or algorithms is very critical task for webmaster because these updates not only affects website's search performance but impact on business also. So ultimately the ball comes in webmaster's court to solve these problems and ... Read more
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Growth Graph of Business"Think globally act locally". A famous business mantra to shape your successful business in specific Geo-location. Similarly this business strategy is really applicable in online business too. Surprised...??? For instance, you want to promote your products or services online in UK then firstly it is necessary to build linking or engagement with local customers to buy your products and services. So best way to attract customers to your business by listing your website to local business directories which easily accessed by local UK customers.Previously Seogdk shared article about to gain more exposure to your business in Australia i.e. Free High Page Rank Australian Dir... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Online Money MakingEvery blogger always in seek of those methods, tricks and different opportunities which will increase their blog's web traffic and earn some money as well. Recently I interacted with valuable content marketing program which not only increases your blog's traffic but also giving chances to earn money too. Folks this is not fake nor black hat SEO techniques or no one gives me review fees to write about it. This is a great content marketing program which I personally using and definitely helps bloggers to get extensive web traffic to their website as well as earn money via commenting. This majestic platform is known as Kingged.com.So in this article Seogdk share information a... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Link BuildingArticle submission is a important part in Off page optimization as well as in SEO process. Every blogger or writer wants a platform to explore their knowledge or creativity through content and articles. Article submission process is useful to make popular your content on internet and gain more audience to your website through it.In this article Seogdk brings list of free high page rank article directory submission websites to promote your business, services and ideas via your content or articles. Previously I wrote article about Off-Page Optimization Techniques to Increase Link Popularity ofYour Site in which I focused on concept of article submission and its importance in SEO.... Read more
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Google Panda 4.0 UpdateLast week on 21st May 2014 Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that Google Panda 4.0 update rolled out and website owners shocked and busy to digging useful information about this algorithm. Everyone searches the answer of this question; how much this update will affect website's ranking?As per considering Matt Cutts tweet; he not commented yet on whether this Panda 4.0 algorithm targeted anything different, but Google has pinched this algorithm to target those websites, which are stuffed with a large number of keywords and low quality information. Indirectly, this algorithm update is putting spammers on fire. In this article Seogdkmainly focus on Panda 4.0 algorithm and i... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
High PR RSS Feed Submission SitesIn today's World of constantly changing content RSS feeds can contribute to your website optimization by keeping updated content in front of prospective peoples. The content resources included here will help you set up all of the RSS Feed options that your website needs. Previously Seogdk wrote article about RSS feed tips and its advantages in which he mentioned importance of RSS feeds in SEO and valuable tips about RSS feed to increase organic web traffic. In this article Seogdk brings collection of free high page rank RSS feed submission websites list to promote your feeds and gain quality backlinks.See below collection of high PR R... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Facebook Fan PageAllwe very well aware about influence of social media in day to day life. Every social media optimizer wants to gain more exposure to their business, products and services via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.So in this article Seogdk discovers important social media trick for Facebook to earn more “Like” via sending invitation to all Facebook friends automatically. Each Facebook user have many friends and when they wants to invite friends to “like” their fan page then they can’t able to send invitation to all their friends at a time. To overcome this problem only one solution to add simple snippet in your Facebook page... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Content Management SystemsWe aware that content is king in web development. Content is one of the important parts of your website because it organically improves your search engine rankingsas well as drive traffic to your website if and only if the content is well written, original and focused. So in this article Seogdkexplore the concept of Content Management Systems (CMS) as well as selection of proper CMS and its effect on SEO.A CMS is a tool used to create, publish, update, discover and distribute content for your website. This type of software is usually very easy to use and it quickly becomes one of the most useful tools you will find for developing your site.-Use of CMS in Web Develop... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Robots Exclusion ProtocolRecentlyone of my friends emailed me a query that he doesn’t know the concept of robots exclusion standard or robots exclusion protocol and also he wants information about how to create robots.txt file. This is just one example but there are many SEO peoples who really don’t know about robot exclusion standard or robots.txt file.So considering all queries about robots exclusion standard or robots.txt file; in this article Seogdksort out the information about robots exclusion protocol and gives guidelines to create robots.txt file.First of all don’t be confused about the terms robots exclusion standard, robots exclusion protocol and robots.txt file because these... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
PPCadvertising is very important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as well as Online Marketing. Every PPC advertiser wants more exposure to their PPC campaigns or product ads in small amount of bidding or costs on internet. So in this article, Seogdk brings valuable information or guidelines about PPC advertising to reduce PPC costs of your PPC campaigns.Pay Per Click AdvertisingDuring the early years of PPC advertising you could pretty much figure a bid for a keyword or phrase and then assume that you didn’t need to monitor it too closely. Because that time PPC advertising was one of the effective online advertising method used on the internet. Nowadays, the competition for PPC keywor... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Social Media Networks are the vital part of human life; no one unknown about this fact. In day to day life everyone interacted with social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc. These are all the examples of the various social networks that have become an internet phenomenon over the past few years. Social Media NetworkSocial networks are groups of people who are linked by some type of connection. Like Facebook is a social network where friends or people who know each other and they connect. Friend's friends come into the mix and eventually you have a network of people who may not know each other in real life but are connected on the internet. So in this article Seogdkfoc... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Aftera long time span Seogdk brings valuable information about Google updates and their impact on websites. This is first article in 2014 and I am sure this article also fulfills your expectations as previous posts. In this post Seogdk explore the brief about Google updates and their importance as well as impact on web search.Since Google tries to provide the most relevant content in response to its users search queries, it is constantly reinventing and transforming itself in order to achieve this goal. From providing suggestions while you type queries into the search bar, to localized and personalized results, every Coffee or Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird addition Google makes aims ... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Hello Friends, I wish Santa brings you the gift of never ending happiness this Christmas! May you and your family be blessed abundantly. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2014…..!!!Today Seogdkbrings a bunch of quality blog submission websites which are useful to promote your blog as well as collect the backlinks for blog. In previous article, Seogdk share information about Google Pagerank update and explore the importance of quality backlinks to increase pagerank. See below collection of high PR blog Submission sites list to gain quality backlinks for your blog website.SR NoBlog Submission Websites  PR1http://www.bloglines.com/92http://www.freewebs.com/blogotion/index.html7... Read more
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Google Pagerank and SEOMost awaited Google Pagerank update released today 6 Dec 2013, a Christmas treat from Google. But surprisingly Google released their weapon and shut the curtains on the Pagerank update chapter. Earlier Matt Cutts tweets that no expected Pagerank update in 2013. My last articlealsoexplain whole dilemma about Google pagerank update delay and Matt Cutts tweet conversation with NielBosch. Frequently Matt Cutts mentioned that we are not expecting Pagerank update in 2013.The reason behind is that Google facing problem in links pipeline so they not prepare for Pagerank update. I think Google have fixed the broken pipe-line, and link juice starts flowing.As described in p... Read more
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Blogger: Seogdk
Earlier Google released their Hummingbird and Penguin Updates but their most awaited pagerank update not launched yet. Nowadays we heard many rumours about Google page rank update i.e. it take exit or not update further. So to clear your doubts and uncertainties about Google pagerank update Seogdkfocused on some key points which clear ambiguities in your mind.History of Google Pagerank UpdatesGoogle Pagerank UpdateIn this year only single Google pagerank update launched on 4 Feb 2013, after that no update released till date. If we glance past Google pagerank update releases one thing we notice that first time Google taken more time. For your information below I mentioned details about Google... Read more
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Recently Google launched their much awaited Penguin update 2.1which increases heart bits of every website owner and raised many questions regarding ranking of website. The number of websites affected by this Penguin update loosed their website’s page rank as well as revenue too.But show must go on so in this article Seogdkfocuses on importance of Alexa ranking as well as tips to increase Alexa ranking for your website.    History of Alexa Rank                                       For the... Read more
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Good news for those who desired to promote their business or website in Australia because this time Seogdk brings list of free high PR Australian directory submission sites for promote your business in Australia. Which are helpful to promote your website in Australia. First of all we understand the concept Directory Submission.What is Directory Submission?Directory Submission is the significant factor in Off-Page Optimization which increases backlinks as well as web traffic too. As you placed your website to relevant platform via directory submission you will found growth of website’s rank in SearchEngine Result Pages (SERPs)So if you want to promote your website or business in specific re... Read more
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Good news for those who desired to promote their business or website in Australia continent because this time Seogdk brings list of free high PR Australian directory submission sites which are really helpful to get more exposure to your business in Australia. First of all we understand the concept of Directory Submission.What is Directory Submission?Directory Submission is the significant factor in Off-Page Optimization which increases backlinks as well as web traffic too. As you placed your website to relevant platform via directory submission you will found growth of website’s rank in SearchEngine Result Pages (SERPs)So if you want to promote your website or business in specific region l... Read more
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Return On Investment (ROI)Most of the Website owners or Pay Per Click (PPC) investors thinks that selecting right keywords and using them in PPC campaigns or in keyword advertisements would be an easy and enough task to achieve maximum Return On Investment (ROI) success. But this is totally wrong concept or approach. So in this article Seogdk explore the notion about how to use your keywords effectively to draw traffic to your website.Keyword advertising is not simple process. It’s also not a process that you can do once and forget about. For increasing your keyword success you should be working with your keywords all the time. Return On Investment (ROI)is term that you will hear frequentl... Read more
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Search engine is an application that indexes and serves content to an internet user who is looking for something specific. It means that when you search word "SEO" then you will get lot of information regarding SEO which is indexed or stored in search engine.Likewise if you manually submit your website to various search engines then your website will get more exposure in SERPs. Every search engine having its own search algorithm, search algorithm is a mathematical equation used to define what words or phrases someone is looking for and how the collected results should be returned to them.So in this article Seogdkgathers list of top 50 search engine submission websites which drives more traff... Read more
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Social BookmarkingHello friends, today Seogdk brings valuable information about very important factor in Off-page optimization that is Social Bookmarking. Social bookmarking concept firstly introduced by itList.com in April of 1996. It was the first social bookmark, from that point on the business began to grow, and social bookmarking became known for building relevant links, bringing in traffic and new customers, and the other benefits of social bookmarking that businesses can take advantage of.To define social bookmarking is way for internet users to share, store, classify and search internet bookmarks. It generates large amount of web traffic to via social networks, below Seogdk shar... Read more
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