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Imagine a car which could offer you rugged strength along with super cool stylish design. Datsun redi-Go is one such car which has so many features which could make one fall in love with it. It is perfect for 'ready-to-go' generation. A generation that believes in doing more, and who're always on the go. Hence the name Datsun redi-Go!!Datsun has kept in mind the youth of today's generation and designed the car such that it would fit one' need perfectly. i.e it can fulfill today's youth with full of freedom and confidence and provide a fun, joyous ride which makes one's life better adding more to the comfort along with luxury and security.Datsun redi-Go is made of  best of Japanese Techn... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
I always wanted to go on some adventure trip with friends but I couldn't. Few days ago I got an opportunity to be part of epic outdoor adventure organized by IndiBlogger and Flipkart with my friends from blogging world.  Here's my experience.Actually I had sort of another adventure to make it to venue. I was browsing through IndiBlogger late night ( 18th I remember) I spot this snap on home page saying about IndiBlogger Meet. I was excited to see its in Bangalore! Only 1 seat was left. Without thinking much I registered! I followed my heart! But after while I realized it was close to exams. 20th Feb! Exams from 22nd ! I hadn't prepared much. I cancel thinking I can't make it. I get a me... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
As I lay on the grass,Gazing at the stars above. While each star twinklesCompelling its presence to be felt.As though each star has a message To be conveyed,to people beneath People who are busy with own lives Who have forgot to look above Forgot to cherish the beauty of natureAs I stare at infinity it makes me wonderWhy people are chasing money,instead of passion?Why tossing away the time? Why not follow your dreams?Why people change with time?I smile and decide to follow my heartfollow my dream, follow my passionand spend time watching stars sometimeMaybe that's what stars agreed too Maybe that's what stars trying to convey people- Keep Smiling :)Sachin P... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Dear ReadersThe time has arrived to bid adieu 2015. Just one more day to go. So in this post I would like to take you on a ride how 2015 was for me. So fasten your seat belts!2015 started with Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Can refer to this post Its 2015: What's your resolution? As mentioned in post, the first resolution is a BIG yes! Yes I read 50 novels! I really dint think I could make it. Well that's the reason resolution are made for isn't it ? moving on to further pointsProgramming aspect yeah its going on. - Yes Capturing photos with DSLR is still on list. Smile and stay strong - Yes ! Blog more than last year - Couldn't involve much but count is greater than la... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
The sun bids farewell while the sky is painted like the red burning flameKeep Smiling :)Sachin Prabhu ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
As I embark on a new journey Train races through the tracksAlong the green fields With beautiful trees and flowersWhile I see misty mountains , majestic stand so tall disappearing in the skyWith time ticking I am close to my destination,one step closer to my dreams.I see people along with me on the trainWho are on their own journey tooSo many faces, so many dreams I also see children waving at trainWith smile on their facesWhich in turn makes me smile As the train hops from one station to otherMore people join me in the journey I look at the sky which has dark cloudsRacing with me, racing with trainIn hurry to reach their own destinationI see people play games and si... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Imagine a kid who is from small village who belongs to a poor family, supports family by selling newspapers but has a strong desire to learn. Even though he had no money it did not stop him from dreaming big. All he did was dream big and worked hard to follow his dream. His dream was to become a fighter pilot. But he missed it. That did not stop him! He goes on to become a scientist and eventually President of country.  He makes billions of people realize power of “DREAM”. Inspires them to follow their dream, work hard and make their country proud.Does this scenario remind you of someone? Does he inspire you to reach your goal? Does his story make you believe that dreams can come tr... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
She made a choice A choice to let go fears A choice to let go sadnessWhich she was enough holding on toShe made a choiceTo be independent like birdFly towards her dreamsNo matter whatShe made a choice To live happily For rest of her lifeAs she was a free bird This post written for Set the Challenge Sunday #7 at A Prompt Each DayKeep Smiling :) Sachin Prabhu Image source  : Here ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
"Hi there, Have you read new novel called "-- name of book--" ?""Yeah , I have read it." "Do you have the book ? Can you please lend it to me? I'l return it soon "" Ok let me think about it. ( After thinking for while on how friend would handle the book )Here are the rulesDon't fold the pages or the cover of bookDon't mark anything on itDon't even think of giving it to other friends After so many days like month or so my friend returns the novel with folded page and cover ! That's when I decided to stop lending the books! Yeah that'a conversation between me and my friend. Novels are one of few things which I take a care about. Its like a treasure for me. If at all there is som... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
It was four in the morning when Suraj held newspaper with smile on his face. He was beaming as he noticed his picture. After all this time his hard work had finally paid off as he topped exams selling same newspaper.Word count: 41This flash fiction is written for In a flash #4 at A prompt each day... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
One fine dayshe was fed up with city which had people who changed with timewhere she couldn't trust anyoneOne fine day She tried to declutter her mind and move away from work and peopleon a holiday which she neededOne fine day She decided to depend on portalwhich she always chose and made happyever since she was kidOne fine day She got the missing connection with the help of bookswhich made her smile againKeep Smiling :)Sachin PrabhuThis post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.Image source : Here... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
It was a night with moon shining in the sky.She could sense someone was out there as she saw a shadow behind curtain of her room. Little girl knew,it could be a thief as her mom told 'Thieves come at night time'. She saw the green eyes shine as thief broke into the house. She smiled as the thief purred "meow".  Keep Smiling :) Sachin Prabhu This post is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes-Five Sentence Fiction- Thief Image source : Here ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginationand life to everything.”― PlatoI find above lines so true. Music is something which connects with soul and helps one to soothe.Music inspires people. It helps to relieve stress. Its indeed a portal to different world. It has power to heal worst of pain. Music has no language. It brings people from all over world together. It has power to unite people. I find it so fascinating how some tunes could pump up energy and help one to get their smile back or sometimes can make cry. Music is part of my life. Can't spend a day without dose of music. So music happens to be daily dose.I love to hear son... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Have you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?One which moves no matter along the windWitnessing happy and sad people underneath itHave you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?Which takes shape and color with time Just like people who change with timeHave you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?When you gaze towards tranquil blue or dark skyMoving in silent without anything to worry Have you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?Which hides planets and stars behind itWithout realizing that it is part of hide and seekHave you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?Which shine glorious in sky with sun And shower rains which cools mother earthHave you ever seen how beautiful clouds are?Whic... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
What do you think about when you hear word "diet" ? is it to follow some rules and lose/gain weight? or is it like "lets skip a meal and i'd lose wait gradually"? The question here is not just about weight but its about health and how you would provide so that your body would stay fit and most important healthy. Today most people don't follow any diet plan or I would say most people don't know about how a proper health diet will change their life. People are attracted more towards junk food than healthy food. There are Five main food groups, FruitsPulses and CerealsVegetablesDairyFish,poultry meat productsFor healthy diet these above groups ensures vitamins and minerals which are e... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
In India Cricket is one sport which everyone follows most. It is not just a sport but can say its  a religion in India. Here’s a blogpost how I would stay connected to game without missing out little things that make life worth while.Internet plays major role in one's life today. It helps to connect people around the world. But connecting doesn't make it better. It has to be fast and secure at same time. With help of smart phones one is able to connect to people,browse through sites, get to learn just a click away. Browsers play a important role when it comes to accessing sites. The reason why I am saying about browser is I make use one browser which helps me to keep things updated. I... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
I'm so happy that I have been nominated for sunshine awarded by my dear sister Purba Chakraborty. I want to thank you so much purba di. This is actually my second sunshine award which is equally important as first one which I got last year. Thank you for thinking that i'm eligible for this award. Feel so blessed.For those new to my blog and dear friends Purba Chakraborty is author of two best selling novels "Walking in Streets of Love and Destiny","The Hidden Letters" content writer, blogs at "Love Laugh and Reflect",a person with good heart whom you can look up to and learn so much. Her short stories have been published in various anthologies. So as per the sunshine award rules Purba di has... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
I would like to thank my dear bloggers Simran Kaur , Namrata Kumari Purba Chakraborty for tagging me for 3 days quote challenge.So its day 3 and here's the quote from one of my favorite books"Let's live and love with no regrets"- My Little Epiphanies  by Aisha Choudhary(Image source)Aisha Chaudhary is one among people who inspire me. This novel of hers is so close to my heart. There's so many quotes in book but I like this lot. Isn't it so true how people fail to see how special they are and live life with regrets. Its important to love who you apart from spreading love. Live life with no regrets. On third and final day of challenge i'd like ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
I would like to thank my dear bloggers Simran Kaur , Namrata Kumari Purba Chakraborty for tagging me for 3 days quote challenge.So its day 2 and here's the quote from one of my favorite books"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." —  Anne Frank (The Diary of a Young Girl)(Image source)Race with time and situations make one to forget what one is blessed with who ends up cursing and praying god for fulfillment of wishes. This quote by Anne Frank is so close to my heart. Its so true how anne quotes to be happy concentrating on what one has around rather than being sad what isn't. The Diary of Young Girl is must read! Its ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
I have been tagged by my dear bloggers Simran Kaur , Namrata Kumari for 3 days quote challenge. Thanks for the tag!.Being a potterhead the first quote i'd like to share is"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."   -Sirius BlackAuthor :  J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4))(source )I'd like to nominate my dear friend,blogger who shares same interest in potter series also a fan of sirius black like me. Shwetha BhatThe rules of challenge.Post a favorite quote of yours for 3 consecutive days,  obviously  a different quote each day from any book, any author of your ... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Title: Without youAuthor: Preethi VenugopalaPublisher: Write IndiaISBN:978-93-84180-19-5Number of Pages: 198Price: 150 [INR] Genre: Fiction/RomanceThe Blurb :When Ananya, a bubbly twenty-year-old engineering student, reaches her Grandmother's house in Sreepuram on a month long vacation, romance is the last thing on her mind. However, she meets Dr. Arjun there and falls head over heels in love.As it often happens, the path of true love never runs smooth. Circumstances force them apart even though they were madly in love. She becomes a victim of depression. When everything fails to return her to normalcy, help arrives from an unexpected source. Will she ever find happiness again? Will tim... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
We live in generation where technology plays major role in our daily life. Everything is one touch away with help of mobile. When smartphone,proper network and internet facility are the key features that helps one connect with people all over world. In addition to this apps installed in phone comes to play.In this post i'm gonna mention about how Airtel has come up with new app that has got features which can suit one's lifestyle. Bharti Airtel Limited , telecommunication company which is changing life's of millions of people and helping connect people. It is the largest cellular service provider in India. Airtel has introduced My Airtel app with simple and intuitive design he... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
She stood staring at the trees,While the leaves crumbled. Group of men came with weapons To bring trees down.She stood staring at the trees,While her mind raced back to days,Where she watered and nurtured treesJust like her own children.She stood staring at the trees,Unable to move in bewilderment.Tears rolled down her cheeks, As she saw huge vehicles joined armed men.She stood staring at the treesUntil last one was brought down And there were no longer any trees                 Wondering how this could lead to development of cityShe stood there pondering Amidst so many questions.Has greed for money tied a blindfold on their wi... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Kapil Dev , on hearing this name every Indian would probably think about cricket and captain who lead team India win world cup in 1983. Now Kapil Dev is all set to bring a new trend or new type of league which seems exciting . There's only few videos on web where Kapil where he gives few celebrities how they would fail if they listen to their heart and play the league. As per the above hint where playing with heart might lead to failure , I think the game requires to be played with help of mind and lot of attention which might be fun to play. It might be new concept in India where a common man will get a chance to show off his skills and might win some cash price which could be lif... Read more
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Blogger: sachin prabhu
Today we live in the world where buildings grow faster than trees and people are busy with their lives forgetting how their day to day routine is affecting the environment. Even though technology has made advance,the way how everyone is using it affecting the planet i.e one can bring some changes in daily routine so that it helps world to be a better place,world go green and help the environment and yeah it does make a great deal for our only planet earth which is home for so many species.22nd April i.e today is known as Earth Day which is celebrated every year all over world demonstrating support for environmental protection.(Image source : https://cdn.indiblogger.in/v3/images/home/gre... Read more
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