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Original Post  : http://everysuffererisasaviour.blogspot.in/2014/02/list-of-more-than-100-judgements-where.htmlList of 120 Judgements where Maintenance is denied to wronged wives..Dear all victims as we all know that giving your hard earn money to your cruel,greedy & capable to earn wives is something like giving a forced charity  to an untrusted organization so called as your dead marriage. So,here Iam pasting all the related major judgements which I got through official website of Advocate Seema Dhavale--- I salute you mam for your work & your website. It is of immense help & support to all victims where maintenance been denied to these cruel and greedy wive... Read more
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Final Side (see the investigative youtube video below, also see the mail trail posted below) of ‪#‎FakeBraveHearts‬ false molestation case.#FakeBraveHearts Rohtak Exposed..... Serial extortionists, why is the media trial not restarting now?.This is the Final Side of the Rohtak Bravehearts story that SIF has been covering since last one week. After meeting the eyewitnesses on the case, SIF met people who have been victim of the same girls in the past. If this is a mere coincidence or it's a case of serial extorters in the name of women centric laws - well the police will find out.As for now, it seems when the case has taken a complete turn, Media is no longer interested to hea... Read more
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Please click to read on-> Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: Reality of Male Suicide w.r.t. IPC 498A:... Read more
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SIF one clickable banner(which links to SIF yahoogroup if clicked) is available for you to embed/link in your blogs and websites.You can see a sample here(top portion, red banner of the SIF one helpline): http://at498a.blogspot.inThe Embed code is below:**********************http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saveindianfamily/join">http://i.imgur.com/Ptel7Ij.jpg" title="Join SIF yahoogroup" alt="Join SIF yahoogroup" />"**********************You can use this code in your blogs "Gadget" if you have blogspot(go to Dashboard-> "layout" and copy paste this code into a blank gadget).... Read more
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Your online dad! - Message in a bottle: Part-2I chanced upon an old chat log today, today being Father's day. This chat log was between myself and my ex-wife. It was one of those chats which I had initiated, even though she had filed a false criminal case of Dowry harassment, cruelty , etc., against me and family, way back in 2003, as usual to enquire about how my daughter is doing. Like it happens usually, she started her tactics of shaming and blaming(as if I had a choice of keeping in touch with my daughter, after they had put up an extremely turbulent onslaught of false cases involving court, police and other criminal  proceedings against us!).My ex posed as if my daughter is typing... Read more
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Preity Zinta alleges molestation by ex-boyfriend after 4 months!.... surprised?, me.... not so surprised since I have been witnessing umpteen number of such "after-thought" cases used as a leverage to eek out money, revenge or whatever the 'lady' is interested in!I neither personally know about this case(new report and the FIR are quoted below ) nor am I speaking for any of the parties involved, neverthless it's a fact that even the Supreme court had termed this kind of misuse as "legal terrorism". Pune police had gone on record stating that 74% of rape cases are found false( 74 per cent of rapes reported to them were intercourse with mutual consent), later supreme court and variou... Read more
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Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: Welcome to the Future: MEN TAKE ANOTHER STEP & GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND   Save Indian Family Movement takes a giant Leap. SIF is proud to offer 3 pathbre...SIF ONE:SIF APP:... Read more
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Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: SIF @ Indiblogger: SAVE INDIAN FAMILY @ INDIBLOGGER MEET   Another Saturday, it was 17th May 2014. SS, WB, JB met at 2:30 PM outside Hon'ble Suprem... A MUST READ....... Read more
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I came across this post (full post quoted below, Original link of the post) ************************************************Why do advertisers portray men as idiots?A new survey has revealed that women are angry with the way men are depicted in TV adverts - so why aren't men complaining, asks Harry de QuettevilleA 2013 ad for Samsung's Evolution Kit was described as 'feminist porn' Photo: YouTubeBy Harry de Quetteville2:37PM BST 25 Apr 2014CommentsHave you ever seen a television advert supposed to represent a “bog-standard household”, which does not feature a mum who is competent and organised (possibly clutching a pencil, looking thoughtful, and then writing somethin... Read more
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Daughter in law suicides and the entire family of the husband is jailed without any investigation, then the mother in law suicides because of the hopelessness, insult, trauma and frustration, which any innocent can feel in this kind of situations when the entire system itself hounds innocents and persecute them like terrorists, without any evidence or investigation. This trend of converting suicides by married women into cases of dowry death is not a new thing, you can read about this"Unprovoked Suicides- Dowry-Deaths in the making!(Auto conversion kit- IPC 304B)". There are more in this series read these Blog1& Blog2Can you imagine this happening to you and your family?, if not ... why ... Read more
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Watch Justice(Retired) S.N.Dhingra's well thought of and powerful speech on the occassion of the 10th foundation day of Save Indian Family movement at Delhi on 9th March, 2014Hounarable Justice Dhingra started his speech in these lines " Sirf wohi aadmi pareshaan nahi hain jinki shadi nahi chali... aur bhi bahut aadmi pareshaan hain jo shadishuda hain ... isse kahi guna zayda vo log hain jo shadi chala rahe hain aur pareshaan hain."Which roughly translate to "Don't feel alone and think that only those husbands are suffering whose marriage ends, those husbands are also suffering whose marriage is live.. in fact there much more people leading a much more miserable life, who are in a marriage a... Read more
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Messers,I hope you are all aware, albeit in various degrees, of the misuse of laws intended for women-protection, which has actually shriveled entire societies in the west, and which could very well be traced back to a considerable loss of productivity in India and a threat to India's development as a nation itself.Iam referring to the widespread misuse of laws like Rape(IPC 375) , Dowry laws(Dowry prohibition act of 1961), Dowry Death(IPC 304B), Abetment of Suicide(IPC 306), Cruelty against wife(IPC 498a), Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place act, 2013, the various Maintenance acts(Sec 125 of Cr.PC, sections of Hindu Marriage acts & Hindi adoption and ma... Read more
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Subject: Maharally: Help us reach out to the worldCan you guys also search out international cycling groups/associations and cycling event organisers/participants across the globe and write to them similar short enticing messages, which will make them come and ride with us!(it would be a publicity blitzkrieg, even if 1 foreigner joins us!, besides the pull it will exert on the international media!). You should especially write to the Dutch cycling embassy, they would then link us and support us everywhere they have a reach to, pls find the relevant emailids at: http://www.dutchcycling.nl/ ,  https://twitter.com/Cycling_Embassy (pls tweet tagging them, etc), ... Read more
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Please do go through the planning for Maha Rally below, and send me(mail us separately at maharally@gmail.com : maharally (at) gmail (dot) com) your contact details for joining in as a volunteer.Maha Rally brief plan: 1) Reaching out to media and hence public: Conduct as many awareness events along the rally route(http://bit.ly/routerally), where ever SIF members can organise a) A public meeting b) Press Meet c) Awareness rally(any vehicle, around the town for some distance), or some similar event which will get reported in the media(getting the media's attention is the important part here, since published news means automatic reach to public, so any event which is designed and exe... Read more
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***An open email to Smt.R.Sreelekha, IPS(ADGP, Vigilance and anti-corruption bureau, Kerala)***Reference: Your article "Karuthamma"maar erunno?(roughly translating into "Are Criminal-minded women on the rise!") . This article is an eye-openingly candid article by R.Sreelekha(ADGP of Police, Kerala). Just wondering how you got the guts to write the truth and what was your motive in writing this, and how 'Malayala Manorama' mustered the courage to run this in the center page!(this article was published in MM, Thrissur edition, 10th page, 19th June, 2013). Original News clip and it's brief translation is at ->   : https://www.facebook.com/MensRightsKerala/posts/5703212563... Read more
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Save Family Foundation Commando Training Sessions: News That Mattered - Effort of 30+ National Comman...: FOR THOSE WHO ASK "NO NEWS ABOUT MEN?" It was starting of 2013 and I had been using a smartphone application for talking to my...... Read more
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Voice your opinion against the proposed, partisan "Protection of Women's Privacy & Dignity bill" PASS(Purushavakasa Samrakshana Samiti, NGO, Thrissur. www.mensrights.in) - A group of our members are going to Trivandrum on 30th May, to represent our views and concerns about the proposed "2013, Kerala, Protection of Women's privacy and Decency Act"(for details refer the Bill text), infront of the Subject committee(who has called the public and interested organisations for representing their views, recording their opinions and evidences thereby).This  Subject committee(No. XIV) is headed by CM of Kerala(refer The constitution of the committee, Press Note& Questionnaire fo... Read more
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REPORT: LAW COMMISSION OF INDIASubject: Section 498A IPCReport No.243, AUGUST 2012http://lawcommissionofindia.nic.in/reports/report243.pdfRead and ensure that favourable directions of this report is implemented, use RTI, make us of online and offline methods public awareness campaigns like Pamphlets, Articles, Press conference/ Press releases, information dissemination on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networking sites, email, websites, comments on blogs and websites, etc.,.... Read more
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Gist: After killing 100 rats, the cat goes for Haj!!! or "Sau chooha maarke billi haj ko chali!!! (paraphrasing a hindi saying)Hi All, These are the same guys(Britishers) who cunningly found a way to demolish the bedrock of Indian supremacy... right back in 1835, Lord Macaulay remarked after travelling extensively across India that to subjugate India completely, britishers need to find ways to demolish our very backbone.... our spiritual and cultural heritage, so that they can replace our superior educational system, culture, values and family system, with English educational system and everything else english!.And here Sir Winston Churchill is lamenting that India will turn into s... Read more
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India Vs Pakistan - Pak wins hands down!!!.. any other country wins for that matter!!!... read on......Here is Pakistan' s DV(Domestic Violence) act http://www.na. gov.pk/uploads/ documents/ 1300322603_ 188.pdfIts not biased like ours, our DV act name(Protection of Women! from Domestic Violence act) itself hurriedly denies men's rights!. Pakistan also has a gender neutral Sexual harassment at work place act (http://www.na. gov.pk/uploads/ documents/ 1302130845_ 543.pdf)And we say India is more developed than Pakistan!!!Short excerpt of Paki DV1. Short title, extent and commencement. - (1) This Act may be called the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act, 2009. (2) I... Read more
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On 15th September 2012, it was a Hartal against diesel price hike in Kerala, we took out a three men rally with three messages "Save Indian Family", "Save Energy" and "Stay Healthy".Press release:3 men with 3 messages set out on a cycle rally from Thrissur to Guruvayur via mulankunnathkavu/Medical college. The 3 messages "Save Indian Family", "Save Energy" & "Stay Healthy". Save Indian Family is a movement and network of NGOs fighting against misuse of women-protection laws which are victimising more women than any other law in India(26% women arrested out of the total arrested under section 498a of IPC(Cruelty law, popularly known as dowry law), compared to only 5.5% women arrested on a... Read more
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Finally caught:(1) A tamil news item claims that this girl has in fact duped more than 50 men!, and duped them of lakhs, see the news below.**************************************************************************(2) Original News in Times of IndiaHunt on for woman who cheated many men of lakhs after marriageTNN | Aug 23, 2012, 03.30AM ISTCHENNAI: She told them she was a lawyer and convinced them she was the perfect mate. At least seven men from the city and elsewhere in the state were smitten and 'married' her before realizing a few others had similarly fallen for her. By then, it was too late.After a football player from Pulianthope and a car showroom employee from Mugaliva... Read more
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This is the blog post which has reported all News/Media coverage regarding the Delhi protest against Marriage law amendment & IrBM, by Save Indian Family network of NGOs: http://sffdelhitrainingsessions.blogspot.in/2012/08/delhi-dharna-news-item-coverage.html... Read more
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If an average Indian has to wait for 9 years to prove his innocence(this is just a Trial/Lower court order, god knows how many more years it will take to get a clean chit from Supreme Court, if the opposite party decides to appeal), what will be the future of this country. Munish Dalaal's name was mentioned in 6th standards text books, portraying him has a dowry seeker and a man of low morals, alleging that he backed out of his wedding with Nisha Sharma. Now who will erase this defamation, who is responsible for this?.This is not an isolated incident, everyday thousands of innocent Indians are getting falsely trapped in such false cases.... if we do not act now, YOU COULD BE NEXT!.Original P... Read more
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More coverage on the Bangalore Press conference(23rd Feb, 2012) by Family and Mens Rights Activists: A film about the abuse of Section 498A | | | The New Indian ExpressExpress News ServiceBANGALORE: Movies voicing the plight of women have been a part of the Indian film fraternity for decades. The small screen too has had its fair share of success with its women-centric soaps, where it mostly dealt with social stigmas that Indian women face. It took all this while for the film industry to come up with a decent topic that voices the haplessness of countless Indian men and their families.Section 498A which is one of the most powerful and a highly abused sections of Indian Penal Code is known as... Read more
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