Blog: The Era of my Dreams

Blogger: Nikita Garg
We rush behind love and then we rush from love. So, in the very beginning of the review I am telling you that it is an awesome movie, hilarious and […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
Aishwarya Rai plays the role of a reputed criminal lawyer and a single mom to a cute daughter. A fit lawyer with perfect dressing sense, confidence and attitude all at […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
Scars are something which we all hate, we run behind dermatologists and all sorts of doctors just to get rid of them. When we fall, the very first question that […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
The best friend that I had In my school days, I was a complete alien to this world. The things which I loved wearing was track suits in winters, guy […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
I am a super pampered kid in my place. I was bored of all the pampering and I thought of packing my bags and heading towards a city where I […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
It was Saturday evening and I was standing in the veranda of my office with a glass of buttermilk in my hand. I was thinking about the work that has […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
“Love marriage”this word haunts almost everyone, especially Indian parents. When I was a kid and I used to attend marriages of friends and relatives. I always used to hear one […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
“Love marriage”this word haunts almost everyone, especially Indian parents. When I was a kid and I used to attend marriages of friends and relatives. I always used to hear one […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
After giving my semester exams and after a long internship, I was finally free from all the worldly things and I finally packed my bags and headed towards my grandmother’s […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
My Soul Brother Before going to Jaipur, I had enough brothers and I was happy to have them. The door of having another brother was closed and locked. But, some […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
If you are a leader, you will have people who will hate you for you are the leader and you are better than them in some way or the other. […]... Read more
clicks 180 View   Vote 0 Like   1:33pm 14 Jul 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
I am away from home these days as I am interning with a human rights organization in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have neither any relatives nor any friends who reside in […]... Read more
clicks 194 View   Vote 0 Like   4:32pm 18 Jun 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
Just one and a half hour before my exam, I was taking a stroll and trying to mug up every word written in my book, it was almost like stuffing […]... Read more
clicks 206 View   Vote 0 Like   9:52am 14 Jun 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
Today I got up late and the first thing which I checked was the judgement for Salman Khan’s case. I knew he will be punished and was afraid of it. […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
Harleen was the only sister of his brother Sheryl. They had a very cruel childhood because when Harleen was just 4 years old her parents got separated. Both the Children […]... Read more
clicks 207 View   Vote 0 Like   6:58pm 5 May 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
“Apna har din ase jiyo jaise ki akhiri ho” I try to live my life around these words. I try to put the words like satisfaction and happiness in my […]... Read more
clicks 197 View   Vote 0 Like   7:06am 24 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
Google defines friendship as “A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.”And I completely agree with this definition or […]... Read more
clicks 191 View   Vote 0 Like   5:54pm 23 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
Homosexuality in our Indian society is a taboo. People ordinarily don’t talk about sex, what to say about homosexuality. But none the less it is prevalent in the society. I […]... Read more
clicks 183 View   Vote 0 Like   6:04pm 20 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
A few days back I heard about a woman who committed suicide because her husband was a gay and used to mentally torture her. The lady was working as an […]... Read more
clicks 183 View   Vote 0 Like   1:22pm 20 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
If we are tired, we either go to sleep or take a medicine or try some good thing so that we are recharged again and are back to life. Similarly, […]... Read more
clicks 186 View   Vote 0 Like   6:25pm 19 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
If life is a train then there comes a waiting room in everyone’s life. A mother waits for her baby to take birth for 9 months, it is a sort […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
Do we discuss about that Should the terrorists be hanged to death or the rapists should be punished? Yes, we do and everyone has his or her own opinion. Do […]... Read more
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Blogger: Nikita Garg
Advertisements have become a part of our society. If we think of ads it is as normal as it can be. Thinking of a world without ads is somewhat unimaginable. […]... Read more
clicks 180 View   Vote 0 Like   5:16pm 13 Apr 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
Hey Mommy, This one was much awaited, I know you have been waiting for this letter from at least an year. Well! This is more or less a thanks giving letter for whatever you have been and whatever you are, the most amazing superwoman in this whole world. I remember when I used to get […]... Read more
clicks 180 View   Vote 0 Like   11:23am 9 Mar 2015
Blogger: Nikita Garg
“Social media” this word has acquired a great deal of importance in the recent years. As far as I remember it all started from Orkut, which had public chats, status updates with word limit, visibility of who visited your profile. Essentially it was wholly a public matter which was not liked much by the masses […]... Read more
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