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When the price ratio of gold to silver extends out into its higher ranges, the relationship tends to be called into question. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But even when the ratio approaches 30:1, or even  closer to its historic ratios, the relationship should always  be at the forefront of investor’s minds in India and abrod. According to U.S. mint data. Silver retail coin demand has been much stronger relative to gold, though obviously the overall dollar(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); amounts pale in comparison. The amount of silver that arrives on the retail market is only a small percentage of the total actually produced.With such smal... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Today the market has turned positive and all eyes are watching the budget related announcements which will impact on the market.Today ITC scrip has rebound to some extent.But the much expected scrip ONGC failed to move up.The other oil company scrips have done very well in to days mini rally. We have made a through analysis to find some of the scrips which will give good returns to investors during the month of July.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The following are the scrips.Buy these scrips whenever their prices come down in the market and keep for a while.Here is the list.1. DLF2. Bankbaroda3.GAIL4.NMDC5.Cromption grea... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As all of you know that our option tips are very accurate and very famousamong intraday traders who trades in Nifty as well as in stock options.Today we have given a free call at our official website www.bullsstreet.comto buy ITC 330 PUT.Now look at below what happened with this tips.1.The starting price of this put is Rs 2/-2.The lot size is 1000 only.3.The target price of this put is Rs 18/-4.The gross profit per lot is: Rs 9,000/-5.If a person joins in our bullsstreet.com's option team and he who traded  with 10 lots today,his gross profit will be Rs 1.6 Lakhs/-  ie.,an investment of Rs 20,000/- turns in to Rs 1.8 Lakhs/-  ... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dear intraday traders.Today we recommended to buyONGC 420 PUT around 9.30AM.The opening price of thisPUT is Rs 3.75/- then the day-high price is Rs 19.50/-If you could have bought this PUT around Rs 4/- and soldaround Rs 19/- means your gross profit per call will be Rs 15000/-The lot size is 1000.The minimum investment to buy this put isonly Rs 4,000/-If you would have traded with 10 Lots,your gross profit today wouldbe Rs 1.5 Lakhs.This sounds good?makes sense? So join our option team to do intradaytrading in options. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The following are the genuine conditions:1.You must open an Online trad... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dear intraday traders.Today we recommended to buy Cipla 420 CALL around 9.30AM at our official website.Click here to go to official website.The opening price of this call is Rs 9.15/- then the day-high price is Rs 26.55/- If you could have bought this call around Rs 10/- and sold around Rs 26/- means your gross profit per call will be Rs 8000/-The lot size is 500.The minimum investment to buy this call is only Rs 5,000/- If you would have traded with 10 Lots,your gross profit today would be Rs 80,000/-.This sounds good?makes sense? So join our option team to do intrday trading in options.The following are the genuine conditions:1.You must op... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); With respect to numerology,it is possible to use numbers in share trading.Let us consider an example that a person has a birthdate as:11.05.1988The birth number for this person is 11 = 1+1 = 2His life number is 1+1+0+5+1+9+8+ = 25 = 2+5 = 7Have a look at his birth and life numbers.Here the birth number is a smallernumber and the life number is a bigger number.The fate or destiny will rule hislife.In his share trading his profits will be decided by his fate.But he can overcomethis by doing a simple manipulation.The first thing he has to give strength to his birth number.In this example ifthe birth number is 2,he can wean rings with moonstone... Read more
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Today the broader market has down due to the political crisis in Iran.As per astrology,the planetary positions on Nifty future is also favor to bears.In this situation most of the small investors will worry about their holdings in equity segment.They may also planning to buy additional shares to do price average.But is this "Averaging the price" is a good one? certainly not.Then how to protect your investments.Follow the technique given below.Click here to get FREE intraday trading tips in equity(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If suppose you have invested in BHEL at Rs 250/- per share means when the price of BHEL comes down,do not buy additional shares in equity.Try some P... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});    Today the pharma giant Pfizer has said that the deal with Astrazeneca is dead.It made awalk out from this deal.Will this decision made by Pfizer affect its stock price in Indianstock market.Definetely No.Because Pfizer is trading with dull movements from its recent low from Rs 1173 to Rs 1209 today.It is not able to reach the earlier onemonth-high of Rs 1328.  Whenver an action is found in pharma stocks at Dalal street, there is no much of price movements found in this stock.We recommend only if this stock shows a momentum enter,otherwise resist to look at this stock and choose alternate pharma stock. For intraday free trad... Read more
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   Today's market is positively maintained by midcap and small cap stocks.In the realty sector, HDIL showed a spurt and attracted short-term players.For the long time this stock was discarded by speculative traders and conventional investors.If we look at the one month trading history it hadas support around Rs 65 and it had a resistance at Rs 80.Last week it brokethe resistance and moved between Rs 83 to Rs 87.Today it even crossed over Rs 99.45which gives a clear indication that the next level for this stock is Rs 117 and Rs 126.If good buying support is happens,this will reach Rs 132 soon.  Short-term traders and optimistic buyer... Read more
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Click here to get option tips & momentum futures stocks guidance  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This particular stock has been lost its limelight for years together,but now investors at higher level are interested to invest in this stock.Reliance had a strong resistance at 955 and it crossed over this level and came to next level of 990.After this a momentum plus urgent profit bookingby low tolerance investors was done at different levels between 990 to 1010.Now this stock is keep moving towards 1200.If everthing is going right,thisstock will reach even near to 1322 level. Passive investors can invest in Reliance at current level. For Stock updates,... Read more
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Buy sell and buy technique   (14)  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When you want to do a positional trade, try your luck in intra-day itself then buythe desired stock for delivery purpose. I advice you to place a buy order at a price belowthe current market price and place a sell order well above the current market price.For example if a stock is trading at a price of Rs 335 means place a buy order at Rs 325 and place asell order at Rs 345.Click here to go to main website to get trading tipsPlace these two orders simultaneously.If the price of the stock comes down to Rs 325, then change your sell order price in to Rs 335.Or if the price of the stock moves u... Read more
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  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Do you want to make money from the market without knowing wheatherit is a bull market or bear market.Don't want to do any calculations too.So do the following technique. Identity a particular list of shares before the market opens and make a liston your hand.Now get ready.Place orders in a very fast manner.Give sell orderfor all the scrips in your list. Now you may ask, at what price to place sell order.It is a reasonable question,in your list just have the following prices of the shares in the list.Click here to get the list of super profit shares Yesterday's High price. Yesterday's Open price. Yesterday's L... Read more
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Do a home work...(2) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   When you want to become a successful investor or trader instock market, do not enter the market in hurry. Even though themarket has opened and you are late to the market, there is no problem. Just sit and do a small home work.Do the following excercise.1.What is your current working capital?2.What is the current market value of your shares in holding?3.How much money to be earned from today's trading?4.How much you can affordable to face any trading loss?5.Now arrive a solution or formula.  Then watch the market for 30 minutes.  Do not trade.Just watch the market.  You may get some intution or inner... Read more
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 This is unusual?Amazing?Unbelievable?Ridiculas?Mind cheating?No.This is a mere calculation.You can convert your initial capital ofRs 163/- in to Rs 1 Crore just by doing "intraday trading". You may wonder and unwilling to believe this.How this is possible?Ifthis is possible all share traders,sub-brokers and capital marketcompanies would be minting money like magic.I can explain step by step.Here is the strategy.Let your initial working capital be Rs 163/- only.Nothing more than that.Do only very carefull and calculative intraday trading in equity.Expect only 3% profit.Nothing more than that.I would be advice you to expect 1% profit instead of 3% profit, so do three trade per day a... Read more
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 You might have seen kinetic honda scooters on the road,two decades ago at that time it was a status symbol in upper middle class people and teen agers.Then kinetic scooters have gone from the market,when kinetic has sold its scooter business to M&M,the same kinetic four stroke scooter had a re-birthas mahindra rodio and duro brand namem,came back on road. Now kinetic has exited from M&M,it has setteled by way of offering cash as well as shares to M&M,it is now in a plan to launch its kinetic electric scooters.Now the scrip is trading at Rs 35/- in BSE exchange. At the time of kinetic surrendered to M&M we identified that this stock will give 10 times return to inve... Read more
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   Tata owned TTML is already had a news that some giants may be interesed in itsstake,we also published a news on this in our official website www.bullsstreet.com(Click Here)a month ago.   Now TTML is comeback with a different news and background. India's leading teleservice company,Bhartiairtel is facing competition with Vodafone in Mumbai.So Bhartiairtel wanted to increase its subscriber base,therefore Bhartiairtel bought Loopmobilein mumbai and got increased its subscriber base.   It is now vodafone's turn!   To give a tuff fight with Bhartiairtel,vodafone is now interested to buy stake inTTML in Mumbai.If Vodafone is taking over TTML the scrip TTM... Read more
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Today the market opened with a negative note and was oscillating between 6150 to 6160,around 12.00 noon only the market is able to standup above 6160 level.If it crosses 6180 further higher level is possible.SBI(particularly in Option) and Axis (both in equity and F&O) performs really well.LT is showing a new spurt in trading.Bank of baroda is expected to move above 544 level.Tata power is  continue to moveup.Automobile stocks are also expected to moveup. Visit to our official website(Click here) to get stock market updates & tip.Prof.T.A.Vijey.,M.E.,(Ph.D)National Stock Exchange of India certified Trainer &NSE certified market professionalClick here to get stock updates &am... Read more
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  As the market comes to the end of the month, the F&O expiry and industry data will dominate the market. More over FII inflow is also a deciding factor in market direction. US data may also make a slight influence in our our market. If any slide over comes across the global markets, our market will also find a dynamic resistance which may over take fundamentals and other key factors. Only sentiment will decide the market directions.  If the IIP data is not in favor of core companies, capital goods and tech stocks may find a fall, there by intellectual investors may catch these stocks at lower levels.  Traders can find a new way to judge the market direction by noting... Read more
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On 19th Feb,the market was trading with volatile movement and it makes an up&downmovement within 20 points and finally showed a spurt from 6140,marching towards 6160,butsettled at 6152.Ranbaxy performed well in equity as well as in derivative segment.Bankstocks were not support Nifty today.We have analyzed that if further movement is take place in market,the Nifty will reach6220,otherwise it will move between 6140 and 6080 level.In worst case it will come down to6040 level.Automobile,Pharma and jewel making companies will be showing a spurt in forthcoming sessions.Swing traing may be expected in power stocks and bank stocks.Watch Kotakbank and Axis bank in your trading.For intraday updat... Read more
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On 18th Feb,the market was started to move in the +ve direction with th support of bankstocks. Bank Nifty itself rised about 2%.While staying around 6140,Nifty was unableto sustain at that level,it finally came to 6127 level. It was expected in the street that only the private sector banks will rise due to theintrim budget,but all banks showed its power in today's trading.Some of the oil stocks likeBPCL,GAIL and few of the IT stocks like HCLtech,Wipro did not participated in the pre-rally session. Daily we announce "three bumper stocks" in our official website http://www.bullsstreet.com("Click here") andwe request daily traders and delivery traders to visit our official website to ... Read more
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The market is not responding to the intrim budget. The finance minister P Chidambaram said four ultra mega power projects (UMPPs) will start in next financial year 2014-15, as a result of this Tatapower gained 5% today.Comparing to PSU banks private banks are the best choice among investors due to the pressure is imposed on PSU banks.The Nifty is quite and stays around 6060 level. From the view point of this intrim budget, power stocks will move up and other sectors which are benifited from the intrim budget are automobile and infrastrucutre.  For market updates and stock pics visit our official website www.bullsstreet.com(Click here)Prof.T.A.Vijey.,M.E.,(Ph.D)National Stock Exchan... Read more
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  Media channels are saying that RBI is pressuring state-owned banks to trade the derivatives that provide hedges against the country's volatile interest rates. But banks are reluctant to trade in bond futures as they are not interested to do this and more over they  have not been made any complainace system for bond future trading.  RBI is able to know that which banks are placing orders in bond futures and which banks are not taking part in bond future trading through an MIS system for bond future trading. Bond futures are being traded at MCX exchange, most of the banks are not willing to go to MCX exchange. RBI insisting bank to do this for hedging purpose, but banks a... Read more
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   The market is struggling to move up.There is about 40 points which makes the market to oscillate in slow motion. The cash Nifty oscillates between 6080 to 6040 and now stays around 6038 level. The Nifty future is also waiting to move up.As we said earlier the upside target for future Nifty is 6145 which is not achieved in Feb month contract. The active calls and puts are 6100 and 6000 respectively.   The stocks DLF,SSLT and Ranbaxy are performing better today. Cipla is the queen of trading as far as stock option is concerned. Kindly visit our offcial website(Click here to go...) for stock updates and stock predictions.Prof.T.A.Vijey.,M.E.,(Ph.D)National Stock Exchange ... Read more
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Yesterday the market widnesed a struggle to move above 6100,but unable to climb above the said level and finally it is settled at 6088 level. Bankers are affrraid that the NPA will reach around 10 lakh crores,even though there is a fear over banks, the bank stocks will continue to move up. This is due to the Fed's encouraging statement about stimulus package at America. We suggest to watch HDFC bank and ICICI bank and keep these two banks in your watch list.   We have identified that Onmobile will find a new spurt, because of its promoters are willing to buy 10% of shares at a price of Rs 40/- per shares in the open market. So this stock may move up from its current trading price o... Read more
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.  On 12th Feb,Nifty widnessed a rangebound move between 6060 to 6100 and stayed at 6084 level. We hope that Nifty will reach 6100 and go around 6145 level in forthcoming sessions. If the market is not infavour in turn Nifty will comes down to 5975 and 5950 level. The world markets gainedafter Janet Yellen, in her first speech on Tuesday as Federal Reserve chair, reassured Wall Street that the Fed would continue the central bank's policy of providing monetary stimulus to bolster the economy.  It is better to watch industrial output data for December and consumer price index data for January. The market expectation is a decline of  0.8 percent in industrial output versus a cont... Read more
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