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Blogger: Shelly
Dream on DreamerWhat if you are in a dark place on your own and no hand to take you out to light again. Find your own spark and burn so bright because that is how galaxies are made. Burn and find your way out on your own.What if chasing your dreams get so hard sometimes that you realize that you have given up on so many things just to make some of your creative dreams come true. Still don’t ever give up on your dreams because they are the choices you made for yourself and they will eventually make you who you want you be.What if you lost trust and sometimes you feel like the world around is too fake for you to take it all but that is how it has always been. You don’t have to feel bad bec... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Freedom is the most prized possession of all beings on this earth. The freedom to mix up and groove with others or to be wretchedly alone. The freedom to make choices for own self and what not.Because at the end of the day, you will be the amalgamation of the choices you made in your life. If you give up your freedom to make choices for yourself then you might end up being a successful and popular figure but that won’t be true you. That person won’t be what you wanted to be. By giving up your freedom to make choices for yourself, you are actually giving up the opportunity to make your own destiny. Of course, it may lead you do things you shouldn't have done and which you would never do a... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Though not wanting toHe disarmed me.I knew this is temporary butHis arms alarm and calm me.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
She laid down all her hopes on a memory from another time and placeShe tried hard to put aside every bit which reminds her of his face.She wrote and wrote just to swipe him away but he was still there beneath the spaces her writingsUntil she forgets him, he could still be found in her forgettings.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Till the moment she listened to others, she was cagedWhen she started humming the beat of her heart, she was a free bird.When she lost everything, she found herself.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
You held my hand all through these yearsYou helped me fight my childish fears.I used to be scared and frightened to tryYou are the one who questioned me back with a why.You sparkled up my life with your love lightBut now all I see are the memories you will be leaving behind.I remember all those things you did for me and it makes me cryI would like to erase one memory  when you will wishing me goodbye.There isn't much I have done for you along the roadBut I remember all those moments and those advice episodes.Though it is hard to accept that now you both will be gone It scares the hell out of me that now i will have to deal with everything all alone.I know you are going on to have a... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
God gifted us with a life so pristine and calmBut human selfishness overpowered all its charm. This species which evolved from apesNow seems to be turning back to the same.They are titled to be the most sensible being among allOwing to their cruel behaviour, now humanity is left out to crawl.There is slavery, murder, rape and terrorismAbove the bond of love comes racism.In an attempt to rationalize each and every bitEveryday many crimes they commit.Darkness overshoots the bright morningWith a news of how brutality left another girl mourning.With every passing day crime and violence continues to escalateLeaving a little hope for kind... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
                                                                                        When she first looked at him and clinched his handHe found a love which only he could understand.The happiest moment of his life was when she spoke her first wordHe has captured those memories in an album, now lying in his cupboard.When with her small feet, towards him she took her first step With arms open wide to embrace her, he was standing at the other end.He promised th... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Dressed meticulously, she stood gracefullyThe stokes of make-up she applied gentlyThey look at her that stir up lusts impureWith such strange terms her eyes spots incur.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
"Love" it is that one emotion which connects many other emotions like care, affection, concern and many more. Love is that feeling that stir up when you are among the people you care about and they care for you more than you do. Love keeps you from falling apart and will always keep your smile bright and eyes shinning because you know there are some people you have in your life worth fighting these problems.For some you the source of happiness and some are the source of your strength.Certainty in my moves, the cheer in my voice, shine in my eyes, confidence in my gait and the love in my heart is all what I owe to my family. They will always show you your strengths by removing the veil of... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
There are some questions still left unanswered, some theories still seeking reality and some logics still left unstated.This poem is all finding those perfect pieces which would fit perfectly to solve the puzzle of life.Dear PresentTo whom are you more close: past or futureAre you framing the memories or planning what is still to nurture?Light and dark are opposite in nature, still doesn't attract.I wonder are they apart or always attached?My dear shadowYou say you are the who walks with me every now and then When darkness appears why do you leave me on my own?Dear LifeAm I following the path which God planned for me?Or I am writing my own story of what I wanna be.What comes first day or nig... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Memories which hum with music lasts forever.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
            I love this season of warm dreamsI love the way sun plays hide and seek.I love when raindrops form the ripples onon the waterI love it when the sunlight falls on grass and it sparkles.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Those who say only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
For some it's a warm possession For some it's just a chilly sensation#Winters... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
                                       "But this was meant for forever"  whispered her heartSeeing all the things those have fallen apart.She almost punched herself back to the wallForcing herself not to touch them at all.She had hid her past somewhere deep in her cupboardBy chance now spilled out of all those barriers.She wanted to run, she wanted to hideFrom all the pain he has caused her inside.She wanted to scream, she wanted cryWhy is it so hard for her to wish him goodbye? She sat there for hours staring at pieces of "their" lifeShe recalled all those promises of staying together in... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Happy Birthday                                    Dil hai tho phir dard hoga, dard hai tho dil bhi hogaMausam guzarte hi rahte haiDil se re...... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
The year was a remembrance and graceHave now called us for a final embrace.When I  look at that memory boxI ponder how fast ticks the clockTenderly i have treasured all those moments Reminds me all the roads i have chosenPeople at times told me to change my mindBut i decided to let loss and be my own guide.Some things now I have only as a  memory in a frameI lost hold of them in some crowdy place.If tears would make a staircase and heartaches make a laneI would walk the path to heaven and bring them home again.I hold them close within my heart and there they will remain.But now I will think about today without worrying about tomorrowAs I know day ... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
                               Dear selfAs I walk with you just like your shadow l, I feel you are so full of life and so blessed. You are so much excited about doing everything for the very first time and you want to live every moment of the life to the fullest. But as everything shinning has a dark flip side, I find that when you look out of your nest at the real world,the very thought of stepping up into one scares you a bit but its ok to feel that way. Life is mystery and, the whole beauty lies in seeing it unfold before you as you go so just clam down,you always need not to figure out everythi... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Slow down and realize that life isn’t a race... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Look into a child's eyes, you will find what you have been searching from so long!!... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Truth has become so hard to envisage that people reckon more on illusions.... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Staring at the boundless sky a thought struck my mindWhen my time comes what am I gonna leave behind?They say one day everyone will be among the starsI wonder will I be able to leave my "one in billion" mark!!Will I leave a bookshelf full of storiesPages still waiting to unleash the glories.Will I leave a pen and diary openTreasuring the stories I have woven.Will I leave some poems, tweets on the webWith the comments from the friends.Will I leave some books published in my fameBut who will read them when they will even forget my name.Will I leave some poems unrhymedWhich I thought I will complete when time is right.But then the time would be goneAnd also the one,these things who owned.All th... Read more
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Blogger: Shelly
Fly HighEveryone is perfect in a unique wayBut people always show pity in one or another way.Don't label them disabledThey are just differently-abled.Atleast give them the chance at itBefore judging them as unfit.All they need is a little careAsking the world for their share.Blessed are the ones who can hear,speak and seeBut they also do so but in a way different as we. They are just like youDon't doubt it, it's trueYes they do have dreams!!They dream of walking down the street They dream of standing on their own feet.They dream of listening to the surpassing breezeThey dream of a place where they are not teased.They are not from a foreign landSo listen to their silence and tr... Read more
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