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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
There's a good as well as bad news!As per the customs, lets start with bad news.I am about to close my blog here. Yeah! you read it right. I was thinking to do it since the starting of this year and the funny part is that I have started blogging here since last October only. I am an idiot and a lover of madness. I was getting bored of it looks, its style and of course my style. So, finally I concluded to close this blog.Now,*question 1*What??? Yes! Yes! Yes! I am closing this blog.*question 2*How??? Go to your dashborad >> setting>> blah blah.. and you can easily find it out there, how to remove your blog.*question 3*Why???? Oops! I forgot to mention. I am closing ... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
I wanna dreamWrite it somewhereThen leaveI wanna dreamShare with someoneThen liveI wanna dreamI wanna dream#micropoetry... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
I wanna see the worldWith you besideThis beautiful sunAnd those darling nightsThe racing waterAnd some mountain sightsThose happy momentsOr a gloomy tide Everything means with youNo matter how's the timeBut without youI wanna hide, I wanna hide.... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
This poem I wrote for a contest that didn't work out. It describes our existence on earth, our evolution and our cycle. We are born then we live to die and this cycle goes on. And same is for our planet, Earth. It describes the importance of being "grey". That is, good and bad are always there with a balance. Now, I think, it's going quite boring so just read it and feel free to share your opinion with me on the same.Let's move back like ago three billionsWhere there's nothing except some illusionsWarily O warily, this emptiness wailing hollow Walked towards a dazzling shadow to make it hallowThen, the grace the sheen and the floating traitsTrolled the distance between, to bud a wadAnd ... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
#RandomThoughts... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
"It's you” she replied. He kept on rereading her message. He was confused between "is" and "was" for her "it's".#TwentyWordsStory... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
With pagesShe turned her lifeWith characters she livedLittle did she knowThere's a life outsideWhere he always stoodRight beside her right... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
I met this gal three years ago. My first impression for her was "my god! She's so weird!" The way she ate, the way she walked and the way she talked was so different that I was attracted towards her. Then the usual talking began. We two didn't even realize when we became friends then best friends then roommate and now I call her as my daughter. Though, I say so for fun as she's a little irresponsible and I have to take care of her like reminding her to carry metro card!It's her birthday today. She's away from me enjoying summer vacations so I shared this video and poem with her as they belong to her. Then, my stomach tickled and I decided to share it here too.I never knew I will have herThat... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
Life is full of colors. Yes, we do have some things in life that we don't wanna see, know,understand or lose just like always wishing for our favorite color. But we must remind ourselves that though we wish for our favorites but to know real happiness in life we must see, know and experience every color!Hate shoutsLove smilesIgnorance killsCare healsMissing painsWhat yours comes againEnvy burnsFreedom livesIt's all life it’s all life!... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
Call him sillyHe doesn't care his heartCall her insaneShe doesn't care the world... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
We allow people to take decisions for us and that's the reason of losing happiness because failure of our own decisions can never make us to "regret". But, do take advises as I don't wanna spoil my readers' mind. Here is a #micropoetry dedicated for being "myself",(P.S. I love #micropoetries!!)It's my worldMy choicesMy mistakeMy wishMy regretsThey, who see,need not to say a word... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
"Now, listen to me very carefully", Rohan directed her love, Nisha, while explaining their project on fluid mechanics to her.She was lost in his thoughts looking at him with her eyes full of love and the discussion going over her head.He took a pause, looked at her from the book and asked, "Got me?"She amorously replied, "Yeah! I got you...and you?"The fluid in mechanics took a romantic turn. He took her in his arms from the desk she was sitting on and said, “Yeah! My “you””.She giggled and they smiled looking in each others' eyes.#100WordsStory... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
In our lost world,We flyWith Some dreamsSo weirdSome so high…... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
I have been wearing spectacles since my sixth standard. I clearly remember that when I wore it for the first time I had cleared the lenses after every minute though it wasn't dirty just to look at them. Now, I rarely get time to do so. But I love my specs the same. I really enjoy adjusting them on my nose while answering in class (A nerdy feeling!!) But I must say; now I don't answer much in class as a normal Indian-Engineering-Student who prefers to keep mum and look around. Sometimes, specs irritate me too like in rain but now it's like my child who annoy you still you love it.Now it's my silly poem for my beloved spectacles..It is the one with glasses twohanging on nose for a clearer view... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
Small things make you happy as they show "care".... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
Smiles are good    To see        But that oneCreates in meA great feelP.S. I hope, it made you smile!!... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
If you showIt's not love If it comesUnknowingly as sunThen, it's a turnOf True love... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
That balloon dreamsI used to seeAre goneAs I grewFor a rosy one To comeBut this child Inside Want the sameAha! it's too insane .... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
Dry airAnd hot sunMany people burnt butNot the hidden fortunate one... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
A silent streetAnd the woeful WindHowling hairAnd strong staresHer journey seems foggyLike her demeanor,So shaggy... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
It's You!Being aloneIs an addictionAfter a long doseYou hate them.... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
After his wordsher worldIn the rain,danced again..... Read more
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Blogger: Viditi Bhargava
I had a friend, a mother like a friend whom I used to admire with her ability to care. With time my passion for her grew up, I saw her as a mother figure in the hostelry where I dwelled together with her in a common room. Only after our friendship picked up its top it started coming down; her work, her problems more precisely her own life took over. It's no harm though. But lamentably, I became a "time-thing" for her. Now, what's this "time-thing"? To be fair, you may not encounter this word in the dictionary. I have simply invented it while resting on my bed thinking over the ceiling of our friendship.It simply means that she was with me whenever she was free of everything and everyone... Read more
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