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We already know the values of Social Media and Forums into the Blogging not only for just Traffic also Backlinks.Google’s frequent algorithm changes making it harder than before for us.But, Hey  “Don’t Worry.That’s why we should try all  the legit ways which doesn’t effect Panda,Penguin and Hummingbird.”Do you ever think why  blogs get Penalized”?By the Google.Basically,It is happen when Contents are Published but not shared into social Media and gain no exposure,irrelevant Guest Posting,comments on others blog with Backlinks for only Traffic etc..Blogging isn’t done by alone.Together we can achieve the Success much easier.But maybe you are still wondering “w... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Now days bloggers know the importance of traffic for a site. You should know traffic is a currency of the internet. And i think you don’t aware of 2014 blogging challenge. This year blogging gets lots harder than past few years. So that's why bloggers trying different types of methods to get visitors attention. But it not so easy like i said. Besides, somehow if a visitor land in your site he will just saw your post and then quickly hit the back button or close the tab. See here’s the problem the visitor came but not staying in your site that’s why we need to encourage visitor for staying in your site. But how to encourage visitors? In my point view the answer is really simple and it... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Paid Commenting: Starts from 26.01.2014CampaignGet paid to commentRatesINR 1-5  Per PostRequirementsFor Indians onlyPayoutINR 50E-mailPiconkayal@gmail.comHow to start ? At first join as a member then comment on posts only whichever you wantAnonymous comment is not countMax 5 comments per day into different postWhat is purpose behind this comment campaign?As our writers believe that they are posting quality content which should gain exposure in the blogosphere to build strong relationship with all bloggers and make them happy by paying some legit value.How much you can earn?Presently ,You can earn INR up to 100 .We will try to create more legit opportunity very soon .so members can earn ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
As a blogger i know the importance of social media. Social media is also a key thing behind every successful site. Now days Google change his algorithm quite frequently so we need to prepare for it. Google’s new and very realistic algorithm called Hummingbird has  made a dramatically impact on social media. If any site has low social media influence then the site has been effected by Hummingbird. So what we going to do just sit back and see our site get lost in blogosphere. But if we have the enough social media popularity then surely survived.This problem has got everyone from newbie to pro. So after searching several months I’ve found a perfect solution for this to make this job m... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 As you know blogging stands for hard work and now its getting more difficult than past. Blogging need tactics, strategies and skills to become a expert blogger. But some newbie bloggers don't think about it and build a blog in minutes.Few days later they get their own answer as a loss. What you think stands in the search engines considerably easy? It’s not so easy as you thinks my friend. Blogging takes years to stand out. And standing in the search engines is more difficult that you imagine. But don’t afraid because consistency is a key for success. If you write quality content and work on your seo, design then i am sure you will become a successful blogger day by day. But some ne... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Now days blogging getting so viral than past. Right now every teenage know this name Blogging. Either one newbie and genius blogger every one would like to be successful in blogosphere. However beat your own competitors and turn out to be a no.1 in the blogging world not so simple as consider. You should work on your traffic, pagerank and back kinks. Many blogger think blogging is one of the greatest online work, And it’s true. But once they fail to succeed in blogging they depart it say this boring. It’s wrong because blogging takes lots months or years to sync with you and makes you famous. So if you are serious about blogging and really want to make a name in the blogosphere the... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
There’s no doubt that internet world has change a lot than earlier. Now days every has a phone. Earlier we use phones for making calls or sending sms. Now we do chatting, video calling and accomplish lots more. But not every phone have these features. You need to install such awesome applications which make your phone a tech gadget.In the phone arena a popular name has known billions of peoples. Its called Android. Android is is a popular Operating System that use billions of people in the world. Now you may thinking a question that Ok it’s great but out there plenty of android apps out there Which Is Best? It’s a very common question that ask every android user. The solution is really... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Now days blogging has change lots than earlier. Build a blog is easy and quick. But make it to the search engines is a difficult part. And you should know traffic is a currency of your blog. At this point some bloggers managed passed away but many bloggers not get the result as he hopes from his blog.Such as this i found many bloggers who complaint which he not receiving site visitors or have lower pagerank, and so on. So if you are a newbie blogger not receiving high amount of traffic or have lower lower pagerank then I’ve a solution for you. Now you may what is it? The answer is really simple and known as IntenseDebate. It’s 3rd party comment system. Besides, You may notice between Blo... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 While blogging become famous day by day it’s difficult to gain your popularity in the blogging world. Hence blog owners use their different tactics for getting good amount of traffic, high pagrank and also making some handsome money. And the most  common tactics are  build backlinks also guest posting. By this way many got succeed but many inexperienced bloggers get stuck into this problem that how to increase their visibility in the blogging world and how to beat his competitors.Considerably several weeks of finding I've found a website that might help bloggers in this case. It is known as GuestCrew. GuestCrew has amazing system that created to accomplish some amazing jobs... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Before i start let me tell you what is PagrRank? PageRank is a algorithm that created by Google. It gives a website point between 1-10. Where 10 is the highest pagerank and 1 is the lowest. However a currently developed site has one N/A and 0 pagerank. You should know pagerank always depends on your website quality and backlinks.If you have lots of backlinks then you will become famous in search engines. That’s the reason why many bloggers buy lots of backlinks from backlink promoting site, but top search engines like Google always hate paid backlinks even your site can from ban from search. So work hard for it but don’t find a shortcut because you know what will happen in your sit... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Backlink is a backbone of a website. Also it’s known as inbound link.Its a hyper-linked URL that comes from others places( like blog.forum,social,community etc.)to your website whenever someone click.Backlink turns a significant component in an seo and might help to gain heavy pagerank.But backlink facility not so simple this need such methods. It’s a component of off page seo tricks and extremely valuable for experiencing amazing traffic and also Pagerank.Considerably you might understand content isn’t of enough to be able to stay top  competing upon search engines.Getting backlinks from high pagerank websites tells how valuable is your content.. Because top search engines wants ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Search Engine Optimization is known as in quick (seo).It's a way of strategies,resources and tips accustomed to increase the kind of customer to one site by filled with a heavy pagerank in an search answer page(SERP) in main search engines.As any blogger want his/him website to status in the top on all fabulous search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. So If you have amusic blog then you will want to be at top when someone search  about '” music “ in major search engines.By this way webmasters get more organic traffic.Thats when seo comes to work.So if you are a newbie , you should fully optimize the seo of your blog.Now seo is two types.First on page seo & second off pag... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Blogism is a simple yet richly smooth Blogger Template. The character of this Scheme is flexible and also has both the performance to help various blogs for any niche. However, which template is capable of Running a blog, Technology, Social Network and also new bulletin living website. On the other hand, this has some amazing features to needless to say bring triggers in the eyes inside your visitors. We have developed an incredible header that's filled with marvelous products like Navigation Meals, Search Box, and Prominent Promotion point. Blogism Blogger Template is actually robust and also works with all of significant browsers.Features of Blogism Blogger Template:Social Sharing Buttons ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Every newbie or pro bloggers want to get better results for their site. But its not so easy like said. If have to work harder for this. After some weeks or months we think our site will get better results in search engines. But many bloggers get nothing because they miss some important steps after creating a blog. Must Read : Submit Sitemaps To Google Webmaster In 5 Minutes So guys today i am going to share a important seo step. How to setup custom header tags for better SERP. Custom  header tags very important any blog. Its tell crawl robots what to index or not to index. If you miss this step or still haven't done this yet, follow this step by step tutorial to get better results ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Previously Nokia launch their superb Smartphone called Nokia Lumia 1020. Now nokia ready to launch their latest Smartphone called Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s a amazing Smartphone with fully packed features. Nokia Lumia 1520 suitable for everyone. So below I've  write down the all features of Nokia Lumia 1520. Hope you like it.  Features Of Nokia Lumia 1520Dimensions>> Height: 162.8 mm >> Width: 85.4 mm >> Thickness: 8.7 mm >> Weight: 209 g Display and User Interface>> Display size: 15.24 cm >>Display resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)  >> Display features: Brightness control, Orientation sensor, High brightness mode, Refresh rate 60 ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Google Webmaster is free charge seo tool for every site. Now days every site owners wants to increase their site’s traffic, PageRank, Alexa rank. But day by day thousands site builds. Beat them all is not so easy. So blog owners try different type of tactics. One of them is Webmaster submission. Blog owners submit their site to the popular search engines.Google is the no.1 search engine in the world. So blog owners always submit their blogs in Google Webmaster for getting good search results, high PageRank  or Alexa rank. I already told you Google Webmaster is free charge seo tool. It has the all features you need for your site. It’s the perfect seo tool for your site.So let... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
Do you want to customize your template by adding some CSS, JavaScript or Jquery?If the answer is yes. Blog owners frequently update their template for Good Design, high SERP’s,etc. But while editing the template one little mistake can mess our whole website design. So we need to back  up before add anything into the template .so,thus you don’t have to worry when you customizing the template  .Follow This Steps For Back Up The Blogger Template>> Go To Blogger Dashboard and click on the icon shown below>> After click on the icon a drop down menu will appear and click on the Template option from it.>> Now click on the Backup/Restore button>> After click on ... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
You're going to sign up for over 1 Thousand blog owners and also webmasters out there that enjoy experiencing their own visitors beneath real-time. Both the FeedJit on the right-hand aspect is your example feed on the market to be able to customize what your own FeedJit may look like. You can drag the inside of your site visitors feed off and down to be able to pause it or find older traffic. Both the data in your example feed is actually true live info showing people approaching FeedJit.com right now.Benefits Of Using FeedJit>> You can see live visitors in your site>> Using FeedJit is easy and quick>> This will increase your visitors>> FeedJit shows you how many time... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
 Google Adsense is the top network to monetize your site. But why do we need Google alternatives? Where Getting approval on adsense is quite  a bit hard task on our hand and also many blog/website get  banned  after approval due to  Adsense account Terms violation. Sometimes we frustrated by this. But now you don’t need to frustrated or panic because I’ve collected top 5 Google alternative that help you to monetize your site. Some Key Features Of This Networks   >> Instant Approval –much easier than Google adsense  >>  Earning rate is pretty convincing and nearly to adsense   >>  Low Payout – Quick withd... Read more
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Blogger: Picon Kayal
TribalFusion is a global  online advertising provider that drives sales for the world’s  top brands by helping them  learn about ,reach engage their online audience more effectively. They combine premium publisher network, advanced  ad technology and integrated data on a single platform to delivers audience insights, targeting and creating solutions that transform the way brands connect with their prospective customers   Advantages>> Quality begets Quality >> Optimization Technology >> Wide suite of solutions.Disadvantages>>Don’t accept low traffic  websites/blogs. >> Payment is high     ... Read more
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