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Is it safe to use a seat belt during pregnancy?Absolutely! In fact, it's dangerous not to. Research has repeatedly shown that the best way to protect your growing baby is to protect yourself: Wear a properly positioned safety belt each and every time you're in a car or truck.To avoid injuring yourself and your baby, though, the seat belt must be properly fastened. The lap belt should be secured below your belly, low and snug on your hipbones. Never wear the belt across or above your belly. During a crash, the sudden jolt from a belt in this position could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus.If possible, warm up the inside of your car before heading out in... Read more
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Serious and fatal diseases such as pancreatic cancer, Parkinson's disease and diabetes may eventually be treated using stem cells from breast milk following a remarkable discovery at the University of Western Australia.UWA PhD student Foteini Hassiotou has potentially broken through the greatest hurdle in stem cell research - the ability to ethically obtain stem cells in a non-invasive manner.Her finding that stem cells from breast milk can be directed to become other body cell types such as bone, fat, liver and brain cells, could reduce the need to use embryonic stem cells and therefore fast-track future therapies.Dr Hassiotou's research follows the 2008 discovery by a team of UWA scientist... Read more
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Human breast milk responds quickly to protect the child when there is an infection in mothers or babies, according to new international research led by The University of Western Australia.The research helps to explain why babies who are exclusively breastfed have fewer infections.In a paper published in the journal Clinical and Transnational Immunology, lead author UWA's Assistant Professor Foteini Hassiotou and her colleagues from UWA and University Freiburg in Germany show how the number of immune cells (leukocytes) in breastmilk changes during the course of breastfeeding as well as in response to maternal and infant infection.The team recruited 21 breastfeeding mothers and their... Read more
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Improving Sleep During PregnancyHave you ever seen a pregnancy pillow? A pregnancy pillow is nothing more than a long, sausage like pillow that runs the length of your body. The idea is simple and the benefits of using pregnancy pillows are amazing.If you or someone you know is pregnant, you'll find a pregnancy pillow serves multiple purposes as well as helping you sleep. I found I used my pregnancy pillow as a couch cushion, floor mat and even traveling pillow throughout my pregnancies to ensure no matter where I went I had ample support and could rest easy.Pregnancy pillows are ideal for any woman that suffers from sleep problems during pregnancy, leg cramps, back pain or related... Read more
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India-Andhra Pradesh-Ninety-two-year-old midwife Narasamma from Krishnapura village of Pavagada taluk has been chosen for a national award for carrying out 1,500 deliveries in remote areas.Announcing this at a press conference in Bangalore on Thursday, Minister of State for Women and Child Welfare Umashree said the award being given by the Union government on the International Day of Older Persons on October 1 in New Delhi carries a cash prize of Rs. 2.5 lakh.Despite being unlettered, Ms. Narasamma — popularly known as soolagitti (traditional midwife) —''has made a huge contribution to the sector of women’s health by carrying out such a large number of deliveries among poor f... Read more
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Pregnant women with painted bellies march in a parade during an event celebrating Healthy Maternity Week in Lima. About 300 pregnant women participated in celebrations organized by a local hospital seeking to create awareness of healthcare for expectant mothers. Photograph: Enrique Castro-Mendivil/ReutersSource: http://www.guardian.co.uk... Read more
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Pregnancy is the most important period in a woman’s life. She is really excited that now she is no more a girl and she will be given the most respectable title ‘the mother’. The newborn brings new birth to a lady and new life of hope. The entire family celebrates the arrival of new member of the family with full joy and happiness.Aforesaid scene can only be created if the pregnancy had been maintained well. In other words, if the pregnant woman has nourished herself well and has taken care of herself and her fetus very well. Any mistake may turn into hazardous condition. There are lots of precautions to be taken during the entire period of pregnancy.Apart from the nourishment... Read more
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European Member of Parliament, Licia Ronzulli (an MEP from Italy), took her seven-week old daughter, Victoria, to work at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. [It was not a 'Take-Your-Child-to-Work' event.] She kept her baby carefully cradled against her in a wrap and occasionally leant to kiss her on the forehead. This photo was taken as she voted on proposals to improve women's employment rights and was broadcast and published in newspapers around the world.You might remember the first photos of Licia Ronzulli taking her daughter to work back in September of 2010. Mom's work was (and still is) representing Italy as a member of European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, and the ... Read more
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Getting a good night sleep is important for everyone. Sometimes aches and pains can prevent you from getting the rest you need. There are pillows that are designed to alleviate the aches and pains of the day. Body pillows can give your body the support it needs during the night to get the rest that you deserve.A lot of folks have discovered that by simply using a body pillow they can alleviate some of the stress and strain on their body. When bought they usually come with a body pillow cover so that they can be used without delay. And they can be used in several different ways to benefit most anyone.The Expectant MotherOne of the best things you can do for an expectant mother is to... Read more
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Manage Night time Back PainGetting through the day with back pain can be tough, but when the pain revs up at night as you’re trying to sleep, it can be the last straw. It's no surprise that the National Sleep Foundation reports that about two-thirds of people who have chronic pain don’t sleep well.So how can you get a good night’s sleep if back pain is keeping you awake? Discovering back pain relief that’s effective for you may take some trial and error. In some cases, it might be as simple as getting a new mattress, or adding or changing pillows so that you’re sleeping in a more comfortable position.Find the Right Formula for Back Pain ReliefHere are some ideas for ... Read more
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Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy        During pregnancy you may find yourself wrestling in bed trying to get comfortable before falling asleep. Unfortunately, your regular sleep positions may no longer work for you during pregnancy. There are a number of reasons that cause this new discomfort, but there are some positions that you can try that may help you get your much needed rest.Why am I so uncomfortable in my normal positions?When you are pregnant your body goes through a variety of changes. These changes tend to disrupt your usual peaceful slumber. Reasons may include:Increased size of abdomenBack painHeartburnShortness of breathInsomniaWhat are the best sleep po... Read more
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How To Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy - Maternity Pillows! Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy is a common occurrence among women. Many factors contribute to the sleeplessness and discomfort at bedtime. Histamines in the body are much higher for pregnant women. This is a result of a rise in hormones such as estrogen and prolactin in the body. Some women complain of being extremely itchy at night and the stretching of the skin around the ever-growing belly may contribute to the discomfort. Lotions such as coco butter and creams enriched in vitamin E may help remedy the itchy skin but it does not really take care of all the sleeping issues. Because of the weight gain, ... Read more
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Choosing a maternity pillowChoosing a maternity pillowYou're thinking about getting a maternity pillow but you don't know which model to pick. Let's see what's currently available on the market, then i will give you my personal opinion about each model. There are roughly five kinds of maternity pillow:The maternity pillow: This consists of two pillows attached with Velcro. This pillow supports both the belly and the lower back simultaneously while the mother sleeps between the pillows. You can also use it for breastfeeding support. This is a very simple pillow and it is usually not expensive(Rs 1000.00)The Bean: This maternity pillow has the shape of a kidney bean so that it wraps ... Read more
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Why Use a Pregnancy Pillow?Recommended position for future moms is to lie on their side, preferably left one. This can be quite difficult, since the baby bump is heavy enough to strain your back muscles, as you lie on your side. It's very natural to roll on your back, which is not a recommended position for a mom-to-be. Lying on your back can restrict the oxygen flow to the baby which is bad for baby's development. Pregnancy pillows help you sleep on your side and prevent the need to roll on your back.Why would you need a special pregnancy pillow?Ordinary pillows that you already have around the house are usually to soft. They were not made to support a growing baby bump and are ho... Read more
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The Pregnancy Body PillowA pregnancy body pillow combines a pregnancy pillow AND a nursing pillow in one item. After your baby is born, you can use the curved pillow to assist with proper positioning for bottle-feeding or breastfeeding you can even breastfeed twins with this pillow. When your kid gets older, the two bolster pillows are ideal as youth bed pillows. Each bolster pillow spans the width of a twin-sized bed. Two bolster pillows together span the width of a king-sized bed. Kinda makes it the ideal maternity pillow no ? be ready for a great night sleep!The body pillow helps to maintain a properly aligned spine. Spinal alignment is a primary concern of doctors and chiropractors, and ... Read more
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Most women develop back pain at some point during pregnancy. It occurs mostly in the second and third trimesters and can be one of the most distressing discomforts of pregnancy.As the fetus grows inside you, your abdomen grows with it. This throws your body off balance. Your body tends to compensate by assuming a swayback posture. In addition, carrying an extra 30 pounds or more in your middle puts pressure on yourback muscles. Weak abdominal muscles are yet another factor that can contribute to low back pain.What to do about it?Going into a pregnancy with strong abdominal muscles can help align the body and decrease the tendency to develop a swayback posture. Unfortunately, many of us do no... Read more
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