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VerbVerb is called a doing word. It shows action.A verb is a word used for saying something about some person or thing.  -         J.C.NesfieldKinds of VerbTransitive verb-In some sentences, the action passes over from the subject to the object. Verbs used in these sentences are called Transitive Verb                      ·          He wrote a letter.                      ·   &nbs... Read more
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Blogger: richa
Rules for AdjectivesØNormally Adjectives used before the word which it’s qualify, but if we use Adjective it comes after verb.                                                        ·          He is good boy.              In this sentence adjective good is used as Attributive.          &nbs... Read more
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 AdjectiveAdjectives are describing words that qualify or add something to the meaning of a noun or pronoun.·        The lazy dog sat on the rug.·        Raksha has little affection for his cousin.Types of AdjectiveAdjectives have been divided under two broad heads-1.     Describing Adjective2.     Determining  Adjective             Describing Adjectives describe two ideas-Quality– it is the answer of what kind ofColour –it is the answer of what colourDescribing Adjectives-Adjective of quality– It show the ... Read more
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Rules Related to PronounØWe need subject pronoun when the pronoun is the subject of the sentence.·        They will definitely come.·        Herethey are the subject of the sentence.ØPossessive Pronouns indicate ownership and never need apostrophes.·        The beautiful house is mine.ØReflexive Pronouns, should be used only when they refer back to another word in the sentence.·        The host himself received the guests.ØPronoun is basically Personal Pronoun. In Conversation, we use 1stperson for the speaker and second person for the listener.&... Read more
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PronounA Pronoun is defined as a word which can be used instead of a Noun or it is word or forms that substitute for a Noun.          The Spider is making their cobweb.         The person, who wins prize, brings honor to his school.Kinds of PronounPersonal Pronoun-A personal pronoun which denote an entity of a specific person or thing.Some personal pronouns are given – My, we, you, he, she, their, them etc.These are of two types-Subject Pronouns– Subject pronoun means that the person in the sentence is acting as the Subject.         I like to eat chips, but she does not.        When he was... Read more
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Blogger: richa
Rules related to NounØIn English language There are some nouns which ends  in( –s) and the same form can function as a singular and a plural noun as well.Some of these words are Alms , Species , Means , Series etc.·         The Airplanes   are the fastest  means of transport.·        Which are your favorite TV- series?ØNouns with a singular form but have a plural meaning. These are Government, Audience, Team, Crowd, Family, Group etc.·        Budha’s family was against with their  views.·        Government made rul... Read more
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Possessive NounsProper and common noun can sometimes be further classified as possessive nouns.                                                           In the possessive case, a noun changes its form to show that it owns or is closely related to something else. Usually, nouns become possessive by adding a combination of an apostrophe and the letter “s”. Examples-The only luggage that was los... Read more
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NounA noun is a word denoting a Person, place, animal, thing or abstract idea.America is the powerful country in the world.Philosophy is of little comfort to the starving.                          Types of nounProper noun-  Proper Noun is a special word that represents the name of a specific person, place or organization. The names of days, historical documents, religions, their holy texts are Proper Noun. Many people dread   Monday morning.Bhagat singh was a great patriot.David Garrickwas a very prominent eighteenth-century actor.Common noun-&... Read more
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Blogger: richa
Object oriented programming treats data as a critical element in the program development and these elements called objects. The objects- oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language which model organized around the objects. Oops allow decomposition of a problem with number of entities called objects.In the objects oriented programming language, object refers to a specific type or “instance” of a class. Each object has a structure similar to other objects in the class, but each object can assign individual characteristics. Object can also call functions or methods. Basically, Objects are the run- time entities in the object oriented programming. It may represent a person, a p... Read more
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Data StructureIntroduction to Data Structure:A data structure is a collection of one or more variable, possibly of different types. It is a collection of data items grouped together under a single name for convenient handling. Basically, it is specialized way of storing and organizing data in a computer for using in the program. Data structure is also called records in some language, like pascal.Data structure are generally based on the ability of a computer to fetch and store data at any place in its memory; by address and manipulated by the programmed at any time in the program me. Data structures = Organized data + operations.Use of data structure:Data structure basically used t... Read more
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 computer is a electronic deviceWhat is computer?A Computer is an electronic device. It is a programmable machine. This is  digital machine that can accepts a data, stream of symbols, stores them, and processes them accordingly to set of instruction and pre defined rules. Computers most important property is that its generality and a digitalism. It can follow a sequence of instructions, which is called a program that operates on given data. A digital computer is basically an electronic device which can transmit and store the data and manipulate the information. Many different types of data can be processed by a computer. These are numerical, characters (words-name), graphics (drawi... Read more
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OMHar Har MahadevMahadev is a lord of lords. Mahadev’ second very famous name is Lord Shiva. Shiva is a Sanskrit word, means auspicious.  In Hindu Pantheon believe in Trinity (Trimurti), - Bramha Dev, Vishnu Dev and Mahadev. Vishnu is the preserve and Bramha is the creator and mahadev is a responsible for distraction. He is the destructive from of the Almighty.Mahadev is a symbol of Power or ‘Shakti’. Mahadev have a nature of Yogi and he believed to be at the core of the centrifugal force in the universe because of his responsibility. He is responsible for death and destruction, but he is provided the medium between old journey to new journey for nature or sole. As MahakaalTh... Read more
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