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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
        As I walk in solitude in the midst of a crowd of millions, everyone seems to appear unknown. Every face that stares me tends to say a thousand words but yet they’re quiet. Probably this is what makes your closed ones always so special, ever so precious. But I now belong to a different world, a world which is devoid of care, intimacy and selfless love. I wonder if the emptiness can ever be filled, the vacuum that has been created in the absence of my friends.       Someone once advised me to bask in the glory but not to tan myself and now when I try to walk in the road that I’ve chosen, am afraid that I never learnt a lesson. Everything in l... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
      This blog was formed with the concept of fun and craziness. Over time, however, it morphed into a jumbled collection of my thoughts---a journal in some ways. Yet now, I feel I have reached the end of a long traversed road. While the hollow echos of my soul were keenly felt in the beginning, there is nothing now. It's a good nothing; as it stirs no loneliness, no depression lingering from long ago. Yet, somewhere along the way I've lost my reason for writing this blog. It's no longer therapy, and it's no longer a journal... what is it then?   This is the question that has been hounding me for the last couple of months. Many say, that a blog can only be succ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
Ppl say english is a very logical and easy language to learn. Do you belive so? I don't. I am still learning English sorry I am complled to learn English at Infosys. I thought of writting a simple blog to write about the similarities learning language. Be it Java or the C++ morphed C# So wht are you trying to say ? You may ask. My argument is that nothing is difficult or easy. It is our attitude that makes the different . Hmm... we know this as OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE  Can you make sense of these english sentence ?I want to see me live LIVE !Which is that witch who can switch and twitchCan you see the sea?Can the knight see in the night?Can Lion walk on line ?Why should he dye befo... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
To me, atheists is not who don't believe in god but himself.    If you have faith in the three hundred and thirty millions of your mythological gods, and in the gods which foreigners have introduced into your midst, and still have no faith in yourself, there is no salvation for you. Have faith and believe yourselves and stand upon that faith and be strong..    Never mind failures; they are quite natural, they are the beauty of life. What would life be without them? It would not be worth having if it were not for struggles. Where would be the poetry of life? Never mind the struggles, the mistakes. I never heard a cow tell a lie, but it is a cow - never a man. So never... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
Alone with thoughts lots , a lots Some about future & some about's the pastsome about the moments when laugh a lot's,some about the when no one I have to talk & some about future Queries  what I seems Bright ☺ ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
I think, I may be krazy but something tells me differentI think, I may because something just feels rightmaybe I've been dreaming too muchmaybe my heart iz in flightand I wouldn't think twice . . .I’ve got an attitudeBut I’m not so sure whyIt’s just another krazy thingThat I just can’t let byThese feelings engulf me,But yet I feel nothingI pretend I'm okay,But I just want to explode.I need to know-Am I Krazy?Different?I'm a "good" kid . . .... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
I went to bed early to try and get some rest. But I found myself lying in bed awake in the middle of the night, worrying that if I didn’t get back to sleep soon I’d been even more tired and wouldn’t be able to finish the work I promised to get finished by Monday.(Lying in bed awake)Me: (to myself) You really need to sleep, You have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Do you believe it’s already 12:21am. . .(more time passes)Me: (to myself) Why can’t you sleep? you are tired. You did all the right things. Lights were dim, didn’t do anything active in the last 3 hours … oh wow, it’s already 1:14 am. How are you going to function tomorrow…Usually I go to bed when I can barely k... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
        If you ask me what you see in a girl when you meet her I can’t say but when you ask me what you like I say her eyes but I can’t drag myself looking in to their eyes. .        Eyes are one of the most powerful tools a girl can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. They have their own vocabulary that a boy can’t understand how much he tries. .        Girl’s eyes are a window to not only the soul; they hold every emotion known to world today and speak to the world experience that words cannot describe, that is more beautiful than words can descr... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
           A few days ago, my friend took his own life. He was considered friendly and funny, many loved him for his kind, lovable and humorous nature. Unfortunately, his depression and despair grew quietly and he felt compelled to commit suicide. There are many options for him it is like an open sky but his closed mined made him to commit suicide. He is not an anomaly; he is actually lecture in polytechnic college. No matter whom we are what our position in life, how happy we look or what we have accomplished; suicidal thoughts can come to anyone. No doubt, we all have had thoughts of ending our lives.      I've been in that place many times. In ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
The best you can do now is to accept the past failures and try to think where you went wrong. Don't stop doing something just because you were not correct the first, second or third time; learn from them and try it again. Never let anyone tell you that you can't, not even you.Sit back, relax, plan and go for it again with renewed enthusiasm. It is said experience is the best teacher, just pick up the positives for self-motivation, and brush up over the negatives to not repeat it again.Forgive yourself and others. Nothing in the past can be changed so it's better to relieve the burdenLet go of things that didn't work .Just Move on and only look forward.To conclude just keep your self-est... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
Well to being with, first of all this tag I got it from one of my blogger friend and she told me that make it as a challenge and be genuine . . .Here one of my KraZy picDAY ONE - ONE PICTURE OF MINEEvery thing in d universe has a rhythm ♫ ♪♭,Every thing dances. . . 웃 유Y cant I  ヅ➯ Singing off ♥ Sravan4you ♥... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
When was the last time you seen somebody writing an honest hand-written love letter on this day, or any other for that matter? Writing desks and letter writing conjure up romantic images of antique desks often set by a window for better light and for day dreaming. I think writing desks went out of style for a while because of the hugeness of computers. But now that laptops and tablets are so tiny, the little writing desk can be used again. Of course, they were never too small for plain old pen and paper...Almost everybody has forgotten to take time and make love letters. They seem so old fashioned and overrated. Today, we have relied our means of communication solely to new technology such a... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
            Lab is often the SLy friend, you have to execute programs. It would hurt us more to realize of this fact that executing it in ignorance… For a Computer Science student like me will have two labs one with Compilers(C, CPP, Java…) and other with Electronic devices (EDC, MP….).       c, it is the first lab in my Engineering life. For me it is String handling in final lab external, which I have no idea of code and I can’t execute it and I am in a hurry to catch the bus to my home. I went to madam with an innocent face and said, “Madam I tried much, but I can’t execute it”, after listening my word madam she excu... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
 Yes, I am disappointed, I am so disappointed. I am disappointed not because I lost, but because I  know that  I worked  hard and  this is not  what I  deserved.           I am one in 350 members who were cleared Cognizant written test and from my college I am one in three and I felt that I have something better and good enough to clear the screening test. And all my friends and juniors felt that I will get the job for sure and I too have the confident from my side in clearing GD or JAM and bit doubt in Technical Round (TR). So, I started ppr for TR and went to many programs and the date of intervi... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
The dreams which I saw from my blissful heart,Never knew that you are the beauty of those dreams.Whom I was searching everywhere,Never knew that you are of my love♥.What is this secret?What did you do as if you filled the darkness with the moonlight?Why to make the moon and the stars so famous?You are even better than them?Nobody comes to the gates of my heart, only you are needed.In all directions there is noise of Shehnai,That you've started towards me..I am cloud and you're the sky,You're close but where are you?You're not my insistence but my habit.I see colors flying and all beautiful,Wherever I see you in my dreams..Sometimes I ask myself, if I am good enough for you.Come; Make as a ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
        I am a Computer Science student. At an age over twenty I am going through the process of Digital Painting from the first time. Specifically I am working on Adobe Photoshop using Pen Tab.       So I am learning how to draw. The last time I had picked up a pencil was in my fourth grade drawing class. I always liked art, and fancied myself somewhat talented, but I had never undergone any drawing aft fourth class. I’d had very limited experience with seriously drawing the figure when I started the class- I’d only taken a portrait drawing class.        Here comes the problem what to draw? I thought of many things to draw and ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
        One of my friendz asked me how you can hold it even if it iz not your fault. I mean hurting your own selves for somebody else’s, rather than telling them that they are wrong. How can you tolerate? Why don't you make other person realize that you don't deserve to be treated like this? Why you never get angry? How you manage all especially when you have to deal with a friend like your roommate arrogant and who has a habit of putting off all his aggressiveness to you.       Whenever I feel angry I will stay calm. I get angry like others but very rarely and my anger comes for a very short period of time usually for 5 to 10 seconds and then disapp... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
23rd Jan 2k14              Train reached Yeshwanthpur JN. A new place to face new faces, today I am here to attend SSB interview (5 days interview process) for Naval officer and I went to my friend how is waiting for me to receive. We both went to a Koffee Kafe and we ordered Koffee.. The koffee shop smelled of musk with a hint of Koffe beans. It’s a cold windy day and I’m at the window table trying to catch a glimpse of the sun and to get relaxed but not, in my mind lots of things are going.                            I am lost, lost in my own ocean of though... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
Isingular, We plural.I have only 5 frnds (aeiou); Vhas many (Constants).I am single, We are together.I am something, We make anything.I am plant, We produce Oxygen.I have attitude, We are friends.I am citizen, We are society.I am student, We form class.I can see, We have vision.I am Indian, We are India.I can sing, We make noise.I am drop, We as rain. I cry , We laugh.     Welove, share, fight, Live.“If you want to go fast, go AloneIf you want to go far, go Together.”I prefer We whtz Urz... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
      Like every day, I logged into my fb account and noticed a friend request from unknown person. Profile pic is astoundingly good enough that I can’t refrain myself from messaging her. So it started like this  On Monday 10:06pmME:I guess I haven’t seen you. Do u know me?On Tuesday 01:51pmSHE: No, I don’t know you but wanna be a friend of you. SHE: could you add me, please??On Wednesday 01:14pmSHE:???      Who doesn’t want to add when it is from a sizzling hot babe? I accepted her friend request.On Thursday 11:4 amSHE: hey thanx for accepting me.ME: it’s ok.      This is how our friendship started with a friend requ... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
In the hostel, everyone use to get the chance of wearing our friends outfit even I get the chance of wearing my friends good looking shirts, jerkins etc. when I put on those brand new on me I feel reasonably comfortable and need not worry about strains and smudges because of sole reason “that’s not mine”. Very odd but one has to accept the fact.Each and every student might have a favorite “ADDA” for their hangouts which would surely be a canteen in their college life. If one gets the opportunity of entering amount in the canteen’s account book, he writes it in other’s account likewise other does the same. Quite natural and funny JWe go to our friend’s home and look for our fr... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
Gradually the innocence of childhood gave way to the chirpiness of adolescence and every secret wish and evil thought …every dream.. We used to enjoy together. Strange enough but when we studied together it took less time to remember and understand things. To me the quality and depth of sharing is not the same as in adult friendships. Childhood friendships lack the drama and intensity that is shared in adult friendships, they the ones with whom we have spent initial stage of our life.Trying to balance the switch (memories) between the ON & OFFAwesome Childhood DaysOnce choosing the color of a sketch pen was a tough task.Getting a toffee as a birthday treat from a friend made our day.Be... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
          Every single soul on the earth has someone that they call as friend; Friend- A simple word isn't it? A person that touches your heart and makes you laugh. You can spend hours with them doing nothing at all and it can be the best time of your life, just because it was with ‘them’. They're the people you can share your secrets with, laugh with, and just have fun with. They don't judge you or change you. They accept you exactly as you are. They look at you and they see a great person. You are tied together by memories, laughs, smiles and deep love for each other.         Krazy friends, they come into your life to teach you lessons.... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
I'm not going to change the wayI look or the way I feel to conform to anything.I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that,you know. I'm one of those people.I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.Change will never happen when people lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are.... Read more
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Blogger: Sripadi Sravankumar
For all of you who have been reading my posts or who have just joined my page, I would love to bring you to the point where and when the world came to listen my crazy version (blog). I have been writing for the past three years now without fail. I remember starting this blog done without any idea of blogging and BlogSpot. I came to know that one of my friends from my Inter College earns through website by his own, I was shocked and started googling about it then I found blogger.com I signed up with my Gmail account. Later I joined for my B.Tech and I forgotten that I had a blog. Dec 2012 once again I started to blog regularly.I started with 10 hits. Today, I reached the 10,000 milestone. It ... Read more
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