Blog: Virtuous Quatrains - चार ओळी तुझ्यासाठी !

Blogger: pareshkale
पाणी नियोजन  पाणीच पाणी चहुकडे, गेले नियोजन कुणीकडे  ! आहेत योजना बहुत, परंतु थांबा थोडे, गिरवीत आहोत नियोजनांचे जुनेच धडे ! तहानल्या शेतीला झाले पाण्याचे वावडे.  कल्पनांच्या जगात नुसतेच कागदांचे सडे. कुठेतरी पूर, कुठेतरी अपुरं , काय करू आम्ही वेडे ? पाणीच पाणी चह... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Giant Redeye - Gangara thyrsis Gangara thyrsis thyrsis Fabricius, 1775 – Oriental Giant RedeyeCollage of Giant red eye (freshly emerged)The first record in Mumbai Region:Egg of Giant redeye on coconut leafOne fine morning, around 7 AM, I was roaming in medical gardens at IIT Bombay looking if I could get some good photographs of flowers and basking butterflies. Ambiance was cool and cheering, sun-light slowly rising. However, butterfly activity was low and hardly I could find any butterfly fluttering. Unable to click a decent photo is pathetic and frustrating situation for a photographer. Long wait starts breaking the patience and mind starts planning to return to home. To my experience, a... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Composition: Horizontal or vertical? A particular foremost dilemma in shooting snap is: Should I shoot portrait composition or landscape configuration. This suspicion arises in the premature phase of learning photography. This is not at all a bad question, rather indication that one is learning truly and intriguingly. Portrait composition means photo is vertically shot, where height is more compared to width. Landscape composition contradicts the portrait mode in dimensions. Aspect ratio of photograph depends on ultimate use of photo, category of photography practiced and of course the personal taste. Here I am listing the advantages and preferred use of both the types.Use of landscape compo... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
There are some who question the relevance of space activities in a developing nation. To us, there is no ambiguity of purpose. We do not have the fantasy of competing with the economically advanced nations in the exploration of the moon or the planets or manned space-flight. But we are convinced that if we are to play a meaningful role nationally, and in the community of nations, we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society. - Dr. Vikram SarabhaiMany individuals with myopic vision questioned the relevance of space activities in a newly independent nation, which was finding it difficult to feed its population. Their vision was c... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
अतरंगी कोकण (Vivid Konkan - III)कोकणात फ़िरायचं म्हणजे कपडे सांभाळून चालणारया , त्यावर एकही डाग न पडण्याची काळजी घेणारया, चिखलाला घाण मानणारया, न भिजण्यासाठी छत्री सावरणारया लोकांचं काम नव्हे. कोकणातल्या अस्सल पावसाळी वातावरणाची मजा लुटायची म्हणजे हे सर्व वर्ज्य. कुणालाही... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali 2013 ! May your home be filled with good vibes and intensively positive aura as we celebrate the Diwali festival. Wish you and your family very happy, prosperous and peaceful Diwali 2013 !  ... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
How to deliver the best talks - TED wayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfotnZVEq80... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Wandering Destination: Vivid Konkan IV A photo and video album : Shrine (Samadhi) of unknown, shown are lamp-shades above itWater streams appearing soon after MonsoonPaddy fields Compound walls made up of available wood, environment friendlyLady crossing the road in the drizzleCattle-shed made using grass and branches of locally available plantsExperience the waterSometimes if freaky to cross such bridges, however its common and must risk for the localsPeople working in the paddy fields... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
आजच्या तरुणांपुढील आदर्श व आव्हाने" मला एक असा तरुण मिळवुन द्या की जो शरीराने तंदुरुस्त आहे, त्याच्या इच्छा व विकार त्याच्या ताब्यात आहेत. त्याचे मन आरशासारखे पारदर्शक व स्वच्छ आहे. तर मी जगात कोणताही चमत्कार करुन दाखवेन."  - थॉमस हक्सलेखरं आहे, आजच्या जगाला विकसी... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
CPL filter Basics of Landscape photography composition: For landscape photography, one imperative element of composition is the depth. Depth imparts perception and 3D feeling to the photo. Depth is achieved by composing elements at three divisions of snapshot (Layer concept): Near to camera, in mid range, and very far. By and large, objects like flower, stone, and even living being are placed very next to to the lens. Such an entity helps to create curiosity in the photograph and adds unlike angle. It is accomplished by using wild angle lens. Only wide angle lens (focal length around 10 mm to 20 mm) allows perspective expansion. In mid range, components like plateau, small mountain ranges... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Electrical Engineering Students association logo This logo designed by me for EESA, when I was a graduate student at FAMT, Ratnagiri. ... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Wandering Destination: Gajanan Maharaj Temple, ShegaoShegaon is a small town located in Maharashtra on central rail line from Mumbai to Nagpur. It is sacred place for the people who believed in the powers of Gajanan Maharaj, one of the saints from modern era. Shegaon hosts his Samadhi, now is a temple. Thousands of people visit here daily and donates in terms of food, money, and sacred service. Continuous chanting of mantras, Bhajan, and Kirtan are conducted in the premises of the temple. Complete meal is served here as prasad. A long cue is always expected here for both Darshan and Prasad. It is advised to be in cue very early in the morning.Apart from this temple, visitors can e... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Anand sagar, ShegaonEntrance gate at Anand SagarShegaon is a small town located in Maharashtra on central rail line from Mumbai to Nagpur. It is sacred place for the people who believed in the powers of Gajanan Maharaj, one of the saints from modern era. Apart from his Samadhi, Shegaon hosts few interesting places to visit; foremost among them is Anand Sagar. Anand Sagar is an artificial garden with a large lake centered in it. The main attraction here is the imitation of Vivekanand smarak situated at the center of the man-made lake. It congregates aquarium, play grounds, wide spread lawns, and cafeterias. There is also a colossal open air theater where beautiful fountai... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
Lies, damned lies and statistics - The new Bihar Book review : The New Bihar by N. K Singh and N. Stern"Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” -  Aaron Levenstein For last six months or so, Indian politics is facing turmoil. Every week Indian realise some new scam on the horizon. Prolific administrators, experts loosing faith day by day. Old friends are now foes and many new alliances are ready to take first breath on the occasion of coming elections 2014. Out of many obvious fights, such as BJP Vs. Congress, left Vs. right, Established Vs. emerging, common man first time saw two state CM fighting to convenience his state i... Read more
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Logo of Marathi Sanskrutik Mandal , IIT Bombay This logo was designed by me for Marathi Sanskrutik Mandal (Marathi Cultural Association). Association formed by IIT Bombay students, staff, and faculty is a club to celebrate Maharashtrian festivals, literature and many more. ... Read more
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Graceful butterfly caterpillarsRusticBlue MormonSmall FlatGrey CountTawny CosterCommon CrowCommon JayCommon JayGiant Red EyeCommon EmigrantRounded PierrotCommon PalmflyMalabar Tree Nymph... Read more
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Some more TED lectures to watch (Inspirational)... Read more
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Collage of Taj photos Collage of Tajmahal (Agra, UP) photos which were taken by my old camera : Nikon Cybershot 3.2 MP model. ... Read more
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Blogger: pareshkale
5 Posters creating energy and environment awarenessOver utilization becomes wastage most of the time. These wastage can be avoided with by attaining to small things. Earlier I have written about how some small measures can be taken to save the energy and ultimately protect the environment.  These posts can be read here:Save water - Its precious! 9 Simple ways to save energy Under utilization of resources can also be dangerous, as it's also a kind of wastage. My essay on 'India's biggest problem: Under utilization of resources' can be read here. Below are some of posters designed by me, long back in 2007. These were displayed at Cool summer fest 2007 ( Global warming vs youthful in... Read more
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Swar-chandrika Padmaja Phenany-Joglekar  Swar-chandrika Mrs. Padmaja Phenany-Joglekar, performing at Tata Memorial Hospital in a function organised by dept. of transfusion medicine. Before her presentation, a felicitation program of regular platelets donor was also arranged. Mrs. Padmaja is also a regular donor.Her official website: http://www.padmaja.co.in/... Read more
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