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Understanding GPS &Your Spiritual GPS I'm sure you know about GPS (Global Positioning System) and use it often to reach your destination using Google Maps. It is a navigation system which is connected to a satellite and confirms our using our phone's position on a specific geographical location. We often reach our destination using the best route with the help of GPS.Now, in context to our spiritual journey, our Crown chakra acts as our GPS, guiding us to our ultimate destination. When crown chakra is activated and balanced it is connected to the divine source. It acts as a navigating system for our life.Role of Reiki for balancing Crown ChakraWhen we start Reiki, our 1st step is to acti... Read more
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Reiki during the LockdownGiven the current world situation we are all adhering to the lockdown guidelines. Staying at home and practicing Reiki during Corona virus lockdown is the best way to contribute to the world. While some people may be thinking that we cannot make a difference unless we have the opportunity to physically volunteer in this crisis. You will agree that as Reiki practitioners, we can make this a spiritual lockdown and there are multiple ways you can contribute with Reiki. Here are a few:Self-development in times of Covid 19The first and foremost thing to focus on is your own development. That is why self-healing is a major part of all Reiki training. Now that you have more... Read more
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How Reiki Helps in Decision MakingHi this is Zeny again. I am grateful for the greetings and encouraging comments for my last post. Today I am going to share how can you take help of Reiki when you want to make a decision...I will share my experience of using Reiki for decision making and how Reiki helped me in decision making. Do let me know your thoughts at the end.Many times life brings us to crossroads. On such crossroads, we have to take important decisions for our life or make certain choices which we know will shape our future. Are you on such a crossroads at present? or you have been in the past? or Are you about to take an important decision in your life? Think of those issues as yo... Read more
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Reiki Master Zeny Adesara's Spiritual JourneyHi I am Reiki Master Zeny Adesara and today I am going to share with you my spiritual journey with Reiki. I am born and brought up in Gandhidham, Gujarat, India. Currently I am living in Ahmedabad where I am pursuing Chartered Accountancy Intermediate course. I was unaware about the power of Reiki even though my mother practiced it and used to give me Reiki during my exams. But I trusted Reiki. I was unaware of the power of Reiki until I was attuned with the first degree of Reiki.My Reiki Attunement and healing experiences!When I was attuned for the first time, I felt something different. I felt as if something very positive has been poured into m... Read more
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Reiki for Obsessive Compulsive DisorderRecently I come across a case of obsessive compulsive disorder in young man named Alex. His parents are very concerned. They have been taking different kinds of treatment for this problem but there is little progress. Someone told them to try Reiki and recommended them to me to explore this natural healing modality.As always, I told them to continue the medication and treatment that they have been giving him as usual while we give Reiki treatment on weekly basis along with daily distance healing. On his first visit I took the time to understand Alex and the problem he is facing. I also wanted to understand the cause of the problem. During the ... Read more
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4 Ways to Use Reiki to Get MarriedLove is one of the most profound of all human experiences. Marriage is the fulfillment of real love and the commitment to be together forever. Today I will tell you how to use Reiki for marriage. I will also share a testimonial from a student who used Reiki to get married.Reiki can clear all the obstacles in the way to your marriage and help you lead a pleasant and happy married life together. The power of true love and the divine power of Reiki can make anything possible.There are five simple ways in which Reiki can be adopted to lead a successful married life and ultimately a successful, pleasant and beautiful family life with your beloved.4 beautiful ways... Read more
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Reiki for Inner Peace and TranquilityWe humans have a thirst for truth. Till we find the truth we are satisfied. We are like the river which will not stop until it reaches the ocean.The Sutra from the Vedas 'Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya' is an expression of this thirst for truth. And it is rightly said that the truth will set you free.How do we know if we are walking on the right path?In our spiritual journey, with our day to day Reiki practice when we feel that we are becoming more and more peaceful then we are going in the right direction. Peace of mind is indication that we are on the right track.If we are not engaged in any spiritual practice, or we are not regular in our spiritual practice and... Read more
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How to balance chakras with Reiki There are various ways of balancing your chakras with Reiki. Today I will share with you 5 ways in which you can balance your chakras with Reiki. You can use the technique that suits you the most or depending on the time available with you. What are the Chakras?Chakra is the Sanskrit word which means wheel and this wheel of energy can also be felt. Many times when Reiki practitioners are doing healing they can feel the hand Chakras moving in a certain direction, clockwise or anticlockwise. Sometimes when we healing somebody, the person will tell you that the crown Chakra is moving in a certain direction or the root chakra is moving. It happens even during Re... Read more
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Benefits of Reiki Third DegreeSometime back I wrote about the preparation for Reiki third degree attunement and today I am going to share some of the benefits of Reiki third degree course. You will also have the opportunity to register in upcoming 3rd degree courses organized by Nalanda Reiki Center at Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. Reiki 3rd degree benefitsWith the Reiki third degree the practitioner since the journey of continuous spiritual growth.With the opening of the higher Chakras the practitioner is now able to access the limitless potential of Reiki.In the third degree the practitioner develops the ability to heal almost all illnesses know to man. The Reiki pr... Read more
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Uses of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol in ReikiHon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN) is the third symbol attuned to the student by their Reiki Master in Reiki Level 2.  Also Known as 'Distant Healing Symbol' it is pronounced as 'Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.' Besides Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen there are 2 other symbols in the second degree of Reiki, namely Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki. The attunements given during Reiki Level 2, have more power and intensity hence, their use multiplies the healing capacities to tackle different situations expeditiously.The meaning of  Hon Sha Ze Sho NenLet us understand what each word of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means. Hon means 'the source' or 'the beginning'. Sha means 'illuminat... Read more
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Healing Fear with ReikiReiki is helpful for people who are having some kind of fear. It can be an irrational fear or a fear coming from a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Something which is persistent in life or that gets triggered in certain situations.Reiki is a very effective in overcoming such fears. Sometime back, one student who came to learn Reiki has such a fear. This person lost a very near and dear one in his family.  What is there to Fear?After this even he had been having a certain kind of fear that something bad is going happen to him. Wherever is goes he has this fear that something will be happen. May be an accident or may be something wrong.Even when he is ... Read more
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21 day cleansing after Reiki attunementReiki is one of the good modalities to clean the body and the mind. It is very  much useful to clean the waste products from the body as well as cleans the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions from the mind. It improves our own innate healing capacity. In Reiki sessions you will be introduced with the healing energy and during the 21 day cleansing cycle your healing capacity will get a boosts.After completing each levels of Reiki Attunement, you need to go through a 21 day cleansing or healing cycle. You can feel a wonderful change after your dedicated completion of 21 day cleansing after your Reiki Attunement. It will fill your body wit... Read more
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Uses of Dai Ko Myo in Reiki HealingDai Ko Myo is the fourth Reiki symbol to which you are attuned during the 3rd Degree of Reiki also known as Reiki Level 3A. It is also known as the "Master" symbol. Lets look at the uses of Dai Ko Myo in Reiki Healing.Dai Ko Myo is a powerful symbol. It is said that Dai Ko Myo has the power of all the symbols of Reiki level 2, Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Dai Ko Myo heals you at the highest Spiritual level. With its immense vibrational frequency, it enhances the healing of the soul. When you are healed at the soul level, the are positive effects at the mental and physical levels as well. The Meaning of Dai Ko MyoDai means great, Ko means g... Read more
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Reiki Intention SlipSome time back I wrote an article on how to used the Reiki Box. The Reiki Box is a very simple technique. However, some students wanted to delve deeper and understand how to write the Reiki intention slip. So there you go!I am happy that many students got success with the Reiki box. One student shared her success during a Reiki workshop in Mumbai. She was excited as she told us how he got success in getting a new job with the Reiki box.Another student sent me a WhatsApp message on seeing a relationship that was important to her getting better and better.The best part it, any one who has completed Reiki first level can use this technique. But now lets look at the questions... Read more
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Uses of Cho Ku Rai Symbol in ReikiSome time back we saw the uses of Sei Hei Ki symbol, and today, lets look at the uses of Cho Ku Rei symbol. Pronounced as 'Cho Koo Ray', the Cho Ku Rei symbol is attuned to the students during the second level of Reiki.The meaning of  Cho Ku Rai symbolCho Ku Rei is a 'Power symbol' and it actually means 'Place the Power of the Universe here.'If you break down each word of Cho Ku Rei, they represent Cho - Curved sword, like a sickle, Ku - to produce space where nothing exists and produce wholeness and Rei - the essence of unexplained mystical power.  To sum up, 'Cho Ku Rei' creates wholeness and heals in mesmerizing ways.This powerful symbol is ... Read more
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Reiki to Improve Couple RelationshipsThe fast pacing world has positive as well as negative effects on couple relationships. There are more opportunities for couples to enjoy together. There are better ways to communicate. But sometimes there is still a communication gap between couples. In this post we will see how to use Reiki to improve couple relationships.Sometimes couples become so busy with work that they hardly get time to talk to each other or spend quality time with each other. During a recent Reiki course there was a student who lamented on the status of her relationship. I shared with her how to use Reiki to balance her relationship. I am going to share some thoughts in this post... Read more
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Uses of Sei Hei Ki Symbol in ReikiSei Hei Ki pronounced as 'Say Hey Key'  is also known as emotional healing symbol. This is one of the three symbols which a student is attuned to in the 2nd degree of Reiki. Your Reiki Master must have told you some uses of Sei hei ki symbol but I am sure you realize that the uses are unlimited. So lets look at some of there here.Laws of Universe are real. The law of gravitation states that if you jump off a tall building, whether you are a good person or bad person; you're going to fall down! Similarly, the Universal force of Reiki, is actual and absolute. As Reiki is a universal energy, there are many ways of using Reiki symbols. Reiki is a di... Read more
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A human beings have never ending wishes and goals. Life is about manifesting there goals. So let's learn manifesting with Reiki today. No matter where you are today, no matter who you are,  you can change your life. The change begins with "You" and Reiki can help you. Outside your conscious awareness, there is a power of manifestation created by your mind. Reiki can enhance this power.It's just like being a wizard. Having a goal of helping someone is good while having a goal of taking revenge on someone is bad. Reiki is being a 'GOOD wizard' and manifesting your desires.Your wishes may be materialistic, aesthetic, intellectual or spiritual. The procedure of achieving them is almost the ... Read more
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Distance Reiki for Healing RelationshipsThe word 'Distance Reiki' directly leads us to the distance Reiki symbol, 'Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen'. All Reiki practitioner who have completed Reiki second degree have been attuned to the power of this symbol. This symbol has the power to heal beyond time and space. This means you can heal someone even if they are in another city. In the first degree of Reiki we can heal at physical level and in the 2nd degree of Reiki we can even heal at mental and emotional level as well as distance healing. You can heal your past, present and you can send healing for the future. Many times I have done distance Reiki for my students who were scheduled to go for an intervi... Read more
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In the Japanese language 'Rei' means universe and 'Ki' means energy. Reiki we cannot see, but which actually operates the entire universe. The Yajurveda says, "Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde" Which means human body and the universe are inter-related and homologous.Money is a form of energy and hence when you hold any negative or limiting thoughts in your mind, you create a blockage in the flow of money. These negative thoughts are like dunes or swamp in someone's life which will keep pulling a person  deeper inside.Take these powerful steps for healing money blocks with Reiki:First of all, clear your mind from all limiting and negative thoughts and appreciate w... Read more
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Reiki courses in BasingstokeNalanda Reiki Center is happy to announce Reiki courses in Basingstoke, Buckinghamsire & Berkshire in the UK. Reiki is a natural healing art. Those who believe in natural living are easily attracted to Reiki. The purpose of Nalanda Reiki Center is to create powerful healers and Reiki Masters all over the world and make this planat a healthy and happy place for all its inhabitants.Reiki is beautiful because from the very first level of Reiki you gain the ability to heal yourself and your loved ones by gentle touch. Reiki relaxes your body and calms your mind. You can feel the effects of Reiki immediately. This is the reason why it is becoming so ... Read more
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Reiki Healing CrisisReiki healing crisis can be experienced by some first time Reiki clients or some new Reiki practitioners. The Reiki energy flows into the body and heals us at all levels, including the physical, mental and spiritual level. During Reiki healing toxins are released from the body and this can cause loose motions or vomiting. When someone is taking Reiki treatment in some cases it seems that the symptoms are increasing. This is known due to the healing crisis. We should not be discouraged by this. Reiki practitioner as well as for the person who is taking healing need to have patience. This is perfectly normal. Reiki healing crisis can also be experienced by few people immedi... Read more
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Reiki for Stomach Pain Today I want to share with you a Reiki healing success story. One month back I received a call form a young lady who had learnt Reiki more than 10 years back. She wanted to know if she can use Reiki for chronic stomach pain that she was experiencing since many months. When she had learned Reiki some years back, she had done her Reiki practice for 21 days. After that she had used Reiki on several occasions with good results. But as time passed her Reiki practice was less frequent. Then she got busy in her career and there was a long gap in her Reiki practice. She had forgotten almost everything.What was the cause of her stomach pain?She was having stomach pain since man... Read more
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Benefits of Distance HealingToday lets a talk about the benefits of Reiki distance healing. We all know that Reiki can be the given with the hands on technique. Any Reiki first degree practitioner can do that. Reiki can also has given in distance to people who are at a different location or in a different city. This can be done by anybody who has done the second level of Reiki or third level of Reiki as well as Reiki masters. The benefits of Reiki distance healing is that it can be given to anyone in any times zone. Reiki distance healing is a very powerful way of energizing someone with Reiki.Reiki distance healing can be used to:To heal a situation in which a person is currently in To heal... Read more
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Reiki in Melbourne AustraliaNalanda Reiki center is proud to present Reiki training in Australia. We are starting with Reiki 1st degree course on the coming on Sunday in Melbourne Australia. The Reiki 1st degree course you learn how to heal yourself and other with hands on healing.You will be attunement to Reiki in the Reiki 1st degree course.Reiki 1st degree course in MelbourneIn the Reiki 1st degree course you learn what is Reiki?What are some of the benefits of Reiki? What is the history behind Reiki? What are the principal of Reiki? What are the way in which you can heal yourself? How to heal your Chakras?Information about Chakras system. You will also learn how ... Read more
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