Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
HbA1c. How many of us know exactly what this means?Now all standard Diabetes centers, Hospitals and Clinicians have started recommending this test for their Diabetic patients. It would be apt to say that HbA1c is considered a gold standard investigation for diagnosis , Treatment and Followup of Diabetic patients. So what is HbA1c? It is a blood test which will give you an average sugar control for the past three months. It is otherwise called Glycated Hemoglobin or Glycosylated haemoglobin or glyycohemoglobin. This Glycated Hemoglobincomprises of HbA1c, HbA1a, HbA1b, HbS,HbC and HbF. HbA1c is more specific among the other mentioned components.HbA1c has been used in many internation... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
This is a common condition seen in males of all ages.Prostatitis means infection of the prostrate. But in reality only a very small percentage of cases of prostatitis are due to infection.Prostatitis can be clinically classified asAcute bacterial prostatitisChronic bacterial prostatitisChronic Non bacterial prostatitis / Chronic Pelvic pain SyndromeAcute cases present like typical urinary tract infection with High grade fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and burning sensation while passing urine. urine culture might reveal the offending organism. But in Chronic Prostatitis the symptoms are very very mild and may persist for years before the patient seeks medical attention.Often urine culture is... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Green Tea is a recent addition to our menu. Green Tea is associated with lot of hype regarding its health benefits. There have been very few published reports confirming the health benefits.Some of these includeWeight lossStomach disordersHeadachesOsteoporosisDiabetesSkin damage (sun burn)It is said that green tea retains higher concentration molecules called polyphenols which is responsible for its beneficial effects.Green tea is likely to be safe for most adults. But too much of green tea can be harmful.  It can cause side effects because of the caffeine. These side effects can range from mild to serious and include headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, irritabili... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Oats were defined as "eaten by people in Scotland, but fit only for horses in England." The Scotsman's retort to this is, "That's why England has such good horses, and Scotland has such fine men!"Oats is a recent addition to our menu. Oats is a European and North American crop. It was not considered as important as wheat or barley in the olden days. Oats were mostly weed like plants. It is said that Oats were first brought to North America with other grains in 1602 and planted on the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Massachusetts. As early as 1786, George Washington sowed 580 acres to oats. By the 1860s and 1870s, the westward shift of oat acreage in the United States had moved into the mi... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
This came at the most perfect time for me. I had just been thinking of writing a blog post about Medical Second Opinion. Geetha Padmanabhan apporached for my views on second opinion..The ResultJust a second! - The HinduI appreciate The Hindu for their futuristic thinking.I specially thank Geetha Padmanabhan for handling this topic elegantly.... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
November 14th…. Things that come to our mind – CHILDRENS DAY -HOLIDAYOther minor things that happened on this day 1922 – The BBC begins radio service in the United Kingdom1967 – American physicist Theodore Maiman is given a patent for his ruby laser systems, the world's first laser.2001 – War in Afghanistan: Afghan Northern Alliance fighters take over the capital Kabul. 2003 – Astronomers Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinowitz discover 90377 Sedna, a Trans-Neptunian object. 2008 – The first G-20 economic summit opens in Washington, D.C. 2010 – Germany's Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing wins ... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
One of the major reasons for increased medical problems is ObesityThere are many ways in which a person can lose weight. Results may vary depending on diet and physical activity.When it comes to safer medicines to tackle obesity one name stands out among various pharmacological agents available"ORLISTAT"The original product introduced was XENICALin India this drug is sold in various names. Here is the list of them....COBESE, JM-SLIM,LIPOCUT,LIPOPHAGE,OBELIT, OBETY,OBFREE,OLISAT, ORLE,ORLEAN, ORLICA,ORLID, ORLIFE,ORLIMAC, ORLISS, REESHAPE, TROYSLIM,VYFAT, ZEROFATWhat is this drug??Orlistat is a drug designed to treat obesity. It isalso known as tetrahydrolipstatin.  It is marketed as a p... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Diabetes has increased 10times in the last 30 years. This is according to Chennai Urban Rural epidemiology Study (CURES). This study has been conducted by involving over 26000 people and it shows a pretty alarming trend in the urban population. This study found out that 20% of people above the age of 20 were diabetic. It also throws light on the declining lifestyle among urban population in Chennai. The study also states then 58% of population above the age of 55 are diabetic. This means whatever you earn you spend on diabetes during your retirement... sad! CURES was launched by Chennai-based Madras Diabetic ResearchFoundation (MDRF) in 2001 and the research is on-going. The study also state... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
The US-FDA  has cracked down on  alternative or natural treatment for diabetes, including ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies. Fifteen companies in the US, including some that procure alternative diabetes medications from India, have been warned by the FDA, asking them to stop sale in the US claiming to treat, cure, and prevent diabetes.Foreign and domestic companies whose products claiming to mitigate, treat, cure or prevent diabetes and related complications, were sold online and in retail stores have been asked to tell FDA  within 15 days how they will correct the violations.The FDA has also advised consumers not to use these or similar products because they... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Pioglitazone finally had some supporters.Here is an article from HINDU Govt should reconsider ban on diabetes drug, say doctors | Business LineINDIAN EXPRESSBan on anti-diabetes drug pioglitazone shocks doctorsZEE NEWSDoctors flay blanket ban on diabetes drug PioglitazoneMUMBAI MIRRORChoice before diabetics: Painful insulin or costly but less-effective drugsSAKAL TIMESDiabetes expert demands withdrawal of ban on pioglitazonewith the way our cost of medication is going up drugs like these should not be banned. I sincerely feel Pioglitazone needs a second chance in the Indian market.... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
THREE DRUGS TO FACE THE GUILLOTINE TODAY1) PIOGLITAZONE2)ANALGIN3) DEANXIT..I personally feel pioglitazone deserves a chance. every drug has side effects. To suggest it with caution is the Doctor's responsibility. Newer drugs are hard to come by these days.The ones that come are pretty costly. How will a middle class patient survive? Hopefully government reconsiders this decision.... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Many of our Patients are on insulin. The most common reason why insulin does not control blood sugar is that we do not understand the dynamics of insulin. Here I have put a concise format so that everybody can understand which insulins has to be taken when....Insulin preparationGeneric nameOnsetPeakDurationRapid-actingInsulin Aspart5-10 minutes1-3 hrs3-5 hrsInsulin Lispro< 15 minutes½-1½ hrs2-4 hrsInsulin Glulisine< 15 minutes½-1½ hrs1-2½ hrsShort-actingRegular½-1 hr2-3 hrs3-6 hrsIntermediate- actingNPH2-4 hrs4-10 hrs10-16 hrsLong-actingInsulin Glargine1 hrNo peak24 hrsDetemir1-2 hrsNo peak6-23 hrs, depending on doseCombinations70% NPH +30% Regular½-1 hrThere are2 peaks: 2-3 h... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
One small question to all of you.. All of us follow western  guidelines for treatment of Indian patients. Will western guidelines match the profile of Indian patients? Why we don't have guidelines for many diseases in India. What is preventing us from developing our own guidelines? What's your opinion?Note- I am not against guideline from another country. It's my humble opinion that blindly following guidelines will not be appropriate. Docs tend to do so.. guidelines should match our population, eating patterns, BMI, climatic conditions etc etc....... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Long standing Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes affects the motility of gastrointestinal and genito-urinary tracts. Patients may present with symptoms like Gastrointestinal Delayed emptying of stomachAnorexiaNauseaVomitingEarly satietyAbdominal bloatingAltered small & large bowel motilityConstipationDiarrhoeaGenitourinary symptomsCystopathyInability to sense full bladderFailure to void completelyIncontinenceRecurrent urinary tract infectionErectile dysfunctionFailure to sustain erectionReterograde ejaculationFemale sexual dysfunctionReduced sexual desireDyspareuniaReduced vaginal lubricationTREATMENTCONTROL BLOOD SUGARSSMALLER FREQUENT MEALSDRUGS TO INCREASE MOTILITY OF INTESTINE (CONSULT YOU... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Hello everybody!Hope you all are enjoying life!Over the past 3years I have written my small bit about Diabetes. I have written about Diabetes, Its Manifestations, Complications, Treatment options and also about the drugs and devices we can expect in future. But we live in an era of prevention it’s a crime if I don’t talk about it.Diabetes cannot be cured but can surely be prevented!!!Why talk about prevention?In the city where I live around 20% people are diabetics. That’s close to 1.2million diabetics in the City of Chennai alone. Out of this big number approximately 50% will be taking treatment and only 50% of these patients will be on regular treatment.  I feel that this number... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
 Canagliflozin - This new compound has been recently approved by FDA for use in Diabetes.Technically speaking it’s a Selective sodium-glucose transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor. This group of drugs are considered to provide a novel approach to treatment of Diabetes. So what do these drugs do?To put in very simple terms these drugs reduce the tolerability of kidney to sugar in the system so more amount of sugar is excreted in the urine thereby reducing the levels of glucose in the blood.Many molecules are under research and some of them have reached the stage of clinical trialsTo name a fewRemogliflozin  Sergliflozin DapagliflozinMany other molecules are yet to be named...T... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
HI ALL,I am very happy to share with you all that i will be posting my Microbiology related posts in my blog named "LITTLE ONES AROUND US"I thought that adding Microbiology to this site would dilute the whole purpose of this blog (TO CONCENTERATE FULLY ON DIABETES AND ITS RELATED ASPECTS)Hope you all will give the same love and support to my new blog as well!!Dr.Riyaz Sheriff... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Eating chocolates spoils your blood sugar control!!True!But there is one kind of chocolate that will benefit you..THE DARK CHOCOLATEAdvantagesDark chocolate contains 70-80% cocoaGood source of antioxidantsImproves blood flowHelps in release of endorphins, makes you feel happyHelps reduce insulin resistanceHardens tooth enamelRich in vitamins and mineralsDark chocolate has many benefits but is also rich in fat.... So careful with the quantity!... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Hi all,Maybe a year back I had put up a post on Non invasive glucometer of the future. It’s every patient’s dream to check his blood sugars without pain. We, doctors would always be happy to provide such a painless option to the patient. It would also help us in better treatment. There are so many companies trying different technologies for non invasive measurement of blood sugars. Finally I found one which sounds promising. I felt it’s worth a share with you people.This particular glucometer is from a company called Grove instruments. The device uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to read the Blood Glucose Level. For the device to function properly and give accurate readings, the gr... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
The Guy's RulesAt last a guy has taken the time to write down this all Finally, the guys' side of the story. We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!1. Men ARE not mind reader1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.1. Crying is blackmail.1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!1. Yes and No are perfectly Acceptable answers to almost every question.1. Come to us with a problem only If you want help solving it. That's what we do... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
Hi all,Every time i sit to write something on my blog i think of my experiences with my patients.. Later on i started to wonder what patients might be thinking about doctors. i wanted some patient to just come forward and tell or rather write.. This was made possible after i joined Indiblogger. Indiblogger gave me a chance to see thousands of bloggers all over india.. I was surprised to see the number of bloggers in india.. I started attaching my posts and while working on Indiblogger i came across various blogs, different topics, different ways of looking at life... The experience was thrilling! Thanks Indiblogger! We, Doctors generally see that patients above 60 years are depressed ab... Read more
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Blogger: Dr.Riyaz
A - வரிசைAPPLE - அரத்திப்பழம், குமளிப்பழம்APRICOT - சர்க்கரை பாதாமிAVOCADO - வெண்ணைப் பழம்B - வரிசை      BANANA - வாழைப்பழம்BELL FRUIT - பஞ்சலிப்பழம்BILBERRY - அவுரிநெல்லிBLACK CURRANT - கருந்திராட்சை, கருங்கொடிமுந்திரிBLACKBERRY - நாகப்பழம்BLUEBERRY - அவுரிநெல்லிBITTER WATERMELON - கெச்சிBREADFRUIT - சீமைப்பலா, ஈரப்பலாC - வரிசைCANTALO... Read more
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