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Yes, I know miss 2 days in between and I shouldn’t have done that. My friend lost her father and I had to attend the funeral. The most toughest task is to go stand there and pretend to be strong. I hate funerals, I refrain from going to the funerals as much as I can. But well, who really loves funerals ? They remind me of the people I have lost, the people I wish I could bring back from the other side. I can already imagine them being so proud of me seeing where I am today. Its going to take me a while to snap out of this phase, so I am going to go ahead and review the book of the day. I didn’t read it today, I actually read this one a long time ago and this is one of my favourit... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
I bought this book by Spencer Johnson a few months back while scanning a book store. And I must say I regret not reading it before. This has been such a delightful read. It motivates you without even you knowing it. Such a sweet simple story and yet with so much to say.  Its a story that changes your outlook towards life. About how easy it is to change situations in life just by changing your outlook about life. It really inspired me to a large extent. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a fresh start. Also, I am looking forward to read more from this author. I am very tired today and very sad. I had a 12 hour train journey and I was surprised to find my ex in the same coach as me.... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
I was supposed to pick up a murder mystery novel today but I wasn’t feeling so good, so reading about dead bodies and blood was out of question. The Dating Detox is written by Gemma Burgess, who also wrote the last book I reviewed – A Girl Like You. This book is about a 28 year old girl Sass who is sick of dating the wrong guys and waiting for the right guy to turn up. After a series of failed relationships she realises she has never been single in this whole decade. So, she takes a wild, impromptu decision to stop dating for the next 6 months – no flirting , no guy friends and no strings attached. But as they say the universe has a very weird sense of humour, the more you ... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
I wanted to read a light, fun book today and I came across this one by Gemma Burgess.  This is a story about Abigail Woods, who after breaking up with his long time boyfriend has to move in with a new friend Robert because she has no place to live. Within no time they become the closest friends and the book depicts Abigail and Rob’s friendship in such a flawless and commendable way that you are left ‘aww-ing’ all the time. Robert teaches her all the rules of dating and how to make guys swarm around you.  Before they know it, they are in love but its so difficult to tell when you are close friends and see each other everyday. This actually made me question the fundamentals... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
…its only small stuff This book by Richard Carlson was recommended to me by my best friend last year. She went on and on about how enlightening this was and how it changed her outlook. And me being me, thought she was just exaggerating and may be was drunk while reading it. Well last month, I saw it on discount on a website and bought it and I still regret not buying it any sooner. This is such a positive book. It makes you see only the good things in life. It makes you realize whining about the little things in life is just a waste of time and emotions. I have had some bad couple of months and it left me disheartened, but while reading this book I realized that sometimes things just h... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
I couldn’t be more happier today. Finally, I am free from all the studies and all the exams.( Ofcourse there are semester exams, but seriously, who cares ? :P) I have been thinking about this one thing from very long but I didn’t have enough time to do it. Starting from tomorrow, I am going to read 30 books in 30 days and review them all here everyday. I love reading books, and when I do, I like to read them cover to cover. Unless they are really bad or intolerable.  I am going to read a lot of different genres – Thriller, Romance and even the Self Help ones. So please, please put in some suggestions. I would love to know about your favourite novels and authors    PS :... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
This post will probably be a futile attempt to calm my nerves down.   Remember when people realized more paper means more deforestation and how it was giving rise to global warming ? And then someone intelligent came up with idea of ‘online’ tests instead of paper test. They advocated how good it was, how fast and how efficient. Well newsflash, they are not good and they are definitely devastating for human nervous system. You know how difficult it is to give an exam when you know you will have your scores in your hand as soon as you finish the test ? Kapil Sibbal made boards optional because they were stressing out the kids in the school to a great extend but what about the big... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Hello everyone ! (If you even remember me ? ) I know I have been M.I.A since long and totally ignoring this blog but I come in with blazing excuses. Remember how I told you I have some exams and an interview ? Well, I nailed the interview and I got the first job offer of my life in one of India’s biggest companies. It certainly has a ring to it and it definitely feels good !  I am still a student, I will be joining (if I decide to join) in July next year after my college completes. Though I might not join it, I want to pursue higher studies but that depends on my next exam on the 6th.  So yes, lets see. I have no idea whats going to happen. I am just hoping for the best. How was you... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
We all get irritated everyday for a million reasons- that person who cuts the line just because she thinks she is a queen and she can’t wait, or that auto rikshaw driver that charges exorbitantly after noticing you can’t walk properly and you have no other option, or that intolerable ‘friend’ who only talks to you when she needs something. We have all been there, wishing our lives could be like it was before or something better. Hating every moment and labelling the day as the ‘worst’ of all. But if I ask myself how this small thing would affect me in a year from now, the answer is in no way at all ! Hell, they wouldn’t even matter from a month from ... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
    Girl : Why are you staring at me ? Boy: No, I am not ! You have ink on your forehead Girl: Oh! (takes out her compact mirror)  There is nothing on my face, you liar ! Boy : Oh well, my bad. I guess it just disappeared  Girl : Listen, I don’t know you, we are just strangers on a 15 hour flight. So stop bothering me for heaven’s sake   Two minutes later… Girl : Why are you still staring at me ? Boy : Your eyes are all swollen. Why did you cry ? Girl : And why exactly do you care ? Boy : Because..I don’t know. I am just sad by looking at the sorrow in your eyes. We are probably never going to meet again, so why don’t you tell me everything and take it off ... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
We all have those ‘guilty pleasure’ TV shows we watch that we don’t want anyone to know about. When I am really sad and depressed, I dig into my favourite chocolate brownie fudge ice cream and watch my favourite (read weird and crazy TV shows) . I believe I am the only one who watches these stupid shows and that’s why I am posting this, I want to know if anyone of you like these shows too and I am not a crazy single girl. Toddlers And Tiaras This is my latest obsession! As you can guess by the name, its a reality show, all about little girls’s beauty pageants. I know, I know..we shouldn’t judge little kids based on their beauty but its so friggin enterta... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Remember how in the previous post I mentioned I was taking a very important exam on 4th ? Well, I FAILED.  The passing percentage was 61% and I got 59%, which basically means I failed by ONE question. One single stupid question. The night before my exam, I sprained my neck somehow and I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of the pain. The doctor thinks it might be spondylitis ( It is hereditary in my family) . May be if I wasn’t that sleepy during the exam, I would have got that one question right but then, we all have our coulda,woulda,shoulda moments After crying about it for an hour, going out for dinner with my girlfriends and playing cards with them for the whole night,... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Tensed and freaked out don’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. Its like, whatever I for the past 3 years boils down to this very point. Well, actually 3 points – 4th October, 18th October and 6th November.  I don’t want to do to prove anyone anything. I know even if I mess it up (But, I won’t, right ? ) , things will still be okay. But I have had my part of sufferings, I have had my part of darkness and this is it. I need to see that light at the end of the tunnel that everyone keeps talking about because I have worked hard for it.  I need it for myself, to convince myself that when you really put in your everything, you eventually get what you want. And ... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
And nobody said it would be. We often put ourselves in difficult position by building up a ‘mental snowball’ in our heads (You know how you overthink everything to the point that you can’t sleep at nights ? ) And then there are times when we are too hard on ourselves for not being more successful, for not earning more or for just not getting better grades.  I remember finding my roommate in tears when our result was declared. She was crying because she got a 7.8 GPA instead of the expected 8+ GPA (PS – I had 6.5 GPA :/ ) I didn’t know whether to calm her or throw her down the window. In life, you will always and always want something more. You can go to the ric... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
May be its the frustration of just sitting in my room everyday because of the ligament injury or may be its just me but I have been falling pretty hard lately. Things weren’t supposed to be so mashed up, I planned every thing through. In fact I think I planned so much that I left no space for the unimaginable to happen. The next 41 days are probably the most crucial of my life, if I make through it I would never have to worry about anything at least for about a year. There are three exams, well three exams and an interview to be exact. And I need it bad, not to prove anyone wrong or anything but to prove it to myself, that I am worth it. And all these troubles I went through were worth... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Miss Carrie Bradshaw once raised a very controversial question- “Do women just want to be rescued ?” Since we were small, we were told stories about how a boy – a knight with his shining armour would come on his white horse to rescue us and then we would live happily ever after. But, and this is a big but, its 2013 ! And all I see around me are black and white cows with no good looking men on them. Well, to be fair, my knight is miles away from me. He doesn’t have a big kingdom and unlimited wealth but works for a big shot multi national company. He has a laptop as his shining armour and has traded his white horse with a swanky black Royal Enfield. We talk / skype for... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
I had like to formally announce that from now on I am officially done with whining and crying about things that are out of my control. Things happens, things get crazy sometimes. But the best you can do is let all the fear go and keep moving forward like nothing happened. Because that is what survivors do. And that is what I am going to do. Now, I have lost a lot of time in feeling bad about myself and making others feel bad about myself. I remember my best friend sending me text asking me why I am such a pessimist and why can’t I look at the brighter side of the whole situation. The worst part of it all was that he was absolutely right. So from today, I am letting go of all the fear a... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Remember how your mother always said you were too young  (or in my case, too stupid) to wear heels ? Well it turns out, she was right all along ! Being 5’1, I have never worn heels. Partly because my feet are too small, I hardly find a nice pair in my size and partly because I have this tendency to fall in public places (In my defence, the gravity is just too strong at a lot of places around me.) You can name any famous public place in my city and I must have fallen there at least once. And that is why I always made sure I had comfortable shoes. So that, even if I slip, I can easily balance myself. But last month I saw these gorgeous 5 inch wedges which refused to leave my mind. I li... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Things are still not turning up the way I wanted them to be. May be I should just stop expecting anything and then may be I will feel a little better ? I have this really thick guilty bone in my body. Whenever I think I did something wrong either intentionally or unintentionally it keeps pinching me. There have been so many times where I couldn’t sleep because I felt so bad about everything.  I just don’t know what I am doing so wrong. Others have it so easy. But me ? I could never have anything the easy way. And I hate it ! I am not jealous of other people, I know I am a class apart but shouldn’t class apart people be at a better place ? This is how my vision is right now... Read more
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Blogger: Ria
Sometimes life tests you in the most precarious ways. And even when you think you have all the reinforcements you could ever need, it will hurt you like you took a spontaneous free fall. No matter how high you try to keep your spirits, there will be times when you crumble down against the problems and give in. But thats where the difference lies – you can either accept your defeat or keep pushing yourself to get what you want. Because someone once told me, “Its never too late”. I was supposed to give an exam last month, but for that I needed my passport. My old one was already expired and lost. Even after 7 visits to the Passport Office and applying for it in Tatkal, it did... Read more
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