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     I have often observed this that whenever I went to the local shops to buy some home appliance product, the sellers suggests to buy some unknown local brand's product instead of well known brands. It happens not only with me, but with other buyers also who come in the shop to purchase some well known brand's product but the seller sells them some local brand's product. I saw it happens in case of purchase of coolers, washing machines, mixers, flour mill, gas stoves, etc. in number of local shops. The buyers who are coming after reading some advertisement and fixing some brand in their mind do not even get the chance to see those well known branded products in the shop, ins... Read more
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     I just saw the new interface of blogger. It looks so confusing and it is not easy to go to particular blog's page when you have number of blogs. It has become difficult to manage many blogs with this design. The new design is quite complicated and not comfortable for new bloggers. This design only helps in handling single blog easily. Maybe it suits more for use in mobile than in computer. But I am not satisfied with this changing interface. Why these people keep changing their designs so speedily? https://worldofvirtualwords.blogspot.in/ - by D.D. Copyright © Author of the posts - D. D. - All rights reserved. The images and posts and other media in this blog sho... Read more
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     It is quite late to post this article, but recently I am feeling irritated after watching some videos on social media. These videos are basically made by someone for entertainment but in those videos they are also trying to say something in a very very emotional way and viewers are becoming unnecessarily emotional after watching the videos and sharing those videos. Not only videos, but there are some images also with some emotional messages. Why I don't like these images and videos because some people share them and use them for a kind of emotional blackmailing of other people. In Marathi a special word - "Davaniy" is used for such videos and images in a mocking way based... Read more
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     The person who becomes your friend, talks with you in sweet manner, speaks reassuringly when you are in trouble for first time, you trust that person. You seek help from that person. You think that person is your close friend. Then the behaviour of that person starts to change slowly and slowly. You feel it strange, but try to convince yourself, that it is nothing but the communication gap between you and your close friend. Then after some time something happens and you go away from that person due to your personal reasons, but you still want to continue your friendship with your close friend, though the contact between you and your friend becomes less and less ... Read more
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     It is very strange for me, but it looks like that I have became a special blogger in the eyes of some of my readers and they think that my blog must be read immediately after publishing the post on it. Yes it is a case with my other blog, on which I published a series of posts based on my travel experience. On that blog I noticed bunch of readers gathered on my blog within a minute after publishing a post on the blog. Within that time, that post was not even visible on feed reader of many blog aggregator websites. Neither that minute was sufficient for me to copy the link of that post and copy the title and some text and publish it on social websites like facebook, google... Read more
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     It is an incredible story of resilience and determination of Super Singh for whom nothing seems to be impossible in-spite of his disabilities and now it is time for us to help him accomplish his dreams of participating in Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017. Now "migme" is raising funds on its social entertainment platform for Super Singh.      This is the story of an athlete Super Singh, who didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of his dream. He left no stone upturned to cross all impediments and emerge as a winner.     He was born without hands, but his fascination for cycling started when he saw his s... Read more
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     I was reading an e-book from last three days because I wanted to review it. The e-book appeared to be quite decorative. The entire e-book was decorated with beautiful eye catching illustrations on its every page. The font was good and readable without changing any setting. But what about the content of the book?     While reading the first three chapters I was totally confused about the characters, but after fourth chapter the plot of the story and characters in it became quite clear. Then at some points I thought, that the story is taking the grip, but after some time the text lost its grip. Still I tried to read that, but the story was too flat filled wit... Read more
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Blogger: D D
     I always like to take information about new cars. Just now I have heard about this new car ‘Datsun redi-GO’. The company describes it as, “Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.”     After reading about this car’s features on its website what appealed to me most is its design of exterior and interior, the facilities provided for driving this car comfortably and its efficient performance giving features. Though these three things appealed to me most, this car is having other features also which differentiates it from other cars.      &nb... Read more
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     Now give your young ones the chance to show their hidden talent in athletics to become GAIL - Indian Speedstar.Image Source - auburnsolutions.com     For unearthing young talent across the length and breadth of India, GAIL (India) Limited and National Yuva Cooperative Society (NYCS) launched a grassroots athletics program GAIL Indian Speedstar on the 22nd of March 2016 at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. This focused grassroots program aims to create a pool of athletes with knack which will possibly bring honor for India in track events at the highest echelon of sporting events - the Olympics 2020/2024.Image Source - aubur... Read more
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     A good news for businesses, products and services - Now improve your business with content marketing. Indiblogger has launched IndiPR.com to help businesses with its Automated Influencer Targeting for their Content Marketing. Image Source - Indiblogger.inImage Source - Indiblogger.in     Indiblogger's self learning engine automatically targets right publishers for the press release of businesses, products and services.Image Source - Indiblogger.in     So it is very easy to share the content with the vast reach of Indiblogger's blogger members.       Let's see 'The new Press Release' of Indiblogger.Press Rele... Read more
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     Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence in which vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.     Music is having it’s own effect on listener which mainly depends on notes used for music and mood of listener. By hearing some musical pieces we feel happy, some musical pieces makes us feeling energetic, some musical pieces pacify our minds and some musical pieces gives us feel of sadness. I like to hear music, specially songs in movies or classical music or western music, but there is one song which is different than all other songs. In th... Read more
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     There is a village named ‘Kopargaon’ which is situated near the city. Though it is a village, it is well developed and having many modern facilities like that of city. But the area is still not much populated because there are many bungalows surrounding with lush green gardens. The incident happened in this village in a beautifully built two storied bungalow named ‘Ritugandh’, which was once owned by Neeraj and his wife Nirupa.     Neeraj was doing job in a company. After his promotion the company decided to sent him in another city for their business expansion. So Neeraj went there, but his wife Nirupa and his children remained in the Kopargaon. Ne... Read more
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     With the new technology our life is changing very fast. It is not only the lifestyle of human beings that is changed but the life of plants and animals also got affected by it. That is serious thing and unfortunately people do not think much on it.     For the development purpose plants are cut and the land under cultivation becomes less which is responsible for the pollution. That is only the effect about which most of the people knew something. But there are other effects also. When the number of trees become less it affects the number of sparrows in the city. Sparrows mostly feeds on caterpillar, insects and grains. When trees becomes less, they do not g... Read more
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     In this post I am going to discuss about use of music in Children’s literature which is especially Marathi Literature or some translated / original English Literature which I have read or heard about.     In case of children, listening of music starts when they are just some months old. Their parents, other family members sings ‘time to go to bed songs’ for them and by hearing them children sleeps peacefully. It is their first encounter with music.     When the children becomes some months old, parents told them the basic level’s children’s stories which do not have much meaning, but the words or similar words in those stories gets ... Read more
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     Now a days technology has improved so much and made our life easy, that it has significant effect on our perspective and even our perspectives are changing fast according to new technology.     In past some two hundred years before traveling to a long distance was a difficult task. In India there was fear of thugs who were not only doing robbery, but also taking lives of people that time. Later after the discovery of steam engine travel became fast and people started to travel to long distances more frequently. Now people in India not only use public transport, but also use private four wheeler vehicles for traveling. A very useful technology - the ‘Globa... Read more
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     The things which we see are having impact on our mind. What we experience is having impact on our mind. The things which are close to nature or the things which are part of the nature causes great impact on our mind.     While walking in hot Sunlight in month of May, in the rush of the city like Mumbai, we feel sweaty, tired, but when a fragrance of Jasmine flower – Mogara comes with a breeze of air, due to it’s fragrant impact we immediately feel refreshed. Fragrances have different impacts on our minds. Some fragrances makes us feel energetic, some fragrances makes us feel calm and peaceful, some fragrances are so concentrated that we can not tolerate... Read more
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     The spacecraft was going from one galaxy to other galaxy. Pruthu, the commander of the spacecraft had sent a message and called all his colleagues for the meeting. All of them were gathered in the central control room for the meeting. The situation was quite tense.     Pruthu shot a quick glance on all of them and started speaking, “I have called you here to make an announcement. You know all that our Planet Earth is in big danger and we have left our Planet Earth forever to take up our abode on a different planet and reside there forever. There are three planets in the galaxy Andromeda which are suitable for us to live. Now we have to finally decide on w... Read more
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Blogger: D D
     It is my dream to take walk in a beautiful jungle, the jungle full of colours, the jungle full of liveliness, the jungle full of greenery and mist, the jungle with music of birds, the jungle where wind flows through bamboos spreading melodious music, the jungle having swiftly flowing rivers which shines brightly with sunlight and at night looks silvery with twinkling stars and moon, the jungle with showering snowflakes, the jungle which is wild but there is no fear, no anxiousness, no worry but it is the jungle which gives me the peace of my mind and soul, the jungle which gives me the sense of completeness and fulfilment, the jungle which is the last stop of my life.&nbs... Read more
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     Reading is my hobby and in my childhood I got a chance to read all types stories and different ideological articles. But the greatest impact caused on me by the science fiction stories. I always liked science fiction stories. Some Marathi magazines specifically includes science fiction stories in their Diwali special editions. So whenever I get such Diwali special edition I always search first for science fiction stories in their index and read those stories first.     By reading such stories I was introduced to the names like Dr. Jayant Naralikar, Dr. Bal Phondake, Niranjan Ghate etc. And the magic of these names remained forever on my mind. Dr. Jayant Nar... Read more
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     This is an old story which happened twenty five years ago but still I smiles when I remember this incident. It is about a kid. Kids are kids after all, how much you tell them, advice them, they will just listen it and forget it while playing. Then you have to tell them again and again the things about which you are concerned most. Words are just words for the kids, most times which are not meant to be taken seriously.     It was Sunday afternoon in May and I was enjoying my college holidays. That day this kid came to my home who was bored because there was no one to play with him. Unfortunately there was only me and my mother in the home to give him company... Read more
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     Music is an integral part of lifestyle of Indian people. The end of last year – year 2015 was very musical for me. It was after many years I had gone to the theatre to watch the musical movie “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli”. Not only watching but also listening that movie was a very different, wonderful experience. The movie is based on Marathi musical drama, “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli” which remained a famous musical drama throughout it’s history due to it’s singers and music. It is having special place in the heart of people who likes to listen classical music.     The original story of drama is somewhat changed in the movie and there is also change of so... Read more
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     Recently in the second week of January I went to the Hurada party on a farm near Pune with a group of my close relatives. (Hurada - roasted newly riped Jawar grains.) There were many visitors just like us who also came there for enjoying Hurada party. But our group sat distantly in the shade of a big, old Tamarind tree. The tree was such a huge tree that it’s shade was sufficient to accommodate about hundred people below the tree and the position of Sun in the sky was such that there was shade below that huge tree for the entire day. The shade was so cool, that some of the people of our group immediately sat relaxed on the mat spread below that tree. In that shade we co... Read more
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     It is the freshness of the morning and brightness of the Sun which makes my morning cheerful. Waking at morning after a good sleep and then cleaning of body both gives the feeling of freshness. And when it comes to mouth cleaning, fresh breath with complete mouth cleaning and that too without any toothache are very important factors for the freshness of the mouth and with such a freshness every good morning turns into gold Morning. Yes! Gold Morning with Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold!     Yesterday morning I received a beautiful packet from Colgate containing Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold brush in a box with Golden goodies. The entire thing was so attractive th... Read more
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Fruity Sevai KheerIngredients -Sevai (i.e. wheat vermicelli) - 1 Cup (Cup of size 200 ml.)Sevai (i.e. Wheat Vermicelli)Milk - 4 Cups (i.e. total 800 ml.)Black Dates - 5Readymade Mango Pulp (evaporated and thickened) - 5 teaspoons - approximately 25 gMango Pulp evaporated and thickened - 25 g needed for recipeGhee - 1 Tablespoon to saute Sevai and 1/4th Teaspoon to saute Black DatesSugarfree Natura - 45 g (i.e. total 90 level spoons - by the spoon given in the bottle of Sugarfree Natura)Sugarfree Natura with level spoon given in bottleAlmonds and Cashews - 4 to 5 - for garnishingMethod -Remove the seeds in the Black Dates fruits.Add 1/4th teaspoon Ghee in a pan and turn the flame on... Read more
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     It is the zest of my life to drive a car in city like Mumbai. Yes you have heard it right, Mumbai! The city of Mumbai – the combination of good and bad! Mumbai is characterized by excellent highways as well as many short roads both sometimes full of traffic, sometimes free of traffic, the roads are sometimes in well condition giving experience of good driving, but sometimes the patchy roads are in repairing conditions giving you worst experience while driving! But one thing is sure, driving in Mumbai is quite well disciplined when compared to the driving in other cities in Maharashtra.     In Mumbai there are three well designed major roads which connects... Read more
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