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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
[..PREVIOUS] Practically, he did not have any answer to my questions. So I asked him to do the following – - Ask his sister to go through our blogs - Ask his mother and sister to approach at least three different women’s NGOs for help - Ask his mother and sister to organize protest rally and seek help […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
[..PREVIOUS] He called me again after one week. -So, you have gone through the two blogs? – I asked -Yes, interesting indeed. I did not know so many things. Actually I have never thought like this Partha. No one ever told me all these. -I didn’t see any question from you on my blog, so […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
He came to know through some of his FB friends about the help that we provide for men suffering from legal terrorism (terrorism from false 498a, DV, maintenance and many more different gender biased laws). It was like any other false 498a case where all the family members including his mother and sister were detained by police […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Shailesh Raj Koona – Hyderabad He was working in New Zealand and was leading a very happy life abroad. His blunder in life was to get married to a woman who was from a comparatively poorer family. Before his marriage, he didn’t realize that his NRI life and peace of mind was for a few days.He got married […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
(My reply to a viral video on rape) Today let me introduce you to some of India’s deadliest criminals, women who file false rape cases to ruin lives of men. Well, as you know in any rape case women are always considered as victims and so are true even in false rape cases. So even […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Have you demanded death penalty or any other cruel punishment for rape cases recently? Have you shared, commented, blogged, written stories, participated in debates to show how India has become the rape capital of the world? During your casual breaks or while travelling to places have you made ‘rape’ a big issue and the main […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Domestic Violence in India. Filed under: Feminism in India... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Child – the greatest treasure on the earth for any parent, but what happens when the child is snatched away from one parent forcefully by the legal system. It is mostly the fathers who has to bear the brunt of separation. Many a times on divorce, he is not even allowed to meet his child. Restraint orders […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
“Oh candlebearers of Delhi! Why should I be pushed to death? I have not committed any crime.” Unfortunately, no one has heard his plea when yet another man committed suicide (the news). People who created madness in Delhi last December, people who commented Delhi rape story, aggravated it, spread rumours, given drastic statements, demanded harshest punishments […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
One tree, one life In an era when human race is extremely concerned about environment, when we all think about our bleak future due to increasing pollution everywhere, this topic becomes of utmost importance. Even children today are aware about the importance of planting trees and protecting them. But the Go Green initiative includes much […]... Read more
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