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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Ever since I have heard of Journalist Leslee Udwin’s interview of Mukesh Singh (one of the criminals convicted of Nirbhaya case) I have been thinking why did she took interest in interviewing a rape convict. The journalist said that she wanted to show men’s mindset about rape and women. How shameful and demeaning that objective […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
For a good leader, anger and desire are his loyal servants; he displays them when required. The day these servants peep out without instruction from the master; that day marks the beginning of the end of the leadership.Filed under: Personal Tagged: Leadership, Ramayan quotes... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Only the inexperienced say that father is only a father. He is a protective father only initially, then he is s disciplining commander, then an encouraging teacher, then a transparent friend, then a respectable mentor, and then a dependent elder. Holding on to a past role is like holding on to a moving car.Filed under: […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Amnesty International is running a campaign for women safety in Social Media Week Bangalore (#SMWBangalore) and said in their presentation that “According to govt. data” (later they have clarified that it was according to NFHS survey of 2005-06) only 1% sexual crimes against women are reported. They have also claimed during their presentation in SMWBangalore […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Amnesty International is spreading huge misandry in the Social Media Week conference in Bangalore (SMWBangalore). In a campaign for women safety they are spreading lies like only 1% of rape cases in India are reported. They have drafted this petition (shown below) and asking the SMW attendees to sign and send that to Director General […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Indian men probably do not deserve any better treatment than they are getting today. This is because these men are treated the way they treat other men and hence set the expectation to be treated likewise. This became evident when recently these three feminist videos were made – I am not a woman Rape karo […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Whenever I come across any advertisement related to childcare, I have always seen mothers all over the ad. It creates an impression that a mother knows everything of a child and a father does not know anything about child rearing. Recently I came across this commercial from Pampers which is no different. If you see […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Probably there is no better time to talk about global sexodus than the Valentine’s Day time. The day that is celebrated worldwide as a day to celebrate love is equally important to discuss the problem of sexodus. For those who are not yet informed about this term this is referred to as increasing apathy of […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Now it is time for men to celebrate freedom and pamper themselves with new style. This is to remain confident and stay high in their self esteem and project their winner image. So today’s post is about an innovation for men that will encourage men to pamper themselves. We need to create our style statements […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
While I started analyzing India’s census data to understand India’s female foeticide and infanticide information, I have never realized what I was set to discover. My analysis shows that there is a probability that India’s census data is deliberately misrepresented to show poor gender ratio in young generation thus keeping the theory of female infanticide […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
A friend of mine once asked me why I was a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA). He also wanted to know if I have become an MRA because I harbour misogynist views because of my failed marriage and if my fellow MRAs are also a bunch of Misogynists. After a deep introspection, I replied that I […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
This half naked Chinese man is made to apologize to his wife in public for not handing over his entire wages to his wife. In China the tradition (not law) is the man handing over their entire salary to his wife. The wife of this man found out that he was keeping a portion of his […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
A social activist Sunitha Krishnan claimed to have received a gang rape video clip through watsapp transfer. She starts a campaign to shame the rapist. However, this campaign and series of events raise some serious questions. This article finds our why this campaign can't be trusted entirely.... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
This is written in protest against a recently released Hindi poem inviting Indian men to rape. The invitation part is verbatim from that viral video. I have broken up the original poem in parts and given the replies in parts – The Invitation आओ मेरा रेप करो! बसों में तो तुमसे डरती हूँ मंदिरों में करो; आश्रम में करो, भरे बाज़ार में करो. *** The Reply तो तुम सेक्स […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
A recent TOI article created huge gender stereotype and gender hatred. It has shown some bad habits as male only habit whereas these can be of anyone. No punishment to media for creating such gender stereotype is the main reason media keeps on doing the same and Indian men are unnecessarily vilified in all possible ways today.... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Indian MRM is nothing but a platform against law misuse. However, there are some important areas that need immediate attention. To save the life of our boys MRAs need to adopt orphan boys, to help old aged men, they need shelter homes for men and they need to help differently abled men in finding a respectful way in life. Without any step towards these activities, men's rights is not shaping up a complete movement.... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
It is a matter of concern that India’s Youth are losing their faith in Democracy. This startling fact was revealed in a recent survey by Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA). This survey results were published on 21st Januray, 2015 in Mumbai. This survey was aimed at understanding influences of formal education, socio economic factors, […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Beti Bachao or save the girl child campaign is a big campaign for the present BJP government in India. The need for this campaign was shown by showing a gender ratio of 919 girls every 1000 boys, between the age group of 0-6 years. Ministry of women and child development has recently suggested to legalize […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Our life has become ever more Stressful today. But here are some Innovations that can help us beat the Stress in life. These Innovations can really make life more beautiful and charming. Some of these Innovations are not yet in the market but I have found them out exclusively for my readers most of whom […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Bone of Contention Previous – Of Sex, Rape and False Rape This article is third in my Kamasutra series of exploring human sexuality. This article and the next will try to find out how we can find out our true love or whether there is something called a true love exists in the world. In […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Follow my blog with Bloglovin I came to know that survey major A C Nielson has conducted a survey for washing powder brand Ariel that shows some startling statistics about how women are treated unequal at home (this is how it is projected by Ariel). Well, I have only seen the survey results and know […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
Delhi election commission has announced Delhi assembly election for 2015. It will be held on 7th February in Delhi’s 70 constituencies. Going by the growing resentment among citizens over false accusations in women related crimes, law misuse will be a major determinant in this election. Even though so far men’s groups have failed to make […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
In a very hurried move after the mysterious death of Amit Bachhan, the techie from Dwarka, Delhi is said to have hanged himself and committed suicide, if we believe as report published in the ace media Times of India, on 5th January at 11 pm IST. The point to note here is Amit’s body was […]... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
In India number of cheating wives and adultery in matrimonial relations are increasing. Weak adultery laws and shame related to extra marital relations going away are the prime reasons. Many such wives deny sex to their husbands. This post deals with the action plan for such husbands.... Read more
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Blogger: Partha Sadhukhan
On Jan 4, 2015 a techie Amit Bachhan in Dwarka, Delhi found dead in his flat and his Shivani was found seriously injured. The Indian media projected the story as a crime by the techie who was a good person according to his friends and colleagues. Here is an insight into the incident as experts say this could have happened due to adultery. ... Read more
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