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Blogger: Sumanth
There are certain prerequisite for success .Apart from Talent,discipline and hardwork one key aspect is human relationships.And in this book "How to win friends and influence people" Dale Carnegie unleashes strategies to learn and imbibe the quality of developing Human relationsThis book has been lauded and appreciated by greats like 'Warren Buffet"Here are the principles covered in the bookFundamental techniques in handling people1.Don't criticise,condemn or complain2.Give honest and sincere appreciation3.Arouse in the other person an eager     wantSix ways to make people like you1.Become genuinely interested in other people2.Smile3.Remember that a person's name is to th... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
My mind has limited focus capabilitiesHow do I get stuff doneWhen you have captivatedAll my focus... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
She was silent Yet her eyes were spinning A beautiful storyHer eyes were staring mineIt looked soYet her eye's were weavingSome beautiful dreamsI lay there hopingTo play my role In manifestation of those dreamsIf not atleast I pray GodNot to fiddle with thoseTender beautiful dreams... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
I was like the mud,Just lying around scattered,Until you touched me like the rain,To turn me into "Petrichor"P.S. Petrichor is the smell you get when rain touches the ground.... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
If you feel chasing gals is difficult try dreams... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
The lady herself is in tripYet she trips this sober with her Impeccable flamboyance... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
She takes the drivers seatDriving me through the lanes of NostalgiaOnly to realize laterThat it was just Nostalgia... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
"I had this feeling that why is that things are not working for me.I have been putting effort and all but the moment I see my peers showcasing their achievements on social media I get depressed. Not that I don't appreciate their achievement but it makes me wonder why I am nt able to achieve those things which they are flaunting about.Whats the short coming in me and so on" How many of you have gone through these kind of feelings.Almost everyone at some point or the other isnt it...Those "when it will happen to me" moments when you see someone post about holidays,their new car their new achievement...etc.And then it so happens that you either self deprecate yourself or find something wrong wi... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
You give a glimpseAnd disappearYou find a cruel funPlaying with usOh "dream" y uso notoriousYou flirt with usAnd make you want moreAnd when we fallYou resume playing gamesOh 'dream' stop behavinglike a teengae galCommon now it's timeI have paid my dueYou gotcha meltAnd hold my handOh 'dream' be a good friendNow... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
No grief, no sorrowsNo war,no terror,No hunger,no povertyNo guns,no weaponsI dream of such a world That glows in peaceI dream of such a worldThats an epitome of loveWhere smiles residesWhere harmony reverbsWhere brotherhood persevers Where joy prospers I dream of such a world That glows in peaceI dream of such a worldThats an epitome of loveUnrealistic is my dream I knowBut there's a hope I carrySomeday we will get thrWhere peace and earth will marry               -Sumanth Naik... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Stressed was heBlinking his eyeKeying in IFs/ELsesNot knowing whyWorking long,for a damn promotion/onsite that hardly came byJust then Life/Love/PassionInfront of his eyes flashed byHe closed his laptop and headed homeRegretting the years that passed by.... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
I wonder if that Glowing flower know's it's fragranceWonder if theSpider is aware of its grit...I wonder if The bee knowsThe sweetness ofIt's honey. But hey , you are intelligent But I still wonder Y you doubt yourOwn potential....... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
All this while I believed That angels hold the beauty copyrightBut your elegant walk in the exotic sareeBusted the myth..                   -Sumanth... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
She gave a cute smile,And walked ahead for a while,With a hypnotic grace she then turned around,Leaving me expressionless and spellbound                ... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Meri sochbandhi haiTere ishqkedayyare seRahoon is ishq ki mehfil mein sadaKyunkijeene ki mehakati hai isiehsaas se..... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Jo dil me main jhakunTo ehsaas boleJo gaur se dekhunJazbaat boleKi tu hi hai manzarBaje Tere pyaar ki dhunHar nas nas meinYeh nagma bhi boleHar lafz meinKi tu hi hai safar... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
     Somehow things were not working for this Singer..He was doing everything rite.He was passionate ,hardworking .He didn't miss his daily practice..wrote songs regularly listened to the masters..But he was not able to win . Every time he went on stage his voice didn't support .resulting in an average performance...    With a head full of thoughts he came out ,for a fag..Watching the smoke coming out of cigarettes he was thinking what went wrong. Cigarette after Cigarette were lit but no solution was found..He thought this wasn't working ;no solution seemed to come out..Amidst too much frustration he threw the cigarette butt ,picked up his guitar and was ready to go... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Check out my Youtube project .A classical Folk Fusion Of an A R Rehman Song...(Ruth a gayi re)..If you loke it please share and subscribe. My Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/SumanthNaikMusic... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Hi ,    .I have made it to Finals of "Alive India Singing contest".If i win i will be performing along with  Arijith singh,Usha Uthup,mohd irfan,palak munchal.But the finals winner will be decided on  facebook votes.And i am running on very low votes.I need your help for the votes.Also if anyone of you could share this stuff on your blog or your twitter/Facebook page then  that would be great.Counting on my blogger&reader family for helpClick ON the following link  http://woobox.com/5455g9/d28rhj  CLick on "Sumanth" to vote below photo.Scroll to the bottom of page and then click Submit Choice"(Dont Forget to SUbmit ELse vote wont be ca... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
When I saw this Blogging contest about Rhymes and childhood stories  by Blogadda i was very Intrigued.I then started watching those videos,of Kids Hut.Man,what an experience it was.It was a straight time travel to my Childhood.It reminded me of my GrandMa who used to tell me all those stories in a picturesque way.We as kids didnt have access to IPads/Doremon/Chota Bheem .All we had was those cute morally rich stories told by my Grandma and others.These stories left us with great memories and great teachings..Let me share 2 such stories with youStory 1:-------- This story i still remember the way i read it in a story book with big fonts.It so happened that i was very much fascinated... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Babli is a cute girl .A very intelligent kid.Highly creative.A topper in almost all aspects in school.But somehow after 3rd standard she left the school.She prefers staying in her house than going to school.Not that she doesn't love education.She infact is enthusiastic to study and become a scientist..But when you talk about school its a big No No for her.          And when asked whats the reason she simply says one word "toilets".Bablis parents are not that rich ,so they enrolled her in a government School.But the school doesnt have any Toilets.And they have to setlle for Open Defecation.And for babli its a big no no because her dignity will be h... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
He was devastated.The spirit in him had become numb.Tears were not rolling from his eyes,yet he was crying.His tender heart was carrying a compounded wound..The world felt like an alien planet to him.In the big crowd..he sat in a corner like a loser.....              He had lost it.His dream was shattered.He had worked day and night with a monomaniacal focus just to acheive that.But somewhere something fell short.And he had lost that National Singing Finals.He had given up his job,all interests ,parties just to realise his beloved dream.He had spent days and nights composing,rehearsing;practising verse after verse line after li... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
           Yesterday I was watching Satyameva Jayate which was discussing about Some societal issue .Its indeed a magnificent show,that throws light on so many Issues.But that's not what I am going to talk about in thi s blogpost .I am going to talk about a thought that occured to me while watching it.                    If  "Satyameva Jayate" has become a program of such High Stature and Wide reach  its because of "Amir Khan".I agree that there is an efficient research team that works day and night to collect information and conceptualize each show,but if it was not Aaamir Khan it h... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
Scenario 1-----------------    1) There is a child  in neighborhood.He is too obese for his age.with a big stomach.He is not at all active.While his other Friends are out there are playing .He is just sitting at home infront  of tv./playing games..And owing to his obesity and inactivity he is always prone to one or the other disease.The immune system is very weak.The fitness level is very low.There is almost a doctor visit every 2 months...          Situation at his Home         -------------------          His parents are worried people.All th... Read more
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Blogger: Sumanth
  Lets go back in time in the 90s..Back then i was a school going kid .I used to stay in Office quarters along with my parents.Though the quarters were small it was lively.It was that period of time when neighbours new each other.In fact they knew every thing that was happening in your house.Rite from your percentage ,your affairs ,whom you had crush on.Everything info was available to the entire colony.Such closely knit people they were..       The same thing reflected in the way festivals were celebrated.Lets take for example Deepavali.On the occassion of Deepavali every patch of land infront of the house entrances was beaming with Rangolis-Colorful,artis... Read more
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