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There are 200 million users of Facebook those who have listed their relationship status as single. And this was the key factor to generate the idea of launching a dating service to find partners for them. So, it is no longer wait any more as the service expected to be launched very soon. Thus, the young and singles are on the target of Facebook. Pic Courtesy : huffingtonpost.inIt was noticed on last Monday that Facebook had testing with a new designed Facebook Landing page for some users. This new landing page had too much similarity with landing pages of many other dating sites. However, on Tuesday only the CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement at the Annual Develop... Read more
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Finally, now Sonam Kapoor can say it with proud and ecstasy "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo". Yes, the most speculated marriage from Bollywood after Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli has came to an end now. The most beautiful and fashionable diva of Bollywood tied knot today with the Delhi based businessman Anand Ahuja.Pic Courtesy : ndtv.comSonam Kapoor is a well known name in Bollywood and has got a most renowned family background too. Whereas, Anand Ahuja is a least known name till now. We may find many people asking "Who Is This Lucky Guy"? So, a brief introduction about Anand Ahuja is that he is a Delhi based business man. He is Managing Director of his family business Shahi Exports. Anand also... Read more
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According to the scientists of NASA within 24 to 48 hours entire world is going to affected by a massive Geomagnetic Solar Storm. The Satellite Scientists have expressed the fear of some serious impact of this Solar Storm as the world may face a partial blackout of all satellite based technologies like Mobile Phones, Internet and DTH. Pic Courtesy : livehindustantimes.comAs per news published in space.com the scientists of American Space Agency NASA has stated about the possibility as a big hole may be created in the upper layer of the atmosphere in the solar system and thus a huge amount of energy will hit the earth directly from the sun. According to NASA there are five categorie... Read more
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Countdown for Karnataka Assembly Election has begun and the Election Campaigns of political parties are going to be finished soon. Meanwhile, Ex Congress Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is going to address a public meeting in Karnataka. Today, on 8th May Prime Minister Narendra modi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi both will be addressing public meetings in Vijay Nagar, Karnataka. Pic Courtesy : The Financial Express PM Narendra Modi is leading the Election Campaign of BJP whereas Rahul Gandhi has taken the controls of campaign for INC in his hands which was found ineffective by most of the congress leaders of Karnataka and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has been called to enter in the campaign. H... Read more
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An AMBER ALERT was issued last Saturday Evening at 7 P.M. The Alert was sent in Mobile Phones In Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. This Alert was for two girls who were reported missing out of Los Angeles at around 3 A.M. In the alert public were asked to call 911 when and if they spot a black and purple Dodge Challenger with the California license plate 7WKZ957.Pic Courtesy : https://www.nhonews.com/news The Alert was called off at 8.30 P.M. when both of kidnapped girls were found safe. Name of these children were Kayleigh and Madison. The suspect was identified as 29 Year old Anthony Lee Gaines Jr.An AMBER Alert is America's Missing : Broadcast Emergency Response. ... Read more
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Since last few days the hottest trending brand on global social media has been a Denim Pant which has been unveiled by A LOS ANGELES based Leading Denim Brand CARMAR with a price tag of $168. A trending Fashion Statement, Dress or Accessory Which may barely be called as a cloth.CARMAR has named it "Extreme Cut Out" Jeans. Just have a look and decide who will dare to be bare with it. However, according to CARMAR it caters to "The Free Spirited Generation Of Today". Perhaps they're willing to define "The Future Of Fashion". Nevertheless, the debate is viral on social media about to rationality of this Dress(?) and the matter is being discussed at large. Many sarcastic and funny ... Read more
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A large number of male population is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now a days. Reasons may be different like Medical, Physical Or sometimes Psychological also. One must know what exactly happens which leads to Erectile Dysfunction in short which is referred as ED. Basically, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition when someone is unable to attain or maintain a proper erection in his penis (which is essential for a satisfactory penetration) thus leading to the sexual dissatisfaction for both of the partners.Pic Courtesy : https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19547035/erectile-dysfunction-myths/Most of the people suffering with this situation find it uncomfortable to discuss with their do... Read more
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Every summer when the scorching heat makes you crumbled and exhausted, a natural need is then a drink that restores energy and vigor instantly and lets you feel fresh and energetic. Thus for this summer offering some awesome cocktails which won't just keep you fresh all the summer but, will certainly make you feel cool and cozy with just a couple of pegs prepared with the caution to maintain the natural aroma and taste. Vodka Cocktails had been the choice of preference worldwide. Here are  few options you must like to try this summer.Pic Courtesy : https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/vodka-guide-primer-101/WooWooThis Cocktail is a nice variant of Sex On The Beach Cocktail w... Read more
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It may sound crazy but Sex On The Beach is the Name of a cocktail which is an official cocktail of IBA (International Bartender Association). This cocktail is mostly consumed in summer season as Sex On The Beach is a perfect combination of enriched flavors of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice and Cranberry juice.Pic Courtesy : https://villagecraftandcandle.com/sex-on-the-beachSex On The Beach is a cocktail which is having two general types of it:First type of Sex On The Beach is made from Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Juice and This is an Official Cocktail of International Bartenders Association.Whereas, the second type is made from V... Read more
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BURNING LOVEQuestion : What's The Definition Of "Burning Love" ?Answer : It's when at night you reach out for the Vaseline gel and pick up Vicks by mistake.Pic Courtesy : http://www.fullhdwpp.com/holidays/valentines-day/burning-love/                        www.pinterest.com... Read more
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VIAGRAQuestion : What's Unique With VIAGRA?Ans : All Medicines Have Side Effects, Only VIAGRA Has A Front Effect.Pic Courtesy : Google &                        http://www.menshealth.es/sexo/sexo-y-salud/articulo/Viagra-peligros-y-ventajas-de-tomar-la-pastilla-azul... Read more
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Google Asia Pacific Blog: Bringing the Internet to more Indians – starting with 10 million rail passengers a day... Read more
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Monsoon has arrived in most part of the country. Its not just raining waters all around. There is a hailstorm of offers and deals also on the web. Companies has opened their bags for the customers roaming around the web in search of a good offer and the most appropriate deal for the products they desire to buy. They name it  the season of SALE for most of the companies engaged in online retail. Let us have a look what are the offers and deals for you at Amazon!!! At Amazon Its looking like a celebration as their offer are mind storming and tempting enough. It is called End Of Season Sale at Amazon. Great Deals on Great Brands. Perhaps its the right time to buy a gizmo of your choic... Read more
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It seems that IRCTC has taken a serious note about the anguish of passengers willing to book an e-ticket during TATKAL hours of booking. A common problem was experienced that the website was either not opening properly during TATKAL hours or it was running so slow that booking of an e-ticket was almost a nightmare during the period. Though there were different school of thoughts regarding the problem. Some has stated it "as the website of IRCTC was so heavy that it experienced difficulty in functioning during busy hours like TATKAL due to excessive rush of users." Whereas some had an opinion that the "website was being hacked by the travel agents or brokers." What so ever was the reason but,... Read more
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A successful trial of high speed semi bullet train was performed today between Delhi to Agra. It gives an impression at a first glance that Indian Railway is now planning very seriously to break the image of  its orthodox stereotype trains running with a dependability upon the mercy and blessings of situation and available resources. It also seems that the Indian Government is determined now to  march step by step in the tune of achievement of World Class Status so far Indian Railway is concerned and this trial of today should be taken as a first step in the pursuit for excellence.Green Signal to the High Speed TrainTrial of this train was quite successful. The ... Read more
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A time immemorial trend in India is, trending with the trend. Remember, the trend when it was a a routine matter of debate 'Which is better Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage'? Prior to that there was another trend too 'To Marry or To Not Marry at all'which still is in practice and perhaps this 'LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP'is being advocated or accepted mostly by those class of people who earlier were finding it comfortable to stay alone or to not marry at all. Somehow, it has emerged as a really trending option which almost has received a social approval now a days. Before dealing with the issue it seems quite essential to understand whether any more option is also ava... Read more
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Have anyone ever came across an advertisement in any matrimony site or column stating that "seeking a virgin bride with intact hymen"? Perhaps! never ever! Why? Because, it is rubbish and ridiculous. Similarly it is rubbish to think even that it could be ever considered as a character certificate of a girl. Before making any consideration on this subject at least let us think that in which era we are living?However, it is from the time immemorial that a woman's virginity has been considered as her prized and precious possession which she was expected to offer to her husband with a great sense of pride. Cultures across the world have placed a high value on  a woman's virgi... Read more
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Its not just rising mercury, its rising heat, rising sunburns, rising rashes, rising itches, rising diseases, rising discomforts, rising expenses, rising crisis, rising abnormalities of life and the much important its rising risk of life many a times. Rising HeatIt is really not possible for every one to be equipped with luxurious and costly gizmos to beat the heat and keep you cool all the day and night. Its not only costly as well as its not environment friendly too. It is not possible and wise to be sole dependent of power consuming appliances to lead a comfortable life. The crisis during summer is growing now a days and it is a result of pollution caused and created b... Read more
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Gradually, day after day and a win after win in current T 20 Championship Team India has been able to make the nation expect once again which India loves to expect again and again. Just after few hours India is about to enter the field at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur. India is really eager to cherish the moment once again. Let's have some glimpses of those moments which India wishes to feel again.India was able to repeat the history once again in 2011 after winning ICC 2011 Championship.Team India was able to bag the first T 20 World Cup also in 2007 in South Africa by beating Pakistan in finals.Though, the team is quite capable and competent to win but we'll certainly... Read more
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It is just 30 days before when there was a post in this blog A K 49 : Power of a Common Man. where there was a mild yet blinking ray of hope as well as a message about the unpredictable and unconventional moves of AK which may potentially change the face of Indian politics. Meanwhile, a lot has happened which were enough to compel to re-think about the sanctity and dignity of AK and AAP.  Whether it was a matter of ticket distributions of candidates or leaking of a sting video of his interview to a television channel which apparently looked alike a fixed interview has enough potential to make one re-consider about the moral and ethics of AK and AAP. However, it is to... Read more
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India has witnessed a great political renovation in the name of AAM AADMI PARTY led by Arvind Kejriwal (A K), who had been able to belie all political speculations and grabbed 28 seats of Delhi Assembly during the last assembly elections. A K defeated Shiela Dixit with a historic margin of votes. Shiela Dixit was a ruling Chief Minister of Delhi since last 15 years. Whereas, A K was a new chum, who had entered into politics just two years back after shoving away a promising career as an IRS. A K sworn as Chief Minister of Delhi as a great surprise and nightmare to the political corridor. Media was astonished and forced to be engaged in decoding the denotati... Read more
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An image from googleSalaam, To all martyrs who lost their lives while saving the pride of the nation.And a final Namaste! To all such leaders who did not get ashamed while doing politics on their sacrifice.Salaam, To all soldiers who saved the lives of millions during every disaster without caring about the risk of perils for themselves.  And a shameful Namaste! To all those politicians who indulge to take credit for all such rescue and counting on the gains.Salaam, To the doctors who consider treatment and nursing of ailing mass as their prime religion (though a very few are there).And a hatred Namaste! To those who don't scruple even while selli... Read more
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Sexual violence or assault against women and children is an issue which has been reported since ancient era and around the globe. Surprisingly, victims are of both sexes. It has always been a varied perceptions and reciprocation time to time depending majorly upon its nature. It is observed quite often that while making such perceptions or reciprocation it is almost every time a matter of consideration that who is involved in the issue at both the sides. Whether it can make a news? Does it gets attention only if the status of either victim or the culprit is capable enough to make an issue of debate? With gratitude from yespunjab.comSince ancient times it is evident from history that a s... Read more
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Have you gone so ignorant that you don't remember your own promise?Lord KrishnaWe need you Krishna...We miss you Krishna...Draupadi is now being raped every day...You were committed to save her pride..."Dharma" is being auctioned every moment...You had promised to save its existence in every era...यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत। अभ्युथानम धर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम।।परित्राणाय साधुनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम।धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भ... Read more
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It is very episodic to narrate a situation before all conscious and vigilant intellectuals as well as before them also, those who never involve themselves in any relevant or irrelevant issues. And the situation begins with a question. Have you ever seen a street dog engrossed in crushing and chewing a rough and dry yet a totally waste piece of  bone? Hope, many of you have seen it. But, how many of you have ever noticed that what exactly happens during this entire process? Do you think that if that poor dog gets any food material or any nutrition from that waste bone? Or, does it satisfies any organic or biological need of that poor dog? Surprisingly, the answer for all such questions o... Read more
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