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Its the day of love...Where promises are made getting swayed by cupid's powers....Yet I am not controlled, coz am anchored to u.What we had, n what we have....Are two unbelievable stories....?One was u, n the other, a bitter reality.Looking back, I can only see thy smiles....Coz you hid your pain under those thick blankets of care...And yet, it never bothered me...what u seek.Funny when I see when couples fight.Its a blessing, that they two still stand...Facing each other.The pain of separation is what u must not seek...An eternity of heartache is all that awaits...I wish not to see what happens next.Live thy love....Coz once someone said "Love. Trust. Respect."...Aint different but the same... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Emotional Sachin battles past tears!       photo courtesy: http://sports.ndtv.comSachin made 74 yesterday! Probably for the last time we saw him bat! He has achieved almost everything in his carrier! Statistically he is the best batsman of all time! Technically he was the best! Almost every batting record to his name! But the most important thing he achieved in his carrier was the respect and love of the opponents and fans! Probably the most popular player of all time! Sachin didn't only play cricket but he gave us millions of memories and endless reasons to celebrate! Carried on the burden of ENTIRE NATION for 24 long years! He was a star right from his 1st tou... Read more
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I remember while traversing through the alleys of Marwari Pati (read Naya Sarak) in Cuttack next to the Marwari High School next to Binod Behari Market famous for the fish market and fresh vegetables. My uncle used take me in the rickshaw the pollution free vehicle. While enjoying the cool breeze in the evening he used to stop the rickshaw in between to have the fun of ‘Ganthia’, ordered to the thickness as per my wish ‘Seio’ as per our wish of the length and finally the kulfi with ‘Faluda’. After doing so much research on food I have come to the conclusion that we are well acquainted with pasta, noodles but with a very different medium of chickpeas. On a idyllic afternoon w... Read more
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 I love youBut you don’t knowI love youBut you can’t seeI love you But you don’t feel itI love youBut I can’t go on…..You did not let me into your worldYou hide your feelings and show only the positive sideFor fear that you will hurt me even moreBut now truly, I AM HURT !!I can’t go on loving youWhen I’m not sure you had loved me….I can’t go on waitingBecause life has to go on somehow…..You avoided me when I said I LOVE YOUMy heart has been broken sinceLike a glass being dropped to the groundSHATTERED………SHATTERED !!!!!!!!!!!But when I decidedIt’s impossible between usYou came back…….And said you love me too…….You used to be my DREAM !!And yet, I’m l... Read more
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Blogger: shades
At the end when you fight,When you stumble and fall,When you scream with all your might,At the end you still fight.At the end when you fight,U still try to look through your eyes,Searching for where does The truth lies,At the end you still fight.It's the end and you still fight,And you have no where to go,And everyone tells you to grow,You still choose to fight,            You r in a battle of fight,You defend yourself with honesty,You walk in a Broad day light,With ur head held high as you fight,You win! Yes you won the fight,Not bcoz you fought with swords,But bcoz of your actions and words,Without a single drop of tears!Contributed by - Be... Read more
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Blogger: shades
As a person I was always a follower of Salvatore known as the Maestro of the cocktail world. It is always a dream to meet him in person. Though it is dream come true but I do follow him in our own platform of beverages and wine forums. Salvatore Calabrese ("The Maestro") is one of the world’s leading bartenders whose performance arena was Salvatore at ‘FIFTY’ in London’s St James's. The Maestro developed his talent for combining flavours at an early age while working in a bar in ‘Maiori’, a small village on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Salvatore then came to London and took a position at Duke's Hotel in St James's. This was the start of a concept he calls Liquid History. Salvatore ... Read more
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Blogger: shades
I thought of writing this article after having going through the suave article on ‘Sunday Outing’. The word Sunday outing instigated me to a good restaurant and have a fill to the hilt. My immediate choice was to have a south east cuisine i.e Chinese. While going through the spread of the menu one came across the word ‘Schezwan’ – which is bold, hot, saucy and spicy. It may be a surprise that these dishes are invented in India example chilli potato, Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Manchurian and so on and it is endless. Very few of us will be knowing that Schezwan cuisines are not hot and spicy and surpisingly the home versions are spicier than the one we get at the restaurant. In Ind... Read more
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Blogger: shades
We were made for each other.They should know that love has no color.!Why does our race even matter?Why cant we just be together?There's so many people in our way.I know our life wont be easy.!But I'll fight 'cause I'm here to stay.I wont stop 'cause I'm not afraid.!I'm in love with you.I'm in love with you.Baby our love is dying.But you know that I'm trying.!To make the world understand it.It kills me when I see you crying.!They dont want us to be happy.They dont care.!They all told me I'd be sorry.I'm not scared.!I just want to be with you.I cant walk this earth without you.!I'm in love with you.I'm in love with you.They should've left us alone.It's too late n now you're gone.!Now my world ... Read more
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Blogger: shades
I love the way you smother me…When ignorance irked me…You gave it a fire…Like the wind, you have been ruthless…And like a beggar I have been helpless…Insomniac in your vivid memories…I turned a morose….Haunted by the fray past…You never had soothed me…It was like you had all the problems...And none was mine…Immersed in those nonchalant eyes…It was only you…That came to the fore of my life…Lesser did you care then…When my platonic love desired…None other than you…I was only a body then…For I perceived…Little by little the way you had deceived…The wagon of pain…Once turned and it turned well…I had nothing left…But imaginations that may not be true…... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Sorry readers for not meeting you last week. The reason been that I was out to Mumbai for my official work and later after our meeting my wine & food fraternity and comrades from Nashik and Pune met to fusion out Dessert wine with our own local dessert (to the place we belong).  A desert wine is potent, sweet, and full of flavor, which makes it an ideal complement to desserts. A dessert wine has higher sugar content than normal table wines. Often extra spirits are added to raise the alcohol content. In general, desert wines. There are many types of dessert wines, made from many different varietals. The grapes are picked late in the harvest to preserve residual sugars. Dese... Read more
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Blogger: shades
I love you deeply, I love you so much,I love the sound of your voice n the way that we touch.!I love your warm smile n your kind thoughtful way,The joy you bring to myself everyday.!I love you today as I've from the start,And I'll love you forever with all of my heart.!!Contributed by- Nita Samantray... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Contibuted by - Tanushree Sadhu... Read more
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Blogger: shades
After thinking and convincing myself, many times I came to conclusion that how about to write the end of everything, which might gives you thrills or not, but creates a illusion of countdown. Here I will tell some hypothesis which only based on termination of a procedure, any object or anything. How it will happen, how much time left to happens the End. 4.26 billion Years young Earth and still it counting its age to reach a perfect age or countdown. Oh! You read the word countdown; yes it is there is age where our earth forces to die. Along with it take all those life forms that live on it for billion years. Ugly truth, but none of our recent living organism has power to live in the out... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Life is, a paradox with several implications, a road with several directions; each presenting its set of countless opportunities and pitfalls… life is that subject that covers the heights of success and the lows of failure and despondency together. Yet this journey could have become monotonous, had there been no new heights to scale, new objectives to be achieved and goals to be realized and unknown endeavors to be undertaken.As individuals, we all have certain desires. A desire, by definition is a strong wish. The ideation of a “perfect life” varies for every individual. We all have ambitions, aims and objectives, striving to fulfill which we try to satiate the thirst for more happine... Read more
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Blogger: shades
If only there were enough words to say,That I would love you come what may.!!I would have said those words long ago,Because I try my best to let you know.!!That only you can make my heart beat,n I feel like dying when we are not together,So let me hold you close to my heart forever...!!!Contributed by- Nita Samantray... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Contibuted by - Tanushree Sadhu... Read more
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Blogger: shades
I want to hold your hands n walk a mile,Dont want to miss you even a while.!My life is so beautiful cause,Dear, its you...my life.!Hug me for my worries to die,My tears to dry nMy lonliness to fly.!It hurts me to know,How I sometimes can be a li'l selfish,When it comes to you.!I'm getting sentimental over you,For god sake explain me why all these.?I miss you every moment of the day,I keep myself awake just to listen you.I keep myself empty just for you to fill.I keep myself alive just to see you.My mornings miss you,My evenings seek you.!Where were you all these years.?Why you weren't there to wipe my tears.?Fear of future is worse than pain of the past,Still I bother the least cause you're ... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Hold me in your arms,never let me go..!Kiss me on my lips,but so sweet n slow..!Tell me that you love me,but only if it's true..!Now let me tell you something,I'm so in love with you..!Contributed by- Nita Samantray... Read more
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Blogger: shades
There was a girl sweet n beautiful,she made friendship with a boy in school.!The boy always remains to be sad,everything was horrible, whatever he had.!The girl changed the boy in a noon,she became important to him very soon.!One day they fight a lot at night,the boy loved the girl to a great height.!The boy cried out n wiped till nine,the girl didn't understand him at that time.!The boy begged for the friendship in pain,the girl said yes n became friends again.!One day the boy was moving ahead,he met an accident n was laid dead.!The girl shouted on, on n on in pain,now who'll fight with her again n again.!Now the girl realised what she did,she never understood the boy till he lived.!Now the... Read more
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Tonight’s dream was a bit different .What I saw was a land, an empty land adorned with darkness, it was night there. A boy I saw there he was looking here and there as if this place was completely stranger to him. Sometimes it was the endlessly dispersed sky to whom he was asking for help and sometimes to him himself. While crying he at looked the partially eaten up moon, thinking about his dearer ones his tears rolled down a bit more. After a while he stared walking in an unknown direction. That direction leads him to an old man sitting under a tree. He felt happy somehow. “A last you came”, the old man said before he could initiate anything. The old man’s words dragged him int... Read more
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Remember the line from the movie 3 idiots: “Life is a race”? Yes, you have got it all right. Our lives are now dangling from the post. Because we have now completed Class 12 and have still no idea about what we want to be when we “grow up”.Its really traumatic for me and millions of students like me to figure out a line which they want to make their destination. With 2 years of hard labor for board and entrance exams, congratulations to all those guys who have qualified with flying colors. One of my classmates has secured 96% in CBSE 12th Board Exams and got a seat under Aeronautical Engineering in IIT Chennai. Brilliant guy, lucky enough? Well this may sound absurd, but actually bot... Read more
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And I saw it yet again on the television... The images of death, disaster, loss, darkness and a feeling of morbidity in the eyes of every single individual present there still fighting for their survival. strange is the fact that the place once considered to be "god's paradise" has now turned into a death bed of numerous devotees who  visited the so called "god's paradise" in order to pray for their lives and the lives of their loved ones... What an irony! A natural disaster will not listen to your prayer... that’s a fact but the natural disaster itself is the creation of god. Then why did it happen? Every day when I hear the news of loved ones missing and dead bodies being discovered... Read more
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After my second article I had promised the editor that we will try to identify the dishes which are available in some of the great restaurants in India and worldwide are actually the recipes of the Odiya cuisine. You go to any Odiya recipes blog or website the admin and author boast that they are popularizing Odiya cuisine but the big question lies have we actually given a try to popularize it?Our great hotels and restaurants in the state come to life with advertisements and ironically remember our cuisine when it comes to summer – Phakahala and the related accompaniments: during the ‘Rajo’ the ubiquitous ‘Pithas’. This is the usual tamasha every year. It is strange that we have ne... Read more
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Contributed by- Monalisa Dash... Read more
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Blogger: shades
Last screen shot of Krrish 3's official motion poster uploaded on youtube by Krrish3thefilm... Read more
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