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SourceWhile we skip a meal out of anger,There is somewhere a child dying of hunger.He waits for his dad every night,The day's wages fill his stomach, might.But, mother's lullaby is all he gets, alas!How selfish we are, to let such a thing pass.Even today more people die of hunger,Than AIDS, malaria and terrorism put together.The next time you see leftovers going to waste,Contact RHA Lucknow, make haste.An awesome group of people, selfless,Join them to get many a bless.While RHA LucknowGraciously, food is coming from eateries many,But volunteers we need, to feed every tummy.Pick a day of the week to #BeARobinShare with all your kith and kin. ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
You make conversations lighter, And my cheeks red with laughter! You would always have a solution, To a problem, which cannot be thought in my position. Live life king size. Or your existence might just seize. Why do I always have to over think? And force the brains to shrink! You also showed me another side, To my every stride! I have changed in ways, Which I can't express or say. They say you change friends every seven years. It is my one and only fear. You are insane, And my main! ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
(Al-hamdulillah – “We are grateful to the Lord”)•The ninth month of Islamic calendar, is also the month of Ramzan, holiest month in Islam, which is also the fasting month for the Muslims. The month lasts for 29-30 days based on the sighting of the crescent moon. Fasting from dawn until sunset is obligatory for adult Muslims.•To refrain from sinful behavior – false speech, insulting, cursing, lying.  Fasting doesn’t have to be only bodily and physical by abstaining oneself form the food and drinks but also refraining oneself from the bad deeds! A believer has to temporarily eschew inappropriate action and speech.•To lead a life of thankfulness of God. We, human beings are... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
There is no word in English which can replace the word “tehzeeb”  , “Courtesy” comes close, but cannot embody the essence in the same way!1  HumThe word is enough! “Hum aa reh hai” As the people from other cities in India tease the Lucknowites , whether you are coming alone or your whole clan is accompanying you, will always be a mystery!2   Aaiye/Baithiye /AapBe it a rickshaw puller at Charbagh railway station or that Chikan shopkeeper at Chowk, they will treat you with immense respect, and you would notice this all the more, if you are a non Lucknowite!“Aap zara Aukaat me rahiye!”3  “Ji” instead of “haan” or “yes” As a mark of respect Lu... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Shush, she need not say it loud!It is something which makes her one amongst 497 million’s crowd.Still, the spots should be hidden,Oh, so god forbidden!It’s a biological part of her existence,But is treated with every possible pretense!What if she doesn’t have the access to necessity?Let’s show her some more pity!Only 12% are able to have the luxury.So what if 27% of them (diagnosed cervical cancer), can see their future blurry,She misses her school 5 days a month.Because 81% of the lot could only use the unsterilized cloth!If condoms and contraceptives can be tax free!Then why can’t even the sanitary napkins be?Are the cramps not enough?That the fight for comfort is made so tough?W... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
You held me when I was in painAnd never let my efforts go in vainIn my love, you even started to like rainsMy love for you is insane.Harmless cribbing and nagging Is just my thingI hope you bear with me till another springAnd, I can hear you sing.The leaves may shed and the colors fadeBut our bond can never be grayedSitting under the stars, as we playedYou have always been my strongest aid.You are the prince, from the fairy taleHappy and hopeful, as we sailHere’s to another year, as you scaleLet’s fancy it, like your favorite cocktail.... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
I feel numb, neither too happy nor too sad, and sometimes too moody, splutter out things I shouldn’t have. I know it is nobody’s fault, it’s just that everyone wants different things from life, so nobody to be blamed. The comfort I am looking for is not in things, I would never achieve them out of objects, but then why this dissatisfaction, whatever is, is enough.Life couldn’t have been better, love at its best, all I need to ask myself is, what is holding me from being ecstatic, is it more love? Or more attention? Or more things? Am I this greedy, or am I too selfish, what about selflessness, what about others before self? So many apprehensions, yet no doubts, I know everything clea... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
How would you like cold coffee, turned healthy? Or a lemonade, sweet, yet zero calories! I would love to have these, if they contained no calories. Being health conscious, staying fit, and looking beautiful, that's all people nowadays want!But good and scrumptious food is so appetizing that we can't keep our hands off it, and are forced to have it., which might not do any good to our body. It is said that soul is at peace, when body is healthy, if we are in pain or have an unhealthy body, we will fall sick more often and will not be able to work or do our routine activities. And it is our own body, we are responsible for taking care of it, if we don't do what ever is required, who else will.... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Oops, slow connection! The life seems to standstill, the internet era is such, that imagining life without internet connection and smartphone is unimaginable! Be it Shahid Kapoor's wedding pics, the crisis in Greece or your sister's friend's neighbor's toothache! We are updated about everything. A family dinner is incomplete without a scene , where everyone has dug their knives and forks in their plates, but instead of eating it, they are busy checking up their whatsapp group chats!Usually the family conversations turn into , sitting in the same room, but everyone is either playing online games, or facebooking, reading e books!Everything calls for a fast internet connection and an efficient ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
You need not gawk at me in a freaky wayneither should you keep me at bayI am a lass, with maybe, not so pretty a facebut I didn't seek your advice, even if that's the caseYes, I know you are blessed with a flawless appearancethat I fail to achieve,even with enduranceBut I am second to noneWhen it comes to fun!I used that ointment for a year,I applied this and that, whatever I hearI did all that my skin could bearAlas, the pimples wouldn't disappear!People give me tips all over the cityThey don't understand, I don't need their pityI cry to bed with self doubt,And wake up with just another breakout!I have not seen a clear face in the mirror, now for a while,And have to keep going,yet another m... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Many of us grew up in homes where the  toil of our mothers often went unnoticed ,our homework was incomplete without the sound of her bangles clinking against the unwashed dishes and her fight with the germs we brought with us on our school uniforms while playing around with friends and imaginary characters, never seemed to cease. Yet, we found her with the most sparkling smile around, running behind us with a glass of milk we never agreed to drink , and the effort to fulfill everyone's desires with equal attention without a frown on her face. And yes we always found our houses, spic and span. Yet staying back at home was considered as doing nothing and enjoying! Where a man's job star... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Beauty & The Bolt.At the risk of sounding superficial, I would have to confess my jaw dropping reaction to the dashing car that is TATA BOLT. Coming from a novice car aficionado, I judge any car by how it looks, at least in the beginning. And, I would say, TATA didn't leave me hanging. Bolt, reminiscent of the flagship's much appreciated model of Indica, has been neatly styled, and reminds us of the brand that the conglomerate has created. Design additions like the blackened C-pillar, projector lamps and alloy wheels, to name a few, give it a dash of sporty spunk leave the Bolt looking edgy and crowning it as the King of Hatchbacks in this segment.Bolt comes with rugb... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Undoubtedly, the moustache gives you an edge,Just like a chocolate fudgeAnd so does that tan!That makes me your fan!!Eventually, came the timeSneaking out with you,wasn't a crime!And when formally we met that dayMy heart could not stop, but sway.Yes or no! yes or no!Are we hitched? I think so!A nod from them, so from us!But everything so quickly, what's the fuss?The clothes are done, so is the jewellery!Beware, the upcoming life is still a mysteryMake up check, the dreams, double check!Oh is it? what the heck!And so you are my man now!So, is that the reason you bow?Jokes aside,those hugs and kisses,Makes me believe that I am your MissesBut, what's with this inconvenience?Baby, can you g... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Fan of the Marvel superhero, Batman? Well, this little piece of trivia is going to be close to your heart for sure. Melbourne was founded by John Batman and was originally going to be named 'Batmania'. Yes, its true, Now, that I have your attention, I can introduce you to the wanderlust satisfying and a liberating experience that is Melbourne. The lane ways and arcades are like animal burrows weaving a complex trail through the city center and bursting with cool bars, quirky shops, funky galleries and independent stores. This fun and ever-evolving city area makes an excellent shopping and dining choice and showcases the best of Melbourne's cosmopolitan, ind... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Husbands and wives share a very cute as well as a complex relationship! In the start it’s all lovey dovey, the phone calls, the texts, the gifts and the cards! It seems like a dream, especially for a girl, as if her prince from the fairy tales has entered her life; hence it’s going to be joyous ride ahead! But soon after the wedding, reality strikes in. You are not only responsible for yourself now, but also for the lost socks of your husband, the fuel in the car, the milk in the refrigerator, the salary of your maid and the file on his desk! You may be forgiven several times for your mistakes but you can read the expectations in everybody’s eyes! Few weeks earlier you were the most pa... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
We wake up in the morning and whine about that dress we wanted to wear to the office, and the servant has not gotten it from the dry cleaners, we can’t choose a pair of sandals because we have so many of them that it takes time to decide and hence we feel, such an awful morning it is! The kid in the house is at the breakfast table and wants to eat spaghetti, and says no to fruits and healthy snacks, and complains that he can’t even have his favorite meal for breakfast, mom! You ruined my day!The little brat of the house is fighting for the remote, because he wants to watch a particular cartoon and his little brother is watching something else.The wife is being sarcastic to her ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Kids take pleasure from little things in life. Their achievements are winning a silly game, racing till the school, getting that answer in math class accurate, be teacher’s pet, be the first one to raise their hand when they know the answer, telling mom, stories from the school and the playground, building that sand castle, drawing that lovely picture and gifting it to a relative, cutting a birthday cake, opening up gifts, licking the ice-cream, eating their favorite chocolate, doing something naughty and blaming the elder sibling for it, never stop competing with the people around them, watch their favorite cartoon, craving for that extra love from parents , waiting for a praise and feel ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Encircled with the good and the evilWhilst conscious of what is naked and what is a sin,Nonetheless never reveal!Having fear of the factors unforeseen.How long will you stay mum?You are not here to put up with all this!Speak up, before the circumstances turn cumbersome,It’s your life too, not just his!Start up with a lucid mindSlowly and steadily things will find their wayPut in all the time you may find,You can certainly muddle through this fray!But remember, be humble!And never show your pain,You may at times fumble,But nonetheless it’s a good bargain!                                      &nb... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Vague and unsaid desiresWhich our heart and mind conspires;Fears and apprehensions, at times set us abackYet, that tinge of sanguinity keeps us on track!Dreams at all times seem ecstatic and delightedNot citing the toil and tough grind;The rocky paths and mountainsOne has to traverse without any bargain!Sometimes strong winds can stir us upLetting despondency and despair come up;Out-and-out pessimism keeps us high and dryBesides keeping prospects as a far cry!Nevertheless, that sensationWhen all of it comes into motion;The things which we never really fantasizedBut, somewhere within, had that trace of likelihood!It’s also like those tacit desiresTaking exquisite structure;As if, God has be... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Amidst all the catastropheMake sure you are in freedom from strife,You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to anotherYet you can find those innumerable possibilities altogether!Because when you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerousBut what’s life without any consequence,Exploring possibilities has its own fruitsSour or sweet depends on its roots!It’s also like pure loveWhen you love you wish to do things for,You wish to sacrifice for! You wish to serve!Besides, never to go on trips with anyone you do not love!There’s no one thing that’s true. It’s all trueBecause the truth is always see-through!It’s always intact and coherentAbove and beyond all... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
As I was walking down the aisle, those 5 months just flashed back in my mind. Was it so designed from the very beginning? Not really!Going through various profiles, for a suitable guy, was reasonable enough. Though, screening through various bio data, each week was a tedious errand. Sometimes, giving up all hope, was what we went through and then a few sleepless nights with a voice whispering all along “God has a better plan, trust him”I think it was God’s entire plan, when, on an early winter morning, my dad’s phone rang, as usual discussing about a guy. Dad insisted that he was the one, and asked me to meet him. I didn’t even bother to go through his niceties. I thought about giv... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
The buzzer has sensors installed, making sure I get off my bed. Its 2030, the world has gotten smarter, and people lazier. Sleeping is nevertheless ,therapeutic!Exact 8 am and my robot, knocks at the door, waits for my permission and gets the bed coffee and breakfast, but also makes sure, that I brush my teeth, before any of this. I get into the bathroom and the censors detect my presence and the automated brush, the moment I put it in my mouth, makes sure,  fights with all the germs in there!!Subsequently, whilst I am done bathing in my musical shower, for exact 15 minutes, the shower turns off! I come out, thinking... Err... I need not think, I have loads of options to choose from. Al... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Yes! There is a void, within, which needs to be filled. Maybe it’s the state just before you grab hold of what you always wanted to. Going through such a phase is excruciating. It makes everything around you gray! You try to overcome it but it requires endurance to fill up that vacuum. It might also be a sign that something great is going to happen very soon. It is like that phase when it is going to drizzle, and creates an uncomfortable environment, because it hasn’t rained for long. As if, the earth is calling out to the clouds to start pouring. Because once it starts to rain, it will quench the thirst of many. Moreover, there is something extraordinary in the winds, which carries the ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
When the birds fly towards a wrong wayLeaving their home far away,With only memoirs of olden timesWhen I close my eyes,The tears start caressing my cheeksAnd the nights become bleak,Though we were put together like the earphonesLike when they are kept without attention!As I think of him The reminiscences befall grim,At times I droopLike I had a spoonful of cough syrup,Perhaps, even the fire has turned icyAnd I turn out to be frenzy,I feel it might be god’s prankAlthough I already sank,But I still hear that melodyWhich keeps me still alive!This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
For some reaching the mountain top is overwhelmingFor others sky is the limit,But a few relish their every momentIn exploring the eternity!For some triumph comes evidentlyFor others after putting that extra tad,But a few look beyond those clichésAnd spend their time, watching the birds!For some work is worshipFor others sincerity and compassion is,But a few, put in, a whole lotIn knowing themselves utterly!Maybe honesty and contemplation is not enoughNeither is integrity and benevolence,For the soul requires nothingAs, itself is complete!This post is a part of  WriteTribe 100 Words on Saturday#3, Meena’s prompt.Add caption... Read more
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