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Hi Friends, ADATA® Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in memory products, is proud to present the CW0050 wireless charger, a new paradigm in wireless charging technology. The advent of the mobile age has brought many phones capable of wireless charging, including the widely-popular iPhone 8 and iPhone X. IHS Markit, a market analysis and survey firm, estimated that the market for wireless charging will surpass 10 billion USD in 2019, and 1 billion smartphones will use wireless charging by 2020. The CW0050 represents ADATA’s intention to establish itself in this market, with its ultra-thin 6mm charging plate, its stringent WPC Qi certification, its convenient orientation-neutral chargin... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced four new additions to its award-winning portfolio of Android smartphones – Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, new Nokia 6 and Nokia 1. Delivering all the craftsmanship you expect from a Nokia phone, each new smartphone offers durability and reliability as standard, with the range setting new benchmarks in materials and design. Furthering its promise to a pure, smart, secure and up-to-date Android experience, HMD Global also announced it is to become the first global partner to have a full suite of devices selected into the Android One programme by Google. The unwavering commitment to deliver a pure, secure and up-to-date Android ... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Triple your power and zero in on taste with new sugar-free Score Zero Energy Drink. With a triple shot of Guarana for an explosive caffeine boost of flavor, new Score Zero is a fresh spin on the supercharged, ultra-premium Score Black. It has the same great taste and a healthy dose of B vitamins to amp your power minus the sugar. Both Score Black and Score Zero are free of taurine, leaving you with the great aftertaste Score fans have come to love. For an epic surge of power and good taste, mix it with your favorite premium vodka. Score Black lit up the music scene with its launch last year in collaboration with South African hip-hop sensation, Kwesta. Available in 250ml slim cans... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,  There was a time when there simply wasn’t much choice of products to buy or services to use. You used the local doctor, shopped at the greengrocer or butcher, milk was milk, and if you look all the way back to the year 1908, the only car on offer was a Ford Model T. As the world becomes a village and purchases can be made in cyberspace from anywhere in the world, not only do products have to stand out from the crowd, but customer service must be exceptional.Digital communication may have changed communication in many ways, but it has also taken the customer experience back to the good old days when a handshake and a smile closed a deal or smoothed ruffled feathers – but... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,No matter what it takes to finish this series of posts I started way back in December 2017, I will get them done. It's the story of my life and experiments with blogging and PR companies from many brands. I feel alone in the market today but I will shine one day as and when the time is right. Meanwhile, I have started my youtube channel using the smartphone I bought recently and will start posting the videos where I will be in them too. Also, I got 1 Million views on Google Maps - Local Guides program making me MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER on their badge and ranking system. I feel delighted as I focused on the same since July 2017 on and off and in November/December, I upped the game using... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Savaari Car Rentals is an online cab booking aggregator, providing customers with reliable and premium Intercity and Local car rental services. Over the last decade, they are uniquely placed as the largest chauffeur driven car rental company in India in terms of geographical reach. To Savaari, a road trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel the length and breadth of India. Because we all love traveling by road so much, Savaari has been striving to make sure you have a great experience too. They wanted more of you to go on a road trip, and more of you to experience the same joys of travel that we all do in our own cars in our own city. Instead of driving, why not sit ba... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Acer Africa has introduced Synergy, a bespoke rewards-based program which will assist its partners to reach its internal and sales goals. The objective of Synergy is to motivate resellers to reach certain targets every quarter and offering tools like incentives and training to make these goals achievable.It’s no secret that getting your reseller partners personally invested in selling your products is good for business, and the Acer Reseller Team of Shannon Naidu, Ivan Eve and Jack Mainetja has worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless program that is user-friendly. Acer’s business model has an exclusive focus on the channel, and it is designed to support partners to meet their c... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Cybercrime is a topic that you must have seen and heard again and again in newspapers, and on the internet and on TV. It’s a reality that we deal with each and every day, that our so-called private info may not be private anymore. The consequences of losing your private info can be monetary or financial loss, info and data loss, mental and emotional stress, and much more. Cybercrime is a serious matter and everyone should follow guidelines to protect their online info, and also learn about cyber insurance. Insurance for cybercrime is something we all need to consider as our lives have become more and more digital and connected online. More and more people are falling into the ... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored Disney’s Minnie Mouse today with an official star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Special guest speakers included Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger, and global pop icon and judge of ABC’s “American Idol,” Katy Perry. The star was dedicated to the category of Motion Pictures next to the El Capitan Theatre.“Minnie Mouse has been a star and a fashion icon since she first burst onto the scene in the ground-breaking animated classic, Steamboat Willie,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “The star of more than 70 movies during her illustrious career, Minnie has entertained mill... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Though it's way beyond the 5th birthday of The Life's Way (27th December in 2017), as there was no internet connection available for more than a month, I could not do any of the blog posts for so long. Patience is a virtue which is definitely needed by all. I have waited long enough for everything in my life. Unless and until I deserved the same, I was never granted the same by the universe, but things changed with The Life's Way bringing great luck in my life. My first big win was a laptop from HP for a post which I wrote with all my heart. When my friends read it before I posted the same, they were cracking jokes about me but I knew that post has winner written all over as those... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, From January 24 onwards, the Nespresso on Ice Truck is hitting the streets of Joburg and Cape Town to serve up a sip of something special this summer. Following the launch of two Limited Edition coffees that have been specially crafted for iced coffee preparation, the Nespresso on Ice truck will be cooling down the city’s hot spots by delivering delicious iced coffee. What better way to enjoy a moment of perfect refreshment in the height of summer?Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice are the first coffees Nespresso has crafted specifically to be enjoyed as iced coffees. Intenso on Ice is a bold coffee with cereal and cocoa notes and an intense, roasted finish. If prepared as an In... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Sony Mobile Communications unveiled Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra - the latest additions to its popular super mid-range line, with Sony camera technology, elegant designs and powerful performance."Our super mid-range product strategy started out as an exciting new idea based on bringing bold technologies to this section of the market in the most accessible way possible," said Hideyuki Furumi, EVP, Global Sales & Marketing, at Sony Mobile Communications. "Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra are no different, with leading front camera technology first seen in our flagship XZ line. We’re targeting 2018 as a breakthrough year, and look forward to showcasing further innovations across the... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Your beliefs dictate your behavior, and your behaviors become your habits. What you do each day is an extension of your values and identity. Are your habits reflecting a life of fun, freedom and fulfilment? Are you edifying those around you? Are you a leader to your peers? Do you consistently exhibit integrity?With a small amount of effort, you can create habits that will have a great impact on your life and those around you. Here are some tips for creating new habits and making them stick:1. Make a plan.Habits start with purposeful planning. What is your plan to succeed today? Maybe you need to start your day earlier to get it all done. Plan to set your alarm clock earlier; whic... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,Acer Africa is delighted to announce its 30-day money back guarantee in-store promotion with Incredible Connection. The promotion utilises the no risk concept by encouraging its customers to purchase a new Acer notebook, try it out for 30-days and if at any point it does not suit their needs, return for a full refund.Acer is committed to providing quality and dedicated customer satisfaction and with this promotion aims to emphasise the confidence it has in all its products while offering the customer a flexible and easy purchase journey.Visit any Incredible Connection retail outlet countrywide and purchase an Acer notebook with an Intel® Core™ Processor. If you are not satisfie... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,  Samsung Electronics unveiled a new premium lifestyle soundbar at CES 2018, the NW700 Sound+. The wall-mountable NW700 Sound+ soundbar succeeds the award-winning MS650 Sound+ model and incorporates sound-enhancing features, such as distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control, all technologies developed at the Samsung Audio Lab in Valencia, California.The NW700 Sound+ soundbar sports a slim and sleek external design optimized for wall mounting underneath Samsung’s super-thin televisions. The 53.5mm-width soundbar, which seamlessly works with a wall mount TV, is 41% narrower than the previous soundbar model, allowing users to achieve harmonious ... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Whether you’re new to Uber, or an Uber VIP, there might be a few features that you don’t know about. We’re here to tell and remind you about some of Uber’s key features you may have missed, which will make each ride more reliable and convenient than the last.Below are the 8 features you might have missed: Multiple destinations - stops when you need themWhether you’re heading out for a weekend away and want to grab your friend en route to the airport, or going home after dinner and need to drop off the party on the way, it’s easier than ever to pick up and drop off your friends while on a trip. Uber has introduced a feature that makes it easy for you to add m... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Internet Solutions (IS), the leading pan-African telecommunications service provider, has today announced a new partnership with Cell C to expand its LTE service offering, providing consumers with alternative solutions within the fixed broadband market.By partnering with Cell C, IS reinforces its network and technology agnostic approach to the South African market, taking the position of open access in order to offer more choice to channel partners and IS clients.“Cell C is a leading mobile network operator in South Africa, and its super-fast fixed LTE network enables our channel partners to offer more options to their customers,” says Tony Walt, Chief Solutions and Operating... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, After much anticipation, hip-hop artist, Emtee, has dropped his latest music video featuring the Chappies Collab winners. The music video for the single, “Plug”, was released on the Sound City music channel this morning and has been receiving positive reviews across social media.In November 2017, Chappies joined forces with award-winning local rapper, Emtee, to create the Chappies Collab – an incredible opportunity for 60 lucky fans to live the dream by being part of Emtee’s new music video.Excitement ran wild as winners joined Emtee on set in Soweto, Johannesburg for a full day of shooting. Winners enjoyed a true glimpse into the world of showbiz as well as free time to ... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Join in on the action and feel like a genuine African superhero, battling the forces of evil to save the world from imminent destruction in IMAX, D-BOX, Cine Prestige, 3D or 2D this February.Ster-Kinekor Theatres proudly brings you the much-anticipated, Marvel’s Black Panther, releasing in cinemas on 16 February. Don’t miss this Hollywood blockbuster about an African superhero is set in an imaginary technologically advanced African kingdom.The world needs more African superheroes and Chadwick Boseman, who stars as T'Challa/Black Panther, represents - sparking your imagination and entering your dreams. The immersive IMAX, D-BOX or 3D experience, breath-taking sets and inc... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends,He’s walked on water across the river Thames, levitated in front of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and walked down the outside of the L.A times building; he’s predicted the Soccer World Cup outcome and taken a trip on the side of a bus. This global television star, international brand ambassador, author and stage performer, the award-winning magician, Dynamo is in South Africa this week to announce and promote his forthcoming first time ever ‘Seeing is Believing’ Live SA Tour. #DynamoSA The tour begins at the new Sun Arena at Time Square, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria on Friday, 11 May 2018 at 8pm followed by two shows on Saturday, 12 May 2018 at 3pm and 8pm and one show o... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Sony recently launched the second versions of the hit series of smartphones enhancing their capabilities and in some places changing the whole design of the smartphone as compared to the last year's version of the phone. I loved the Sony Xperia XA Ultra smartphone last year and there are a lot of images I shared on my instagram channel using the smartphone. This year I got the review unit for 2 weeks and it came in dashing Gold color which looks amazingly beautiful. I totally fell in love with the same and it was heart breaking to let it go back to the PR company. But anyhow, here are some of the features of the smartphone which I really liked and loved. I thing I obser... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Guys,LG Electronics have been the front runners in the mobile phone industry along with their South Korean counterpart Samsung. Going on facts which will soon be true or must be true that both of these must be having more than 40-45% shares in the World's Home Appliances and Smartphones industry. They are not as aggressive as Samsung is with their marketing campaigns but they have some great smartphones with top of the edge technology to separate them from other brands. I totally fell in love with the back buttons on LG G2 and the trend continued till LG G4. LG G5 was also launched with its revolutionary modular battery design where they had to go away with rear buttons design. I got... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Vodacom launched a series of their own branded smartphones for the mass market in South Africa. The price range is good enough for those who really needs an android smartphone and looking for a budget feature rich phones. I had the opportunity to go their office for the media launch and was given these 2 models to review for 8-12 weeks. The models given to me was Prime 7 and Turbo 7. I didn't wanted to take them on my first instance as those were the bottom models and I didn't wanted to waste my time reviewing them. But to maintain the relationship with the brand, I took them home and used them for a while. Here are the pointers for these Value for money smartphones:Vodacom ... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Bang and Olufsen needs no introduction as their products are unique audio products each worthy of drooling over before you start using them. H3 is another one of their marvellous product designed by Jakob Wagner and this time it has an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) unit attached to these small wired earphones. The ANC unit is attached next to the 3.5mm jack as then it can stay connected to you phone and can be left hanging or inside your pockets. But it's an odd looking circular device with a micro USB charging port and an On-Off button on the body. I didn't like the circular unit as it only has Bang and Olufsen branding. If it has some clip to attach the same to pock... Read more
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Blogger: Aashish Rai
Hi Friends, Samsung Electronics is one of my favourite brands and why not - I have been the winner of their first ever Blogger's Challenge in South Africa. I have been asking them to send me one of the Level Over-Ear headphones but it was only some time back I got to test the same as they were in-between PR company changes. Samsung is not made to do small things, they always Aim and Achieve Big Things. As I simply love headphones and earphones and I attract a lot of them in my life for example if I win some contest - the prize will be headphones, If I attend some event the goodies bag will have headphones or earphones etc. So my whole life revolves around Earphones and Headphones. ... Read more
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