Blogger: Ankur Anand
The lines on a map trace out,Like pronoia seeps in veins under my skin,You bit me with your forget-me-not hazel eyesAnd now I'm poisoned with constellations,It makes sense though. Where you are,Is where every road in my body leads to.P.S - I am sorry to every one of you, really finding it hard to be in sync with corporate life and blogger life.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Love may not arrive tomorrow,Or today or in between the question,and answer pause I’m not sure how long it takes,Or whether it comeall at once, or piece by pieceI only know the one,Wrapped around your hazel eyesWhere you hold a day,Fill it with a lifetimeand still have roomfor tomorrow.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
I tried to let my heart,rest it's wingsbut it always startto wiggle and jiggle hearing you in the shimmer of the silence,feeling you in the spacebetween white linesnever looking away from your eyesholding a card, a little longer thanit should,for i am yoursand you who questions whywondering about what youhave left behindthat i hold"the footprint" all angels leave a mark on this worldyours are made by guiding me home,inside my fragile bones... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
I want to write you words that are greater than the sum of your victories, and less than the sum of my mistakes. Words that can be seen from the city's skyline and from the harbor that I call home because I don’t have grant gesture to show you how much I care about you perhaps I’d never have. Words that can withstand any distance put between them, because they are true with sincerity that still feel you even in the space between these white spaces. Words that are strong enough for both of us to live by or maybe just for meI want to write you words that exist in my head and my heart right now, but will soon become only my to keep yet I don’t know how to write to you. I want to ensemble ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Even in those moments where loving yourself seems like the hardest thing in the universe, I need you to remember this, I will love you fiercely when you feel like you least deserve it, quietly when you make mistakes, boldly when time slips like sand between your kissed fingers, madly in your nomadic forms, truly when you feel like broken, across every tectonic plates and surpass time zones picking up the broken pieces, on every tattered edge, because I say your name with hope in my chest.I know loving you is sometime very hard, but I promise I will always, because your smile ripples my fragile bones.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Like a Sunday morning your smile respirate a galaxy of warmest color that sheets a tangled weave of letters, that i replay in my head, somnolently in late night;smiling, it creates a sandstorm- tempest of the binding whispers of the moment when our eyes used to meet, folding me into a jungle of minutes for bewildered reactions of blink slanted sight, and then again rising like repetition, like respiration with concertina tapping back to chests, bolting out my lungs, like an asphyxiant in sweet favors whisper with glorious release in the pleasure of your grip.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Why do we review? Does the formed and stamped opinion in authority matters so much? May be not. We review things to let people know what that particular things have a bearing on our thoughts so that if you feel connected you can look out for that. You may think that’s kind of promotional review but in any sense that should be unbiased and that is what I’m trying to do with writing the review of “The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories” by Ankita Sharma.One line review if you seek –“The book is written in a tone of irony and is portrays various social psych in a very engrossing way with a touch of humor.” What keep me glued to all those all stories is the usage of the plai... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Orion and StarsIn opulent Night SkyPreaching another- Neon Lies... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
With So many Men, Falling at her Feet, She Chose the one,-Still Standing"Summing up the Love affair of Earth and Moon" P.S- I've been blamed for writing too much much cosmic connection can't help comes naturally sometime .P.S.S - Image taken in Bangalore or Bengaluru (and yes i'm in love with this place weather now :D ) ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Sometime the way words mix memory and desire in some pseudo-random, uniform distributed fashion that every conditional rationality starts to elude me in countless ripple and I find myself somewhere out there, losing me in the chipped corners of my heart inside the soul geomerty that have marched on this time's faultless serenade only to leave pieces of dust and smudged fingerprints into the emptiness of no answer.In these hours when people's heart weigh more than the Earth Mass, I find myself with my hands open, heart out rearranging hopeful sentences that can't be measured up neither can withstand any distance put between them and chasing down people who do not want to be found or profess ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
“Closing quotes”, “Stretching out sentences”, “Indenting paragraphs”, Tucked between the feathery eyelids. You say it, I see it, write it finely with pen, between quantum leaps of for-get-me not of my racing, pacing, on for miles heart, even when I barely know it. A so cherished gift you give, in a momentary gaze, yet seldomly seen.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
आज एक ख्याल आया फिर बरबस इस दिल मैं,तनहा फिर हुआ मै भरी महफ़िल मैं.सोचा तू है एक उदासी या किसी की अधूरी ग़ज़ल,या मेरी ही तन्हाई का महज़ एक रुक हुआ पल.शर्मीला हो गया चाँद, बुरखे मैं बाहें अब बादल,दर्द इश्क मै देखा इतना , जितना विधवा की पलकों का बहता काजल.सुनाई कविता किसी तारे ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
With the advent of flames, traced back to you. The dreams that beget pain and inexplicable tranquility. And I see you standing in dense mist-in a place inaccessible, isolated and every few nights shattering my cozy, oblivious sheaths of escapist solitaire by your resounding echoing laugh, your wicked twitch of eye, your subtle brushing of a random, stray strand of hair and then smiling again, delving me further deeper into the vertigo of nothingness, where I lose my existence and burn and incinerate into cinders that buoyage forth into deep grey skies painted with my sense of loss, in quest of you. WHERE ART THOU? Lost? Oblivious to Love? Now I know why stars burn. Every night, they too lost... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Sometime I feel,Why can’t I speak, of the skyand the worlds that I seePerhaps my words are aslittle as me.I see oceans so deep,filled with broken people’s love weep;Clouds so darkbecause of the rain that break their heart;A flying ship, stars that can shoot,Perhaps my life is best spent astute.I see vast blue skies,blue due to million spoken lies;Poor planets cries in form of rains,for the moon when his/her heart pains;but they heals with dry eyes and their rings again spin,Perhaps my patience runs thin.I see flow of God’s art,art that can rip your heart apart;Sparks so tiny,Engulfing a forest into flames huge and shiny;A foes that can fry, friends that can fight,Perhaps my waifs never... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Lately I have been consuming too much of coffee so that my mind and heart can learn the tightrope of symbiosis. I leave the city when it’s half asleep so that I can sit alone in the coffee shop around the corner; when the lights on the highway shines a little brighter than usual; when I feel my heart get lost in the world that isn’t half as bad as they make it out to be. I take a sip of coffee and feel warm liquid wash down into the pit of my stomach. I try to leave my mind outside these four walls that imprison me here.There is a war that goes on between my two realities; it catches me off guard when I’m tired of dreaming out loud. One cup in and I feel the knots in my mind loosen. I ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
I was so caught in silver afternoon trance that I thought I can understand all-contained unspoken thoughts of yours before it comes from those pink slippers lips, perhaps I could grasp it from the hazel eyes of yours, but I didn’t, not really. The halves that I understood was only the smudginess of your kohl and semi-precious eagerness of yours that halved me into half. I didn’t realize, I didn’t know that two paths diverged in those mirror utopia, with nothing but the visible spectrum of in-between bits, towards the memory of whole bits of you and gory bits of me. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
I will love youin fraction of your mistakesnot just in the sum of your victories I will love youin the pause between each syllablenot just in the sentences that are kissable I will love you with all my affectionsnot with any kind of fabricationsI will love youin every sore from the tearsnot just in the collective happy yearsI will Love you in all your imperfectionsnot with any expectationsI will love youin all your life’s dark nightnot just when you’re radiating, so bright.I will Love youuntil my demisethis I promise. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Those who are up for arrange marriage at some point of time your parents will setup a arrange date so that you can decide if you want to get married or not.what if that date goes wrong because you met some creep head? How would you deal with such people ?                                                           -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.S – Updated the “About me ” Page on my blog, in timeline fashion, since lot of people was getting false impression of me . Have ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Those who are up for an arranged marriage at some point of time your parents will setup an arranged date for you so that you can decide if you want to get married or not.what if that date goes wrong because you met some creep head? How would you deal with such people ?                                                           -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.S – Updated the “About me ” Page on my blog, in timeline fashion, since lot of people was getting false impression... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
It’s been a while since I breathed with my words and to be precise with you. Wandered off like drift wood in the pacific of your thoughts. I swear I thought that this time I would not break but now I’m feasted upon by the idea of you like a food in front of a hungry shark and I offer myself to you again with a heart even more you own. It’s really hard to close the door that you’ve fought to keep open before. The dream that beget from the air that holds the fragrance of yours or the marks of your lips that you left on the glass while drinking water, finds you in everything that you have once touched or made a part of somehow.Every word written here has traces of origin back to you, be... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
My poetry is a museumwhere I keep my skinspeeling it off aftertaking off all my clothesin a place full of unknowns,someday people pick the flowersto bring to the graves of all the skinsI shed in the form of my wordsSome gets so comfortable they want to see every inch of my skinOther are too terrifiedthat they put daggers into my neck,the moment I unbutton my collar button. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Off late I have been spending most of the time staring at my laptop screen searching for something that will illustrate a written prescription of a scrambled heart, running my fingers over the pages to feel the indentations of my pen that has released a dam of so many noun, adjectives and verb onto papers without worrying about correct sentence structure and grammar or anything like that. This isn’t the first time, I know how this goes, and it’s a route I understand well.But this isn’t a problem doc.The problem exists somewhere in the quantum physics of reality, I pretend to live in doc. Individual alphabets exist in space. All those twenty six alphabets coalesce to form millions of co... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
Sometimes we meet someone and we just know: it's love. However, it isn't always easy to make them realize that maybe they love you too. So If you've fallen for someone and you'd like them to feel the same way about you, here is one suggestion if nothing else works which has been tried and tested formula in Bollywood movies for over a decade (before SRK changed this approach) to help you encourage their feelings along in the right direction, all you need is a little jump :POfficial partner -  "B to T" Wood movies of twentieth century !This post have not been created with an intention to hurt sentiments of anyone or inspire anyone. Its just for fun and if you are really get... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
There is this girl when you begin to know her, you will feel you have a galaxy of “I love you’s” inside of you to spill onto her and if you will look into her eyes really you will realize those two brilliant kohl lined eyes actually makes an infinity, and gives you forever within a fraction of a second. She may not be most stunning and gorgeous, but she is God’s beautiful work of art; radiating aliveness into your soul because she is what Charles Bukowski meant when he said “Find what you love and let it kill you”.[P.S- Those who have heard the "Q jaanu Na(initial version)" the song that i wrote and posted few daysback as  100th post here is a link you can download the ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand
1. Fake Book CoversWhat if Some of the best selling books written by known author had been written by Indian politicians, businessman and celebrities that are so honest that they put YoSoHonest Arvind Kejriwal to shame? :PSo I redesigned the original cover of some books that i thought should see the light of the day.2. Desitionary Idea is to have a indian version of dictionary, words that have captured your feeling unknowingly. i'm calling it desitionary instead of dictionary[desi means indian].  Please ignore the crap grammar in all the definitions I've written below :PP.s - There are more in these two series (some half designed and some still in mind) and... Read more
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