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Blogger: Nidheesh
Thrissur town, as seen from the heights of Puthenpalli. An awesome sight, from the highest point in town. The monsoon clouds and the misty atmosphere marks the perfect sight of the cultural capital of Kerala.Photo taken on 15/07/2007 @ Thrissur ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
This photo is a continuation to the snap I put up under the head “The communist tree”. Now see, the tree is in full bloom, and the colour of the Gulmohar lends a special exquisiteness to the panorama.  Photo taken at Kolacherry, Kannur on 04/05/2013.... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Some time back, I had written a post in by blog “Expressions” regarding the “Changing face of Communism in Kerala”. It mainly narrated the way the party of the working class and atheists has deviated to using religion and other factors to influence support and cadres. This photo is an expression of the same, where Swami Vivekananda is used instead of Marx or other communist figures to express a message. Photo taken at Kolacherry, Kannur on 04/05/2013.... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
View of the evergreen paddy fields at Kottila near Pazhayangadi in Kannur. Once the heart of the kingdom of Kolathunad, this place still retains the freshness and greenery that is there since centuries ago. The sun, sky, and earth provides the perfect blend of colours of nature. Photo taken at Kottila, Kannur, Kerala on 15/12/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A random photo clicked by one of my friends, at the Village office near his village. A cow finds shelter in the most inimitable places, a government office whose primary objective is public service. Under most circumstances this office does not provide the service as seen in the photo, which is to be handled by Animal welfare department.Photo taken at Iringal Village Office, Kozhikode, Kerala in February 2013. (Not quite sure of the exact date)... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The All India Conference of the Confederation of Indian Trade Union (CITU), the leading communist affiliated trade union in India, was held at Kannur this April. The local units of the party did their best to make the occasion a grand one, using their creativity and artistic talents to lend a different colour at their respective villages. This is one such art work, designed by the local DYFI boys at the Padikunnu local unit of the party. A wayside tree all painted and dressed up in red, standing proudly as a testimony to the communist psyche of the Kannur villages. Clicked at Karinkalkuzhi, Kannur, Kerala on 04/04/2013 ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The Mandapam at Thripparappu falls in Kanyakumari district. I had the privilege to see this waterfall in Tamil Nadu during a visit to Trivandrum for the Attukal Pongala in 2011. It is around 2 hours drive from Trivandrum and is part of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom. Location:Thripparappu falls, Kanyakumari District, Tamil NaduPhoto taken on 20/02/2011... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Pepper vines, from the original land of Pepper. This snap is taken from modern Kannur, the erstwhile Kolathunad and Malabar, which provided the best in class spices to the entire world.Once called the “Black Gold”, this was what the foreigners first landed in India for, ages ago. Those days, Pepper was to Malabar, what Oil is to Arab Gulf today. We had traders from Arabia, China and all over Europe visiting the markets of Malabar to procure the best pepper in the world. The kingdoms of Kolathiri, Samuthiri, Kochi and Venad, all prospered due to the returns brought in from the trade of pepper. Alas, it was a handful of pepper that changed the future of Malabar and in the larger context, I... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Anywhere in Kerala, this is one sight which you will rarely miss. This time, it’s the red flag flying high at Kottila near Taliparamba in Kannur. Location:Kottila, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 15/12/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The only Cafe Coffee Day you would see across the NH 17 in Kerala.Situated in the most unlikely places at Dharmasala Junction in Kannur, it is now the most popular hangouts for the students at the nearby Engineering College and National Institute of Fashion Technology.Location: Dharmasala Jn, NH 17, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 29/09/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The Vadapalani Murugan Kovil is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Lord Murugan in Chennai. It is located at Vadapalani, a small Chennai suburb which derives its name from Palani, where the most famous Murugan Temple in India is situated. It is a wonderful temple, surrounded by busy markets, a beautiful temple pond, vegetarian restaurants that tickle the taste buds, all in midst of the hustle-bustle that make up Chennai.LocationVadapalani, Chennai, Tamil NaduPhoto taken on 05/11/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A snapshot of the upcoming Thrissur skyline, Shobha City taken from Vilangankunnu. This was clicked sometime in 2010. LocationVilangankunnu, Thrissur, KeralaPhoto taken on 05/12/2010... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The bridge built over the green paddy fields of Naniyoor Village at Kolacherry in Kannur. To walk over this bridge is a great experience, just to see the greenery at both sides and the calmly flowing breeze. This bridge was built as a part of the Pazhassi Project, to bring waters from the Pazhassi dam to far flung areas for agricultural purposes.Location:Naniyoor, Kolacherry, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 30/04/2010 ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A casual snap at the Annapoorneshawari Temple at Cherukunnu, Kannur during the annual temple utsavam. Location:Annapoorneshwari Temple, Cherukunnu, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 17/04/2012                    ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The serene blue waters of the Parassini River, one summer morning. It was a May, just before the monsoon had set in on Kerala. I had gone for a morning walk along the route that led to the Parassini Bridge and managed to get this snap, moments before the clock hit 6AM.Location:Parassini Bridge, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 24/05/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A night view of Chennai Central railway station; again captured from my mobile cam. I was there in March 2012 on a strictly unofficial visit, quite an enjoyable one that was. Do read a bit of what I have written on Chennai in my blog Expressions. Location:Chennai Central, Tamil NaduPhoto taken on 11/03/2012 ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A view of the backwaters from my hotel room in Cochin. Beautiful, serene and perfectly in sync with the tagline God’s own Country.Location:Ernakulam, KeralaPhoto taken on 19/05/2010... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A view of the Nehru statue at Stadium Corner in Kannur. I have not seen any statue of a national leader that is maintained such shabbily. Feel whoever is responsible for this should be taken to task.Let us hope somebody cleans it one day.For more on this, visit my blog post: A tale of two statuesLocationStadium Corner, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 27/09/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Queen Victoria stands tall at the Cubbon Park in Bangalore. A snap taken from one of my vintage mobile cameras – at a time when the 2 Mega Pixel Nokia mobile cams had just started to be a craze. Location:Cubbon Park, Bangalore, KarnatakaPhoto taken on 26/02/2006... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Another mode of graffiti in Kerala is on the roads. Roads and highways are not spared for most occasions, be it the Party Congress, the elections, or even New Year. They provide the best canvas to showcase works of art.Here is one such graffiti on the road top hill towards Ezhimala at Kannur; the topic is the CPIM Party Congress to be held soon.Location: Ezhimala, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 13/12/2011... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Yet another hartal picture from Kannur. This time it was by CPIM in protest against the arrest of their District Secretary in a political case.  This view is of the Stadium corner – Caltex Junction road, most of the advertisement hoardings on the road opposite the City Traffic Police station has been destroyed by protesters.Location:Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 02/08/2012Further, sharing a news article on this topic. Please click the link here. ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
I don’t remember what this hartal was for. But I happened to land in Calicut one early morning to find roads empty and no means of transport. I had to walk all the way from Railway Station to the Bus Stand to take a KSRTC to Malappuram. Since this hartal was “celebrated” only in Calicut, once I crossed the border into Malappuram, it was normal life all around. Location:Near Mananchira, Calicut, KeralaPhoto taken on 30/06/2012... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The Saffron flag flies high at Thalikkavu, Kannur. The clear blue sky makes a perfect milieu for the saffron. Photo taken near the district headquarters of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. LocationThalikkavu, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 14/09/2012  ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Kannur (Cannanore, as it was known those days) was one of the most important cities of the British Empire. After Karachi and Bombay, Kannur was once the major point of interface for India to the outside world at the western side of India. The Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, British, all their influence can be seen even now at Kannur. Nowadays, Kannur has an extraneous existence as one of the northern most districts of Kerala. Below photos are from Kannur railway station - the gateway to Kannur.Location:Railway Station – South End, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 02/03/2013... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
A graffiti on one of the walls in interior Kannur The Malayalam words translate into “The Red Village”. This one is a regular scene at Kannur, where communism has its roots in Kerala, and the communist parties are quite strong. There are lot of areas that are called “Party Gramam” or Party Villages.  Location:Naniyoor, Kannur, KeralaPhoto taken on 29/05/2012... Read more
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