Blogger: George Srinivasan
As most of you applying for the 2014 match are aware, this is the season for giving USMLE Clinical Skill exams for those who have already not given it :PHere is a latest step 2 CS experience by one of our guest authors!!! Hope this helps!!Hi guys... I'm an IMG, 2012 grad. Took the CS in the second half of Feb at Philadelphia; got my result on April 24th, and passed, thank God! Just thought I would share my experience, as I've gotten a lot of help and advice from various people through similar posts in the past.MY PREPARATIONI started my preparation exactly 13 days before my exam. This is my first USMLE exam (for those who ask if CS should be taken only after step1 and CK).Materials u... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Hello. It has been quite sometime since I posted anything on this blog. For that matter, it has been some time since any of us has posted anything on this blog! Well, life has been fast for the past one month. Busy with visa work, writing my book. And the internet here is quite slow. So, it makes it difficult to make videos and upload them!! Still, as promised I have come with my video answering your questions. In this first episode I have answered 5 of your questions.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!! »... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Does your passport look like this?SURNAME:GIVEN NAME: GEORGE SRINIVASAN REDDY ORSURNAME: GEORGE SRINIVASAN REDDYGIVEN NAME: If not, then this post is not for you :) If so, you are in big trouble. The thing is that this name as it is has no problem in India, but the USA people have a problem with it. They contend saying that its not possible for a person not to have a surname or not having a given name!( the logic is sound of course :))CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!! »... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
We are pleased to introduce our first video podcast on this website. This is an introduction to our YouTube Channel, Through this channel we hope to answer many of your questions and doubts. Also am not photogenic and the camera definitely hates me !!! Since am not a professional it certainly needs more work and I will try to make the videos definitely more engaging and interactive as the time goes by! Stay tuned for more videos coming your way!!!... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Now it is the season for USMLE Step 2 CS. This is the exam which  takes the longest time to report back your results. So it cannot be emphasised how important it is to give the exam as soon as possible.EXAM CENTERS: Now to give USMLE Step 2 CS there are only five centers in the USA. They are Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Houston.WHERE SHOULD I GIVE MY EXAM?? On the forums you can see many people discussing which center to choose over the other. There are many who claim that certain centers have a higher pass percentage compared to others! These are all just URBAN MYTHS. The reason why some centers have a higher pass percentage than others is because there are more IMGs gi... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
                              USMLE Workshop in Chennai..  For prospective applicants and aspirants of Usmle:                   Hi dear friends we are planning to organize a usmle workshop for those who aspiring to get residency program in united states. The topic are 1.Why USMLE? 2.USMLE exams and applying steps 3. Applying for USCE and IMG friendly places 4.Research and Importance 5.ERAS Application and interview preparation 5.Visa for an IMG.Finally the Q and A section for the inquisitive doubts asked by the applicants. End of the workshop and all the students will be receiving pocket of most recent IMG friendly program lists, interview preparation guide e... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Its not cheap, aint it? Well residency spot in US doesn't come at a bargain price and it may reallyyyyy stretch your resources. Rough idea of the expenses you may incur Step 1: 900$ Step 2 CK : 900$ Step 2 CS : 1300$ Step 3 : 850$ USMLE WORLD for all the steps: about 600 to 800$ NBME exams: 400 to 600$ Travel to US: 1200 to 1500$ per round trip ( one trip for electives, second trip for observership, research and last trip for your interviews) Medical school verification and procedure costs: 500 to 800$ Cost of staying in US: about 800 to 1300$ per month Interview expenses: cost of application: 3500$ Cost of travel for interviews: for 10 interviews, you can expect about 1500 to 3000$. also ... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
I know its been a long time since we posted something. Nope. The blog is not going out of action!!! We are here for the long run and we intend to stay.Our contributing authors have matched and are held up with their visa work. So am I! Before the visa thing came along I was held up with another of my ideas on which i will start working once am done with my visa stuff. So, its a bit slow now. But we will be back with a bang pretty soon. Stay tuned!!!... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Studying for step 1….. USMLE Step 1 preparation methods and materials:·         Kaplan Lecture Notes + DVDs·         First Aid for the USMLEGoljan Rapid Review of PathologyKaplan Step 1 Qbank online two months subscriptionUSMLEWorld Step 1 Online two months subscriptionNBME -7 and 11 or 12UWSA 1 n 2 for practiceDay before the FRED 150CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!! »... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Now that the match season is over for this year and everyone is looking forward to applying for 2014 match. Some of us would have been unsuccessful in this year's match and desperately want to improve their CV for next match.. there is the fresher group, doing all they can to apply as a strong candidate. Research has played a significant part in this year's match, as far as I know of. almost everyone with research experience have matched, some at significantly better programs. Its time to concentrate on securing a research spot but the bigger question, how to ask for a research position? Me and some of my friends who are doing research got these enormous number of emails from strang... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
W hen I started off down the USMLE path I came across this“STUDY PARTNER” enigma. So what’s this study partner thing all about? Since preparing for the usmle is a lonesome and tiring process it’s always good to have a study partner. A study partner is someone who is preparing for the same step as you and would probably give her exam the same time as you do. You can stay in touch through Skype, phone and if he/she lives nearby you can meet up. A study partner is someone whom you discuss important topics, who l ifts up your spirits when you feeling low and with whom you can share your day to day gossip. That in itself was the most entertaining part of the preparation. I will give you ... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
We just want to give a quick introduction about ourselves so that the reader does not feel they have entered an area where posts are written by unknown people!!! George Srinivasan is a combination of 2 friends. They both had the same idea so decided to combine their resources to get this started. Started on Feb 9th 2013. On March 3rd one of them bought the domain name www.bassatom.com and since then the blog traffic has been directed to that domain name.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!! »... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Now the 2013 match is over, SOAP is done and technically Match season is over. Of course, there are still options like getting matched out of ERAS into unfilled spots, contacts coming into play and one getting into the residency program because someone else had to drop out. SO , albeit for this rare chance things are technically done for this year. Congratulations to all those who matched and my sincere regrets to those who didn't  As I keep reading the posts in various groups and pages on FB that I moderate most of the candidates who didn't match are thinking of the various options that are lying in front of them. Before you decide what you are going to go I suggest you read thi... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
So folks Now everyone is on a high after matching and planning your visa process. Its time to concentrate on stuff other than visa. One thing that people are confused is to design a perfect home before a stressful internship. I am here to give u a list of things that you can buy to fill in your home :) FURNITURE and stuff 1. a cot 2. a single or queens bed - dont hesitate to buy a good one for atleast 200 to 300 bucks. the only time you are gonna be in home is for sleep and you wanna make sure you sleep comfortably and get up with full energy for next day 3. 2 pillows with pillow covers 4. bedspread 5. blankets 6. a good study table (about 150$) 7. a really really comfortable study chairAPP... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Let me take this opportunity to share a few feelings which I am sure most of us USMLE aspirants have felt over sometime :) Its 3 years since I first started out on this USMLE journey. It has been a whirlwind roller coaster with the highest of highs and lowest of lows!! I have celebrated screaming my heart out and pumping my fists in the air to shedding tears crawled up in the corner of my room!! Many people say that I wont be able to do it, many said out rightly that its not happening! That brought me down but didn't knock me down. I persisted, i pushed. I worked when others slept. I read when others partied their ass off. While others splashed money on luxuries that they would thro... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Supplemental Offer and Acceptance ProgramThe NRMP Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) replaces what was known formerly as “the post match Scramble". SOAP is a series of rounds during which Programs express preferences with lists of applicants in the NRMP Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) System. Applicants express preferences by applying to programs through ERAS. Program offers are extended to applicants through the R3 system. Applicants could receive multiple offers in any round. Positions offered and accepted during SOAP establish a binding commitment enforced by the NRMP Match Participation Agreement.Who Benefits from SOAP ?Applicants who do not secure a residen... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Recently I and other Blog authors have been receiving a lot of mail and comments regarding Observership. These messages reminds me of the stages of grief. There are mails filled with sweetness, anger, bargaining, threats, frustration and finally acceptance that they are not going to get any help which eventually leads to me being removed from their Facebook friend list :PIn this blog post i will try to illustrate why people choose not to respond to peoples requests to divulge where they did their observership or got their USCE. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of requests to share the information we don't have and proportionately increase the hate mail exponentially :)CLICK ... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the blog by looking for a unique code. Please put the following short code 39BNGMUGE3WB within a new blog post and publish it. This code must appear in the published post and it must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published. Once it is published, use the "Verify Claim Token" button on this page to tell Technorati your blog is ready for Technorati to verify the claim token and proceed to final review.... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
ORIENTATION TO THE EXAMINATION ROOM AND ITS EQUIPMENT.                                   Being oriented to time place and person itself is extremely important for an examinee appearing for Step 2 CS! If you are someone like me who has never seen an examination room setting in USA before appearing for this exam,this will definitely help you.I still would recommend you all to personally go and see a typical examination room in USA be it through an Elective rotation/Observership or simply requesting any doctor to shadow him/her in the clinic for a day and try to get a hands on experience on each and every part of the examination room equipment.You definitely would not want to ... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
WHEN TO GIVE STEP 2 CLINICAL SKILLS EXAM???.Just because your Step 2 CS scheduling permit is valid for a year, does not mean that you can give this exam   according to your own convenience and keep on delaying the exam thinking it is a pass/fail exam.Please do not procrastinate and schedule the exam as soon as possible.Preferably the exam should be given in the first half of the application year so that the results are available by September 15.As per the 2013 score reporting schedule on USMLE.org the latest you can give your exam for your results to be available before September 15 is July 13.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!! »... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
In December 2012, Journal of American Medical Association(JAMA) published an article about the threat to International graduates who want to pursue residency in US after 2015. The article focuses on the point that after 2015, the number of american medical school graduates will equal the number of residency positions available (this article uses the current residency spots in US for comparison).Due to copyright issues, I cant publish the article in this blog but I will provide you the link to the article.http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1475200Ask your friends in US for help regarding the full article. Its worthwhile for everyone who is preparing for USMLE to read this arti... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
International Medical Graduates (IMG) undergoing clinical medical training in the United States in J-1 status are subject to a two-year foreign residency requirement upon completion of their training. They may neither change their status to an H-1B (specialty-occupation) nor adjust their status to permanent residency (green-card). In effect, this means that upon completion of their training, they may no longer remain in the United States, barring special circumstances.However, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides for a waiver of the two-year foreign residency requirement where the physician commits to serving in a Health Professional Shortage Area [HPSA] or Medically U... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
HOW TO HUNT FOR AN OBSERVERSHIP?Hello Friends! Every year the process of obtaining a residency spot in the United States is getting more and more competitive for IMGs.While your scores are the most important criteria for filling your pockets with interviews,many programs look for "United States Clinical Experience" to distinguish between applicants as many of them have great scores now a days.So pull up your socks! and start hunting for USCE now!It is funny that getting an Observership now a days is even more difficult than getting a residency spot! Many applicants have asked me some questions regarding observerships,some of them are : 1)How do you approach a doctor to ask for the... Read more
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Blogger: George Srinivasan
                                           Working out for your elective... Elective - :It is a form of U.S clinical experience, where you do everything like a final year student.Aim-:·         To know the U.S Medical system.·         To establish good contacts with residents and professors.·         To get good LOR's·         To find a research position for your future visit (if you are interested).Criteria -:Be aware of one fact, now day’s applicants who are applying for electives is increasing. ·         To be eligible for electives you must be a medical student (including internship). ·    ... Read more
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