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"To Dream is to dare and once you have dared, keep up to it!" this is the best thing i have learnt from my protector, a man whose deeds were mightier than his words, a village boy who dared to dream and kept up to his dream-My father!"No you won't fall off the bicycle, I'm holding it" He said it and kept his word. From that day he always supported me and never let me fall off from the bicycle of life. Whenever i used to take a wrong turn, he would guide me and bring me back on track. He taught me on which phase of life i had to put brakes and on which face i had to on the gears. From that day, he has always supported me and nurtured me through the ups and downs of life. He is my bestie,my so... Read more
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Blogger: Bushra
"I've heard of the glories of angels and of the never-never land…I wished my life was a fairytale…so happy…so much grand!Like Snow White bright…Or maybe the princess from Arabian Nights…A world of dreams, one full of lights…More of sensible people less of petty fights…Or maybe I might just get down some rabbit hole…Get a new life…I might get a new soul…Each new day a new dress…a new pair of high heels I’d flaunt… Nobody could judge me with what I have…nobody will dare to taunt!Where I’d prepare some fine chocolate cake…Do whatever I wish for the happiness sake!I'd have my own rules…I’d take my own decision…I’d have many dreams to take care of; I’d h... Read more
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Google imageIn labon pe tera naam akhri hai....Chahenge tujhko jab tak saans baki hai,Sunraha hai jo tu in dil ki dhadkanon ko,ye saans akhri hai,ye aah akhri hai...E-bewafa sunle tu ye nazam aakhri hai,Ye Salaam akhri hai, ye kalaam akhri hai....             -Bushra MContact for any queries:My e-mail ID: bushrablue01@gmail.comTwitter ID: @bu5hra_... Read more
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Hi my cupcakes :D                      Offers! Oh! How i love them! Don't you too? Of-course you too! :D I am a shopaholic who loves to bargain and Rip the shopkeeper apart until he sets on my price. But nowadays as i have recruited to sitting and shopping from 'the window to the world', i am missing bargaining. In-spite of the fact that one cannot bargain online, the thing which has kept me hooked to online shopping is the Awesome, unbelievable, mind blowing  online deals and sales.But! Oh no! There's a problem here- how will i know which website has great offers??? Confused? worried? Not to worry people! Here i am- updating you guys on the awesome website which not on... Read more
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Communication plays an important role in the life of a human being. It is an integral part of development and  a process of social interaction through which people are influenced by ideas, attitudes, knowledge and behavior of each other. As time is passing, the ways of communication are just getting better and easier. The latest Apps like WeChat have given a new cut to communication, developing it and making it very apt and simpler!We Chat? But What is it?:WeChat is a powerful mobile app by Tencent which allows friends and family to connect accross platforms. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. You can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to... Read more
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Parties! Oh how I love them!From food to chit chat and dressing up, I love everything about a party!So, just imagine how happy i would have been when i was aloud to organize the whole naming ceremony of my 30 day old niece?! Yes-i was on the top of the world!My sister was blessed with a baby boy and my happy parents wanted to hold his naming ceremony at our house. Unluckily-or should i say luckily, my father was very busy at work that particular month and my mother was busy acknowledging the numerous relatives who would call to congratulate her. So that was how the whole responsibility came over to this little imaginative not-so-busy girl called me :) My parents are well aware what a perfect... Read more
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"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror."- how true!Every woman wants to look beautiful and i think it's her right to look beautiful! That's the reason we woman love makeup and any other thing that helps us boost our confidence! We love looking young and appealing at any stage of our lives.....When i heard about the launch of this product, i was excited to try it out and the only person who was more excited than me was my Mum. She's been using Olay creams for a long time now, and if there is some cosmetic brand she truly loves, it's Olay! I am happy to share my and my Mum's experience withOlay total effects 7 in one Duo. Price: 369 INR for  20gWhat Olay claims:Total effects fight... Read more
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 "Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less"In my schooling days ,i remember that i had read a story in my 'moral science' class on 'humility'. That story had truly inspired me! I learnt that a person is not known by his duties but his deeds! Not by his frown but his smile! Not by his pompousness but, by his-humility! I have usually seen that the best of humility is always found in cartoonists..... a good cartoonist is the best humorist and the most humble person too.......and i know that many of you will agree with me too! :)Well let's leave that talk for later and go further with today what i have in store for you guys: Yes! It... Read more
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Yeh Jawani hai Diwani-Absolutely! We teens love diwanapan don't we guys?! :D Our lives are a cocktail of masti, deewanapan, and badmashi :P :DOk! Now jokes apart! You must have already watched the movie 'Yeh jawani hai deewani' right? It's a superb movie with loads of entertainment!Apart from entertainment the movie has also set a trend on 'young fashion'!While i was lusting all the dresses Deepika and Kalki wore in the movie(Well Ranbir and Aditya looked suave too :P), Jabong had something GREAT in store for me! Guess what? Jabong.com has a whole range of 'yeh Jawani hai deewani' collection which has been inspired by the movie itself! Cool eh?They have a GREAT collection of products ranging... Read more
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Salil's eyes were tired and drowsy, but he didn't sleep.No! My reputation will spoil if I don't get the first rank!Ego stopped him from listening to his body.The Alarm clock struck 1:00pm and he woke up with a jolt_horror-struck!. He had slept for five hours and his exam was already over.....!............The Moral of the Story is: "When you overwork your body, it gives you warning signs and if you ignore those warning signs you face the consequences!"This post is a part of  'The moral of the story is' contest held at Indiblogger in association with he Healthy Speak Blog.Healthy Speak Blog.Contact for any queries:bushrablue01@gmail.comTwitter: @Bu5hra_... Read more
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Our bodies are constantly sending us messages. In order to save ourselves from embarrassment and despair we should NOT ignore this messages and should heed them and do the necessary as soon as possible!Here's a story of a beautiful girl called 'Straw' who ignored the warning signs her body gave her and in turn suffered embarrassment. Let's see who saved her from further despair and who brought back her long lost smile.....To know from where the fairy got the idea which helped Straw and to protect your own gums from Bad breadth and several other gum problems, Go to the Healthy Speak Blog~This post is a part of  'The moral of the story is' contest held at Indiblogger.... Read more
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Raah me aankhen bichate rahenge,Shama ko resham se sajate rahenge,Jab tak nahi aaoge, intazaar me tumhare,Hum yuhin khoon ke aansoo bahate rahenge...                              - BushraContact for any queries:My e-mail ID: bushrablue01@gmail.comTwitter ID: @imzeba... Read more
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 Hello Pretty princesses :DI know my blog is kinda not used to beauty products but what to do this lippy of mine was screaming "review me" "review me"and finally i am here reviewing it :D.When it comes to lip products, i am usually a "lip gloss girl" with only selected pieces of lipsticks in my wardrobe. This one suited my tastes so well! I am in love with Elle'18's lip smoothie<3 so glossy so fab! Will review it on my blog someday, for now i am busy enjoying it on my lips ;) Today i am reviewing this super fab butterstick oops! sorry lipstick ;) I think this is one of those rare Elle shades where the name actually suits the contents of the lippy :)PRICE:100SHELF LIFE: 30 DaysIN... Read more
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Hi Sher's and shernis, it's shayari time :DFinally,after a long time i have managed to write a shayari! Phew! So go on ENJOY!viaAarzoo ke diye dil mein jalrahe hain,                                              Meri aaankhon se Aansoo nikal rahe hain,Jo aaj tum dil me shama ban ke jal rahe ho,Mom bankar hum bhi yunhi Pighal rahe hain....Najane ye nain kya khwaab sil rahe hain,Sapne aankhon me meri pal rahe hain,Dard itna diya hai tumne hume, phir bhi kyun,Tumse milne ko hum itna machal rahe hain?.....!!!                                                                                                    -Bushra ... Read more
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"Mr. Arnab Bagchi, you are going to become a father of an angel in a few hours. How do you feel han? Ha ha ha ha ha!" Her voice echoed in his ears as he sat in the long hospital ward which was crowded with people."Really Arnab, i can't believe it! Me a mother! Oh God i am so happy! Arnab what will we name her?Come on now i know it's gonna be a girl!" It was as though she was present with her in that very hospital ward. The words she had said twenty five years back flowed back to him as though it was just yesterday she had said them. As Arnab, a 44 year old engineer, with greying hair,sat on the bench of the hospital ward, pondering on his thoughts, in his own world, a t... Read more
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It's been 2-3 months since these three awesome people nominated me for the Liebster award, but serious problems like laziness have kept me from acknowledging them :pNevertheless, here i am after repenting for my lateness-better late than never!I received Three of these beautiful beauties :) *The first one to nominate me was a beautiful girl ODyzz from CoMe, LeTz WaLk DoWn ThE LaNe ToGeThEr. This was my first ever Liebster and i was on the top of the world on seeing my blog nominated. Visibly dancing on one foot...if you are a blogger you'll know the joy of receiving your first award :).Odyzz is a cool blogger.Her posts are creative, humorous and simply awesome!          ... Read more
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Blogger: Bushra
I may be fabulous good at drawings but when it comes to drawing with a mouse, i am as scratchy,shaky and immature as a one year old!......but just this wasn't enough to stop me from my deeeeep desire to Doodle one day :D I searched for this image of three monkeys on a "free drawings" web page and formed my first web comic with the help of it :) So don't get all excited that I drew it....maybe someday i will!....but until then i am not preventing myself from spreading smiles :) So here we go: Remember the famous monkeys of The Gandhi ? One,blind,one deaf and one dumb? They are back to entertain you a bit :)The famous Monkeys of India:If you liked it then SUBSCRIBE for m... Read more
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Pic courtesy: Google images{Editor's note: Hiya all :D I am delighted to welcome guest blogger, Isha Desai at my confessions to share her thoughts on the latest Fashion trends.Let's see what she has to say:) }                             There is a wedding gala in the weekend and you don’t know what to wear. You have had enough with dresses, sarees and lehengas. Formal wears in monotone has made your world boring. Your heart desires to indulge in the luxury of ethnic yet smart, something that is chic and easy to wear. Has this ever happened with you? If yes, then its time you take the step ahead and make all eyes roll with that fashionable piece of clothing that the Indian ... Read more
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In the joy of  successfully completing 6 months of her blogging period, the beautiful, suavacious girl, Heena Vcb has kept an awesome giveaway at her blog. You have a chance to stock up  make up products worth  4000/-Rs . There's also a second price. So what are you waiting for?! Go join and enjoy! :)I am drooling over these products<3 Hope i win them :)A little note to Heena: I love your blog. The tutorials and side widgets are awesome! CONGRATULATIONS for your 6 month achievement, God bless you and may your blog flourish and keep on doing the good it has been doing to date :)Here's the link to the give away: Giveaway... Read more
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Eyes of pearls, Tresses of golden strings,Trapping bewitching like the early springs.Wandering  like a free Daffodil,Blossoming,blooming, spreading  thrill...Your smile unnerving casts a spell,Gloom and doom bid farewell...Charm that can make mountains meltMoving,binding ,unnerving svelte.....Queen of gossip,princess of love,Suave and appealing like a DoveLike a rainbow who awaits sunshine,The world yearns for your lure divine....A tear in your eye makes all o' them cry,They shadow you like a mackerel skyO' feminine, your charm and shrine,Encourage passion just like vine....Eyes filled with beauty and temptation,        You-are God's most priced creation.......!!!-Bushra{I was s... Read more
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"I love you Rose...will you marry me?"they were driving down the hill in Nik's new car. "Oh! Ofcourse i will Nik! She replied happiness written all over her face this is a fairytale and Nik is my Prince!Roselle thought. As he looked into her eyes, the car lost control and fell down the cliff.She opened her eyes and tried recognizing her surroundings. A hospital. "Mercias! What a miracle!" The nurse rushed out calling names and addressing people. Where am i?We were about to reach our hotel but.......Where is Nik, Nik!"Welcome back" his voice calmed her. Nik came closer to her but but it wasn't Nik! It can't be him! Someone similar....i think his father but why is he crying?!!Roselle ... Read more
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I was browsing through some of my Favorited pics when i came across this one. It's damn interesting and so true....try it and let me know if you could see the beauty hidden behind the beast:)BTW: Changed my header:) made it myself.Have also added some new widgets on the right hand side......follow me on twitter@imzeba and like my Face book page.... Read more
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The name Just bitten kissable balm stains is appealing enough to bully you into buying these fabulous products by Revlon:) They are so chubby and yummy looking:)..... Their soft texture mesmerizes your lips and gives a a pretty, pigmented tint to your lips. The staying power is AWESOME! The darker shades last for a good 6 hours and 3hours if you eat meals in between-now tell me which balm stain lasts that long?!!! The lighter shades last for a good 2-3 hours. I am totally in love with these beauties<3......and again they are a gift from my beautiful sisters:) Well of course they didn't give me all of them :p but i got to choose the best shades: Crush and Adore:) Here are some pics:... Read more
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Another giveaway @Pink clouds sponsored by My Salwar palace. Join and you have a chance to win this fabulous Salwar kameez:) Love you and your giveaways Ztaz<3 Hope to win:)I love Salwar kameez and have a good collection of them. This one is just not leaving my mind! Love the designing and colour combo<3 wish i win it:)So what are you waiting for? Go join and try ur luck:) Here's the link: Giveaway... Read more
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Hi, {insert your name here}:DBeautiful giveaway by a beautiful blogger:) Zatz@Pink clouds:) Join and win this Ohhsoawesome bag! Pink clouds is one of my favourite blogs! Just love it<3 Isn't it cute? :)So what are you waiting for join now and haul it for yourself:) Here's the link: Pink clouds giveaway :D... Read more
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