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Stack is a group of memory locations in the Read/Write memory. It is used for storage of binary information during the execution of a program. The beginning of the stack is defined in the program by using the instruction.... Read more
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General purpose registers (GPR) are not used for storing any specific type of information. Instead operands as well as addresses are stored at the time of program execution.... Read more
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The following is a list of terms used in computer architecture.... Read more
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Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) in microprocessor is capable of performing the following operations on binary data. 1. Binary addition and subtraction, 2. Logical AND, OR, XOR, 3. Complement, 4. Rotate left and right... Read more
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Flip-Flop is a sequential circuit that keeps on retaining the binary state until directed by an input signal to change the states. It is a basic unit for storage as it retains the stored information for usage. It has two stable states: output is either to 0v (logic 0) or +5V dc (logic 1). Flip-Flop is called 1-bit memory unit as it stores only 1-bit information.... Read more
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Some registers in microprocessor are utilized by ALU and the control section for temporary storage of instruction, operands or address at various stages of instruction execution.... Read more
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A stack is an array of registers organized in a last in first out manner. The top of the element is always indicated by a special purpose register called stack pointer (SP). The size of the stack pointer is equal to the length of the address.... Read more
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An instruction is a binary pattern designed inside the microprocessor to perform a specific function. In other words, it is a command to the microprocessor to perform a given task on specified data.... Read more
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Instruction cycle is the basic operation regulated by control unit. It consists of sequential fetching and execution of instruction. The fetch state transports an instruction from memory into the microprocessor.... Read more
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The control unit controls and synchronizes all the data transfer in microprocessor system. The control unit uses inputs from a master clock to drive timing and control signals that regulate the data transfer in the system associated with each instruction.... Read more
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What is register? Register is a small high speed named memory. It consists of a set of binary storage cells called flip-flops with parallel reading or writing or both the facilities. The number of bits in a register depends on the type and address of the data. Register plays a major role in CPU operations. [...]... Read more
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What is Addressing Mode? In any microprocessor instruction, the source and the destination can be a register, memory content or an 8 bit number. In fact, these source and destination are operands. The various forms of specifying the operands are called the addressing mode. Four types of addressing modes are explained in this article. 1. [...]... Read more
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Program is a collection of instructions. Instruction specifies an operation such as add, subtract, multiply, store and so on. Computer works by executing the programs stored in its memory.... Read more
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Computer is an electronic machine. It has the capacity to act depending on the given instructions.... Read more
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List of Mathematical Terms used in theory of computation... Read more
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A decoder is a combinational circuit that converts binary information from n input lines to a maximum of 2n unique output lines. If the n-bit decoded information has unused or don't care combinations, the decoder output will have less than 2^n outputs.... Read more
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The wide range of application area of the microprocessor can be broadly classified into two groups: general purpose application and special purpose application.... Read more
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The first microprocessor was introduced in 1971 by Intel Corp. It was named Intel 4004 as it was a 4 bit processor. It was a processor on a single chip.... Read more
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A single chip processor is called microprocessor. It is a semiconductor device consisting of electronic logic circuits manufactured by techniques such as large scale integration (LSI) or very large scale integration.... Read more
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Blogger: Robin
Turing machine is a primitive abstract computer. It was invented by a mathematician Alan Turing in an attempt to find out whether all of mathematics could be reduced to mechanical computation.... Read more
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Blogger: Robin
Mathematicians including Kurt Godel, Alan Turing, and Alonzo Church concluded that some basic problems cannot be solved by computers. One such problem is determining whether a mathematical statement is true or false.Though it seems that this kind of problems can be solved by computer because they lies strictly within the realm of mathematics, no computer [...]... Read more
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