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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
As you must have seen my last post ( Can we make the world a happy  place ) i have decided to make my own photography project where my first aim is to click 5000 different pictures of people smiling or laughing . I would be taking these pictures  in my day to day life , people i meet and maybe travel all over India later  to click for the same.The only aim of this Project would be that  moment when a  person smiles or laughs it will be my moment and captured by me, at least i can take credit for the person smiling for a moment.Let's see how it works out for me, let me know your views?I have named this project Can I Make You Smile ?Some of my Happyness Clicks , will add more soon . ... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
This is my Fourth Post in the Series Relish The Challenge , http://cinthol.com/deo/  i have been advised to write about myself and my day to day challenges.Actually i am a middle class person of India, the aam aadmi where most of the people around me, my friends and colleagues are also in the same boat but i have noticed one thing now that people don't smile that easily and often , to laugh is an very important action according to me. Everyone is wrapped in a self created Zone where deadlines, stress, possessions matter and at any expense.I wish to bring a smile to people in my everyday life wherever i go and whoever i meet .Like Sanjay Dutt in Munnabhai , the common man definitely needs ... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
Since the time  i have brought a Canon Sx 50 Hs i really like clicking pictures of People, Birds or Objects  far off , thanks to the monster zoom.These guys were working on the Terrace of a 11th floor building across my street, unaware of that they are being clicked .Anyway i don't think they should mind................. Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
I was watching a movie Just My Luck some time back, there was a scene of Hard Rock Cafe , America with all the Glitz, glamour and VIP sort of people, made me wonder what does it require you to get in that kind of a circuit since i am not a famous actor or a rich businessman with jets and islands.As my luck favoured my friend Swarnendu Roy , the Gm of Hard Rock Cafe, Pune mailed me VIP passes for the Friday event where Parikrama, a band from Delhi were playing. I know Roy from my earlier blogging experience where i was invited for an event at Hard Rock Cafe I was  apprehensive  initially about going but the VIP tag tempted me and Farzana and Myself headed.As soon as we reached we were... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
This picture is taken at around noon after a heavy breakfast in Mumbai, one thing good about Mumbai is you can order  on phone and its there nice and hot .Thank god order on phone for Vada Pav is not available  in Pune where i stay or else that number would be a hotline for me .... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
This is in regards to ‘Relish The Challenge’ Blogging Campaign http://cinthol.com/deo/ where i need to write about someone's else experience, not about myself, More about the inspiration i draw from that person.Actually i would like to write about Cancer and its survivors , people who have the zeal to live and they are not afraid to take Cancer  head first and fighting it back and pushing it in one corner and emerging victorious because for them to be Alive is Awesome. http://cinthol.com/deo/What do you do when you are told that you have cancer , what does your family do ? its horrible, seeing so many of my uncles, aunts friend's parents succumbing to it makes me feel that wh... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
One More click on the famous Chowpatty Beach of Mumbai, i find that place very interesting, Lot's of activities  always going on , vibrant, colorful and diverse just like us Indians..............This young fellow after knowing that i am planning to click his photograph suddenly went in the model mode and started looking on his right like a pose, i find the most interesting people here in our country always ready for a picture, smiling and just plain happy go lucky................ Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
One evening with me is a new series I propose to write and share here on my Blog about all the places , moments, experiences , restaurants and events  which I like or i feel the urge to share it . So here goes , the first write up in this series is about a Lounge cum Dinner place called Oak Lounge which we frequent , this place is tucked away in a nice corner of Koregaon Park , Pune , part of Oakwood hotel chain.Its a basically a night club where they serve you the most amazing pizzas  and the selection of Mock tails and Cocktails are vast and tempting overall a Plus. It is usually quiet in the early part of the evenings and then it shows its true colors on weekends usually after 11 pm w... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
This is my second post in the series , Relish The Challenge http://cinthol.com/deo/ , I seem to be getting the hang of it , i remember in School too i used to be bored of writing so i am trying my best now. Hope it shows.In future I want to relish one dream which I have since a very long time have discussed is too with my wife is to take a road trip all over India with her  and my son too starting from Maharashtra to the south, north , east and west ,experience the cultures , the diversities , the  food and stay at various places preferably at the  houses of locals , lots of character in that , experience festivals  along the way , document it , shoot the whole experience.Since I bel... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
Actually i am not a writer but when i got a call from Cinthol http://cinthol.com/deo/ to write about ‘Relish The Challenge’ Blogging Activity i was scared of my writing skills but on my wife's and friends insistence i am writing and giving it a shot so please excuse me if i am slightly off.This itself is a challenge for me.I am relishing a challenge to just be myself and not being bothered about the trivals and stress of day to day life because according to me Life is too short and I should consider myself very lucky for whatever I am today.So relish the feeling of being alive and happy every day , relish the challenge .http://cinthol.com/deo/... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
Breakfast at my House is typical Toast Butter and tea but when i am in Mumbai , this is the breakfast served at my cousin's house Kebabs, Eggs, hot Jalebis , bread , Butter and yes Wada Pav is also there but not in the picture  and one big cup of Tea......... fit for kings........ takes care of your lunch too ... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
Amazing Starters were served during the evening and the service was up to the mark............ These Guys rocked and they made sure everyone rocked too.....Overall a fantastic evening by Indus Pride at Arc Asia and really felt nice to be a part of it ........... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
 This was taken on my trip to Mumbai, we were sitting at Chowpatty beach and this guy was selling that soap bubble thing, sorry don't know exactly what is it called .Seeing me take photographs gave him enough  enthusiasm  to keep blowing in our direction and so i clicked a series of photographs of him , this one i liked it particularly  ............... Read more
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Blogger: aliasgar mukhtiar
This Photograph i had taken on my first walk specifically to click pictures, usually i am very shy to click random people but on this walk i was accompanied by my son and wife and i mustered enough courage to click a series of photographs and make people smile too, Mumbai really brings out the energy in you.This click was quite touching for us trio but unfortunately could not do much for him . God bless  ... Read more
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