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The month was July. The summers had already taken over the skies. The scorching heat was the only thing which troubled the populace to the extent that many of them had already started covering entire body when they had to step out in the sun. Vineet, eighteen year old teenager, who lived in one of the busy areas of the capital, Karol Bagh had something else in mind. He was happy and sad at the same time, sad because he just finished his school, missed his friends like hell and happy because he was about to join the college of his dreams. He wanted to pursue engineering in computers for which he had studied day and night. Many things vacillated in his mind about the new chapter that was going... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Thinking about you Wondering all the time When I would get to know How you steal the moments? Completely lost in a world Being with you is all I surmise Fingers running in silky strands The long yearning I just satisfied No, nothing else I want Except you and me Under the moonlit night My wish to the shooting star Whispering in your ear Playing with the rhythm The touch of the alabaster So smooth, no, please don't fear...  A walk so blissful The journey serene Let the love whisper And desires to steam... ... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at BlogAdda.com in association with INK Live 2013. We all once in our lifetime, face situations that are beyond our control. At that time, we are rendered useless as we couldn't take control of the situation at hand and therefore succumb to it. This usually happens when we want to fulfill our dreams but somehow are a victim of circumstances around us. Every person on this planet has some goals. Some achieve them by being selfish, some by being selfless. No matter how, everyone wants results to be delivered. In the office, Managers want their subordinates to complete work in time. If not completed, then they might not get an in... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Tring - Tring, the phone rang. The entire home, surrounded by sheer silence was broken through by the incessant ringing of the land line. Sanjeev, in his late forties, was slightly distracted by the unwanted noise. He was a fine man with rigid beliefs whose principles no one dared to break. The round face which seemed a little sluggish was due to many grief stricken experiences but still it had that vigor more than that of many youngsters. He was busy in his laptop, making presentation for the next day's meeting. His mind vacillated on many questions which pierced his mind sharply. The ringing was getting louder as he approached the other room in which the land line was kept. He didn't want... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Exams! One thing which always causes everybody's mind to crumple. Those sleepless nights were a delight for some while on the other hand, a haunting for others. The mugging up of the notes which just seem to give me goosebumps still are the most hateful of all. I have seen people, especially girls trying to get through that freaking biological names of different body parts as well as medicine salts.   Moreover, the pressure from the parents kills the brain cells. Putting some ice on the cake, peer pressure, making fun of the one who hasn't studied a particular topic  but they act like the same "yaar, ye topic to aana hi aana hai paper me, tu to gaya." ("Dude, this topic will be co... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Do you all remember the scariest thing in your childhood? The thing you ran away from in school? This of course is not about any horrifying insect or any other that same old horror movies but it has to do something with a subject which we all studied in school. By now I am sure that 80% of you all have guessed it right, Mathematics! The subject which was not less than a nightmare in most of our lives and still is. The numbers playing hide and seek in dreams. The calculus problems seem to fly high above our heads. We all at some point of our lives, I am sure have hated maths. It is a subject which is simplest for some while being difficult to near impossible for some! I will share my story o... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
I looked closely in the mirror Intrigued by the reflection The fine lines on the forehead Struggle is all they reveal So young yet so old Someone else I believe I see Recollecting the memories hidden deep Good or bad whatever, nothing I feel The nerves got damaged I guess No pain, only numbness is there All the moves I tried, rubbed the eyes Even though I knew I was not dreaming The person from the other side stared at me No regrets, no sorrow in the eyes I saw No the mirror couldn't be wrong It reflects on its own, not by anyone's behest!... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
युं ही समय की डोर से लिपटे हुए हैं हम न जाने कहाँ खोगये वो लम्हे चादर में लिपटे हुए युं लगा के आँख मिचौली खेल रहे हो वो लम्हे ये कैसी कशमकश है जो थमती नहीं  चाहे या न चाहे याद दिला ही देती है वो लम्हे दरिया में उतरे थे ये सोचकर कि उभर आयेंगे मालूम न था कि बिन मौसम बरसात लाय... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
I still remember the day. How can I forget the day which meant everything to me? The sun shone brighter than all other days. As usual, I was getting ready for the class. I hated accounts. The formulae seemed  a distant dream in which I was lost forever. Ms. Sheetal, our Accounts teacher was pretty, happy go lucky woman. She always had a smile on her face, even when she was scolding her students which included me as well. She was young, maybe in her late twenties. I stepped in the campus, thinking of joining my friends the canteen instead, but then I realized that my attendance was already short. The fear of getting debarred, the vision of getting scolding from my father was enough for ... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
The times flow by like the clouds With you left unaware of the pace Eating away your thoughts, you go on Even if it is leading to only one thing, disgrace! The heavenly aroma, that flickering candle The beaming of the sky, you fail to enjoy Just a reminder for you of the chores Which can transform sorrow to joy The hours sweep so slow, unaware The impeccable tune of the wind Steering clear leaving you perplexed With a lightning bolt, the darkness signed The mark left up there will stay adhered Reminding you of the best times you missed Fading away the darkness of the soul You will feel as if it's the light you just kissed!  ... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Indigenous to this world, so heavenly The oath that one has to stay bind to Has been made to fade away so cleverly Not too fast, nor too slow, but gradually hitherto Who will be the benefactor, who will be the antagonist? Slowly decreasing the charm by being so phony  Gain some, lose some, one should act like a protagonist The times have gone away when one tried to be crony    The fact remains as it is, mortality is the truth Trying too hard to push yourself, giving the best Some succeed in living, some give up their youth But they fail to keep in mind, they are better than the rest Wrapping one's mind in the best memories, try to laugh endlessly Some rest is needed to recov... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Click on the image for better resolution*... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
The time goes by, with countless hours Staying adhered to your chores, is all what you do  Always wanting to rise, preventing that free fall The time when you say nothing at all... From the aspiration to the exaggeration  Trying to conceal the truth hiding beneath The disguise that you all know stands tall The timewhen you say nothing at all... Incessant ramblings, never leading to a conclusion All the way down when you travel to a delusion You succumb to the immorality, keep rolling the ball The time when you say nothing at all... Turning towards the past memories, all is history  Wondering at the things that have passed, uncontrolled Crossed all boundaries, wish you co... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Turning your back towards the damped soul Will only lead to the feeling of betrayal From the hell or heaven it might have returned Unknown is the source, need to make it whole Traveled a million miles, distance unprecedented It is in search of it's identity, whether created or gifted To know the original address where it belongs to Otherwise it will be forced to be dented From deep down somewhere, it is screaming Maybe in noise, it is often left unheard No, hearing it's cries only is not enough  But you have to prevent the weaning To love, to care, to nurture the inner desires Is all that is needed to be in an equilibrium Sometimes there needs to be an obsession To stop the thirsty sou... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
It was in the month of January. The darkness cloaked the night in the absence of the moon. The winter fog hovered freely, making it difficult for even a person with perfect vision to pierce through. The icy wind had already drawn the people towards the comfort of their apartments and homes. Nikita was busy turning the pages of a book that she struggled very hard to read. She felt very tired. Yawning, she reached out to turn off the lamp. She lay on her impeccably oval shaped bed to catch some sleep. After an hour, when she was in the deepest of her sleep, a very soft push was made to the door and a furtive figure entered the room. Tiptoeing carefully, making sure not to make any noise, the... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Lingering to my thoughts Talking to a wandering soul Tough it seems, to untie the knots But is essential to achieve the goal The restless mortal is unsure  The future that points to the destiny  Often which leaves the one too impure That even a friend can act as an enemy Turning the pages of the past memoirs Oh! It caused him to behest his present To weave out a long rope like that from a coir Uncanny to him was it all meant The urge that burnt a candle inside Doesn't seem to seize anymore The wanderlust is somewhere left deprived In the midst of an ocean, it is still looking for a shore!... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
It was the year 2050. The one thing which nobody had expected to turn up so early had already happened. Yes, this period was the end of the third world war. The crimson colored sky resided dark grey clouds, ready to burst out their anger in the form of acid. The earth seemed to loathing to support any life form on it. Plants that were once green had reduced to nothing but toxic waste. Hundreds of millions of people died, only a few survived that too were battling with numerous genetic disorders due to excessive exposure to harmful radiation. Water was there, but undrinkable. Down somewhere in the south Asia, reportedly few people had survived. One of them was Aditya.  He was in his teenage... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
To strive for something which is impossible is a common thing, but to achieve something like that is rare.                                                                                               ~Saurabh Chawla~... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
It was one day of spring time in the year 2004. As the dawn crept secretly in the sky shedding it off of its darkness, the city of Delhi waited for the new day to begin. For most of them , it was like just another day except Varun. He stayed in the heart of the city of New Delhi, a little bit closer to west Delhi. It was not just a day for him but a nightmare had come true. As a child he had been always played in the close vicinity of his parents, tagged as weak and scrawny kid in school, he took all the abuse with a broad smile on his face.   In the night time, he would curse himself for being so weak and tiresome all the time. Many a times he suffered from a broken hand or a broken leg.... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Pulling away from the deepest thoughts Trying to remain in my own exile The limitation just can't be broken into Solution that is left only is to stay docile Fate is something which needs a challenge Surrendering is the signature of the weak Crossing the boundaries, building the fortress Even the grass turns green in a land so bleak Belief is something which can shatter the mountains Traveling long in darkness is something hard to do But her harvest is the one which will embrace Safe you will be, giving the darkness one final adieu Filling the hours which had turned so empty Watching out the ocean sending her waves In the hourglass figure of a woman Freeing all of them, who were once slaves... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
Great ideas come in mind by two ways: either you are in a good mood or someone throws a hammer on your ego.                                                                                               ~Saurabh Chawla~                  ... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
This part is in continuation or to be more precise, the last part. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth!. You can read the second part of the story by clicking Seeing the unseen! You can read the third part by clicking The note!. You can read the fourth part by clicking Time to clear the air!. You can read the fifth part by clicking Mystery woman! I would recommend you all to read the story from the beginning. Raman stepped into his office the next morning. The previous night went busy as his thoughts played hide and seek. The deepening mystery was getting worse every single day. He had called Shaina the very same moment he discovered the suspicious scarf. He intended to ... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
This part is in continuation. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth!. You can read the second part of the story by clicking Seeing the unseen! You can read the third part by clicking The note!. You can read the fourth part by clicking Time to clear the air!. I would recommend you all to read the story from the beginning. The day went quite well. Raman was able to clear the dirt that took over the case, clearing the view even more. There were two people in the eye of Raman who he thought would have given this conspiracy its fate. He had had several meetings with Shaina and Leena but he ruled out both of them because there was not enough proof which could lead them being cons... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
This part is in continuation. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth. You can read the second part by clicking Seeing the unseen!. You can read the third part by clicking The note! Raman woke up with groggy eyes as the sunlight glared upon them. The night hadn't been so easy for him. The mystery was going deeper and deeper every single minute. He was under a deep pressure to solve the case within minimum time. The reason being people involved in the case. Regardless of all the facts that revolved vividly in front of him, he was sure that something was not right in Sameer's life. He made a mental note to visit his home again to discuss Sameer's life with Leena. He could have ha... Read more
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Blogger: Saurabh Chawla
This part is in continuation. You can read the previous part Seeing the unseen!. You can read the first part Naked truth. Shaina who was skeptical about the woman, went to meet SSP Raman. He had called her at his office after she informed about the incident. He was not that much worried about her, but the fact that the peon who had poisoned Sameer, the only ray of light in this never ending tunnel was no more. Turning towards Shaina, he pointed her to hand over the photograph of that woman. Shaina, who looked close to sick, with puffy eyes and slightly wore out face, handed over the photograph to the SSP. Getting an assurance from him that he will try his best to find out about her, she lef... Read more
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