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It's a practice that the interviewers in order to check one's analytical ability ask puzzles so that they understand the thought process of the candidates. There are hoardes of those available on net but for my readers I am herewith providing solutions for 2 of the most commonly asked puzzles. You may also post your puzzles in the comments section for the benefit of everyone. 1) 12 identical marbles with 1 defective piece and you are given a weighing machine. You have to come with the minimum possible weighings to identify the defective piece. 2) You are standing in front of a 100 floor building and given 2 eggs . You are asked to find out the strength of the egg by telling th... Read more
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"Don't wait for the beautiful moment to happen, instead try making every moment a beautiful one because time once passed is the past and the best part of future is it comes only a day at a time."... Read more
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This picture tells it all... ... Read more
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What happened?Almost a month back I had placed an order with Snapdeal for a pair of sunglasses, which on the looks of it seemed a very good deal but only to realise that it was not so when I got it delivered. It looked really cheap, the sun-glasses sold by road side hawkers are better than these. I returned it immediately, and they returned me the money in the form of Snapdeal cash (Basically once you transact with them you have no choice but to part off with your money with them)You may click this to reach the deal. At the same time I placed another order for a watch (Brand: Breo). Thankfully the brand has a website, so seemed to be a genuine one.Below was the watch for which I placed ... Read more
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A picture is worth thousand words, but for snapdeal it's a different story. Always read!  ... Read more
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The Consulting Story in INDIAThis post is going to be one comprehensive update on the current state of affairs of the consulting industry. The dream of every MBA aspirant would be to wear business formals and rub shoulders with CXOs, draw hefty pay checks, play golf and roam in big cars after graduating. This is the very reason why management consulting jobs are the most sought jobs in all B-schools, as the profiles offer lucrative pay-checks and lustrous work styles. I once took a dig at the consultant profiles in one my blog posts, of course on a lighter note. Do read. A survey, conducted by InsideIIM.com, on career choices and preferred companies of MBA aspirants. Consulting was clearly... Read more
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The million dollar question of the moment is ,   "What is the right time to buy Gold?" With so much of news doing rounds all over.. this is the only thing which everyone wants to know.. This blog post by Manshu answers the question if this is the right time to buy gold and there are scores of them available on web answering the same question...  My 2 cents on the same subject. Disclaimer : I am not an expert,  Crisp Analysis :Gold as an asset has its key value drivers as dollar, global demand/supply,global inflation.With increased selling pressure (thanks to Cyprus, Portugal etc), reduced inflation (US,India etc), rising dollar price and booming stock markets the prices of gold... Read more
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     "The ultimate measureof a man is not where hestands in moments ofcomfort and convenience,but where he standsat times of challengeand controversy." -Martin Luther King Jr ... Read more
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This workshop was on how to lead a group of people. The framework developed by Hershey & Blanchard covers all aspects of a follower mentality and suggest the respective style of leadership to be followed. Though this concept was taught as part of the OB but it was better understood in the workshop conducted by Mr.Prem Kumar. For more practical understanding he chose the movie Chak De India, where each of the aspects of the framework were discussed.For the benefit of my readers below is the framework of Hershey & Blanchard If you see the followers(sub-ordinates/team members) are of 4 types. It is classified based on 2 factors and hence the 4 combinations. The 2 factors are Ability ... Read more
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This was discussed during a workshop conducted on Assertive Skills. The concept of self is very important when you communicate with people. I have tried my best in simplifying the concept. The text given to understand was not so simple :) and took sometime to come up with the below flipchart The videos of the presentation follows.Part - IPart - IIPart - III... Read more
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This was one of the workshops I attended on Leadership & Motivation, in which there was a topic on pursuasion for which I had to present a tiny case study. Below is the flipchart I prepared to explain it and the video of the presentation follows... Read more
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Ego clashes happen with differences in perceptions.The difference in what we think we are and what others think we are.The bubbles in the image below are perceptions about the specimen. Wider the gap between perceptions bubbles, higher are the chances for ego clashes..and if the person is a weak hearted and passive person will definitely end up crying and accepting what others think.If the person is an agressive person will get into argument/fight with others.An assertive person will make an attempt to clarify the situation by creating a dialogue.  When there is an overlap in perceptions, there will be little scope for clashes. Now, You may comment on how to deal with such situations.... Read more
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Courtesy :National GeographicBy : Klien Hubert/Kimball Stock... Read more
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Apart from random rambling, the thing which interests more is meddling with Microsoft excel.                                                I feel, how much ever we may use the MS excel in our daily life but it will be only be an iota of its full potential.  The following are some of the models I have developed using excel, which I use for my daily activities. You can find them in the right sidebar of the blog also. EMI & Tax CalculatorThe EMI to be paid for a loan amount, period and interest rate is calculated. Also the payment schedule and the pre-closure charges are calculated. In addition to that the tax saving on taking a home loan ... Read more
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It is temple run on iPad.Sketch done using a Natraj pencil.Photo clicked using Samsung S3Borders created using Instagram... Read more
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Commandment 1Marriages are made in heaven.But then again, so is thunder and lightning. Commandment 2 If you want your wife to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep. Commandment 3 Marriage is grand -- and divorce is at least a 100 grand!Commandment 4 Married life is very frustrating.In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens.In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen. Commandment 5 When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: Either the car is new or the wife is. Commandment 6Marriage is when a man and woman become as one;Th... Read more
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Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhoneBefore I get into the comparison..The prologue..I have had an iPhone 3GS model for almost 3 years and I was very happy using it till that unfortunate day when it went dead all of a sudden..It took me sometime to come out of the depression :P..ok I know it is an exaggeration.. but yea..I really missed it..as it became an integral part of me for almost 3 years...so is the reason for the sentiments.....as I had no other phone but to resort to my defunct HTC mobile ..Then came my wife's birthday.. i gifted her a Samsung S3[..was a suprise gift] ..She was so elated that she gave away the S3 to me..telling that I needed it more than her..actually to gain more sympathy ;)... Read more
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"Sir Osthara" from Businessman "Madam Madam from Nayak ... Read more
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The happiest creature in the campus :). Wonder if it is still there.... Read more
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Potato Curry at Nice, France.Dated - 20th Oct 2009 Starring - Venky Cameraman - Yours Truly, Unknown :)  Chapathi at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Dated - 6th Dec 2007 Starring - Sridhar Talatam Cameraman - Yours Truly, Unknown :)Learning from the above:It requires thinking out of the box to come up with such ideas. A cup and a glass are enough to make a meal for you :). So enjoy your happy meal, the chapathi with the potato mash curry :)... Read more
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Naayak - ReviewRating :  2.5/5 Director: V. V. VinayakProduced by: D.V.V DanayyaStarring : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala PaulMusic by : ThamanWatched this movie on Sankranthi day at Kadapa.A much hyped movie but only to anyone's disappointment I should say. The story lacked novelty. I feel it's a mix( read kichdi) of all blockbuster hits like Adurs, Businessman, Gabbar Singh.Story : Not a gripping one, It gets boring somewhere in the middle as it is slightly dragging and very predictableMusic : The music is very good and Thaman did a great job. Charmee's item song was surprise.Characters : RamCharan, Cherry, did a fair job. NTR would have been a better choice for this role. As the... Read more
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She liked it........  And I liked it.........  The rest is history! Photos: The actual photos are converted into sketches using sketchguru app in my S3  ... Read more
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Chit Fund is the most unorganized and unregulated savings scheme followed in our country. Read this wiki link for more technical details on chit funds in India. There are some professionally run chit funds like Margadarsi chits, Sri Ram, Kapil chits etc, who keep spamming our television channels with their ads pursuading people to invest with them Chit funds were always something esoteric for me and I had never ventured into nor was intrigued to know more details about it till the last month. Thanks to my mother. One fine sunday my mother came to me, while we were casually chatting she started flaunting about her new chit investment. She was excited that she was going to start investing... Read more
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 This blog post is an updated version of the theorem postulated a week back by me. This theorem has been arrived after several rounds of brain storming and keeping in mind all geographies, ethnicities, religions, languages, species, aliens..a universal version of theorem is arrived..and here goes the theorem ..The risk of getting scolded by a Boss follows a bell curve where the risk is highest attc. βis the risk of getting yelled by Boss. Below is the function of the curve.β = βo + fp(t)x kxθtois the time when the interaction with the boss startstais the time when the person enters the boss’s cabin :Otbis the time when the person leaves the boss’s cabin :)βo = g(x)is a functional ... Read more
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