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Lovingly called as the snow desert and little Tibet, Nubra Valley is an enchanting destination which offers natural beauty, adventure and charm in abundant. In today’s Ladakh tourism, Nubra Valley has become one of the top most tourist attractions and a great place of tourist interest. The valley remains to be a paradise for adventure seekers. The word Nubra means “the valley of flowers” and in early days it was called as “Ldumra”. During summer season the valley is filled up with colorful flowers and is also said to be the most fertile location in Ladakh. Addressed in the north of Leh and northeast of Ladakh the Nubra valley is known as a popular trekking destination. It is a high... Read more
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The very essence of holiday trip to  paradise on earth would not be complete without a stay in one of the breathtaking manmade house on a lake however, having said that each individual is different and so with it the choices he or she makes. This is why the Government Department of Tourism, Kashmir has divided the houseboats into 3 major categories. Not only the but the Dal Lake too has been divided into 3 regions which provide one of these categories.  These categories are·         Luxury·         Deluxe·         StandardLUXURY HOUSEBOATSThe name itself as it would suggest these houseboats are a class apart from the rest. With each and every small details cover... Read more
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Once in a while human soul seeks peace and tranquility. We are all drenched in the modern era with technical gadgets to accompany us in every step we take. Day by day faith and religion are taking new curves and changing its meaning with every passing second. However, there are certain places, certain destinations which remain immortal for time immemorial and visiting such places makes one question their own mind. Vaishno Devi of Kashmir is one of the most holy places in the world and considered as the Mecca of hindus. People from all over flock here in large numbers to offer prayers to the Bhagawati Devi.The holy place has its age old mythical story that the hindu Goddess Vaishnodevi,an ard... Read more
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Did you know that adventure tourism is one of the prime attractions of Kashmir? Well, not abounding must have been acquainted of that actuality because most of the time, the admirable valleys is in the news for all the amiss reasons.But let’s take a dive into the blubbering rivers of Kashmir where the adrenaline pumping adventure spot, river rafting accepting popularity.The gushing rivers that breeze from the rugged mountains abnormally from the icy heights of the Himalayas, is the real ambience for water sports. The mighty rivers which are formed by innumerable streams cruise forth rocky gorges and deep forests and breach into ablaze white rapids. The Lidder River in Pahalgam is one such ... Read more
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Located in the northern most region of India, Kashmir is known as a paradise on earth. It is a state where there are no limits in god’s creation and is well maintained by the Kashmiri citizens. In India tourism, Kashmir remains to the most visited holiday destination by domestic and international tourists. The unmatched beauty and the unique fairs and festivals of the enchanting hill station are worth experiencing. Such diverse culture and traditions of Jammu and Kashmir provide evidence to be the real manifestation of the state to the outside world. Fairs and festivals of Kashmir are celebrated with pocketful of joy and fanfare. Each of the festivals in here is celebrated by people of all... Read more
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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and sought after region for holidays. Be it an adventure tour or a family tour or a trip to enjoy leisure time in the inviting beauty of the nature, Kashmir is no doubt outshines to ful-fill your dream tour by offering not just splendid locations but all the facilities that you need. Kashmir is a wonderful holiday and tour destination as this state in North India is globally known for its enigmatic beauty, salubrious weather conditions, rich cultural heritage and interesting tourist places. It is also considered to be an ultimate gateway for honeymoon vacation, which offer excellent opportunity for couples and happily married couples to spend glorious tim... Read more
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As the world moved into the future of technology and urbanization nature slowly has been disappearing. The decline in forest covers have led to the loss of those inhabiting it too. They are the real treasures of our earth yet the majority of the population turn a blind eye towards its conservation. However as the saying goes “better late than never”, some people seemed made the efforts to conserve them. Among these conserved lands that have a treasure trove of Mother Nature’s boons one is Dachigam national park, located in Kashmir.This is the northernmost state of India and is probably one of the most beautiful places not only in India but the entire world. The lush green valleys, the ... Read more
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Kashmir is a place that has been compared to the heavens above due to the immense beauty it beholds. It is a place that many call “Paradise on Earth”, and when visited it seems to be a name that has rightfully been given. The landscapes that are filled with wonders of beauty such as the undulating hills covered in forests, the horizons painted white with snow, the still lakes reflecting the azure skies, the well carved houseboats gliding through the waters, the silence and peace that charms the valley, the chirping of the birds colouring the air, the blossoming gardens giving fragrance to the breeze blowing and much more makes this a land that is not less than what paradise would beThe s... Read more
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The concept of God has been around since the beginning of time and has been depicted in many forms in many religions. Of the many religions that mankind has followed over the years Islam is one. Their belief is that God is eternal, self sustaining, transcendent, absolutely one and who doesn’t begets nor was begotten. Their God is known by the name of Allah derived from the Arabic definite article “al-“meaning “the” and “ilah” meaning “deity or god”. It has been believed that in a Muslims life one at least has to go on a pilgrimage once in their lifetime which they refer to as “Hajj”. Of the many places that one goes for a pilgrimage the Mecca and Medina is known to be o... Read more
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Of the many religions that exist in the world today Hinduism is one that is the most diverse and ancient. The religion is not only diverse and old but one that is very colourful and vibrant. The values and aesthetics related to this religion are really rich and deep rooted in the followers. There may be many sects to the religion but when the time comes for prayer and worship all become one. Pilgrimage is one of the most important part in those following this religion and every once in a while people do make it a point to visit holy shrines.  Some religions have specific places of pilgrimages to redeem ones sin but this particular religion doesn’t have one specific place to visit. Of the ... Read more
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Prime Adventurous Sports in Kashmir to EnjoyKashmir is one of the ambit of the arctic a lot of accompaniment of India, the added two getting Jammu and Ladakh. Kashmir is the axial a lot of region, abundantly formed of low lying plains amidst by some amazing mountains. The valleys alarming adorableness accept continued been alluring tourists and in ample numbers. Mountains, hills, lakes and area aggregate the adorableness and breeding about it. With abounding of the admired day-tripper hot spots clear and untouched Kashmir promises bustling and adventuresome vacations. Skiing in paradise on earth is one of the main Adventure and beautiful Activities.Some of the prime winter time adventures wh... Read more
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Kashmir is the most splendid place in the earth one can visit. This beautiful tourist destination in Himalayan Valley is truly will lure the vacationers which is located in the northern most part of India. This amazing destination is also called as Jammu and Kashmir and is fondly called as Heaven on Earth. This beautiful destination with sprawling valleys, snow capped mountains, enchanting lakes, dense forests, exotic temples, forts and above the all the alluring sightseeing and delightful attractions truly leave the vacationers spell bound on their visit to the divine Kashmir. if you are intresting, then arrange a  best trip to paradise on earth...now!.SrinagarSightseeing in Srinagar is a... Read more
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The Hercules Mountain Biking in Himachal is one of the most popular and awaited events in the biking world. This event is like a race against time along the treacherous mountainous trails of the beautiful Himachal. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states of India and is a renowned tourist destination. One of the major tourist attractions out here is the adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, hiking, biking, para gliding etc. The beautiful mountainous slopes of this state provide an awesome opportunity for thrilling adventure sports. It is nothing less than a paradise for the lovers of adventure sports who find a great thrill in pushing their adrenalin level to its limi... Read more
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Himalayan mountain biking is one of the most challenging and exciting adventure sports. It is for those brave hearted people who can go to any extent to make their life more thrilling and exiting. Biking or cycling along the treacherous and adventurous trails of the Himalayan Mountains can be quite fun and a memorable experience. It requires a lot of courage, focus, determination and guts to try out these sports. It is not for people with a weak heart and medical conditions. One who wishes to go for mountain biking needs to be physically and mentally strong. It is not only about having a well built up body but also about having strong mind to be able to cope up with any situation. It is also... Read more
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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and tourist friendly places of India. Whatever type of traveler you are, which ever age group you belong to, there is something for everyone in this gorgeous state that is located in the northern part of India, comfortably nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. This place is special for the children as there are so many things to do for children in Kashmir. From sightseeing to trekking and mountaineering there is no shortage of fun filled activities here. Some of them are – 1.      The Children can improve their knowledge about history, geography, culture etc by visiting the different places of tourist attractions, meeting different kinds of p... Read more
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Kashmir HouseboatThe epitome of beauty on earth is nothing else but Kashmir. This majestic place located in the northern part of India is home to some of the best and most beautiful tourist locations and attractions on this earth. One of the most famous attractions of this place is the beautiful lakes and the houseboats in them. Kashmir has some of the most famous lakes in the world like the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Nageen Lake, Wular Lake, Mansabal Lake etc. These lakes are made more attractive by the houseboats which are floating marvels and the best way to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the surroundings. They are equipped with all the facilities and provisions that one needs to spend time ... Read more
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Shikara Boat The Shikara is a small floating marvel, a wooden ship that floats around the lakes of Kashmir. It is an iconic and signature symbol of Kashmir. Every year thousands of tourists visit Kashmir and everyone takes a Shikara ride on the famous lakes of the valley. They come in various sizes and are decorated beautifully. They were mostly used for transportation in the olden days, but nowadays joy rides for tourist are quite common in the Shikara. About six people can fit in one Shikara excluding the driver who sits at one end of the boat. Besides the tourist, they are also used for fishing, harvesting aquatic plants, transporting along the lake or to the houseboat and also as houses... Read more
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Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the best way to capture and immortalize its beauty is through photography. Photographs are everlasting witnesses and evidences that will help preserve the beauty and essence of any place. Photography in Kashmir is one of the most wonderful experiences that one can have. The surrounding heavenly beauty of the place will melt your heart and magnify your senses so that they are able to soak in all the charm and magic. The glittering snow capped mountains, breathtakingly beautiful valleys, playful rivers and streams, friendly people in their traditional attire and just the simple charm that surrounds the place is best captured... Read more
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 (locations, how to book for mountaineering, preparations for mountaineering, best time to do mountaineering)Ladakh Are you an adventure freak? Do you love mountaineering in high peaks and ranges? Then, Kashmir is the place where you should head to for an exhilarating mountain climbing. Mountain climbing in Kashmir is a unique opportunity to explore the vast terrains and snow-clad slopes of the great Himalayas. Every year, this enthralling destination sees an accruing number of mountaineers from all over the world. Best LocationsKashmir has some of the best ranges and peaks which are super perfect for mountaineering. Some of them have been listed below:KishtwarKishtwar: Kishtwar is one of... Read more
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Souvenir to take home from Kashmir HolidaysPick a lovely hand-crafted chest or a nice jewellery boxThe gorgeous place of Kashmir is one of the best places on earth to go for a holiday. Its heavenly beauty, magical charm, soothing atmosphere and pleasant climate will relax your soul and senses. You will have one of the best holidays of your life in Kashmir. While holidaying in Kashmir there is so much to see, do and experience. Not only that you can get for yourself some great souvenirs to take home from Kashmir Holidays. Some of the souvenirs that you can buy in this gorgeous valley are different kinds of woolen clothes, locally made wooden handicrafts which shows the mastery of the craftsm... Read more
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Kashmir MountaineeringKashmir is one of the busiest tourist destinations in India. It is renowned for its natural beauty. It offers plenty of avenues of charming flavour. With that it offers some for those who are adventurist minded. One of the options is mountaineering. Nowadays, a very popular activity of adventure in Jammu and Kashmir is mountain climbing. Kashmir, Zanskar, Kishtwar and Ladakh form the four important mountaineering zones in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Into two categories- namely Alpine and Himalayan - can the mountains in Kashmir be categorised. It is a very stimulating experience to climb these mountains which are part of Himalayas. Typically the duration required fo... Read more
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annual rafting championship in kashmirRapids beckonJammu and Kashmir is one of the tourism hotspots in India. Its mountains and lakes and rivers are the two natural attractions that entice tourists. Now, more than being just a means of pleasure, the waterways offers an activity oriented way of discovering new leisure sports.Those who are peaceful by nature may go for shikara riding in Dal and Nagin Lakes in Srinagar. But there are other options for those who prefer adrenalin pumping activities. The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department caters to them by establishing a Water Sports Centre at Nigeen and organising competitions in Canoeing, Kayaking etc. Recently international and national leve... Read more
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Trekking in KashmirTrekking is a part of the most accepted attractions of Jammu and Kashmir tour. The abundance ranges of Himalayas adored this accompaniment with amount of biking bout options which calls on chance sports activity from beyond the globe. And for trekkers, Jammu and Kashmir is the ultimate paradise. This state of India has assorted cartography which cannot be apparent anywhere in the world. During trekkers [more about trekkingin kashmir] gets a befalling to see aerial pastures, snow - clad mountains, blooming meadows, annual valleys, assorted flora and fauna. The Jammu and Kashmir expedition ranges from one day to anniversary - long. Some of the acclaimed biking regions of Jam... Read more
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skiing in GulmargRightly alleged the "Heaven on Earth" by the humans and the poets as well, Kashmir tourism accept continued fabricated their mark on the all-inclusive varieties of travelers, adventurers and honeymooners. If we alpha account the account of ball and activities that is in abundance in Kashmir, the account will in fact be endless! Therefore, listed beneath are a few reasons why the thrill and adventure lovers can never abide a Kashmir tour [book here..]. Skiing in the Himalayas is one of the above attractions for thrill admiring tourists. Gulmarg, the best skiing abject in the Himalayas, was aboriginal founded by the British in 1927 in Gulmarg. The ski lovers will acquisition t... Read more
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Fishing in KashmirKashmir has been precisely alleged fishing paradise, with a arrangement of rivers and streams as well organized at high distance lakes all abounding in trout both amber and rainbow. Trout fishing in Kashmir is far cheaper than it is in other allotment of the world. And a lot importantly, the Department of Fisheries, which controls fishing in the valley, works harder to ensure that there is no burning of banal by aimless fishing which means that you can level in angling in ideal conditions. Kashmir fabulous natural adorableness needs no addition here. Crisscrossing the state are the acclaimed Sind and Lidder Rivers, their tributaries and a blaze arrangement of abate rivers a... Read more
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