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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala is a wonderful land with many spellbinding tourist places. Every year millions of tourists set their foot in Kerala, popularly known as “God’s Own Country”. The State Tourism department has taken a step further to add one more name to the long list of tourist places in the state. This new tourist attraction is supposed to be Mattencherry, a place at close proximity to Kochi port. This land carries the cultural heritage of the state and the officials are planning to spread the culture of the state to lands far and wide.Giving a well detailed presentation showcasing the cultural heritage of Mattancherry, Professor N. Ramaswamy , Department of Architecture, said that the architect ... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Lovingly alleged as the Gods Own Country, Kerala is awful accepted for its affluent attributes and agrarian activity sanctuaries. It is one of the top wildlife catch sanctuaries in India. Kerala appearance abounding wildlife sanctuaries a part of which Thekkady wildlife sanctuary, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Idduki wildlife sanctuary, Neyyar wildlife sanctuary, Eravikulam wildlife sanctuary, Chimmini wildlife sanctuary, Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, Chinnar wildlife altar are the above wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. These wildlife sanctuaries offer some exciting adventuresome activities like trekking, albatross riding, camping etc.Kerala wildlife is an absolute home to animals which incl... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Home to the amazing attractions and arresting destinations, Kerala is one of the most visited destinations by visitors with reason. Well acclaimed as 'God's Own Country', Kerala is an age-old and beatific state amid at south-western part of India. Tourists who adopt to absorb their vacations in the lap of mother-nature visit Kerala. It is one such state where one can analyze the attributes at extreme. Whatever is your holidaying purpose, Kerala has every affair to offer. Its amazing attractions and balmy soothing climate makes it finest destination of nature lovers, adventure-thrillers, holiday seekers or explorers. Being a tropical destination it is not alone bound to some beaches but there... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
In this entire world there cannot be anything more exciting and pleasant experience than enjoying a luxurious and comfortable cruise of houseboat Kumarakom backwater in Kerala. There are affluence of tourist admiring with houseboat in Kerala from all over the world. Kumarakom is acclaimed with serene backwaters and agreeable landscapes. The backwaters of Kumarakom are dotted with attic palms, abundant blooming paddy fields and alien flora and fauna aggressive by amazing people lifestyle. The backwaters are advance over an ample area. The Kumarakom backwaters are most approved day-tripper allure in Kerala by comfortable and super-luxurious houseboats. Depending aloft your needs and budget, yo... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala is a southern state in India and is lovingly called as the god’s own country. The state is also reffered as the “paradise of the south”, a visit to this place is must once in your lifetime. There are uncountable reasons to be called as the god’s country. Among entire have you ever been to Kerala houseboat? If not than you do. It is a unique way to explore the rich Kerala and experience the breathtaking views of the lush greenery and blissful ambiance of the surroundings. Houseboats are locally called as Kettuvallam and it is worth experiencing during your tour to the green paradise. There are numbers of backwater destination above which the luxurious Kettuvallam cruise. Allepp... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
One of the most accepted day-tripper places in Kerala, Kumarakom is acclaimed for its abundant greenery, adequate ambience and arresting waterways. Set on the banks of the agreeable Vembanad Lake, these charming, little boondocks is array of small islands that are interlinked by the intricate backwater arrangement of Kerala. The alluring adorableness of attributes and abating atmosphere of Kumarakom are absolutely mesmerizing! An alluring backwater destination, the abode is an admired spot for the calm as well as adopted tourists. Some of the major tourist places in Kumarakom which truly are worth to visit and explore with your friend, family and loved ones are listed as below:Backwater Crui... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is one of the top backwater destination of Kerala. It is the oldest planned town in the region and a great place of tourist interest. The place covers an area about 1,414 sq. km and it is also called as the “Venice of the east”. Alappuzha is beautifully located in the India state of Kerala situated between 9.50 degree north latitude and 76.33 degree east longitude. The place is also known to be the sixth largest city in an urban population and the languages spoken around are Hindi, English and Tamil among which Malayalam remains to be the major one. It is an important tourist destination in India tourism.Main attraction in AlleppeyIt is highly known for ... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala is an enigmatic state and is renowned all over the world for its unparallel charisma of natural beauty that is exceptional and seems one of its kinds in the whole of world. This south Indian state located parallel to the Arabian Sea and the high hills of the Western Ghats is the most popular destination that is choose by the honeymooners, naturalists, trekkers, holiday makers, vacationers and even family holidayers. It has well organized hotels, well linked roadways from all important cities of India and more of all several interesting tourist places that make Kerala a popular among all destinations in India. Some of the few important cities that one will love to explore and visit her... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kappad beach KeralaLocated at a distance of about 16 kilometers from Kozhikode town, Kappada beach is one of the most charming and popular for its clean with safe waters. Locally it is also known as Kappakadavu beach and it holds a strong history which dates back to the early time of Vasco da Gama. It is said that this is the nearest beach to Panthalayani which is about 6 km away from the place where a Portuguese Voyager Vasco da Gama first landed in the year 1498.It is a well-known beach in the whole world and remains to the most visited place by the tourists. Kappad beach is a gateway to the Malabar coasts and it is a preferred destination by the tourists for their honeymoon and family vac... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Among the many beautiful states of India, the south Indian state of Kerala stands distinct from the others for various reasons. Not only is this state blessed with abundant natural beauty, but is also equally rich when it comes to history and culture. It is one of the most culturally vibrant states of India and its culture is manifested in the form of various dances, songs, music, clothes, food, festivals and celebrations. Among the many forms of culture, the dances of Kerala are the most prominent and grand. Kerala dances are perfect amalgamation of music, drama and dance and carry thousands of years of legacy with them. These dances are usually associated with some sort of legend or an imp... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Alleppey is one of 6BHA4WFQWH2N the enchanting tourist destinations in Kerala, the god’s own country. It is known for its backwater tourism and premier destination to visit. The place offers hotels and resorts in different categories like luxury, deluxe, superior and standard. All these hotels and resorts are worth experiencing as the place presents you a wide number of choices to make overnight stay. The hotels and resorts of Alleppey provide all kinds of facilities, necessities and requirements which is must. You can also get the hotels in affordable costs that fit your budget. The choice is yours. Luxury includes the top facilities and high class services which take your breath away i... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its distinct and varied culture. This heavenly state is home to some of the most vibrant and richest cultures of the world.  The rich culture of this state manifests itself in the form of festivals, rituals, celebrations, dances, music, art, food and varied lifestyle. One of the most important forms of Kerala’s culture is its martial arts. Kerala martial arts are one of the oldest forms of martial arts we find in India. It has been shaped and enriched by thousands of years of history, culture and civilisation. The training of Martial arts is based on the ancient teaching method of Gurukul. The Guru or the teacher provides rig... Read more
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Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is one of the top backwater destination of Kerala. It is the oldest planned town in the region and a great place of tourist interest. The place covers an area about 1,414 sq. km and it is also called as the “Venice of the east”. Alappuzha is beautifully located in the India state of Kerala situated between 9.50 degree north latitude and 76.33 degree east longitude. The place is also known to be the sixth largest city in an urban population and the languages spoken around are Hindi, English and Tamil among which Malayalam remains to be the major one. It is an important tourist destination in India tourism.Main attractionIt is highly known for its backwater... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala no longer will lonely be a tourist destination in India which is known for its natural beauty and array of fascinating tourist destinations and attractions. Kerala government considers opening Motor Racetrack here as it will help to enhance more vacationers. AP Anil Kumar the Tourism Minister of Kerala on his meeting with the renowned champion for F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan announces to open as which will boost the vacationers more in this state. Mr. Kumar very sonly will meet the chief of the Motor sports Association of Kerala (MAK) and suggests that the racing track will enhance the tourism activities in abundance and definitely will look it into it as soon as possible.  The tour... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Kerala, one of the popular tourist destinations is not just about backwaters and hill stations. Its location along the Western Ghats and the dense tropical rain forests makes this South Indian beauty extremely rich in wildlife. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which are home to an array of exotic birds and animals.Most Popular and visited National Parks of Kerala:Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 55 kms from Coimbatore, this wildlife sanctuary is famous for the Great Indian Tigers. You can also spot various other species of animals like elephants, lion-tailed macaques, Great Indian Hornbill, Nilgiri Laughing Trush and many more. Elephant rides and Jeep safaris are the... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
God’s Own Country, Kerala is the land of many festivals. Most of these festivals are related to religious and traditional customs of the state. They are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour by the people. All these festivals showcase the universal brotherhood and an eternal harmony of spirit of the people of Kerala.Major Festivals and EventsOnamIt is the national and also the most important festival of Kerala. This ten day celebration falls in the month of Chingam (Aug-Sep) according to Malayalam calendar. This festival is dedicated to the King Mahabali who is considered as the most able and greatest king to have ruled the state. As this festival begins right after monsoon season i... Read more
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Think about a abode in South India that is a paradise for all sports lovers and the alone name that comes to the apperception is Nelliyampathy. The arresting area of Nelliyampathy and its blubbery forests accommodate with innumerable opportunities for chance lovers to cloy their admiration to expedition as abundant as they want. As a lot of these hills buck a height that ranges from 500m-1600m, there is absurd abeyant for trekkers provided for exploring the forests and terrain. Among the best places for the purpose of biking is the Padagiri Peak, an actual acclaimed area for all the trekkers. Situated at an adequate ambit of 52 km. from the boondocks of Palakkad, the airy hills of Nelliampat... Read more
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Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is a scenic stretch which hovers over huddles of islands in the district of Mallapuram. Lovingly known as heaven of birds this stunning sanctuary enormously is rich in scenic and natural beauty. This impressive bird sanctuary spreads over 3 km which is beautifully endowed by the small sprawling hills which offers the picturesque view of the nearby river named Kadalundi which meets the enormous Arabian Sea making this place wonderful one.This amazing Bird Sanctuary which is situated at 200 meter above the main sea level and is located just 19 Km away from Kozhikode, Kerala. This sanctuary is home to more than 100 diversity of native bird and it is also estimated that ... Read more
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Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is located in the Kothamangalam Taluk of the Ernakulam district. It is located near the Periyar River against the backdrop of mighty Western Ghats. Although covering only 25 sq. kms of area the sanctuary is a charming abode of special species of birds. Unnumbered tourists of varied taste and interest haunt this bird sanctuary, both families and birdwatchers. The sanctuary is one of the prime tourist attractions and is one of the best in Kerala to go for bird watching tour. It is truly an amazing place to spot various species of birds and watch in their natural habitat and their activities. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary AttractionsThattekkad Bird Sanctuary, also known a... Read more
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Blogger: Giby Joseph
Cochin is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. Every year thousands of tourists come to this place from all over the world to enjoy its breathtaking natural beauty and get a piece of its world famous charisma. To add more to the glamour of this place is the Cochin Carnival which is a loud celebration of its beauty, culture and tradition of both past and present. This is an annual event that is celebrated in Fort Kochi, mostly during the last 10 days of the year which culminates with the arrival of New Year. This carnival is the melting pot of many cultures that exists in Cochin side by side, namely the Portuguese, Dutch, Guajarati, Konkani, Malayalee, Andhra, Kannada, Tami... Read more
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If you want to enjoy the lush green vistas where you can forget all the stress of the modern life than Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki in Kerala is the place to be. This scenic place will offer you the opportunity to merge with the tribes and enjoy their culture, tradition and truly the time will take you to the prehistoric era where you will be just another citizen of the tribes. Enjoying their delectable cuisines and watching panthers, peacocks, giant squirrels and butterflies flying around you will make you feel in heaven.     Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats is unique thorny scrub forest with xerophytes species. Chinnar Sanctuary unlike... Read more
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Tucked abroad in the basin amid the Anamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala on the majestic Western Ghats is the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. This abstinent basin that is the pride of Palakkad district is a glorious tribute to unscathed nature. The backlog harbors several varieties of amphibian fauna including aggressor crocodiles that are generally apparent sunning on its banks. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is the most adequate ecological section of Anamalai sub assemblage of Western Ghats, amidst on all by abandon areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary is blessed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are alluringly conserved due t... Read more
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Gavi is the most eco friendly tourist place in Kerala which is located in the eastern part of Pathanamthitta district of this state. This wonderful place has been grabbing headlines in tourist circuits for all the good reasons and which is renowned for its natural beauty and the charm still are untouched by mass tourism trails. The lush green thick forests, sprawling grass lands and chattering waterfalls offers this place dramatic and mesmerizing beauty. A forty kilometer drive from Kumily near Thekkady along the beautiful roads across the sprawling tea plantations will get you to Gavi and truly this impresses every tourist hearts in adequate. The Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd sp... Read more
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