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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
One of the most important aspects of the relationship between any two people is the degree of trust existing between them. In business management, the willingness of the employees to trust the manager will frequently determine the extant to which the manager can manage effectively. In helping people gain autonoMy over their lives ( changes themselves ), trust can often be the single most critical... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
Do you know how you structure your time ? Do you know the effect other people have on how you fill in the minutes of your day ? Do you know when and how you tend to withdraw from people, or keep them at a distance? Do you know when you stop people from getting to know you by "sparring" with them and playing games, or, on the other hand, when you press forward and demand their continued... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
The techniques of Transactional Analysis can be mastered by just about anyone interested in mastering them. Those who do master these techniques often appear to have magical powers of insight. They seem to have a knack for cutting to the core of a problem, frequently clarifying and resolvimg complex issues with a simple phrase or two. Bill, sales manager for a large insurance company, sat at... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
Speeches are like anything else in life there is always a first time. Public even some who are wonderful talkers in a conversational setting are often terrified over the prospect of giving their first speech. Some are scared about it regardless of how many they give. We seem to believe that there's some kind of mystique to public speaking some secrets knowledge that makes a person a good... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
You might have read my previous article in two parts. About selling yourself let's discuss how to talk with the boss. Okay, you got the job. Congo about that. What about all the talking you are going to do now ? It would be nice to say that we talk the same to everyone and in every setting, including the workplace. But it doesn't work that way. You talk to your boss differently from the way you... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
Typically, when we want to improve our decision-making skills, we look for new ideas, new techniques, and new rules that might help us accomplish our objectives. We focus on new behavior, our old ways, and all the things we have done before ( and continue to do ) to prevent ourselves from making decisions in the manner we would like. This can be a tragic mistake. Before learning new ways, it is... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
In previous part, I explaind first two rules lets continue next two rules. ¤ Preparation. Go over the key points you want to make about your self. Even jot them down on a yellow pad and review them several times before the interview. And don't duck the hard questions, put them down and then figure out how you are going to answer them. If you've changed job three times in past seven years,... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
In this article [ constitutes 2 parts ] I will explain you what techniques you should use when you are attending any job interviews.. You'll never sell any product that is as important as your self, so you want to do it right. Selling yourself in job interviews, in your performance on the job so you can earn a promotion, and in working with outsiders so you can make yourself attractive to other... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
[ Part 1 Continuing ] My father has many friends, But I don't like them. They always come late at night and thdy always talk so loudly. They Keep asking me questions about Islam. They also laugh at me when I tell them I want to grow up and become a Pilot. They are bad people. My Abbu had a huge Shikara (ship) on Dal Lake. When I was small, He used to take me early mornimg to pick lotuses from... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
This is a fictional essay by an 8 year old boy about his father. My name is Sami Noorani, but my mother has changed it to Sameer Noorani. Me, my Ammi (Mother) and my elder sister Meherunissa, Who's name Ammi has changed to Meher, stay together in shrinagar.(India) My father's name is 'Wanted' Liyaqat Ali Noorani. I don't know why he puts 'Wanted' before his name. But, I think everybody likes my... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
Part 2 Continuing.. They served cakes and Rogan Gosht to everyone. Suraj did not call me but I saw the party from my window. Nobody wishes me on my birthday. Only Ammi and Meher didi know my birthday. Why doesen't my Abbu come and stay with us ? Why don't Shikara and sell flowers to nice tourists ? Why doesn't any one want to marry Meher didi ? Why does Ammi want to change our name and leave... Read more
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Blogger: Yashodhan Walimbe
When I was young, You took care of me, Gave me my daily bread, And good books to read, Mom, you are the best. When I got hurt, You felt my pain too, You applied medicine And kissed away my blues, Mom, you are the best. When I made terrible mistakes, You never judged me You gave me sound advice, Whenever it was necessary. Mom, you are the best. Mom, you are next to god, There is no one like you... Read more
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