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It was totally unplanned. We were fed up of doing coding daily and decided to do some adventurous. I called my mom that we are going to Rishikesh but the place we explored on internet was 350km away from that.We started our journey on Dec 21 and decided to stay there till Christmas (If we survive on the so called Doom’s day). We took deluxe bus from Delhi to Rishikesh at 11 in the night.The adventure has already begun and we didn’t know. Actually it was all foggy that night and the visibility was hardly 8-10 meters. Fog was so dense that looking outside the window pane seeming we were hovering over the clouds.We reached Rishikesh at around 7 in the morning. From Rishikesh we took bus to ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog Marathon - Post # 5Today my friend asked me "Kapil, should I fall in love or concentrate on my career?" I laughed out loud first and then answered "Love is not the thing that one should ask if he should do it or not." Love just happens. It does not take one's permission or no one can have control over this. Your career, your ambitions even your world does not matter any more if you are in love.This pic is stolen from hereWe went into a deep conversation after that. Then I got to know that, it was not love. I mean if you just want to date a girl, or just want to show off to your friends that you are committed then it’s definitely not the thing you should do. I have seen many people who... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog Marathon - Post # 4The problem with people these days is that they post every single crap on their facebook wall (or timeline these days :-)). Their posts are like "Cooking maggy... oh my god its so yummmyyy… I’m lovin it!!!” I would suggest them, guys no one gives a shit. Why don’t you update your status while brushing your teeth as well, just as "Brushing my teeth after 24 hours... yeaaah feeling great !!!" Dude nobody cares unless you are a girl. Yeah seriously man. And the problem with girls these days, their statuses start with bit suspense. "Don't you dare to do this again". Or they just have to put a saddy “ :-( ” on their wall and after that, the troll starts. Guys k... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog Marathon - Post # 3It’s been more than 10 months that I'm into this Electronic city. It’s a city of ambitions. People come here, build their dreams and live like what we call these days gangnam style. But today I'm writing what I have observed about this city. Here are some interesting facts about Gurgaon. This pic is stolen from hereGurgaon has no roots of its own. Almost everybody here is from different city. So nobody can actually claim that it is ‘his Gurgaon’.Yesterday my landlord told her daughter that they are planning to visit Qutub Minar. Then that little daughter asked very cutely 'Mom which mall is Qutub Minar'. Sad but true. The only things t... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog marathon - post # 2This pic is stolen from hereWhen you are expecting a high volume beer party with all your best buddies rolling yummy chocolate cake on your face, but all you got a single tasteless sandwich and nothing else for whole damn day.When just 5 minutes left for the train departure and at that moment you got to know that Delhi railway station and New Delhi railway station are actually two different railway station and you are standing on the wrong one.When you have to wait for someone not just for 15-20 minutes but for 4 hours and there is nothing for time pass nearby. No mall, no theatre and not even a single shop because of Sunday.When you are expecting a Shatabadi Express ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog marathon- Post # 1:I turned 25 this month. This year was very special for me as I stepped into professional life. But for me, I still find a child in myself.Here are 10 I-STILL-DO-CHILDISH-THINGS facts about me.·        I still chew my nails. I know it’s a bad habit but chewing nails give me power to think with supernova speed.·        I still paste timetables. You can find weekly, monthly plans on my room's walls. Though I never follow ;)·        I read Danielle Steel, Agatha Christie, PG Wadehouse but RK Narayan, Munshi Prem Chand and Chetan Bhagat are still my favorite authors·        Cricket is still my first priority. Radio commentaries, mobile sco... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Blog marathon- Post # 1:I turned 25 this month. This year was very special for me as I stepped into professional life. But for me, I still find a child in myself.Here are 10 I-STILL-DO-CHILDISH-THINGS facts about me.·        I still chew my nails. I know it’s a bad habit but chewing nails give me power to think with supernova speed.·        I still paste timetables. You can find weekly, monthly plans on my room's walls. Though I never follow ;)·        I read Danielle Steel, Agatha Christie, PG Wadehouse but RK Narayan, Munshi Prem Chand and Chetan Bhagat are still my favorite authors·        Cricket is still my first priority. Radio commentaries, mobile sco... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
To keep myself focused and motivated for blogging, I decided to start blog marathon. This idea was wandering in my mind from few days and I think I should give it a shot. I am going to write 21 blog posts back to back, one post per day. Though marathon is of 42 kilometers but it would be great if I complete half marathon, because the kind of job I’m doing (9 to 9), it’s very difficult to get time for blogging. Let’s see if I’m able to complete 21 posts in a row. I have not made a particular list of topics on which I’ll be writing. I will just write what my mind wanders while doing daily routine life things.Thanks Preeti Shenoy for this lovely idea. ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Being straight sinks Have twists and turns And sail like a paper boat ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Either hold meOr let me fly highI am not a Hummingbird... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
          no regime    serene beauty bow down to nature... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
For the first time in 3 years Raj Thackeray gives interview in hindi. He has totally dominated the host Arnob Goswami. Arnob looks a bit low this time. He was not feeling comfortable at all in front of Thakeray. I liked the home work done by both of the players before interview. Though I personally don't agree with Raj Thakeray's opinion but today he succeeded in making the profound impact on audience.... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
The debate was on its peak, and the topic, same 'corruption'. Two speakers on NDTV were debating, one in favor of Anna Hazare movement, and one against.Rohit, a software engineer in a multinational company, was listening to this debate with a great interest. For some extent he was also agree with this movement. "From Politician to Traffic Police, everybody is involved in this bloody business" Rohit, from whom a traffic policeman took 500 as bribe, today only, said distressingly."You just keep quiet on this topic." Deepika, wife of Rohit said. In her college days, Deepika participated a lot in these movements, but after marriage, she too became a mute audience in front of the television.“W... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
What if everything goes smooth in your life? You go to office, do your duty, come back, watch TV, sleep and next day again same schedule, same office, same TV. Isn’t it boring?The excitement comes when you get a problem. Don’t you believe? When you get a problem, you start thinking smartly, you do something creative to solve that problem, you come to know about your strengths, means you do something different from you regular routine.Some of my friends used to create problems intentionally when we were in college. Because creating problem and finding solution both gave them limelight. And if there is problem, there will be a solution, that’s for sure.Why we call maths questions to prob... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
1. Connect the dots. When Rashmi Bansal wrote her first book “Stay hungry stay foolish”, it created bizarre among MBA students. That was on 25 successful entrepreneurs who passed out of IIM-A and their journey of becoming multimillionaire. After that book, people started thinking that only management institutes crops up multimillionaires. So to shut all those mouths, Rashmi Bansal wrote her next book “connect the dots”. It is the success stories of 20 successful entrepreneurs without an MBA who dared to find their own path. Every story that I have read in this book is an eye opener. The stories are classified into three categories – Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan.Jugaad – ha... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
It is 5 degree outside. My blanket is unable to resist my shiver. Don't know its because of winter or my anxiety. My hostel is serenely silent right now.Tonight is my last night in my hostel room. My eyes are revolving around the walls and tears are rolling down. Today I rooted up all my friends' pics pasted on the walls, my bags are packed and I will be leaving this room early morning. Don't know why but my heart not allowing me to do so. I used to had talks with my room. Under its roof  I weaved my dreams. I was in love with my room though it was always filled with my socks' smell and the best part is my room never complained.  Like others I too always joined the chorus in cr... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
What's the very first thing we do in the morning? ... No, its not brushing the teeth... Bath?? ...no....what?? morning prayer?? O you never do that..... not even pee. Its the checking of mobile for any new message.And who says mobile made our life simple?? My Mom calls me 4 times in the journey of three hours from Ludhiana to Chandigarh. 40% of my pocket money goes to enable this device ring. It is like some body part is missing when we run out of balance in mobile.Actually I did one experiment "Life without mobile." I decided to switch off my mobile for 10 days. But I messed up in just 6 days. But in these 6 days, by just switching off this 3"x 2" device, I missed 3 extra classes because no... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
My mom has some kinda cardiac problem. So she has to go for a regular check-up after every month. Each time the doctor charges Rs. 500 as consultant fees. And each time my father says "Look at this doctor, for just 2 minute check-up, he charges Rs. 500 and I have to burn my head whole day on my shop, then I'm able to earn Rs. 500." Anyway we can't do anything.2-3 days before I was chatting with my friend outside my father's shop, a rickshawala was coming out of my shop and murmuring "This shopkeeper has nothing to do, he just has to sit on the chair for whole day and earns 500 and I have to pull the rickshaw for whole day then I'm able to earn Rs. 100."Suddenly a beggar passed by me who was ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
--The faces full of tension  The girls get no more attention--The late night study  The discussions outside the library--The Nescafe coffee seeps  The pranthas of night food streets--The bundles of notes  The rush to photostat shops--The nope to Orkuts and Facebooks  The full concentrations on textbooks--The 2 chapters in one hour timelines  The questions of how Aashita always shines--The lack of time for combing hairs  The shortage of library chairs--The best wishes and good luck charm  The surety of re-appear after exam--The chits, the cheats  The stories on the sheets--No matter how much we work hard  At the end we all get good marks..........--------Kapil Garg------- ... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
I was sitting serene in my room, scrabbling my mind for a new topic for this blog. Suddenly my friend came and when I told him that I’m going to write a new blog post, the topic was just wrapped in his reply.Let me tell you the whole conversation.“Hey Kapil wazz up ???”“Actually I’m thinking of a new topic for my blog and I’m not getting any vivid idea.”“O com ‘on, let’s hang out.”“No no. I have to write this.”“And what’s the fun of writing this blog?”“Somebody told me that it’s the first step for being a writer. It’s a platform for all the budding writers.”“O com ’on man, you are not going to be Ruskin Bond or J. K. Rowling. Just leave this freaky... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
Dear Mom and Dad,          You always forced me to be an IAS officer. But my first love is music. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate  and study well for IAS exam but my heart always beat for music.     - I'm suffering from a disease that is music     - When I wake up, on my lips music                                   in my eyes music    - I can't focus in lecture, in my mind music    - When I sleep, in my dreams music    - The center of all my thoughts is music    - And the cure of this disease is also musicYou all knew how much passionate I am about music but I never get the require encouragement and support. I'm... Read more
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Blogger: Kapil Garg
                            I had a week off from my studies so went for a movie, having no choice as Guzaarish was the only bollywood big release of this week. Even the movie had three big names Sanjay Leela Bansali, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, I was not expecting much, don't know why....may be the trailors were not as hot as "Munni badnam hui" (dabangg) or as cool as Golmaal 3.So with little expectations we entered the theater, even it was the third day of release ,the theater was not half-filled. As expected the movie had no action, no comedy, no thriller, no suspense means not a single masala stuff that present in most of bollywood movies. One thi... Read more
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