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QUALITIES OF “KING OF ROMANCE” YOU SHOULD ADOPT IN YOUR LIFE  8.45 pm, October 21-  It was a typical day for me as I was fighting with complex problems of Costing just like most of the CA Final aspirants whose attempt will fall in the coming November. Suddenly a call from my bro gave me the news which none of the moviegoer w’d like to hear. Our dear Yash Ji who gave a new meaning to Romance Genre and for me was the “Doctor of Relationships” had breathed his last around at around 5.30 pm in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. With the death of Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor and now Yashji one can say that romance in Bollywood is officially dead.According to me Yashji was an im... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
 Abhilash Veeru Ruhela or Abhi for me is a name which needs no introduction. He is one of my first friend from the literary world (thanks to Facebook!!) And truly a gem of a person. He follows an extremely tough schedule where he attends college and after getting screwed for 8 hours, reads the whole newspaper and several articles on Internet, 2 pages of Bhagawad Geeta, at least 30 pages of a novel, completes his assignments/journal, notes down 2 new words every day in his list of vocabulary and goes through the ones recorded earlier, posts a Blog Post, updates his personal diary and then also he is just a message away.  People know him as a Star Blogger (he has recently written his 700th... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
Well friends this is my first review of any kind on my Blog. I am a big time Bollywood fan and an avid reader so all of you w’d expect a movie review or a book review to follow….But surprise-2 here is a Facebook page review for you… Arrey bhai koi aisa waisa page nahin hai….this page is dedicated to a Bin which is full of Garbage (of laughter) so we call it“Garbage Bin”. This is a first Bin of it’s kind where 1.5 lac+ people comes every day just to peek into the bin to check out what is happening in the stock…..A creation of Mr. Faisal Mohd., Garbage Bin is a momentous time hit among Facebook users, which can easily be seen by the highly successful Poster Sale at Delhi Book... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
  “..I won’t give you a sip even if you give me a thousand bucks!” – JESSICA LAL to MANU SHARMA, before she was shot atThis world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.” – Robert KennedyWhy do teens choose to take drugs/ Drinks?Youth take drugs for the following reasons: social disorganization, peer pressure, family factors, emotional, or rational choice. Besides being a C.A. student , I am also an Engineering drop-out (by choice) and I have seen the youth there crazy for Bikes, Drinks and SMOKING. S... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
It is all about earning respect!! 2Silver and 4 Bronze i.e. London Olympics has given us 6 new names to cheer for next 4 years. But what about the other 77 athletes who competed in 13 sports!!You know Olympics are very much related to our CA exams. We prepare for it well in advance, work on our strategy, give our best shot, and give a lot of sacrifices; people have expectations from us and last but not the least the pressure to deliver on the J-day..In the end people are concerned with only one thing- “Kya Raha”?? Even our result gives a picture of either Pass or Fail i.e. Kaunsa Medal Laya!! But there is something which is more valuable than winning. You must be thinking that I am s... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
I am crazy about cricket just like any other cricket follower. In India Cricket is more than a sport and Sachin, another name of God.Is Cricket just a mode of entertainment ???My Answer is No. It is more than just a game, and one can learn a lot from its Historical Events.So you don’t agree with me !! . Hmmmm…..Again I have to apply my writing skills to convince you . But before I start my article I want to make 2 things clear :-(1) This is totally my Idea (Jo mere Shaitani Dimaag ki Upaj Hai) and(2) I equally respect each and every game and one can learnt from any sports…. Ok then Get Set and GOCRICKET– THINGS YOU CAN LEARN FROM THIS GAME(1) COMMITMENT Anil Kumble with a broken ... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
 There are two kinds of people in this world. One who follows the crowd and the other who make a separate  path from themselves. Our young talent belongs to the second class of people.Ishaan Lalit is  a pilot who has been born and brought up in Faridabad. He has traveled to various countries and loves learning about various cultures. He has been writing ever since he was a young boy.He could have chosen the tested and successful theme of Love Story, but he promised his readers to give something different without compromising with the quality. So he came up with his first novel “Bracelet”  which was about people who lead normal lives on the surface, but also have a secret double lif... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
People usually associate two terms with  a Movie or a Writer – Critic’s Favorite and Popular.  Chetan Bhegat whom every young writer considers his idol is not at all Critic’s Darling. Ritu Lalit is one such person who has won the hearts of readers from all over the world and has been recognized simultaneously by all the top Critics.Ritu Lalit is a post graduate in English Literature from Delhi University. Her short stories have been published by CBSE and other publications. She is also an avid blogger and posts frequently at www.phoenixritu.com which has got an international following.She is also an established poetess. Some of her famous works are,“Ode to my once slim waist”... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
Description :                  Indian Literature is witnessing a change and we can see lot of young writers coming up with innovative ideas. Even publishers are encouraging them by giving them opportunities to make it to big league along with some of the established names.Nikhil Chandwani is one of the guys with whom young readers can relate to. An alumni of VIT, one of best private college of India believes in living life to full. He is with us presenting his debut novel - I Wrote Your Name in the Sky And yours And Yours TooThis book is about a flirt. It’s a dairy of a flirt. A flirt who was an introvert. A flirt who didn’t knew what flirting means. A flirt who started with... Read more
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Blogger: Pulkit Gupta
Always,there is  a trigger . For me it happened in the form of Mr. Kunal Marathe, Owner at  Authors Empire Literary Company. If he wouldn’t have asked  me to take interview of some of the eminent Authors of India  this Blog w’d have been a dream . Although I have been writing for past 2 years for a professional platform Caclubindia.com  which has over 8Lac Members, I never felt the need of creating a Blog. But now I have an additional responsibility of managing my list - Novels and will also be working as Freelancer for Author’s Empire and Caclubindia.So I welcome you to my official blog- ”Follow your dreams”  I’ll be posting following contents  here :-ArticlesInterv... Read more
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