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It had been a few months into my marriage, sometime in February 2011, that I decided to travel to Mysore with my wife Dhanya to visit my uncle there. The regular road that most of us in Kannur use from to travel to Mysore is the TC Road (or the Thalassery – Coorg Road) that was built in the pre-independence era by the British. The history of the road is an interesting one. It was developed by the East India Company during and after the war with the King of Malabar Kottayam, Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. The Pazhassi Raja had tormented the British for a long time, and he was almost invincible in the jungle terrain of the Western Ghats that guarded the eastern boundary of his kingdom, and he h... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
One thing that I don't really like about the gorgeous monsoon season in Kerala is the undeclared power cuts that accompany it. It’s not something colossal that would damage the wonderful ambience set by the non-stop rains, but sometimes, it’s certainly a big turn-off. Especially, as people close to me know, my laziness triples during the monsoons.Now, monsoon and laziness definitely has a connection. But, at least some of you would be thinking what has power cuts have to do with laziness.Rains or not, there’s a place I have to reach on time every day. That’s my office. And, there’s an official dress code that’s need to be followed there. Formals – neatly washed and presse... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The political happenings of the last week have been quite interesting.  A new leader is chosen.  The old one goes around sulking. And this just brought to my mind two movies. The thoughts began after reading a tweet from a fellow twitteratti, which goes on as this “Reminded of #Malayalam movie Bharatham that I watched long back. Easily see a Nedumudi Venu in the #JealousPatriarch But Mohanlal won the day”Yes, Bharatham was indeed something quite similar to what happened here. An older brother jealous of his younger one because the latter had began overtaking him in his field of art. Now, not a fault of the younger one, but the elder one had taken to booze and had become totally incapab... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It was the first day of the week. I had just returned to Thrissur early morning from Kannur after my weekend trip to home. As usual, I reached quite early to office. It was mid-2006 and I was just months into my new job, so I was never late, at least on Mondays. It was a new place for me, and a new team, quite unlike my previous job assignment, and I was thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. So it happened, this Monday, 8:30 AM, I was sitting at the Customer Service Desk, relaxed and checking the emails that landed in my inbox during the weekend. There was one more hour for the official office hours to begin. It was then that my boss entered the office, looking quite animated and over the top... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
There was one actor I loved to hate. It was Prithviraj.His debut movie was good. We all loved him in that. I particularly could relate well, Nandanam was a classic. It had everything in it what I coveted for in a movie - Sweet songs, a simple heroine, and God. I loved it more, because it was the story that my girlfriend narrated to me during our first meeting, the first time we travelled in a bus together. I saw the movie a bit later, with a few of my college friends when we went on a trip to Ernakulam, but the way she narrated the story was far better than seeing it on screen. (Ah... that’s my love story popping its head here too....why?) Back to Prithvi... my girlfriend had made a star o... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Sitting in Savoy Bar, the evening sky cloudy and gloomy, it was a perfect setting for a drunken sojourn. I was just out from office, still in my uniform when he picked me from there and headed straight to the bar.Savoy was the best place to be. A pre-independence architecture, with its rooms and halls, is an elegant setting to be in. You can really feel the days of the British Raj when you walk through the lawn, the corridor, or sit in the hall. Add to it the smugness of sitting in a locale that had been used in quite a many Malayalam movies of the 1980’s.He is at Kannur now on his vacation. Having moved to Saudi Arabia almost six months back for a gelf job like most other Malayalees, he w... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Wow!!! Hitting 10,000 is a great feeling!!!Now I know what Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar might have felt like when they hit their ten thousandth run in test cricket. My achievement might be miniscule looking at what these legends have achieved, nevertheless, for a small fish like me; my blog being visited by 10,000 viewers is not a diminutive achievement. I put my first post in my blog on October 10, 2010. It’s been almost 31 months, more than 900 days. On an average 300 views per month. Never did I expect that when I started blogging, I would be able to write more than 60 pieces of literature. Many things happened in between. I got hooked to indiblogger, got picked for Cinthol’s A... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It was the last few days of college. I was beginning to get a different kind of feeling in my heart and soul. It was an assortment of gloominess, desperation and few other feelings that you usually associate with separation and parting.I had made some good friends, got actively involved in student politics, bunked classes for movies, and done all that needs to be done to make college life the most memorable. And yes, I had also met my first love…..February 2003 was tough. It was the last time I could walk through the corridors of SN College the way I was doing now. After that, there were holidays, exams and then by the time college reopens I would be a Bachelor of Commerce, and doing Maste... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Kerala is one state where you can cover the entire stretch, travelling almost vide a straight line. It is a unique, distinctive feature that differentiates Kerala from other states in India. There are quite a few other traits too, that are unique to Kerala. We are hard workers outside Kerala, lazy when we work here. We love coalition governments. We use coconut for all aspects of our daily life, be it cooking, bathing, agriculture or dairy farming. We are textbook secularists, theoretically, but practically, utter communalists. And yes, the most prominent one – communists to the core. The world had communist governments for a long time. All of them had come to power through methods that ar... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It was a busy Saturday, and I did not realise that it was Earth Hour until I came back home in the evening and switched on the television. There it was, on news channels, anchors sitting in air-conditioner cooled studios, going on and on again, telling to switch off at least one light for one hour today. My wife did not quite understand what this Earth Hour thing was. And I did not want to explain it to her myself. She would not understand the language which I explain. So I had to Google it down on her smart phone and asked her to read and self understand. This was it from Wikipedia:“Earth Hour is a worldwide event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and held towards the end ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
This Sunday, I was at Cochin for a visit to the Chotanikkara Temple with my family. The early morning visit to the temple got over quickly, and we were all ready to leave back for Kannur by noon. We left out hotel at Vytilla in my car and were through the four lane highway from Vytilla Junction upto close to Oberon Mall in less than 15 minutes; to be exact, from 1 pm to 1:15 pm. From there on it was like stuck in a clogged drain – cannot move front or back. From 1:15 pm to almost half past 3, we were moving at less than a snail’s pace to reach the traffic signal at Edapally Junction. Guess what – a stretch of less than 2 kilometers took more than two hours to clear.For the last few yea... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
There are quite a few rocket sciences all of us need to learn in the corporate environment. And one of the most critical of all of them would be how to get mail approvals done from your boss within the stipulated timeline.All of us know how trick it is to get things done in a professionally corporate environment. We may send emails to our boss, that requires immediate attention, but we have to wait for days, sometimes even weeks to get these through.I have worked in three different companies in totally different fields till now, and all three were totally different ball games altogether. One was banking; next was insurance and the latest one - technology.Banking was easy really. Being at the... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
The other day, there was a cool Fastrack sunglass that my wife noticed lying overlooked in the rear seat of my car. It had been a long time since I had done the cleaning process of my car, and I could not recall who would have left it there. Since it was a model which was more frequently used by ladies, I did not show much enthusiasm and eagerness on it, lest my wife suspect something fishy. But background, once my wife’s interest had died down, I tried enquiring with some of my friends who were frequent passengers in my car. I did not want somebody else’s belongings lying orphaned in my hands. A few calls here and there, I did not have much luck on this. All those regulars whom I had ca... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
There is nothing else that we in Kerala celebrate more than the frequent hartal or strike. As a state, in addition to the regular festivals and holidays, we are lucky to be blessed with these total lockouts. This means that whenever there is a dearth in the regular holidays, and the office goers and school students want a break, the one organisation or the other calls for a hartal. It is not necessarily political parties. Even the traders union, bus workers union, bus owners union, teachers, government staff, you name it and you get it. One of them always takes turns to call it a break. We in Kerala have a special way of celebrating hartal. By accident or by intention, hartals mostly happen ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Dear friends,It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to my new blog “The Third Eye”, an exclusive collection of photographs clicked from my cameras. Photography has been a passion for me. Right from the days of film roll cameras to today’s Blackberry and iPad, I had the pleasure of clicking the moments that have given delight and pleasure to my eyes and mind.Hope that the photos shared here will delight all of you.  Need all your support to share and promote it as you have done for “Expressions”.The Url is cvnfoto.blogspot.inWith best Regards,Nidheesh ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
 “Hi Nidheesh, I have nominated you for Liebster Award to show my appreciation for your blog”Liebster?I had never heard of that award before until I had got this comment on one of my blog posts. What was it? Something like Booker? Or, the Njanapeeth – closer home. I was confused.There were many emotions that came to my mind when I read that comment. I was happy; somebody liked my blog so much that she decided to nominate me for an award. Then the mood shifted to sceptical, was my literature good enough to stand up to all this? Then it again swung to disbelief, somebody might just be playing a prank on me.After few minutes of blowing hot and cold, trying to make my brain waves rem... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Munnar is one place that I always love to visit. But this time it was special because this is the first time that I would be taking my wife and baby along. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. But this time there were a few points worth mentioning. Some may be positives, and most of them censure, but I feel, all these are worth a mention.It was a run-of-the-mill start for us. We were already late by 30 minutes to the scheduled arrival of our train when we reached the railway station. Lucky for us, in this case, the train too was late by the same time. Indian Railways be blessed, whatever improvement in the services, they run late, true to their old self, one time too m... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It is not quite often that you get to hear the stories of how leaders got to be the leaders that they are from the horse’s mouth.  I had the terrific experience of listening to one such story. The main protagonist in this interaction is a senior politician belonging to Kerala. Known all around for his simple looks and impeccable character, he is someone who has stood by his socialist ideals all along. One drawback we can associate with him (although not a fault of his) is that he owes to allegiance to a party that is usually a one man team in the assembly, but scrapes through due to coalition support from the communists.  He was in my office last week, and spent some time in my cabin int... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
As it happens every year, this December 29 also, it happened to be my birthday. Not such a famous day till now, as the only celebrity I know whom I share my birthday with is Twinkle Khanna, born a good 8 years before me, better known nowadays as Mrs Akshay Kumar.This birthday was a special one.Like my thirteenth birthday, which gave me the special feeling of triumph, of a boy moving into his teens.Like my twentieth birthday, which made me feel I really graduated from a teen to a big guy.Like my twenty fifth birthday, when people around me told its time to show some level of maturity in my behaviour. This was number thirty for me. As people say, it’s an age of transition. Even though I per... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It is not always that I write movie reviews for my blog. Either it has to be too good, like EAK or too sick like TK&TC for it find a mention in my literature.  Otherwise it has to be something different altogether – like Chapters.  (Now, some of you would raise the question why I had not written on Traffic when it was released and became a trendsetter. Well, I was not a regular blogger then)I watched Chapters from Kavitha Theatre at Kannur this week. It saw a delayed release here, a week after it was released across Kerala. This year has seen a large number of films releasing; unfortunately, there has been no enough theatres to support the deluge of movies. A week after the release, ... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Dosa is one of the most favourite cuisines for me. Like any South Indian, they are to me what hamburger is to America. I have had loads of Dosa. The subtle and traditional ones at home, the ones with the rose coloured masala from Indian Coffee House across Kerala, the conventional Tamil dosas from all the Saravana Bhavans in Coimbatore and Chennai, the stylish nov-veg Chicken Dosas from Empire hotel in Bangalore, but nothing gives the charm and essence of having any one flavour of the wide range of dosa’s from the Pai Brothers at MG Road, Ernakulam.Pai Dosa @ ErnakulamNothing beats the taste and the variety. Where else in India can a Dosa lover dream to get the name-it-you-get-it countless... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
It was after the Cricket World Cup of 1999 that I began to be fond of bald head as a fashion. Quite a few good reasons behind that. I was expecting myself to be bald by the time I reach the right age. My Achan is bald. May Maman is bald. So the genes had it enough in them to go barren at the top at the appropriate time. But the immediate reason for me to develop a liking for baldness at the age of sixteen or seventeen, when most teenagers my age go for spikes or ponytails was Herschelle Gibbs. Like Gibbs, I always used to field at the point while playing cricket. And the story of Steve Waugh’s dropped catch at the Super Six round of the 99 World Cup which turned poor Gibbs into some kind o... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
Todupuzha was a regular spot of congregation for all of us when Mammen Philip was posted there. So it was only natural that when it was time for us to bid Mammen good bye from our organisation, it should happen here.The gang... all ready for the action.Photo © Nidheesh NarayananAs usual, we planned it on a weekend. The usual place for our get-togethers was the huge mansion that Mammen had rented. But this time we requested him to look for a different place. After all, it was a farewell that he himself was planning and sponsoring, as we were not ready to put in any money for him. So, Mammen used his high-end contacts and told us that he had picked up a spot at the Idukki dam.We all dropped i... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
I had mentioned in my previous posts about the various adventures that we used to have during my post graduation days in Coimbatore. Most of the action that had been written on was in Central Travancore, mostly in and around Kottayam. But there had been no shortage of such adventure in Malabar too. It was during the fourth semester. There was very little of academics going on, and the focus in those days was more on the impending final semester exams and getting our resume’s through to any of the leading corporate across South India. And most of the idle time, we used to make good use by going home and enjoying the relatively more comfortable and better climate of God’s own country. It w... Read more
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Blogger: Nidheesh
After our stint at Kumarakom, we were off to Vagamon for the day. Till not long before, I was not aware of a place called Vagamon. The first passing comment came from Anoop, who for some unknown reason was quite fascinated about Vagamon. He used to talk endlessly about beautiful meadows, mountains and pine forests. For me, from what I had heard, the place seemed quite like an Ooty or Kodaikanal, and used to think quite often, why Vagamon was not famous like these places.The Vagamon hillsPhoto © Nidheesh NarayananMore about Vagamon. It is situated at the border of Kottayam and Idukki, and the perfect settings on Western Ghats. Around two hour’s drive from the centre of Kottayam. To reach... Read more
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