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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
The urge of writing the second part of one of my earlier posts arises from the realization of my incomplete knowledge about the topic that I discussed and my belief of having acquired a better understanding of it. Here, I … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
If you look up the world calendar, there is a day for each day. I mean there is some specific ‘day’ – not Sunday or Monday. So, today, on the eve of World Music Day, I decide to pen down … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Time and again, I recline on my chair and curse these glowing computers in front of me; for they have contributed a great deal in making me blind, or semi-blind, to be precise. I can now connect very well with John … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Kiran Vijayan, the author of this book, is a product of Baroda United Football Club (well, that’s what matters here, since his studies background has no relevance to it) and Offside is his first book. So, what do you expect … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Have you ever entered in a no-entry road in spite of noticing the sign that asks you not to enter? Yes, you must have, until you are very good citizen of the nation. Most of us enjoy the pleasure of … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
“Has the message reached to Shukracharya yet? I called for him a month ago.” said I, controlling my anger. “The Danav Sainiks are still in search of him, My Lord. They have installed inscribed stones at all the corners of … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
World Environment Day comes as a day when some of us ‘think’ on how to save the environment, a few of us ‘do’ something for this cause, and many go unaware of any such day passing. That’s how we are. … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
How often do we argue with ourselves how little we know about the world or things around ourselves? This is a question that has given me sleepless nights and anxious days and continues to do so. Are we knowledgeable enough … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Now that the fancy of Indian shoppers have turned towards online shopping, many businesses are trying to get themselves established in the online world. In online market, the customers are more and so is the competition. The online trader gets … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Those of us, who have studied Literary Criticism during their literature degrees, must be aware that there are number of approaches through which one can see a literary work and appreciate it. Before I proceed to let you know what … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
After much thought and consideration, I, in this article, propose to discuss the skills of learning to write a language, especially English, that I intend to focus more on, for this very language provoked me to write this post and … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Rishi Vohra, the author of this book, has studied from the universities of the United States and is no way related to engineering. This came to me as a great relief and when I started reading his debut novel, Once … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
When the plot was out for the third edition of the Indifiction Workshop, the first thought that came to my mind was that the exercise was posing a challenge to me and I must complete it. The reason why it … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
I have known Ravi Subramanian since the days he wrote I bought the Monk’s Ferrari. This does not mean that I read the book.  It’s just that I knew his name and some people mentioned that he should not have … Continue reading →... Read more
clicks 224 View   Vote 0 Like   3:41am 4 Nov 2012
Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Who does not want to improve? Well, everyone does. Improvement has to be a continual process and it is only possible when one gets negative and positive feedback about how one writes. In blog-o-sphere, two veterans took an initiative to … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Blogging contests are in fashion now-a-days. And with more and more bloggers participating, the sponsors are tempted to announce more and more. When I noticed an announcement from Jabong.com about a contest, I thought I should write. Further, the surety … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Earlier today, I read a post about Rama on my friend TF’s blog. He considered Rama to be a man who enjoyed the status of a son of a king and later a king. That post inspired me to write … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Since the time the book was published, it has often been compared with Da Vinci Code and the author with Dan Brown. Some also compared it with the previous books of the author and rated it better or worse. But … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Among countless tributes coming for Ghazal Maestro Mehdi Hasan from around the world, it was good to see one coming from his devotee and sincere pupil Talat Aziz too. In the album Tribute to My Master – Mehdi Hasan, Talat … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
I remember coming home, fully drenched in the evening. I cursed the night shifts to have made my life a nightmare. It was before long that the cab driver called. “Do you have a pick-up, sir?” I wondered what to … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
There is a famous proverb in Hindi. The child who cries gets the milk. Logically, this means that the child who does not cry does not get the milk. Same has been the case with Sandeep Gautam’s The Sculptor and … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 32; the thirty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Due to my blog being hacked and the recovery process deleting many of my blogposts, I have here tried to complie all the haiku that I wrote in September for Haiku Heights. For the last two weeks, I could not write any … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
Raj and Soni walked hand in hand. The evening was about to arrive. On this hour, there was less traffic on the road, hence producing less dust. He had forcefully asked her to visit him today. Since there were room-mates … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Diwakar Narayan
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 31; the thirty-first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following … Continue reading →... Read more
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