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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Here are some cool videos that can make you to stick to them!Paranormal Light Art Showby BarcroftTV Time-lapse video captures construction of World Trade Centerby reutersPowered by Dailymotion... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
You might have tried hiding the messages on your images with some Steganography tools but have you tried to share the your Facebook images with the a secret messages in it with password protected!. Here comes the Secret-book, a Chrome Extension which will let you to encode your image with the your secret message which is password protected!. There are some limitations on using this technique for encoding the full same color images (like images of sky with full blue color) are not recommend to use for this trick. Lets see How you can use this trick on your Facebook to send the secret messages with your Images.You need to get the Secret-book a chrome extension from hereAfter installing the e... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Today People mostly the smart owners are getting addicted to the Augmented Reality Technology.These augmented apps are ruling the world of smart phone users according the Wikipedia Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.Augmented apps are going to rule the world and going to change the world in future.Here is a small video showing you How Pranv Mistry's Sixth Sense technology can bring the augmented world into Human's world.And I made a small list of Top Augmented Apps That every Smart Phone User Should have:WikiTude:-When we co... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Did  you ever thought of using the viber on your computer and make free calls from your computer to other viber numbers for free and you can also send free messages directly from your computer as you do normally on your smart phone.Here is a small tutorial on how you c an use the viber on your computer:  As viber is a mobile application you need to get the smart hone mobile operating system emulator on your computer.Viber is available for the top mobile operating systems Android,iOS, Windows Mobile operating system, Blackberry Operating system and Bada operating system.We shall get the viber's Android app as it can be easily played (run) on your  pc with BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a ... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Here is a Giveaway from SprinkleRk. Bit Defender Internet security 2013.And Here are some of the Best features why you should join this Giveaway contest to win the BIT DEFENDER INTERNET SECURITY 2013.Features you will LOVE on Bit Defender Internet Security 2013:Great User Interference the above picture shows you the great user interference of Bit-Defender Internet security 2013Bit Defender's Auto Pilot ( I Love this feature on Bit Defender as this controls all the things on my computer)Bit Defender's SafepayThis feature on Bit Defender lets you to make all your payments online without worrying about the online frauds and online attacks to steal your account's sensitive information.Bit Defend... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Are you spending most of your time on your social networking sites, and have you ever thought of making money from Facebook,twitter and Google+ accounts then this post is for you to make some money from your social media accounts. Do you know that Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are making money because of YOU! (When click on ads). Then why don't you make money for your sake from your Facebook,twitter and Google+.If you want to make some money from your social media accounts this is the right post for you. Here comes the SOCIALLINKMART.COM a awesome website which lets you to make some decent money from Facebook, twitter and Google+ by sharing some paid content on y... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Here is a awesome tool to compress all your files to maximum size. There are many file compressor available on internet for free and for money but all do the same work to compress the files but KGB is a file compressor with compress the files to maximum extent for free of charge. KGB file compressor tool lets you to compress any large file to maximum extent with high compression rate this feature made the KGB file compressor the best file compressor and unique from all other file compressor. And is also so easy to use this tool due to is's simple user interference.This tool also supports the the default archive format .zip and the archive made my this software will be in .kgb format. KGB fi... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Mozilla is entering into the OS war by launching the Linux based operating system for the smart mobiles. Firefox had launched its test version operating system. If you want to try the new Firefox operating system on your computer then this post is absolutely for you.You can test this on any computer running on windows,mac and Linux. And you don't need to download any other desktop applications to run the Firefox operating system on your computer.All you need is to get the Simulator which is a Firefox plugin runs on the Firefox 19.You can get the Firefox 19 from here and the Simulator plugin from here After launching on this page you need to choose the plugin based on the operating system ... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Have your ever thought to take backup copy of your Facebook data which include the Photos in which you are tagged, your events,News Feed, Comments,likes, Videos, Messages, wall posts, chat conversations,messages, email address of your friends is also included and almost all your complete Facebook profile data with official Facebook service in simple and easy way.Facebook official service to Download your Complete Profile Data:-Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
                   Have you ever faced a situation where you are unable to use your favorite software on other computer, In order to overcome this situation why don't you create you a portable software and use them on any computer without any installation.Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
          Are you going to format your Windows Operating system and try other ways to crack and hack your own Computer, When you forget the Windows Admin Password and waste your time and loose your valuable data then this post is for you to retrieve the windows password easily.Here is a simple and easy way to crack and Hack Windows 7 and Windows XP Operating Systems.Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
iMacros is one the most useful productive add-on. This add-on is available for all the Web Browsers of almost all versions, of . We can make use of the iMacros to do the repetitive work without any knowledge of any coding and programming. It is so easy to use the iMacros add-on. And iMacros add-on is included with Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Are you Bored to use the Facebook in default Blue color and Are you willing to see the Facebook in multi colors.Then this post is for you. Start reading this post.Here we are not going to use any rogue Facebook colorizer apps to change the fb theme color (As they are found to be fake and stealing the victims privacy). Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
I am Back after my exams to publish a new post. I was unable to control my self to publish a new post during the exams.  Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
I have been using so many Download managers to speed up my Downloading Files from Internet.And finally I have found a awesome Software to speed up the Downloading Speeds. That is JDownloader I have been using this software for more than two months and felt great with the awesome features included in JDownloader and which are not found on any other Download manger software.Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
In today's technological world, everyone wishes to own all gadgets that can let him/her earn the tag of 'techie' person. Well, I am not sure about other gadgets, but yes, everyone wishes to own a smartphone for sure. Their fantasy is fulfilled by big G, Google's Android smartphones. The mid-range Android smartphones have made it possible for a person with low budget to be a part of growing technological world. Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Yes you can now watch all the webpages on Internet in 3D format without help of any additional software and Geeks on Firefox 11 and above...I love to surf Internet with Firefox than any other Web Browser you know why? Because You can do anything with it's powerful widgets and awesome add-ons.And it's accessibility.Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Do you wanna play your favorite android games Subway surf and Angry Birds on your windows 8 and windows 7 Computer. Then this post is absolutely for you.I found so many ways to run the android games on my windows 8 and windows 7 computer with out any problems. And Here i am sharing the best simple and easy way which do not need any help of any advanced Geek.Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
 Using the Gmail in Offline is made simple with a wonderful Gmail Offline app. Using the mail in offline lets you to access your E-Mails in your Gmail with full control. You can get the app for free from Chrome Store. With one click you can install this Gmail Offline App by sign-in into Chrome with your Gmail account. Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Here are some safety tips that every Internet User should put into practice before making online transactionThis is first thing that you need to follow Before making online payments go thoroughly through the bank's manual for making online payments. Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
Today the method of education has been completely changed to what it was a decade ago. The development of latest handheld gadgets accompanied by different useful apps has increased the productivity of the college students enormously. Now students can achieve greater results with few efforts just by Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
After along time I had come with a wonderful tool to convert the Whole page post into an Audio (MP3) Format. This service lets you to listen to your favorite post on any blog and save them to your computer locally for listing at later time in MP3 formatRead more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
I got a small habit of frequently formatting my windows operating system. Before formatting my windows operating system I take a backup copy of all the files and some important programs . But after completing installation of operating system and other essential programs on my computer then it is comes to the turn to install all the drivers Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
In one of previous post i have said about the locking with face recognition Now I had come with the Pattern Locking.  Pattern Locking System had become very common in these days to every one because of Smartphones. These had changed the way of traditional locking system on mobiles i.e locking with some password codes. These pattern locks are now slowly entering into the Computers on different Operating Systems. Here are two such Pattern Locking Softwares which can enable you lock your Read more »... Read more
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Blogger: Ramesh Krishna
With the advancements in technology, the communication has already touched the seventh sky. People from various parts of the world are able to communicate with the friends, family and business partners who are sitting miles apart. VoIP service providers have also made a big difference in carrying Read more »... Read more
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