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India is one of the developing nations of the modern world, our democracy has many feathers in her cap. More than a half century ago it has became an independent country and a republic. During this period the country has been engaged in efforts to attain development and growth in various areas such as "building infrastructure", "production of food grains", "science n technology" and "spread of education". However, as a developing nation, India has observed endless social problems, one leading to the other. Some of these problems have their roots in our colonial past while others are related to demographic changes, socio-political conditions and cultural processes. However, every social probl... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
"Our Daughters and Sisters want to feel safe"Are they asking for too much....????Lets start from this****************At this moment I would like to share these lines with you which I like a lot....Agar Bazm-e-Insaan mein Aurat naa hotikhayaalon ki rangeen jannat naa hotiSitaaron ke Dilkash Fasaane naa hoteBahaaron ki naazuk haqeeqat naa hotiJabeeno pe Noor-e-Masarrat naa hotaNigaahon mein Shaan-e-marrawwat naa hotiFaqeeron ko Irfaan-e-Hasti naa miltiAtaa Zahido ko ibaadat naa hotiMusaafir sadaa manzilo par bhatakteSafeeno ko saahil ki qurbat naa hotiHar ik phool ka rang pheeka sa hotaNaseem-e-bahaaraan mein nikhat naa hotiKhudaayi ka Insaaf Khaamosh rehtaSunaa hai kisi ki shifa'at naa hoti**... Read more
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(image source-google)We all know that in ancient Indian scriptures, woman was given a glarified status. She was an embodiment of shakti, no religion ceremony was complete without her.  Savitri, Parvati, Sita, Ahilya were the role models of Indian society.....In later days, during the freedom struggle Aruna Asaf Ali, Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Sucheta kirplani and other women played excellent role for the libration of their motherland from the Britishers. They fought against all odds, so that at no point of time their commitment or energy could be derated with those of their male counterparts during those times.With the advent of the technology dominated era and commercialism our women... Read more
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(image source - google)Each of us know this fact that decay and death are inevitable.....We all very well know that our Karmas(deeds) would bring us befitting rewards or punishments depending upon their nature and intentions, as there is this common saying "as you sow, so shall you reap"...But the unfortunate part is that even after knowing all this, most of us use our powers and influences for the destruction of our opponents n competitors. Actually we forget that there could be reprisals.... And that too these reprisals may not be from the victim only but from the Almighty himself. After all God is  the great paymaster.Even history has so many evidences and we can very we... Read more
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(image from google)Take a look around, how many men do you see having those thick n shining moustaches and moving comfortably with their rough-tough looks....yes, you are very right, there are very few now a days who like to pose themselves with those thick n shining moustaches. Interestingly its not only those who are in their 20s and starting a relationship but a large chunk of men in their 40s can also be seen lining up for clean shaves, waxing and even going for laser removal of hair on their arms, legs and chest as well.Believe it or not, men were not always this way. In fact there was a time when these men proudly used to say "Moochien hon to Nathu Laal jaisi...vernaa....".Did you eve... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
My dear APNiBOLi....It seems that yesterday only I met you, but as you know, I started this journey with you exactly two years back and during these two years you did so much for me. In fact you made my life so much better that now I know a lot more about myself, hence I take this opportunity to thank you for broadening my horizons and I will be forever grateful to you for that.I must tell you that during this period, my journey with you have been awesome which has given me an opportunity to discover a new ME via YOU. You are the first thing that I mention as my hobby now a days and it feels great to see that I have posted 90 posts so far, including this one. Though it could have ... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
We all travel from one place to other and this act of moving from one place to other is called journey. And  if you observe, you will find that different people like different act while they travel. Some prefer  reading books or magazines.... Some of them like indulging in conversation with their co-passengers.... Some simply snooze....etc, etc..... But off late I have found that there are plenty who like to listen music during their journey. One of the reason may be that  "variety of electronic gadgets are available today at affordable price and they are easy to carry too".....Though in older days also when these gadgets weren't there, people used to carry their battery operat... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
"FANCY" (Decorated, Embellished, Deluxe, Frilly, .....) **********"Click   here to see more post on similar theme"**************irfaaaann@gmail.com... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
As we know, way of communication has changed remarkably during the last decade and its getting faster day by day, thanks to ever developing technology..... In fact now we are at the stage where we can communicate instantaneously with  our dear ones, no matter in which part of the world they are living. And in this digital era when each of us are living every moment of our life being in touch with our 'family n friends' and when our life revolves around technology, I sometimes miss those old fashioned hand written letters. I know, I am probably weird but seeing the handwriting of my 'relatives n friends' is something which I miss a lot these days and somehow feel that letter writ... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
(image source - google)Issues and topics which  help eradicating social evils are always something we like to talk about because we believe it generates awareness among the mass, but the sad part is that most of us are busy 24x7 only in discussing these social evils and never ever try to put our thoughts into action.But there are people around us who think n act differently and who don't believe in mere lip's exercise but actually dare to step aside and follow a path which is not so easy for most of us to follow. And it is unfortunate that these people have not been recognised by society as well as by the authorities for what they have done and most of them remain unsung heroes through out ... Read more
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(image from google)As we all know India turns an year older so its Independence day today and as usual people are singing Patriotic songs, tweeting Patriotic tweets and no to mention hoisting national flag......And it feels good to see how much we love our Independence that we got after so much of hardship and sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters.No need to say that we all love our country but over the period of time I have a feeling that ours is not an easy country to love, where even death has become a sort of business, since the doctor signing the death certificate, the police Wallas and not to mention the morgue, they all want some amount of donation from the family of deceased ... Read more
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The institution of marriage began so that a man and a woman, through their Joy, through their Strength and through their act of sharing might become creator of life itself....Marriage therefore is a high and holy state to be held in honor among all men and women....!!!As we all know marriages are basically of two types....the one which is planned, executed and blessed by parents and relatives is "arranged marriage".... and the other one is "love marriage" which is entirely based on mutual attraction among the two partners marrying each other.As far as Indian weddings are concerned, because of our social structure arranged marriages are more preferred or we can say this type of marriage do... Read more
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Well friends, I am not sure where this post will be heading to or how to begin it in the first place because right now I do feel that I have to write something but don't have any idea about what to write....As you all may be aware that the holy month of Ramadanis almost on its mid way and because of  the Fastand Taraweehin addition to routine works, I am hardly getting any time to write something or read all those wonderful articles on your respective blogs....As you know during this blessed month of Ramadan we abstain from food, drink and other physical needs during the day light hours. Essentially this is the month of cleaning up our lives, our thoughts and our feelings. In fact fasting... Read more
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Friends,Yesterday I saw a short movie  on YouTube. The name of the movie is "asl plz" , and the story of that short movie is somewhat like this.....There are two characters into it, a boy and a teen age girl....Somehow they meet over internet and start chatting with each other, using their funky chat names...over the period of time their formal chat changes into romantic one.After knowing that both of them are from the same city the boy started insisting to meet her and finally that girl also gives her consent for the meet. Hence they mutually decided for a meeting and the venue is a cabin of some cyber cafe.Now a scene appears there on the screen where the girl is sitting inside the cabi... Read more
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While cleaning and re-arranging bookshelf today, I got one of the diary written by my father. Apart from writing short stories and poem in urdu he was very fond of writing his daily-diary in the form of beautiful rhyming notes and while reading those short but precise notes I feel like talking to him..... Anyways coming on to the subject......While reading those pages my idle mind was thinking that why do someone writes daily-diary or why do we write our personal blogs...??? And personally I feel that apart from many other factors one of them is, "when we write something, we just want to keep those moments on pause into these pages, so that if someone go through these ... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
******************This post has been featured on Blog Adda's Spicy Saturday Picks*********Man was born on the earth with many advantages. He has the most versatile and resilient body among all the living organisms. Undoubtedly his sensory organs are one of the best among all the living creatures, and top of all man has the most advanced brain among all the living things on this earth. Definitely this particular creation of almighty is a wonder of sorts. Even God himself must be very proud of creating man.....WHAT A CREATION....!!!But problem starts when we as a human start thinking that we are immortal and feel proud of our money and other materialistic assets. we just don't indulge in the ... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
Tags and awards are something which I always find an interesting way of interaction with fellow bloggers....At times I have been tagged and honored with awards by blogger friends.....and few days back rather couple of months back my blogger friend Punam of Dreamz Forever tagged me with this interesting tag, so here I am with this tag with my sincere apologies for delay in taking this tag........The Rules....1- Link back the blogger who tagged you.2- You must post the rules.3- Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.4- Tag eleven new bloggers.5- Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.6- Inform them about the tag.Here are the questions given by Punam....1- What... Read more
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Bete.....whom do you love more mummy or Papa...??? Bete....Your mummy loves you more or Papa....??? heyyyyy...hold on, I am not asking it to you all.... In fact these are the typical questions that has been always asked by our over-affectionate aunties when we were kid. These over-affectionate aunties never think that how can a child love one of his/her parent more than the other.....or how the love of one of his/her parent can be more or less than the other. But when it comes to parental love, then mother's love is something which is always on the leading side, may be because fathers are very cool in showing their love and affection that they have for their kids.....but we all kn... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
"A successful marriage means falling in love many times, always with same person" It seems like only couple of months back I had written this post here, but looking at the calender, I find that its one complete year now... This is how life goes, days after days, years after years, in short "life goes on"....and no need to mention that like every one else, we also had our good times along with some really  bad time during this year.....At this very moment once again I would sincerely like to thank all of you for your moral n emotional support, it really helped me a lot to come out from that moment. As we all know that marriage is the process by which people who love each other... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My first ever Thursday Photo Challenge post.......... More Participants here-----------------------------------------------------------VehicleAny guess about this vehicle....????---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BuildingThe top most circular floor of the building enclosed with glass is a revolving restaurant (Pind Balluchi) and one can see entire city of Patna from here.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Sky / MountainA view from the Scotland of India"The Sky is the Limit" ************************... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
Our life is a journey and during this entire journey one can't stop even for a while. This entire journey is not just a matter of  failure or success..... In fact it begins  with the birth and continues till one die... Does it mean that the aim of the life is to simply move on till our death.....No, it can't be....!!! Then what is the meaning of this entire journey...??? Actually when I think about it, I find that starting from childhood...Adolescence...youth and then getting old...all is set...and at any point of time if someone try to remain in any of these stages then its just not possible...absolutely not possible..... Now my idle mind is thinking that if every thing and ev... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
While going through the newspaper I found it surprising and difficult to believe, that someone like Mr. Digvijay Singh is talking about active participation of youth in Indian politics by replacing older lot of politicians. After further going into the news it was clear that his statement came in a function where he was trying to establish his own son into politics. So in a way he was pleading in favour of his son and not for the entire youth of the country. However this is a separate debate because this post is not about dynastic politics rather its about the "Youth vs Old in Indian politics". So for the moment his statement regarding active participation of youth into governance needs to ... Read more
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Hello Friends,It is more than three months that I am posting something here at my blog. In fact yesterday when I logged into my blog, I found my lonely blog screaming for some attention.Actually it was not that i was very busy doing some important assignments or I didn't wanted to write anything....To be honest after each exhausting day when I was lying down in bed, I used to think about writing something....Something about ongoing events around me, but couldn't do so, and the lone reason for this long break from blogging was that I didn't feel like writing..... I felt out of groove.....Out of touch with reality.....Just to let you all know that the only thing I did during t... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
Now friends before you go ahead and get judgmental, let me tell you that I am neither a "religious fundamentalist" nor a "rabid nationalist", who is opposed to each n every "western import" as principle. Rather on the contrary, I am  a normal person who happen to be walking hand in hand with changing times and never appreciate those FATWAS preaching about how the women should be kept confined within the fore walls, but yet I don't like the concept of Valentine's Day... I am not saying that I hate it but somehow I detest it and feel that there is no need to mark any particular day in 365 days to show our love n affection for someone we really love....... Read more
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Blogger: Irfanuddin
" Even in worst condition, taking a decision to save the institution of marriage is the most noble, brave and wisest thing to do "When two persons join together in marriage, separation and divorce is never something they think about.... Love for each other comes naturally and they both care for each other...... In fact both of them start enjoying each other's company and with each n every actions and gestures they always try to say each other....."I love you" and "I always think of you".....And that is how they live their life together with a plan of how to raise the family and grow their children while fulfilling all those social responsibilities....But unfortunately, its not the same for e... Read more
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