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I’m Ok with everything though had you given a call I wouldn’t have burnt on you.Her message was pretty clear.  Not like a given statement of our politicians in which first they state anything and after a news debate take back the very thing.A simple girl and very clear with everything going on in our relation, was arguing in text messages.Clock was striking at around 7 PM of 8th Jan. Standing somewhere mid on a national highway the only thing which was running into my mind was “How to explain her the real situation”?Ms. A. complex, confused yet so straight in her mind, sitting somewhere in Punjab was trying hard to solve the puzzle that, is this Rajasthani boy really love me?If y... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Don’t tweet anything against Aashka. She Is genuine.                                                                                                Dear, I Think You new To Twitter. Twitter Junta write What they See.  Hi All, Want to say sorry to all before anything, for not writing here for a long time, though willing to tell you the actual reason coz of some lengthy writing assignments I didn’t get the time to write here. And yeah people who read me by my Facebook page I’m really sorry to you too guys. Now I got a winter break so I assure you I will certainly try to write some humorous posts for you. But today I’m not writing satire... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Only a writer knows what it takes to write a word.Likhne Wala Hi Janta HaiLafz Likhne main KYa kayamat Aati HaiBefore you read further I think I should tell you the reason that why I’m writing this post. I often read posts written under the title “writer’s block” or similar like this. Even the senior blogger from rashmi bansal to neha or Mr. Agarwal everyone seems to get trapped in this so called block. And if one go into the depth to get the actual reason behind their jammed minds he surely get to know one thing that the blogging world or our so called unprofessional writing community is changing it’s mood and loosing its shiny and bright colors with each passing day. So the seni... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
I heard this from one of my friend since kejriwal is exposing too much Mahesh Bhatt is planning to take him in his movies. I wonder how Mr. Arvind would look like in a song similar to “kaho na kaho” of murder. Ok let’s come to the point straight away after the last press conference of IAC a lot of rumors is going on in the country. Some believes kejriwal and IAC is the B team of BJP on the other hand some believes he is doing the correct with these corrupt politicians. I have been a big supporter of IAC and Cuz I write on political issues exclusively for some print media I could blog a humor post on current Indian scenario of exposing others.A pissed off and fed up son of a less renown... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
MR. Khurshid! Oh please listen!!!Mr. khurshidLook Am LeglessCan’t Walk can’t run can’t play can’t turnYou had promised me a wheelchairAre you manufacturing?OrHave you bought a car from that money?MR. Khurshid! Oh Please listen!!!Mr. khurshidLook am deaf and muteCan’t hear can’t talk can’t speak can’t expressYou had promised me a hearing adAre you manufacturing?ORHas Mrs. Khurshid bought gold earrings of that money?MR. Khurshid! Oh please listen!!!Mr. khurshidYou neither legless nor handicappedYou neither deaf nor muteI know you’ve never walked in my boot.You would never get to know my pain…Do me favor please handover all my assets all my helpsTo the one Yeah!!!The king of... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Have you ever experienced the so called distance relationship? If you have then you would certainly know it’s painful but I bet my affair and the story is more aching than this so called distance relationship.In second year of my graduation we’d changed our apartment and moved into a new one. Our (five bachelors) flat was on floor seventh. The society the area and everyone there was new for us. Among five the only person who I need to mention here is Louis. Those days I was in a breakup mode. Break up mode? Arey wo hi wala jisme kuch accha nahi lagta aur uski yaad satati hai.Samaj gaye na !!!Cuz of some misunderstanding the connection between her and my heart was showing “attempt faile... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
A London return son and his Indian father were quarreling on some issue. Walls under pink paint and the wall of the house the honorable lady was in plain cotton Sari.Have you heard about jet lag? In ordinary jet lag man feels tired but in this particular picture the jet lag was something different so its results.  This jet lag was resulted in mouth ulcer. Son was really in a bad condition.Suddenly the father shouted “Beta Juban pe lagaam lagao”. Hearing this son was on cloud nine. He thought No matter we are fighting but my father my lovely pa is this much concern about me. He stood up hurriedly touched his father’s feet and took a leave from there. After two minutes the colony witnes... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
I often wonder that who writes quotes and sayings and the reason behind my wonder precisely is that in this fast running world who are those lucky people who got time to give Gyan to others.Arey bhai!!! "Yahan to khud ka hosh nahi dusro ko Gyan de to de kaise".Though. In this facebook and twitter era we got so many around us who are doing this job pretty well.Well I don’t want to waste your time as well as mine so let’s come to the point straight away.I see this above written quote everyday on facebook. Sometimes girls with broken heart or sometimes boys with broken dreams post this on their wall on facebook. Reading this I wonder about three things. (1)   What he does when no rain.(2)... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Who Is behind Udaipur Daily?Hello There!I’m Himanshu Nandwana, Hotelier, freelance food writer and occasional photographer living in the city of lakes “Udaipur”. I’m like a novel that needs thousands of words to be expressed.Facts about Me!. I love to wear white.. I love to watch news channels.. Well versed with the art of cooking.. Politics is ma cup of tea.. They say I’m good at flirting, huh! I don’t think so.... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Dear Me,Unfolding this letter you must be expecting first line something like “I Hope you are doing fine there and all that” and reading this you must be shocked that why I didn’t write those lovely words of care in the beginning. Don’t I care about you? Stop grinning. I hate the way you smile. Your front two teeth make you look like a rabbit.  Yeah!!! Now you look good. Hey buddy listen now as you’ve become older. At times you should behave like a man. And the reason behind the missing of those words is that I know that a person like you can never be sad. You know the art to paint this life colorful.Oh!!! My god!!! Again White t-shirt! Don’t you have any other color to wear or ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
So! Where was I? Yeah!!! on Ravi bhai!!!Enjoying our makai and amrud (corn and Peru) we all started our bikes to move back. At Pharma bazaar ravi bhai again swtiched on the same channel and started talking about those girls and were saying “kab call karegi wo. karegi bhi ya nahi’ it was something like Patrkar popat lal of tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma. Meri shadi hogi bhi ya nahi,,hehe…He was on his bike and we all were standing near to him suddenly he saw something.“Wo ja rahi hai wo dono”Me and usman bhai gaped at the end of that road and we got to see nothing. Ravi bhai said ‘betho (sit on the bike. I’m sure that they are the same girls ‘meri najre dhoka nahi kha sakti” and... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Two days back I laughed a lot and today I want you to laugh too on the very thing on which I laughed. Before I come to the point I just want to know ‘have you seen "Hera-Feri” you must have and do remember our all time favorite character babu bhai again your answer would certainly be “Yes”.On Saturday afternoon we all “Jigri ( Partners for life, we drink together, we laugh together, we cry together, we live together and for sure one day we all will die together)” were hanging out at pharma bazaar and suddenly someone said “let’s go to have look of overflowing Lake Fateh sagar and everyone agreed except Tipu bhaiya. He tilted his neck making funny though with some typical seri... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
I love daughters and I think that is the very reason we have so many in our family. Maurvi and honey these two lill angels are enough to make anyone’s life hell. I am telling you some of their most interesting talks and demands today.Main Gori Chori hu Gopala !!! Tune tirchi najariya se kyu mara !!! Maurvi:-                                                                                ( Holi Celebration)I think these pictures are enough to tell you everything about maurvi my cousin sister’s daughter.                                                        ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
मैं अल-कायदा सा जब दहाड़ता हूँ |वो अमेरिका बन जाती है ||मैं फरार होने की कोशिश करता हूँ |वो पीछे ही पड़ जाती है ||मैं प्लेन सी तेजी लिए जब उसके घर में घुसता हूँ |वो उलटे पावं मुझे भगाती है ||मैं उसकी आँखों में झांकता हूँ |वो दफा हो कह कर सो जाती है ||मैं सीधा सा लादेन मेरे गावं का |वो ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
कोई दे दिल पे दस्तक तो भीतर आने दो उसे |क्योंकी जवानी दुबारा नहीं मिलती ||दो चार हो नजरें किसी से कहीं तो कह दो उसे |क्योंकी जवानी दुबारा नहीं मिलती ||कोई चीखे चिल्लाये व्यर्थ ही तुम पर पकड़ लो गिरेबा |क्योंकी जवानी दुबारा नहीं मिलती ||गिरे कोई बुढा बाबा राह में तो संभालो उसे ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Yesterday it was raining heavily, drenching toe to head she came just to meet me after all weather was in our favor. My silly gf, if you want to know ‘why am I calling her silly’? You should read ‘You know, Aaj duggu kho gaya tha” post. Well, leave it for now, I was telling you yesterday’s happenings. Seeing her filled with enthusiastic romance I request her to sing something. She is very good in folk genre. After hundreds of requests at last she sang. An old folk tale of Punjab and Rajasthan region was her choice. I am also a big fan of folk music so I cheerfully agreed. In that song a girl goes to fill her clay pail to some river or pond. Over there she requests her beloved to he... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
मैं इश्क हूँ |स्वयं निखरता हूँ | स्वयं संवरता हूँ |जो अपना बना ले मुझे मैं उस पर बरसता हूँ ||मैं इश्क हूँ |निगाहों में झलकता हूँ | लबों से छलकता हूँ |जो तरसे मेरे लिए दिल से मैं उस पर बरसता हूँ ||मैं इश्क हूँ |चाहे भी ना मिलु | बिन चाहे भी मिल जाऊँ |कोई जो छिटके मुझसे दूर मैं उसी के ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
You know… Aaj duggu kho gya tha !!!Hearing the above written line I was shocked and was thinking ‘Duggu’ who is duggu? On the other side she was about to cry. Well!!! Her shaken voice were clearly made me think that now she would cry, now she would cry and finally she cried.Before she would have said anything else or would have added any further comment in her report I'd cut the line down. Few minutes later I found myself pressing the self start button of my scooty in a half drenched condition (it’s been two days pious water of lord Indra drenching my mother land). But leave the weather condition of Udaipur cuz right now I’m not in a mood to write on nature today I’m in full swin... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Udaipur got everything but parking space. And the title of this article is not actually a title it’s my girlfriend’s often ask question. Every time when we plan for a long long bike ride or to go to a place where we get some privacy, she got panicked about “where to park her activa”? Here I am talking about that kind of scenes, my fingers in her hairs, and her head on my shoulder etc. etc.If you are thinking that we have thousands of places in Udaipur where she can park, then I should clarify one thing in the beginning. Whenever I suggest her any place her next worry would be…"Papa dekh lenge"Hearing this I often buzz “is your father an anteryami”? But really my girlfriend’s ... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star.                                                                                                                      Gilbert K.ChestertonWhen Neil Armstrong reached on moon all gods were seeing this progress of humans. They all were pleased though there was a thing which was bothering them and the very reason behind their worry was “if mankind has reached moon, someday they could find the heaven too so where would we all go?” Groping their whole mind when they didn’t get any proper so... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Well!!! Before you read my ten tips I got a very special trick to tell you. Generally what boys thinks that gifts are the best ways to keep your relationship ever lasting. But you know gifts are the only thing that creates the biggest blunders in any lovely relationship. If you often find yourself standing in front of her with a gift or you often find yourself selecting any gift for her then I bet you are in a big trouble. And the reason is you want her to be you only as long as she is in love with you. You know why? Because you want her to be with you only as long as she’s in love with you. If you create other incentives for being with you, chances are she’ll hang around. She could ma... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Write a Guest Post?Whatever your dreams are as a writer, Udaipur Daily is a good place to get them fulfilled. Everybody can write for Udaipur Daily.Become an UD contributorIf you are passionate about writing and would like to share your musings with the lovely dwellers of the lake city, you should consider joining our network of international contributors:Create your file in Word format (Font Name & Size- TNR 12) and mail it to the link given below. We appreciate if you would mention following things also in your mail. Target: Write your article’s target. Think about the person who is reading it: what do they know? How well do they know it? What are they curious about?Aim:Write your a... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
Who Is behind Udaipur Daily?Hello There!I’m Himanshu Nandwana. A Hotelier, freelance food writer and occasional photographer living in the city of lakes “Udaipur”. Facts about Me!  . I love to wear white.                                                     . I love to watch news channels.. Well versed with the art of cooking.. Politics is ma cup of tea.. They say I’m good at flirting, huh! I don’t think so.... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
I remember the date well 20th june 2007. I was about to take one of the biggest decisions of my life. I had to take a decision! It was getting late!! I was done with my senior secondary but scored awful and got just 59.69%. There were too many ways open to me. I could have done C.A. (well in reality I couldn’t have), I could join any other course though hearing my heart’s voice I chose a totally different way. My Nani told me this story and to be honest that was the last time when I thought “what would people think?”Journey begins with a grandpa, his grandson and their donkey! They were travelling to a distant village and had to pass by many other villages before reaching their final... Read more
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Blogger: Himanshu Nandwana
I read this really touching story from one of the books long back… which holds a real important truth we neglect or don’t pay heed to…before getting to that point I would like to share a story.It was about a guy in high school , he loved his school , friends and most importantly his PARENTS . One night he was just thanking god for making his life so near to perfect . He could see his dad from the open door , sitting and working on his laptop for some important presentation he had the next day , and all of a sudden this boy felt sooo much of love and respect for his dad that he wanted to go there , hug him and tell him i love you dad ! and then he  hushed the feelings away just as soon... Read more
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