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Samdruptse is a hill nestled at an altitude of 7,000 feet above the sea level at a distance of 5 km from the town of Namchi in the Northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. The name Samdruptse literally translates to ‘Wish fulfilling hill’ (Bhutia Language). This majestic hill houses a grand statue of Guru Rinpoche (the great saint of Sikkim) which is supposed to be the tallest statue of the great saint in the entire globe. Considering it as a place where wishes are fulfilled, thousands and thousands of people has been visiting the hills and the nearby statue as a sacred place for devotion though the hill in which it is placed is believed to be a place of dormant volcano.  According to t... Read more
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Flourish environment of Gangtok where possibilities meets desire calls for tourist navigation as its pristine and alluring site which is made for traveller roots the beauty with the glance of opportunity.Through this article today we are going to talk about one of the renowned tourist destinations of Gangtok and that is Deer park. Famous as Rustamji Park this site is silently situated within the proximity of Secretariat of Sikkim which is another gem of Gangtok beauties.If you wondering why this park is called as Rustomji Park then one must understand he was amongst the Dewans of the Chogyal of Sikkim and he in his age claimed to be the author of book Enchanted Frontiers.Here you will get to... Read more
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Small town of Kalimpong which is renowned for its pioneer institutions is also blessed with magical emblem of natural wonders. Crest of brilliance discovered by Scottish Missionary and its Reverent Dr. John Anderson Graham who lived decade here and discovered need for an educational background which today stands as an established institute of Kalimpong. Nestled at a silent cliff of nature the school is one of the prime attractions of Darjeeling district. Its serene ambiance which is covered by thick forest and small hamlet down the line adds more shine to the beauty of this school.Being at a height it has treasured all the natural ingredients beneath its shore and entices tourist to roa... Read more
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Since the beauty of Hill station is very much dominated by an insignia of picturesque backdrop, cascading waterfalls, shimmering natural points but how many of us are aware regarding its specimen and manifestos that has been craved in beautiful Bengal Natural History Museum, Darjeeling.Plinth of this humble approach was guided by ornithologist Charles M Inlis, who was the Curator of the museum and he in his initial phase with some collaboration with other gentlemen’s tried his heart out to make this museum like what it stands today.Well on its day of inauguration which happened in 1903, the building had no enough rooms to compliment it like what we call museum, it had only b... Read more
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The Ajanta and Ellora caves are a set of 29 caves and the perfect example of Buddhist architecture. These caves are located at a distance of about 400 km from Mumbai, in the northern part of Maharastra.  The paintings inside these caves depict the Jataka tales and other different stories related to Buddha. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are the globally renowned tourist destination, which reveals the unique examples of art and architecture. If you want to go back to the time and relive the primeval legacy of India then these caves are the perfect place to visit. These caves were declared as a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO in the year 1983. A visit to these caves will provide you a fe... Read more
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Whenever the name Kalimpong is voiced either we comprehend it as nature climbs or compliment it as flora center but that’s not everything we are going to notice here at Kalimpong , which is an integral part of Queen of Hills, Darjeeling district.Since the ranges of Himalayas and mountains that tops the height from an ambush of green, perhaps the most alluring aspects but this nature bounty where serenity reserves it place has more than just wonders and through this article we are going to talk about premier institution of nature where they looks to interpret dual aspects of human behavior on nature and nature reaction on it.Nature interpretation center which is renowned for its unique and ... Read more
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Neora National Park, very few are aware regarding the virgin beauty of this place. Established in 1986 this beautiful place is one of the charms of Kalimpong and its thick forest has really made Neora a gift of nature.Neora National Park, which is a world heritage site of UNESCO, has the entire ambiance require making it eco tourism place and its sounding environment which is filled with thick forest and meadows of green is something you are going to witness only here at a site of Neora.Stretched over an area of wonders it commands the perimeter of 89 sq.km and you can say this place has the richest Biosphere within the entire north east India. Lived by endangered animals visit here would be... Read more
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The political turmoil in varied parts of Thailand where activists are protesting about the ending of government of Yingluck Shinawatra is taking the flourishing tourism of Bangkok and Phuket in brink. As activists in Bangkok aimed prime buildings and allegedly marched towards the US embassy the municipal council across Phuket are closed along with council offices, Patong, Srisoonthorn, Rassada, Karon, and Kathu with activists taking on to the streets of Phuket city. It is a move which is sure to bring a huge problem and loss to the tourism industry. Either of the sides is conscious of the absurd penalties of taking the noisy but peaceful protests of flag waving and whistles blowing over the ... Read more
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Travelling could be fun as it can be defined as a passion of modern traveller to discover new places and with the convenient transportation system like that of plain, train and cab looks to make your journey more comfortable. As we travel distance we do not hesitate to carry all our modern data and tools along with us but sometime we have notice our careless and inattentive nature seems to cost us all our modern machines like Laptops, mobile and other handy devices, so to fight with all this losses we here laying some useful tips which would save your precious.Use the cloudNow when it comes to saving a data or files in laptops while travelling and to save it in case it gets lost or stolen is... Read more
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As to the classic Chinese text ascribed to Confucius, the first lines in the first chapter of the Analects (Lunyu) are as follows- the Master said: “To learn something and then to put it into practice at the right time: is this not a joy? To have friends coming from afar: is this not a delight?” It is the chief Chine Written over 2,000 years back. The two rhetorical questions have taken on a new significance for the global tourism industry: The increasing number of Chinese outbound tourists travelling to all corners of the world and the money that they spend at the several tourist destinations and tourism service providers, but the essential learning about their specific expectations and... Read more
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO, Well very soon, the holiday season is going to start and the Black Friday is just three weeks away. It means that the Christmas is not far away. Whether you are prepared for the celebration or not, but it’s the time to start thinking about Christmas Shopping. Well for the shopping be it kids, spouse, parents or friends, here are few tips and tricks to make the shopping efficiently and affordably. The very first thing you have to do is setting up a budget for shopping. This is the first job you have to do, a professional Organizer, Said. Well most of you might have questions in mind, how to set up budget and how much to keep aside for special shopping? For many it is... Read more
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Problem while travelling is packing and it becomes worst when it comes to old people who seem to carry an unwanted risk while they travel across.If you are aged and looking to fly down to a beauty of pristine location than this could be a right time for you to discover a beauty but at a same time uncertainty cannot be denied in an alien land so here are now you can be safe and secure.As Richard Bailey and his wife Suzie Wallach are about to take a trip to Europe which would be a six week tour and it cruises to Italy shares their experience she said she is not aware whether there would a doctor on call or not but I need not to worry because a safety tips spelled by their general physician, Dr... Read more
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Some of the top concerns of international tourists planning to visit India are women’s safety, poor infrastructure. In a recent BBC World News India Travel Study, about 66 % of the total 441 respondents, showed concerns about the sanitation, safety and security in the nation. Another 33% of the tourists complained about the infrastructure in the country.The survey reveals, “Tourists who have not visited India, have very less knowledge about the country apart from the Taj Mahal and have an impression of a noisy, polluted and poor country. They have doubts regarding infrastructure, sanitation and safety especially for women.”The reports stated that the internet is a chief source of infor... Read more
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Mumbai: Officials stated that after Rajasthan, Maharashtra will become the second state to host Hot Air Ballooning adventure tourism from this upcoming Diwali festival.The first ride will be commenced from Oct 29, which will carry eight passengers to a height of around 4,000 feet above sea level at Lonavala, which is a popular hill station, located at a distance os about 90 km from here, said Sangram Pawar, director of Rainbow Riderss, the Sky Waltz franchisee operating the hot air balloons.Pawar said, "Starting with two hot air balloons, we shall organize flights in Lonavala, Pune and surrounding areas. As for Mumbai, we shall install a balloon which would only be used during special events... Read more
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Mumbai Police in order to deal with the terror attack and to avoid such accident like 26/11, they have now come with the initiative to give high level training to deal with the terror attack. For this they will provide training to the employees of the hotels and restaurants surrounding the Gateway of India and more of all to provide safety to tourists visiting Gateway, the Mumbai Police has launched project called ‘Tourist First’ as per a DNA report. Apart from this, the Mumbai Police will also install 15-20 CCTVs outside edge of Gateway. Tourist First has been an idea by Krishna Prakash, Additional Commissioner of Police, South Mumbai and this idea is been co-ordinated by Nilesh Kumar, ... Read more
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Again the festival season is round the corner and the excitement is in the air. But for the environmentalists and the environment conscious along with the excitement, there is a big matter of concern. With the joy and excitement, the concern is about the increasingly non-eco-friendly way of celebrating festivals. More of all, must concern is that, during the festival season, the most affected are the water bodies and it is not just the concern of the environmentalists but it is slowly becoming a global issues. According to the tradition, after the festival ends, the idol is to be immersed in the water bodies. But due to the modern day changes, the material used for making the idol brings a s... Read more
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Every couple in its own world has a different idea regarding their merry time vacation some wish to fly to friendly skies or even try to jump out which is more like a sky diving or some dream of trying to have a sleek blends of wine if we start discussing that it would take a lump sum moment because every pair has their own fantasy has their own preferences that’s why we have listed some of the brilliant idea which would serve a need of all the pairs regardless of their preferences.Fit and fabulousFor those couples who are adventure seeker and sporty by their nature, does not matter how you fell in love be it your first training session of marathon or at the humid session of your workout a... Read more
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GUWAHATI: North East India is gifted with resplendent natural beauty and home to scenic sports and places of interest, which are still unexplored by even the avid travellers. The lack of proper connectivity has left the region less known to the world about its beauty that is simply outstanding and treasure trove. Looking at the tourism importance, it has become more important for a proper development of road connectivity as well as air connectivity for inflow of both domestic and international tourists into the region said, deputy director general and regional director (North East India) India Tourism Sanjay Shreevast at press conference on the North East India Festival Scheduled on November... Read more
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NEW DELHI: government has taken an initiative to clear the road for the tourist so that they can enjoy and explore a beauty of India by giving them Visa on arrivals to 40 countries by setting up an online application system for visa and visa on arrival for pensioners and for those who attending conferences.Which means overseas traveler would be able to avail a visa within a click and the citizens of 40 countries like that of the US, the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Russia and China will get a visa on their arrivals which means you don’t have long foe hassles beside that government have also given yes to lengthen VOA to travelers who is above 60 and also agreed to cut down the days to creat... Read more
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If  you are dreaming of celebrating honeymoon in the romantic world holding the  hand of your beloved amidst the picturesque setting of perfect combination of  exotic tropical paradise stretching your whole body in the middle of the  squeezed luxuriant hills and azure blue seas to create unforgettable lovable  memories of first after marriage dating then a honeymoon in Lakshadweep would  be the perfect fitting choice for you.Situated  far away from the regular urban bustle travelling honeymoon in this remote palm  fringe island certainly will add spark to your romantic spirit and is also a  veritable paradise of marine wonders thus together will m... Read more
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Galapagos Islands, EcuadorThe place offers much more than being a centre of scientific discovery. Over here, scuba divers can blend freely below the surface with tortoises, penguins and a multitude of other wildlife. You can catch numerous aquatic species in action, like sea lions, sting rays, golden rays, morays, marine iguanas etc. Gili IslandsThe Gilis in Indonesia has gained a status for being the ‘turtle capital of the world’. Its underwater world features some incredible sights like a collection of plant life and sea creatures such as green and hawksbill turtles, mantra rays, bump-head parrotfish, back-tip and white tip reef sharks, plus innumerable varieties of hard and soft ... Read more
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Tourism sector is largely affected due to the nonstop rain playing chaos in Kerala. Tour operators in the city have been receiving a shocking number of cancellations in the past two days. Number of flights, which were supposed to land at the Nedumbassery airport, had to return to Trivandrum. A tour operator, Alex Kuruvilla, claims that visitors who were supposed  to arrive on Monday, have either cancelled their trip or forced to land in Trivandrum and then get to Kochi by road.Alex added, “Due to the closure of airport and flights cancelled, two of our guests who were supposed to depart for Ireland on Tuesday, have been forced to reschedule their trip. Both of them were supposed to jo... Read more
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Comfort is a mental state of mind no matter how bad the situation is you would feel relax once you in to your house and no place on earth could ask you for comfort then your house. Home sweet home was said once by a wise men is actually a true proverb in terms of defining its structure and environment you are sure to be familiar once you hop in such has a power and level of comfort. So in this sense it is quite obvious to conclude with a fact that you would desire a homely atmosphere if you are out for a vacation. No one looks to ease the pocket by putting stone in a heart if you do not get a service you would love to but what if you are provide with an atmosphere where you could relax and s... Read more
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For some reason, the green is different in Kerala. The leaves, the trees, they are this bright, fresh green that you don’t really see anywhere else. It soothes you on the beautiful, five hour long drive from Kochi to Periyar, or mostly known as Thekaddy. Cities and buildings morph into mountains and valleys, into pineapple farms and spice plantations. Lots and lots of spice plantations. That’s when you realize that there’s more to Periyar than the famous Tiger reserve. Look out for gorgeous pepper plants creeping up the trunks of trees along the way. The spice trade in this part of the country dates back thousands of years and it was only a matter of time before it became a really... Read more
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Kurrunegala is located in Sri Lanka, at an altitude of 116 m above sea level, a capital city of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka and Kurunegala district and is surrounded by coconut plantations and rubber tea estates. The name of the city comes from the words ‘Kurune’ and ‘Singala’. Kurune means an elephant with tasks and Singala means rock. At its early days the city was called Hasthishailya-pura and Athugal-pura. It is one of the major commercial and administratively important cities of Sri-Lanka. The city has its own place in history of Sri-Lanka. In fact, it was an ancient royal capital for 50 years. Its characteristic features and attractions involve several rock loc... Read more
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